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state-of-the-art exotic hyper-dimensional sciences

ancient + new temple science

aether science

free energy / electrogravitics


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 tomorrow’s temple science
 sacred site [re]building
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“Quantum Leaps” in Tech

  • Subtle-Energy Technology
  • “Aether” Based
  • BioEnergetic Tech
  • Higher Dimensional Engineering


New Paradigms of Thought

  • Spiritual Science
  • Reality of “The Invisible World”
  • Humanitarian Ethic


“higher purpose” art

  • healing / harmonious art
  • energy balancing
  • sacred geometry
  • neo post-modern


material + meta-spiritual =
“Higher Science”

  • “Hyper-Dimensional Reality” Studied w/ Science
  • “Physics of Quality” + Conventional “Physics of Quantity

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~beneficial subtle-energy generator

subtle-energy emanations can be detrimental or beneficial  ….

~ hyper-dimensionally tune ~

yourself + your home to beneficial higher-dimensional energy ….

unique design releases measurable
beneficial subtle-energy
into your home

~flower of life~ beneficial subtle-energy generator + AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit - AEBK

~flower of life~ beneficial subtle energy generator uses “applied sacred geometry”
 to energy balance / neutralize detrimental subtle-energy radiations + increase beneficial higher-dimensional subtle-energy emanations.

AEBK: AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit + “Applied Temple Science” Initiation / Training

~flower of life~ beneficial subtle energy generator includes AEBK – AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit.

Learn how to increase beneficial subtle-energy emitted from your 7-hexagon multi-canvas + resonate with beneficial higher-dimensional “spiritual planes”  while you perform the subtle-energy tuning process.

AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit - AEBK

learn more about the
~flower of life~
beneficial subtle-energy generator

“Ion Thruster” demonstrates unusual phenomena
not adequately explained in standard engineering texts.

NASA was the first public source for this technology in the late 1990’s & these types of “Electro-Gravitic Ion Thrusters” are supposedly in use on satellites.

Electrokinetic / Electrogravitic Ion Drive

This exotic technology has been studied furiously by both amateur and professional scientists… including NASA.

“ElectroKinetic / ElectroGravitic” forces provide the thrust allowing this small craft to levitate effortlessly in thin air.

anti-gravity? electrogravitics / electrokinetics

… this is the lifter I built and videoed in 2009  ….

you or someone you love can easily recreate this experiment.

v v v v v v v

… definitely worth the experience to
“prove the impossible”

experiment with the ion thruster

 prove the impossible yourself!

“Higher Science” combines
Scientific + Meta-Physical Understanding
to Create a Model of the Universe.

New Science acknowledges Higher-Dimensional
 “Spiritual” Reality within Science.

~)majickk ~~ supernormal reality hacking

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unlock[the game]

release[the truth]

… move on. nothing to see here  ….

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… in mind world understanding is ALL  ….

key archetypes unlock reality  ….

Flower of Life

~)majickk ~~ supernormal reality hacking

understanding mind ….

unlocks mysteries

… excepts from the following extraordinary text – The Keys of Enoch – describe the method to biologically transmute your body with MIND to ultimately become immortal  …. 

… “there is a color-code in everything”, the lowest forms of matter, as well as the highest forms of matter, are on a valency of Light, a radiation of Light ….
key 212-36
~ keys of enoch ~

… a spiral template grid … is connected with the region of the eighth charkra and used to model new biological states through the Eye of Horus….

… if this template geometry of genetics is matched to its Overself from which it is so derived, the frequency of Light generated allows a new physical manifestation to house the soul ….

the Overself works through the template overlap placed over human biological form (or color) and the Light shells of color which surround the biological form in this frequency of light so that a new manifestation of the Overself takes on flesh ….
key 212-30-32
~ keys of enoch ~
book of knowledge


visionize the METAVERSE

… have you seen the underlying structure of
 the universe?

what about the higher worlds too…
the meta-verse  ….


learn to see the sacred geometrical matrix-like structure of meta-reality

= practice with light / sound brainwave tuning opens vision to see sacred geometrical matrix behind creation ~ activate
sacred geometry vision” while using brainwave device & during “normal” dreaming. [!alert~dreaming can become supernormal¡]

visualize sacred geometry in your dreamtime ....

… sacred geometry  ….


  meta-structural blueprint

… see creation’s structure yourself with
 light + sound brain frequency tuning  ….

... higher science academy ....

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    Musical Seismograph – Demonstration of the Tesla Converter by Eric Dollard

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    Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann

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