12 Most Amazing Treasures Found By Accident

There’s a bargain hunter in all of us. You never know what secret treasures might be lurking in a thrift store, in an attic, or down the back of your sofa. An innocuous purchase you made years ago for a few dollars might turn out to be worth thousands today! Every story you’re about to see in this video has one thing in common – they’re valuable and wonderful treasures, found, bought, and sold in the most remarkable circumstances.

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  1. 5:13 That clip is from the Ice Cube movie called “The Lottery Ticket”. I made the gold lotto-ball-guy costume featured at the end of the movie. I had no idea what the movie was about or who was in it at the time I made it and was not happy with the results because they gave me only 3-4 days to make it. It actually still had damp glue and paint on it when I packed it to be overnighted to the production team. I gave instructions on how to fix it up for the actual shoot. To date my first and only ‘Kustom Kostume’ to be featured in a Hollywood movie. Was a real thrill to see my work up on the big screen!

  2. Sittrioen.Dooh shevoh.Ferté VidahmehBrooooch.Ambergisss.KoSAmwey.FFS, I understand you're excited, but please learn to pronounce stuff, otherwise you just sound daft.

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    1. Florida has had major laws for salvage, driven by the destruction of reefs/damage to shores/etc. and the money goes to the taxpayer, if you want to call them "politicians">

  3. 1,35 million unclaimed lotter ticket: NO THE TICKET STATES ON THE CHEQUE 1.75 MILLION CANADIAN, and in Canada, since ti's a "windfall" you get it all. NO Tax in Canada.

  4. Eunochs inside the Forbidden City and Imperial Court got to stealing/selling lots of Imperial "stuff" long before the "commies" took over.

  5. fyi men "hide" their stuff in the trout fishing vest. the wife never looks in that stinky thing.

  6. Dip shit…why….why is is so hard to conceive that Citroen is not pronounced Cit- tro-n… think of the words origin if that helps… The car manufacturer is French and also one of the worlds first… "The "Ford," of France perhaps. Ok, Citroen. Sit -Ro-e h don't..meaning it's wrong to pronounce the last letter in this case "n" . Love how Americans pronounce Foyer. Even the well educated say… Fo YUR where it's actual pronunciation, is, Foa-yeah not. Fo yur.. Domparignon… love that… that's why they started making Crystal….kidding…

  7. The facts are so inaccurate, and the pronunciations are so far off, that these are difficult to watch.

    1. Poor fella, i'd just bet that YOU DO complain about a great many things. True story !