12 Most Amazing Archaeological Finds Scientists Still Can’t Explain

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All over the world, the civilizations who came before us have left clues about who they were, how they lived, and what they believed in. Most of the time, experts are very good at picking up on these clues and explaining what they mean to the public, but sometimes they’ll come across discoveries that leave them totally perplexed. Everything you’re about to see in this video has provoked wonder among archaeologists, but it’s a form of wonder that comes without any definitive answers!

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    1. "Yeah, but there is a lot more that's known about many of these things and you're acting as if there's hardly anything about them, god you're an anti-intellectual, and you're ignoring any of the scholarship, you asshole!"

  1. You should make a video about some amazing rare Archaeological finds in Tamazgha ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵖⴰ (North Africa)!
    Any Imazighen here? ⵉⵙ ⵖⵉⴷ ⵜⵍⵍⴰⵎ ⴰⵡⵉ?

    1. and all the mounds are viking too? Like Cahokia? Also, do you about star forts, in which there is the same earthwork (not in snake shape, but it seems the same otherwise).

  2. That is a tree farm or reforested area. Not unexplainable, but still cool

    1. There was a path of forest near Zernikow, Germany where a group of larch trees had been planted, reportedly in 1938, that would during a few weeks in the spring and fall have leaf colors contrasting with the pine forest around them, forming a swastika visible from the air. After the reunification of Germany and its discovery during an aerial survey of state-owned land, the formation was obscured in two separate steps of felling trees in the formation.

  3. Sometimes I honestly think all human civilisation originated in the heart lands of present day India and what calls itself pakistan.

    1. @Secular Humanist to carve any stone, you just need a harder stone. Those peoples were as smart as us, and researched stone carving, stone grinding, and developed that technology far beyond what we can do now ourselves. Weve lost alot of those skills, we found other better matarials. Its no surprise to me that they could do incredible things back then, afterall, our species got to the moon in just a few decades once we realised it was possible.

    2. @Christian Buczko Agree, but what I'm still puzzled about is rotation and or pressure speed. If they f.i. figured out that they could use diamond to drill into granite, they still would have needed some kind of driving force to get the required rotation speed of the diamond head for any drill action to be abrasive enough for it to carve out holes. Not to speak of the intricate precise carvings found in India and Egypt…. What did they use? Gears for transmitting rotational motion? Weights for pressure? Where are all the gears? I just can't wrap my head around it so my imagination takes over 😉

    3. @Secular Humanist a simple brace and drill bit would be easy enough for them to make and use. Indians certainly had access to diamonds too. I suspect the solutions alot simpler than we expect today because our technology over complicates our perception of whats possible.

    4. @Glitter but our Bible does not mention ancient civilisations in India, Hindu Veda do.

  4. Many of those finds could relate to astronomical star chart locations, including some of the language and terms.

  5. The Poussin painting is apparently part of a set of three…there is supposed hints/references in all three and one theory links them to Arcadia a French settlement in Canada and to the Oak Island mystery…

  6. How do we know that the Silbury Hill is older than the Le Perthus pyramid? Or the bosnian one, or the Austerlitz one which has the same base circle. For all we know, the better the construction, the older the structure…

    Also, there's Nazca lines in Jordan (apparently older). You're welcome 😛

  7. dude, get a real job. Planting a couple thousand trees on flat ground PER DAY is easy.
    Give me an extra hour to throw some pegs down in cross shape.

  8. Telescopes in "space" don't exist.
    They are a hoax.

    I don't care if anyone believes me.

  9. This shiva lingams was put underwater, because the water should does cooled these shiva lingams, what was made of solidifyed mercury it true porpose was to be some electricity generators .The ancient Sancrits has used it on them flying Vimanas to create it own antigravity, and they has used for it engine the heavi water, they 've fussion it and has acces at unlimited energy .There in india was been found some stone reservoir full with the heavi water , what are there from over thousand of years ,most indians still does believe this shiva lingams represent some male phallus ,but it are a wrong conccept , fact are all this shiva lingams around india , was made by this alien advanced civilization .The evidence for them involved of earth, was find within the temple from Hoysaleswara ,there exsist a carved stone what show a very cleary image , with the first (ancient astronauts) , what has arival to earth within the ancient time ,they all has the same space suits like our modern astronauts even they have of them back the air tanks for life support ,them Vimana commander was the lord Vishnu,.I do not know why the almost indians has ignored all this obvious evidence , and they still claim they was this phenomenals skilled builders ,but fact are , they can not reply none from this ancient temple anymore , sfmy spelling !

    1. so according to you the Pyramids were never built by Ancient Egyptian locals and in India locals were not worthy of creating such unbelievable structures and same rule applies to ancient South American and North American civilization

    2. @manessvijay According to ancient aliens theorist, who claim that , they said the Egyptians the Mayans or Incas or even the Chinese has find all these pyramids been there it was build thousands years ago before their civilization, and they has reused it only for worship them religions purpose ,and they 've claim it was build by their own primitive civilization ,but i thought even today nobody from this world , i mean even the USA who claim to have the most better advanced technology, can not reply a temple like the Kailasa ,who was carved from one single mountain of granit from top dawn like it was made of butter ,and this was not a soft rock , it was the granit the most hardest rock ever .They was carved there some statues and some unrealistic designs , they want to show us them advanced skills ,and their high precission .In my own opinion this temple and another temple like the temple from Ramappa or Hoysaleswara who has made with the( Geopolymers ) a artificial stuff are them own (visit card ) them own mark , they has wanted we know we never were be capable to make the same temple again ,because it was not made by humans it all was made by one very advanced alien civilization, what has visited our earth in the ancient time .They was knowled like the Gods Enki ,Enlil Kukulcan ,Pakal ,Viracocia ,Vishnu ,Shiva ,Rama ,Osiris ,Isis and many others ,after a while they has left the earth and returne back to their planet home of the Pleiades star system from where they came .i hope someday they will returne back , and then the mankind might will know the truth ,might they has brought our first ancestors from this star system here ,cheers sfmy spelling !

    3. @manessvijay And i have forgot to tell you about the huge walls from Peru, there the local indians has a weird legend ,what tell the star people has build all this giant walls over night ,they has find it on the day light .They 've said this star people was some little beings with elongated heads ,why has ignored the mankind all this legends ???, and thought it are some ridiculouse story only .Even in India some local trybe has the same legends as well , what tell how some little beings from the stars with their flying chariots has came to earth , and has build some temples ,i have seen of Praveen mohan channel ,when he has welt to this indian comunity and has asked them about who has build this temple, and they has gived him a name for this litile beings ,they name them akua people , they said this star people was the true builders ,and again nobody want to hear this legend ,and do not forgot about the Hopy indians from the New Mexico or the Dogon trybe from Africa the both triibes has the same legends ,how their first ancestors was brought to earth from pleiades star system by the star people or the ants people , with their huge blue star Kachina ,which most probably was some interstellar ship cheers !

    4. you watch praveen mohan,??.all of our history,is a lie,as modern man wants to be dominant,not feel an under dog to alien breeding..even praveen is now putting time records back,thousands not just hundreds,like he used to,maybe arfaid of repurcutions from gov..,we were visited,& born of alien dna..but dont tell any one.!!..you wont get paid..watch dvd,promethious..

    5. @Marciel Luta
      thanks for your response

      If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
      Nikola Tesla

      this may be a little bit deep or out of the box but sharing what i feel and what am experiencing in this critical era where cosmic energy play is speeding up and events are moving real fast

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  10. The narrator has the ability to make even the most amazing archeological find sound trivial.

  11. The "Snake" Mound represents the fusion of human gametes,  an early interpretation of the beginning life, knowledge passed on to the prehistoric people by the mysterious "Knowledge Givers".

    1. knowledge givers,??.aliens,pre sumerian,we were invaded world wide,for minerals,gold,mercury,,why,,well,now we finally have found out,what gold & mercury are really used for,,NOT,trinkets & thermometers..why cant people just say,what they were instead of knowledge givers or fallen angels,gods,ect.,.we are kept dumb to the truth.we have alien dna,proven,& dorment,this is why we get geniuses crop up..dna waking up..theres a few people on a vid,that had a head trauma,side,coma,woke up geniuses.,we are lied to..theres a temple in india,with a 1 metre cut crystal on top,they dont know why its there,…did you ever have a crystal radio,??.well,,this,,is a huge one..for,??….watch praveen mohan.

  12. Indian mandala on the exact opposite side of the plant earth from India….So what is the mystery…They had to see if the maths was right..and by the looks of it it WAS

  13. He was a giant, giants are real ancestors, do your research, there is a cover up of the truth.

    1. Right!! My fav giant is a woman 1/4 mile long, her upper arms are in excess of 12 feet in diameter!!! Have a look!: In youtube put Physicalevidenceoftitans…..Enjoy a great starter!!

    2. id say,giants,bigfoot,other apes,maybe even some humans,,were genetic mistakes.it took quit a while till they ''made us in there image''..sumerian tablets.the bible is b/s…soddem & gemorrah,,nuked,,like a lot of other places..gold was mined by us,for them,for radiation protection,communication,,not jewelry


    1. There are limitations for size of creatures having a bone skeletton. For a large size you need more musclemass for moving, but therefore you need thicker, or/and denser bones. This bones are also heavier, so you need even more musclemass…. The weakest part in the equation are the ligaments, at some point they can not withstand the forces applied.

      Its possible to calculate the max. weight if a living creature…

    2. @Axy- Dent-ly 67 friday 13 . Someone talking sense. Nice one.

  15. we should all donate one pillow to the cause of making a soft landing place circumference around that tower they say is gonna fall at the next earthquake maybe cuz it's 'structurally unsound' so that it has less chance of breaking when it does fall…but have it set up such that animals won't ruin it, etc.

    1. harry walker something tells me that he would survive somehow, not that I would want that of course.

  16. The tree one was very common in the 1940 in Canada there are thousands of them in local and government parks some are of crosses and flags of country’s

    1. its the solar system,COUNT THEM, 1 sun,9 planets,,all ancient civilizations carved,depicted the solar system,of where we came from.nothing to do with modern mans miss conception of ,''everything is religious'',,total b/s.we cant do half,or know,anything that they knew or could do..can we lift a 600 ton stone,transport it 100 miles over hills,to be placed accuratelly,as a foundation stone,one of 30..that the greeks built the panthanon on,,??..any structure with big & small stones,was re populated,thousands of yrs later,like the pyramids,they robbed the rocks to build there own houses.or they would still be prestine.they are power generators,look up what rocks & outer coating it had..we were invaded,huindreds of thousands of yrs ago,or,only recent,if,,they came from niburu,if not that,then they came from orion & sirius.as the dogon state..

    1. correct,,the 10 discs are the sun & planets,the dogon tribe of africa knew that sirius had 2 stars,before we had telescopes.they say thats where we ,or our fathers,came from.

  17. Who ever planted the forest, planted those trees. Or they cut away the area and planted different trees

    1. Or a smart, patient, woman or man watered their bases with a chemical likely to make the leaves pale.

    2. William Cox could very well be. About 20 miles from where I use to live, is a steep wooded hill. They planted the letters E.R in a shield. That’s Elizabeth reign in among the evergreen. Come autumn, it stands out in all its golden colours

    1. Motte and bailey hill fort, obviously. Many in the same area, for defense hundreds of years ago, not a burial spot.

    2. alfr1 that’s what I really think. You would want to have your Defense done first before and burials or mimicking star alinements

    3. @harry walker "Only Animal on Earth with a Voice Box." While that may be' Millions of, other, Animals, communicate, via Sounds, emitted, from their Pie Holes. Small world, in that regard. At least every, other, Animal, is not as self-righteous, as Humans. Thank goodness/Mother Nature/Evolution, for that.

  18. Nicely done! Watch a lot of this type of vids and had never heard of most of these objects. Would be helpful to list the objects and time Mark's in the description. Thanks!

    1. your watching the wrong vids,.look up praveen mohan,sumerian tablets,red haired giants,u.s indian legands.or,get some chips & drink,watch promethious..it explains all..

  19. Didn't you just talk about that stone face not that long ago in a video you released? Anyway, cool stuff; thanks for sharing.

  20. 4:40 the carvings on the stone are still used today by Australian aborigines and the same carvings are also at gobekli tepe which suggests that the aboriginal people came from Turkey or could of even been a global society.

  21. Your assumptions, legends, non based comparisons and tv show references don't give much veracity to your statements despite these archaeological findings being true.

  22. The lack of visuals is the reason for this stupid fragments in-between? You don't deserve a penny for this video.

    1. so thats queen or king ,of a symbolised ''god'',alien,memory..sumerian tablets.

  23. Et in Arcadia ego (also known as Les bergers d'Arcadie or The Arcadian Shepherds) is a 1637–38 painting by Nicolas Poussin (1594–1665), the leading painter of the classical French Baroque style. It depicts a pastoral scene with idealized shepherds from classical antiquity gathered around an austere tomb.Et in Arcadia Ego is the title of Book One of Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited (1945) in which a skull bearing the phrase acts as a metaphor for death and for a yearning for a lost paradise resulting from the transformation of war. Et in Arcadia Ego is the title of a dystopian poem published by W. H. Auden in 1965.

    Year: 1637–1638

    Dimensions: 85 cm × 121 cm (34.25 in × 47.24 in)

    Artist: Nicolas Poussin

  24. Yeah, but there is a lot more that's known about many of these things and you're acting as if there's hardly anything about them, god you're an anti-intellectual, and you're ignoring any of the scholarship, you asshole!

  25. How about the "ICA" stones showing living serpents / dragons aka dinosaurs . Dinosaur is a word made up in 1841 by evolutionist.

    1. @Levi Johnson just an explanation to make them famous.like the ''dinasour '',that had the wrong head,for 20 yrs,till they found a complete example.they still exist,,there would be more if the knights wer,nt sent out to slaughter them.!!!..IE,dragons…emtebe…real.

  26. I will make sure to never purchase anything to do with That lousy insur company

  27. ☺☺☺☺
    I found a space ship….it's only a tiny one so I kept it in a shoe box for years till I bought some funky glasses out of the pound shop….then I was able to see a button that it had some impression of a dude pointing at the big red button while tapping his foot and looking at his wrist…so now I could understand everything thing…..been on some great holidays
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    Ps…a word of warning
    It's not all sunshine and unicorns for me
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    I think it's a code or something. ..anyway bye bye

  28. My father found a similar carved piece of sandstone. Smaller only about 14" one side of the face more weathered than the other. Unfortunately do not where or when it was discovered.

    1. Fascinating. There are stones from Egypt and Jordan, that interrupt electricity and boil water.

    2. @Karen Carney People don't want to believe that in ancient times before the great flood their was very advanced technology. Including batteries and electronics. We just don't have a lot of evidently after the great flood and the speration of Earth we now call continents

    1. dont worry about them,just watch promethious,it answers all your Q,s..as to our real history..

  29. 13:00 The Mongols that destroyed the city were just integrating like everyone else not invading. Intolerance of Intolerance is the new racist. Right?

  30. Brittish are hardworking about proving everything they find in Brittain is very ancient so that they can display it ,for tourism ? And pride ,but lot more to be found in other countries so dont waste the time in UK, they got more than enough attention of historians and archeologists.

  31. You lost me when you tried to claim the ten bowls cut into an Indian rock had anything to do with the fictional Stargate.

  32. sun discs are calenders,.the ''10''circles are the sun & planets,plus theres hindu motives.

    1. Hindu Votives are Candles and they burn for "10" Hours, Sonnnnnnnn. Sorry.

  33. minoan bee,,thousands of yrs oilder than they say,did you look at the megalithsmwith newer small block walls..built thousands of yrs later,same as in peru.same as the small pyramids in egypt they copied from the pyramids all ready there.for thousands of yrs before it was re populated.

  34. Even the worlds "least developed" civilization has art, music and dance… I think that it has always been that way

  35. I didnt see most if the greatest archaeological misteries…. Hahah snake, face like this you can found all over the world 100k, thay not special by the size, or age, or image / text… Good but didn't fit to the title

  36. EXTRAPOLATE !!! EXTRAPOLATION!!!… India's 'Un-Decipherable' (UN clear, UN readable) monoliths? Give me a break! Look at those photos again… Weathering ??!! There's enough there to start a pre-historic DIG!

    1. @Raghavendra Aras yah you should just keep your head in the sand and wait for your fucking prom.

  37. i see 2 figures sitting on the stone face item looks like woman wearing dress on left (facing) and a man on right .. you can see the womans arm going down to side and in a sitting position with a long dress on you can even see she has 2 little dots for eyes.. then man is a little distorted or broken/worn down

  38. The Sun Disk belongs to those worshiping the God Pa in other words the Devil. The Question is WHY would some one want to worhip the devil? The devil will tell us us in [Mathew 4:9] 9 And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me". In essence the devil will show up the moment the soul leaves the body and ask from God to keep it for hiss self eternally for services rendered while alive!

  39. 3:29 Did anyone notice the word 'LOVERS' carved into the rock? (Bottom right) And can anybody work out what's written underneath?

    1. I noticed it, considering they practically platered it with a circle in the post-edit to insure it got seen….. and the script/characters below that "inscription" look like Asian originated characters, imo. Their meaning and/or exact specifically used characters are unknown to me….. bt they don't have any signal of wear or damage nor weathering from water/wind visible and obvious nor is there any sign of accumulated sedimentary build-up on, in, or around the minimally visible portion…. so it gives no cause to believe they are anything other than modern/recent additions/graffiti to far older monuments/ruins. Just imo. 😛

    2. It says "Lennon wuz here." Does not the accompanying carving look like Yoko Ono, to you?

  40. I'm an SG fan, and I didn't see a DHD… maybe if you squint your eyes and look sideways…

    Nope, still not..

  41. Sun disks are actually disks of clear light. Originated with Enlil the lord of the clear light. Experts know nothing about the clear light that's why they call the Egyptian "gods" wrongly called "sun gods" they are actually gods of the clear light. What is clear light? As an expert. 😂😂😂😂😂

  42. 2:54 It's name Kbal Spean a historical place in Siem Reap city of Cambodia home of Angkor Wat.
    My country Cambodia kingdom of wonder.

  43. Why do these types of documentaries spend more time showing inane clips of movies than of the actual artifacts themselves?

  44. ok @3.00 people did not know those rocks were there before they built the dam??????/

  45. What moron researched this crap? They are just blatantly lying to be over dramatic, such bvllshit, go find something else to do rather than post this crap.

  46. Interesting but stop using movie footage, the actual artifacts are way more interesting

  47. Science can't explain because "science" today MUST deny the fact that we and the entire earth have been created and science can NEVER admit the fact that there IS a God who came in the flesh to atone for the sins of man all the way to the original sin in the garden.
    Our Father in Heaven above created us and our Messiah, our Saviour the Christ YAHUsha…

    1. Silence!!! I AM YOUR GOD NOW!!! Give me 1/10 if all you earn. 1/10 of the GROSS, NOT THE NET! I COMMAND YOU!!!!

  48. Rock work becomes more important when the rock is very hard such as granite because carving is extremely difficult.

  49. they had technology to melt the surface of the rock with sound vibrations. then with molds they push the text and symbols in the soft surface of the stone and after that, its hardens again….. thats why everything is so perfect shaped…. because the molds are always the same 🙂 the govermind try to hide it for decades

  50. not the carving is inteserting…it's the so called stone itself. I mean stones do not exist…never had.

  51. At 8:26 pause the screen, and look at it in a mirror, the two v's form a w and it spells wavs ouo, maybe it's a warning of a title Wave,

  52. Half of these are "they were carving examples of the plasma forms the saw in the sky…" 😛

  53. The bee is Jupiter.. with the bands on it…. And the wings are the coma of the planet which we could see… This is not hard stuff…

  54. The symbol is on the other side of the planet because they were drawing the same thing… The spiders are the same thing as the bee, but just more diffuse… It's the magnetosphere of Jupiter.

  55. And the snake is just the comet Venus freaking us out. Note it has something its mouth, like the Chinese dragon chasing the ball.

  56. Says ''Adena''… shows pictures of 19th century Indians from at least 3 different tribal groups.

  57. If you want to actually learn more on these things go to: Paveen Mohran, Brien Forester, History Chanels Ancient Aliens & GAIA Dot com!

  58. There were giants! Why cover them up? Because it messes up the evolutionist chain. Giants would come next not before humans… hmmm go read the Bible!

  59. This video shows us snippets of the archaeological subject matter, but lots of scenes from movies. If I wanted to see movie scenes, I wouldn't be clicking on archaeological finds. Show us more of what you're talking about, less of what you're not talking about. Not subscribing.

  60. @7:48 “AND IN ARCADIA I AM.”
    (Roman Latin.🤔 But yet it stumps everyone what it says? Are you KIDDING me???)

  61. At 6:17 it's not Bees…it's Wasps. Shape of the wings, shape of the body segments…you'd have to be blind to not see that.

  62. I agree with so many that watch these videos! Stop using fill in views and show the actual relics the whole time! JS!!!

  63. Scientists are treated as the new gods, that if they do not understand a thing no one else can. It has been the practise of government, throughout the centuries to destroy learning, and if we had not all the learning that we used to have burnt, then we could build the pyramids

    1. Did you escape from the Ancient Alien channel again ??
      Turn around. Go about 100 yards, turn left and head back towards Lalaland.
      (Seriously, idiots like you who present crackpot theories and absolutely no evidence give me the freakin' shits.)

  64. The Minaret of Jam is absolutely amazing, the most amazing thing is that it is left undamaged when the whole city is in ruins.

  65. I'm pretty sure that the bee hive structures were for pray/meditation when being in touch with god and nature was the normal practice, you'll find they are usually built on energy flows coming from the earth!

  66. What movies are those shots from? They all look as if they might be worth a look!

  67. Mandalas were/are used outside of India.. Some ''Indians'' of North America still make them..

  68. There are other serpent-shaped mounds.. At least one is in northern Kentucky.. It was never covered with soil and is kept hidden to keep people away.. There is a state park near it that has been closed for decades.. The drive leading into it has been obliterated..

    1. "Fart Pong" with Matches. "It's a spectacular Fart", he said.

  69. The cave painting in India is a portrait of our Sun & her sister star Nemesis before it went NOVA! Our twin star era produced twice as much sunlight consequently all living organisms manufactured multiple amounts of vitamin D inducing longer thicker skeletal structures capable of supporting massive amounts of weight which provided a foundation for megafauna, huge insects, dinosaurs, & really big humans like Gilgamesh & the Kandahar Giant!

    1. Whoever wrote this narrative is braindead stupid or a paid liar! Notice the size of the human figures in relation to the size of the twin stars! Perspective is very important here.

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    The upside down Venus symbol ♀ appears again at time index 4:36 right at the lower right hand corner.

    BTW when the Venus symbol ♀ is written upside down, with the cross at the top of the circle, it's referred to as the Earth symbol.

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    1. honora lovall. Indeed. Silbury Hill was built in the Neolithic. Not by aliens.

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    3. Brett LeMay Another public schooler? I thought so. Try really understanding and fully reading the results of those well known lab experiments.
      Do more than just requoting either another requoter or jumping to wrong conclusions based your reading false “sunnmmaries” written by others with alternative believers. It has been exposed many times. Embarrassing.

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    2. The ten stones represent
      8 1
      7 0 2
      6 3
      5 4
      The '0' is the largest circle in the middle. That way, u can count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and bk to 1, then 0 to make '10', then '1,1' for '11', etc. You can count as high as needed. Pretty simple, yet complex.

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    1. The Serpent mound is swallowing the cosmic egg as a interpretation of the spring equinox. I live a couple miles from it.

    2. @Tim Page no sir that's the main stream interpretation of it,,, it was Venus as it still to this day acts like a comet not having its own magnetic field its tail stretches out past the earths orbit,,, FACT !!!! all the ancient serpent gods are that of Venus and described as brighter than the sun the morning and evening star is named as the planet venus,,,,, Quetzalcoatl is the comet Venus so is medusa the Greek myth

    3. @SHOCKWAVE Venus aka the Light Bearer….aka Lucifer….. Which was demonised by the patriarchal religions…😊

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    1. Yeah, but Michaelangelo was working with marble, one of the softest rocks, not granite. Cutting granite is difficult even with modern diamond tipped power tools, let alone making precise circular cuts with a mallet and chisel.

  95. Nazca lines a mystery ??? I thought that those lines were forgotten but not really that mysterious . They are representations of the species of animals can be found all around the world and at the same time an invitation . Nazca is a "check point" for visitors . It seems to me we used to be quite the attraction for alien or not alien at all , just way more advanced civilizations in the past . In order to create those lines you need an aircraft that can stand still while on flight ( hovering in a stationary manner ) and with holographic communication system in an attempt probably ( i assume ) to make their contact with humans tried to show them things they would be familiar with … which perhaps failed because humans followed the beam and covered it's projection shape with stones .

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    1. We don't. People refuse to read and put faith into the Torah. It's the best account of our history. Ancient technology, how metal working started, herding and pastoral history. I stopped listening to scientists who have nothing but theory. I was an atheist for so long but I realized two years ago all the answers I was seeking was on the Bible

    2. @Ari-El Jamila Trust a Bronze Age book written by followers of Abrahamic religion, delirius from hallucinogenics obtained from the accacia tree.

    3. Ari-El Jamila -I am happy for you to find your beliefs I think that’s great! I personally believe in god but I also believe in science and think that you have to search to find the truth. I recently have been coming across some amazing videos, the hidden history of humanity, teaching of Thoth and the “teachings of tehuti” are ones I would recommend!

  102. They worship creation more than the creator. Timelines never agreed upon. Only GOD.

    1. claudia smith yeah your God is just one of many gods with ZERO evidence of its existence. Most of the civilizations featured in this video would have NEVER heard of your god or even cared if you walked up and told them about it. In fact, they probably would have sacrificed you to their God which far predated Yahweh. The fact that Christians, Jews and Muslims are so arrogant to assert that THEIR god actually exists and is the ONLY god to exist is ridiculous. It’s funny how your god, the alleged creator of the universe, the same god who talked to a man through a burning bush, is now only relegated to “feelings” and appearances in dreams and on food. Science, debunking Gods since its inception. Hopefully one day soon, Christianity/Islam/Judaism is finally put where it belongs, in the garbage.

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    1. Antonio Cabratsia. Silbury Hill was built in the Neolithic. Thousands of years before the middle ages.

  105. the 'serpent' in Peebles, OH, resembles the birth (egg), and explains life into natural death as it relates to the cycle of life and rebirth Mind u, BEFORE Native Americans were the ancient Aztec people

  106. It’s truly sad to see no one has been taught the Original Truth of the Sacred Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic Manuscripts Writs!” Sure, KJV Bible was English Translation came forth from these Writs, weren’t placed the entire Truth! One must learn these Writs to explain the Beautiful TRUTH OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER GOD= “YAHVEH EL”. In KJV Bible. Peter speaks of the Three Earth 🌎 Age! The First Earth 🌎 Age was million yrs. ago in which we’d all Lived here on this Magnificently Gorgeous Earth 🌎 was Perfect. We’d lived here on this perfect Earth 🌎 which no Oceans, no Seas, No Lakes no Canals, no Bayous, no ice any where! Only a, few scattered lagoons spanning across this Magnificent Earth 🌎! All Earth 🌎! We’d lived in homes had flying vehicles as we, see which man Calls UFOs! We’d lived in celestial bodies. These Magnificent giant Flesh Behemoths walked and lived around these Lagoons as the Ancient Petrified Forest, Death Valley, Dead Sea, many other dry bed shaped lagoons to bring release thirst to these Behemoths. The Trees were Giant Trees as they are all around us which man called flat time Mountains which have learned to be Giant Trees as YAHVEH EL, teaches us about these Magnificently Gorgeous Earth 🌎 He’d Built! ( anyone do not believe me look up the Devils’ Tower) not a, correct word for this magnificent tree! The base is around 10 circumference. 2 1/2 miles from one end to read the other side while on top this flat top tree as though YAHVEH sliced this 1200’ -1500’ high tree: off! Petrified Forest park shows these trees had been sliced off blocks of pieces from this giant tree! What a, Wonderful Beautiful Magnificent This Perfect Earth 🌎, was! It shall be again in the Eternity here on a, Rejuvenated Earth 🌎 as it had been! All Lucifers’ rudiments shall be melted away into dust. All these waters/ Ice shall return to the Planets 🌎 from whence they’d come from. Some waters shall return in the Firmament again. Where are not if YAHVEH shall bring back His Behemoths, He doesn’t tell us… We, who are loyal Faithful Christians ✝️, shall spend Eternity here with our YAHVEH EL through loving and Worshipping YAHVEH only through Yeshua d Christos. So, enjoy what you’re seeing and know these Magnificent Stone buildings have been here before flesh man was created.

  107. Telescopes in space, it's more like telescopes on high altitude planes. This is where the Hubble has been said to be placed and not floating around in space.

  108. The drawing shown in the cave of bersama india, if the year was 3600 BC, it more likely represent the planet Nibiru coming around the left side of the Sun. Nibiru in ancient drawings is always depicted as a round planet sitting on red flame like wings which happens to swing around our sun every 3600 hundred years and is observerd
    In that exact position. Also I believe it could have been the same planet that caused the great Flood of Noah's time and the same planet that created the mass tempest, storms, darkness, earthquakes, and upheavals noted not only in the four gospels of the Bible but also in 3rd Nephi in the Book of Mormon, in South America at the same time during the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ at his moment of death. Check it out all you great researchers.

  109. I think humanity is in a cycle of creation and destruction like the universe it's not a impossibility that we were brought here by other humans it would explain a lot of stuff.

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  111. We are not the first peoples on Earth. I never had the courage to say what I felt. I have just Always known it.

  112. 3:32 There is nothing new under the sun. The fathers of ancient were an advanced race whom lived long years and we're wicked in all their ways.

  113. 7:13 a magnifying glass is but glass. If they had the skill to work gold into shapes as delicate as this why do you think they were too stupid to have magnifying glasses and tweezers?

  114. Who made this video? It is like you don't keep up with things. That in fact is a burial mound and part of a colonization that occurred in the Neolothic replacing the earlier Mesolithic era religion who buried their people communally. This burial mound is actually the end result of a process that starts in the epipaleolithic where the first farmers of Anatolia/Mesopotamia would bury their dead under their hut (home), and later this developed into a ritualistic burial leaving the body essentially on the surface and building a mound up around it so it was for the elite, not the average person who they did this for.

    All those standing stones you see are part of that Neolithic religion, a religion we should point out that is BEFORE Abrahamic religion. Put another way, there was a time before there was anything we called 'a Jew' or "Judaism' so this has zero to do with all that. Was this standing stone religion, let's call it that, the original or first religion. Nope, again it was part of a colonization of Europe and helped replace the earlier Mesolithic or epipaleolithic 'hunter-gatherers' which we should point out were not uncivilized, and didn't only hunt and gather. They had settlements or areas they would stay for periods of time. Mostly they would live by the Sea and guess what happened? Actual flooding that ate up most of that coast they lived in, and that flooding process is still going on today.

    To then put that this mound is some perplexing thing that baffles Archaeologists is laughable if you are an Archaeologist and you are perplexed by this I feel sad for you. Your head is firmly rooted up your own rectal area. Get outside and spend some time with other humans.

    That bee pendant, is amazing but not for the fact I was clueless how could such craftsmanship be made so long ago. That is not amazing or shocking. It is well known. Civilization if you don't know this are NOT defined by the '6 traits' most modern archaeologists use to define what a civilization are, and the 'first civilizations' actually start in what we call the Neolithic. If you look in the standard textbook this is called the Agricultural revolution followed by the 'first civilizations'. That is a complete misunderstanding. Think of that Agricultural Revolution as the time when the root processes of what we call civilization form. Those roots are the true basis, not those 6 traits, and thus the later era we call the Bronze Age and the 'first civilization' is rightly called the Urban Revolution. So 'civilization' really should be dated to include the 'first' as starting with the Mesolithic/Epipaleolithic and then Neolithic. That whole evolution of root concepts is what leads to the creation of that bee pendant so by the time you get to that a whole mess of stuff happened before it. It didn't just spring into existence suddenly, and it certainly is not a mystery as to how the processes that led to its creation are not essentially known.

    What is this connection between the 'underworld' and bees? What that is not the underworld you might normally be thinking of as in the land of the dead or unliving. It is a celebration of the mystery of life through the natural processes we find bee's perform as pollinators. Remember this from a time where the natural world and its processes were observed. They realized that bees have something to do with growth of flowers and probably other things they valued, like, say honey. Realize that Mead, an early honey-beer was one of those things the colonialists who colonized Europe took with them and traded. So the bee could well be a symbol for that process they found that created mead but required honey.

    Now, that said, that doesn't mean an earlier Paleolithic 'civilization' or at least the roots we see in this Mesolithic didn't occur at an earlier time. The key is understanding what a 'root' of civilization is. They are root concepts. The concept of an inside and an outside. That you put a hut up and the dirt floor in here is inside and the dirt outside is outside so that space you created within is different. Eventually someone cleans that dirt, making as smooth and clean as possible, but then eventually dealing with problems like mud or other things decides to make a plaster to lay down as 'the floor'. All of which were concepts developed long before the proto-writing that developed which is one of those stated 6 pillars that define a civilization as such. That means you can develop a whole way of life we recognize as 'civilized' long before any of those 6 traits are necessary. Instead those 6 traits define what we could call 'complex' or advanced civilization instead, instead of the rudimentary elements required for defining that culture as 'civilized'.

    That is why you can find homes, advanced actually, in northern Scotland that have multi-room dwellings. Someone once built a home and realize 'wait we poop in this area and cook our food maybe we could do these two activities in separate areas.' When that occurred the concept of the kitchen and 'restroom' were born. Turns out pooping next to where you cook isn't probably the best idea, especially when you are eating a meal.

    Windows, doors, all manner of things were created long before specialization of labor, or writing or 'government' and so the real mystery (which I know) is why mainstream archaeology tried to hock such a view of what defines civilization ignoring the real evolutionary process that are its ROOTS. Hopefully you get now what a root of civilization is now.

    When I watch a video like this it is like watching people who have no clue and think 'how could that possibly be that a bee pendant was so old and so intricate, that is amazing'. No, it really isn't in the way that how could this even be possible as the false idea is a modern prejudice that the past was full of stupid and backward, and that itself is an attitude with a history and a gross characterization of the past. It serves certain interest and is a sort of mainstream charlatanism masquerading as 'archaeology' but realize these are people who write those textbooks and claim the mantle of being the only true source. They are not. They are only guardians of misinformation and false views of the past they condition into young students who grow up thinking 'wow a bee pendant that is not even possibly so long ago'.

    Why this is the case and who those interests are is a complex issue. It is a range of actors who benefit from this state of affairs, from some "native Americans" to the Catholic church, to various leaders among rabbinic Judaism, but they are merely some of the players in this meta-drama. That is because their terrestrial and spiritual power are closely linked to this meta-narrative and maintaining it. Control of the present and the future is through control of the past. So this is partly an economic and political issue to that complicates it as we are talking many COMPETING interests who are served by the same meta-narrative and have a vested interest in its maintenance.

    Are you curious what I think about the mandala in South America. Think of it this way. The 'first Americans' are not only those we call 'native Americans', but rather come in waves, and the term itself is a modern invention that lumps real diversity among groups into a single term. Think of one group as an Australasian group or some other group that does not origin in Siberia where most of the other groups did. This other group could have come across the same land bridge but if so did so at an earlier time, and the Olmec are their descendants who are not like the later groups who currently inhabit that region of central America. Meaning, what we call 'genocide' and 'conquest' might have been done to this earlier migratory group by the later migratory group. A remnant of this earlier group was found in the tip of South America, and evidence of their burials. Yet, this is only a hypothesis. They could have also come by an ocean route. I know you are thinking 'impossible' but if you have studied how the Polynesians colonized the Pacific and how the boat as a root concept actually is from 60 to 40k years ago means that the idea 'we need something that floats' is not a new one. This could also be a case where a later separate group landed around South America too, as linguistic and cultural artifacts exist in certain particular 'native' American groups along the coast (one being in California) so that (if memory serves) the Sweet Potato or maybe it was a the Bread Fruit? was an introduction to the people long this coastal area and how to make a certain traditional boat. This might then be evidence of cultural technology and artifacts coming from possibly a small group who traveled by sea landed and remained, but mixed with the existing population.

    Therefore, the Mandala could have an origin like that so that someone came, mixed with the people and built that shape, but clearly they came from Asia. Realize that the Hindu Brahman had a period where they spread and tried to colonize. Maybe one of those attempts made it all the way over. I'm not giving a definitive answer, but these possibilities exist. Is there a way to date any of the Nazca images? are all of them of the same age. Because that measurement data might not be available that stifles mainstream archaeology which is limited by measurements (which is a general limitation of science itself).

    That doesn't mean other explanations are not possible. I am merely giving a few.

  115. Weren't the ancient relics inside a cave system discovered above the Colorado River from a previously unknown civilization inside the Grand Canyon rumored to have been from an Indian or near eastern civilization with one of the statues resembling The Budda? Yes, those same relics that the US Parks and the Smithsonian refuse to acknowledge that also held a connection to ancient Egypt and India or an advanced near eastern civilization. Unusual, how the mandala as discovered on a mountain-top in Peru also appears in a place that defies explanation, could the two culture-related artifacts be connected?
    It is extremely unfortunate that at the end of yesterday, and likely also today, and even a year from now mainstream culture still refuses and will continue to refuse to open the dialog as to the existence of these ooparts or out of place artifacts. Mainstream society is still stuck on dumb and still delivering mistruths to society, such as Christopher Columbus actually discovered America when in-fact Columbus actually landed on what today is called the Dominican Republic and was first noticed by the indigenous natives and in-fact discovered an island.
    Humankind likely cannot advance in peaceful relationships with each other on our planet until we arrive at the realization that we are all connected historically and that we have more in common than we have not-in-common. Shouldn't we be asking ourselves why our entire history of civilization only goes back to the Sumerians when in fact, our planet is approximately 4.5 billion years old?
    Organized religion, colonialism, and greed are largely responsible for most wars and for the "we do not have that in-common perspective narrative. It is too bad that we allow organized religion to continue to cloud the empirical truths of our historical heritage in the second decade of the twenty-first century.

  116. why are there so many clips from shitty movies that have nothing to do with archeology?

  117. Glad isis didn't get the last one,
    They destroy sites for some Reason.

  118. Manco un buon video

  119. PLEASE – can you use LESS hollywood and MORE actual footage of actual subject matter / topic. I really like this channel but all the fill-in footage is killing it. If you have to, use a still shot of the subject matter while you talk. Just a thought.

  120. Movie clips? I don’t a aunt to seee movie clips when I’m learning about archeology. Even that doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that you couldn’t even leave link to learn more about these discoveries. I can’t find anything about those stones from the reservoir in India, because I can’t figure out how to spell it’s damn name. The fact you don’t leave links shows you’re not interested in the subject matter, or sharing the knowledge with others. You just want clicks. No sub from me

  121. Unless and until Archaeologists and their so-called Scientists understand the model of time as in years of dating anything, and recognize the facts of living animals and mankind have been very much larger and that Fosilising of living matter takes a mere 50 years to happen, then they will understand facts of 1000 years being added to our calculations by the use of a J in the letters of the Alphabet and using it for a number 1. 1940 is factually 940. Rock cuttings are factually mud-encrusted or underwater fossilizing of metallic objects turned to stone as human flesh does.
    This Earth has been re-set multiple times, and what was left behind cannot always be described as Alien Technology, which can also never be proven.
    In those days of the near past, there were Giants and using the measuring of a hand to elbow, the Biblical Adam would therefor be 101of those measurements, that made him a very very large man. Trees were no different and calculated to be as high as 15 km. Tree stumps are left behind with year rings all over our SouthAfrican Karoo landscape… Do use Google Earth's high flying images to see it.
    Do note the soil washed out around most Continents and due to re-set periods, and then disprove to me what Abraham Ortelius has given us in his cartographer images going back way before 1500.

    So to be astounded at our own distant and close past and giving it other descriptive names is preposterous and foolish.

    Every bit of information given needs to have proof and unless it is given not by so-called analysis of so-called well paid scientists, but the use of own interlectual understanding, we will remain in the dark ages for ever. Fools will continue ruling over us and our children.l

  122. The Greek Anomaly.. It's sounds, each are a certain vibration or how it resonates. Not like a song, more like a series of dynamic sounds. Pretty simple stuff..

  123. Im gonna need some 3 n 1 oil and some ball bearings.C'mon guys,it's all ball bearings these days.