12 Most Incredible Finds Underwater

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The world is mostly water. We haven’t even come close to exploring all of the world’s oceans yet, and there could be hundreds of species down there in the dark and the wet, waiting to be discovered. There are also a lot of human artifacts beneath the water’s surface – some of which were placed there deliberately, and some of which arrived quite by accident! Join us for this detailed look into some of the most incredible underwater finds in the world.

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  1. So…the “Millennium Falcon” look alike could just be a “naturally occurring phenomenon”? Seriously? We are supposed to take it at your word that the ocean creates right angles and perfectly matched half circles? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You do realize this causes those scientists who said such a thing and your repeating it to appear as tyrants or buffoons or scam artists and lose all credibility, don’t you? Wow, you people must really think you are like the Jedis doing the Jedi Mind Trick on the “unwashed masses” or the “useful idiots.” And then you wonder why “conspiracy theorists” are such a hit on the Internet. I guess that makes you the “useful idiots,” doesn’t it?

    1. its not the ocean that created it its ice. and giant iceburges thousands of years ago. ….you know the same ones that carved out entire mountains and vallys and made the middle of america flat… yeah those

    2. @TY'carter Tracks if the ice made that ufo we should consider the ice made the pyramids and rome as well

  2. Why does that look like a mangled Ebon hawk ship from Star Wars Knights of the old republic?

  3. Notice how fast the video went by the Baltic Sea anomaly. Aka “UFO”??

    1. Theres two space crafts the big one and a smaller one far to the right and ahead of the big one as if it flew off as it hit water or ground .It locked into the top of the big one that makes sense because both would be encircled by the antigravity field or the electromagnetic field that would be around both less🤔 energy used as if they were one but yet could separate when needed to.mm??

    2. So what are you suggesting here? That some suit showed up at his house and told him to gloss over the "UfO" at gunpoint? Or that this is such secret information that he should only dedicate a shorter time to it, as if it becomes less of a secret the faster he goes over it? Lol imagine if that's how it worked. "HEY agent Johnson, they are getting closer to discovering Bigfoot, what do we do?!" " What do you think agent Drake? Make that asshole present the information on Bigfoot faster than the other entries!"

  4. The Baltic sea UFO will come to life/ temporary cloaked / camouflage as a rock structure at 3:48

  5. 3:48 While at first glance it looks like a certain fictitious spaceship well known to Star Wars fans the sunken object more closely resembles a headdress lying on it's side. It seems like a giant statue was once there and somehow lost it's head gear. The proportions are all wrong for it to be a spaceship. As can clearly be seen from the numerous stone lines on it, it looks like a giant piece of stone that was originally set up in blocks and somehow cemented together with whatever they had for masonry cement at the time that artifact was created. It's also plausible that the object was originally in one piece and had these stress marks appear as it fell to it's permanent resting place. Maybe it's creators abandoned it after realizing it was incorrectly built, and they decided an ocean grave was the best place to put it since they didn't want to go to the trouble of carving it into something else.

  6. Spain and Colombia should just split it… I mean Colombia is just gonna flip that money with some coke and double it anyways…

  7. They lying them items been down there sneaky ass government never tell the public nothing but we suppose to be free 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

  8. Of course there's magnificent things under the water. Before the great flood there were great structures built by extinct civilizations. Some built on higher ground can still be found but how they were built is a mystery. Apparently they had technology vast superior to what we have now.

  9. Love this content I never would have heard about any of this til I watched this channel. Well done.

  10. F—- Spain! They pillaged it from South/Central America to begin with! If I was Columbia I’d sue Spain to recover all the Mayan/Aztec wealth the bloody conquistadors stole!

    1. @Arthur Anderson im not the one that started whining in the first place pup… and believe it or not, by some miracle, you could be wrong… you believe one angry ranting dude represents all white people? Thats sad.

    2. @ben potter
      Angry white dude? Wth you babbling about? Lol…that was and still is typical white folk behavior. You take it as Every white person that has ever lived…I don't. But I do call out bad behavior as I see it. And "this here"…yea! Typical! Track record more than speaks for itself mr. sensitive. Don't get mad own your ppls mess. For those of your ppl who do own it get over it AND DO IT NO MORE!!!! FACT. But I don't expect you to even begin to understand the psychology of what I dropped on you. So stay in your bubble like Kelly Ann Conway and the Republican clan who believe their innocent bystanders. For the righteous of YOUR ppl know the truth of what I say.

    3. Sorry history will never bring back the dead, retribution isn’t real, and no one alive today knows the truth at all. Columbia has bigger issues to tackle then trying to claim treasure for real

  11. Is it just me or does the Baltic Sea anomaly look exactly the the underwater anomaly from Godzilla 2000?

  12. so not one thing you have posted is fucking incredible , what i call people like you is the same con artist cunts as religions.
    How about instead of fucking lying to the global population you start being honest and a + for humanity instead of being a negative pile of shit.

  13. This thumbnail looks like u found the millennium falcon down there!!!! 👀

  14. You can look on your weather radar or Google earth and see a very large complex underwater in the gulf of California eastern coast apx 1/2 way down,clearly.

    How old and what the heck is it..

  15. Since the elephant population has decreased 65% in the last 10 years, we may only see statues soon.

    1. Dannenberg Hadrys Europeans in Florida 7000 years ago? So Columbus didn't discover anything in 1492? I didn't realize their were European bones.

    2. @9xxxxxxxxx Every Historian knows, that Columbus was not the first one, who discovered America. Think of the Vikings.
      But we found DNA of Europeans from the Stone-age in the US. That is a fact – but knowbody want´s to anger the Natives…

  16. Back when glaciers held back fresh water sea levels were way lower. Off Florida the Atlantic ocean ran as a river in channel then back to pond. King Tut was no King but someone loved him, why his mask was remade from other and where better to hide gold than in tomb of a club foot. Pacific seawater used to flow into death valley. People don't do real research just Google n done, humanity has gone to he//

    1. @TheBot of course he did! Why was he put in a cell with a convicted killer former cop? His own lawyer said he cell mate tried to strangle him! Believe whatever you want to! He had all the dirt on the Clinton's and many more people! It was only a matter of time before he was killed!!

    2. @Ian Bailey Are you really trying to convince TheBot I'm thinking with a name like The Bot the only comments it's going to make will be to back up the official story.

  17. Native American burial site found off the coast of Venice. Not likely. More likely predecessors of such modern races of the area. Nice try though.

  18. I thought if someone found sunken treasure, the finders keepers rule came into play.

    1. At one time yes, but recently, no. Egypt won the rights to regulate the flow of it's antiquities, I think around the end of the 90's. When that happened alot of other countries followed suit. Now anything found belongs to the country of origin. Or where it's found at least. It's fair. A lot of what's found is historical. I wouldn't like someone digging up my family to see what granny was wearing when she was buried. I think there's a value limit to what you can claim. Anything really large, you get a percentage of the value as a finder's fee. I'm not sure if this is the same for maritime exploration.

  19. Did anybody notice what else is in the water with the plane look closely there's lots of there

  20. Native Americans remains were found off the coast of Venice Italy? Are they sure there wasn't a recent homicide?

    1. Yeah, that didn't make any sense. Even seven thousand years ago Florida and Italy were nowhere near each other.

  21. The Baltic Sea formation resembles more like the derelict spacecraft in Alien and Prometheus.

  22. No, the world is not mostly water. The Earth's surface is mostly covered by water. Water makes up far less than one percent of the Earth's mass. (and when I say "far less" I mean not even a billionth)

  23. That plane would have been in so many little pieces it wouldn’t have looked like a plane… if it hit the water at any speed at all in a CRASH landing

    1. What he means is nobody with money cares enough to take a sub down to see it.

    2. @Fishtitty Because, there's nothing valuable to salvage. Have a Happy New Year.

    3. Really R Verro. Shoot, 300 ft. is nothing to some competent 'tech' divers taking time and extra cylinders.

  24. Oh will you shut up with this "conspiracy theorist" shit? Do you know where that phrase originated? Do some research on THAT.

    1. @Andrew Hoggett Then you should understand the dynamics of human greed. Its not about how much you make or have, its about how much you make or have OVER others.

  25. if there isnt, there should be a UN type of council for museums so all found relics are regulated. it would solve ownership issues at least. in the case of the spanish ship, it was property of spain regardless of it being in columbian water, columbia was founded by spanish so what right do they have? it wouldnt be columbia without spain.

  26. The Japanese Sub had space for 2 float plane fighter/ reconnaissance planes. It did not have room for 3 bombers….. Do better research!

  27. 4:00 that object is kinda very ancient and has the similar architecture of the ship which was found on moon by Apollo 20 crew(where alien monalisa was found) I don't know if it's true or not but this space craft looks similar….

  28. Seeing that submarine and it being a technological marvel shows how big of a military juggernaught Japan used to be.

  29. The Baltic Sea 'lump' is made of stone with a degree of iron. Makes sense, it would have to withstand the rigours of interstellar travel!! (lol) Also all the pictures are artists impressions, the underwater visibility averages around 3 ft. The sonar images don't have enough detail to produce anything resembling an accurate picture. The imaginary artwork is worthy of Marvel Comics.

  30. Finally, a youtube narrator that has a pleasing voice. 1st time ever!

  31. Pocket watches don’t just stop ticking because of an earthquake … not unless it was clobbered and busted.

  32. Pretty much every picture is wrong and doesnt match the subject matter. For example the Japanse submarine did not carry German ME 110's.