12 Most Incredible Incidents With Vehicles

Today’s video is a celebration of all the strange and exciting events that sometimes happen in and around vehicles. We’re talking planes, trains, cars, and boats that turned up in places they weren’t supposed to be. We’re talking unusual cargo, strange modifications, and incidents that nobody saw coming. Sometimes vehicles get quarantined. Sometimes they end up carrying unexpected passengers or getting unplanned decorations. Sit back, relax, and let this video entertain you!

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  1. yea we cant pour concrete around a truck like that we have to have it towed
    but trust me iv wanted to many times

  2. That's too much of a coincidence. Two ships being stricken with the same virus.

    1. A few more Bhopal disasters would yield a greater victim count and boost India's drive to thin the herd, perversely boosting India's "Green" credentials.

  3. Would think that a pilot on a giant passenger plane would see the difference between a sidewalk and a freeway.

  4. Half are not incidents, but mere anecdotes…
    3:15 – It's HowRah, not HowhaR; and AmriTSar, not AmriSTar…

  5. I don't usually comment on videos but this one is just too stupid to pass up. 5:25 A massive 747 Dreamliner? First off the 747 is the Jumbo not the Dreamliner, the 787 is the Dreamliner. Second that is not a Dreamliner in the video, it's a Dreamlifter (A heavy cargo hauler, not a passenger plane). What moron put this video together? So many children left behind (and now you know why Trump is president).

  6. Why pay for the train when most likely taxes paid for it to start with