12 Most Incredible Treasures Discovered By Accident

We all know the feeling of putting on an old jacket or a pair of jeans we haven’t worn for a long time and finding money in the pockets that we’d completely forgotten about. It’s a great surprise when it happens! Finding something when you’re looking for it on purpose is always pleasant, but it doesn’t beat finding valuable things by accident when you had no idea they were even there. That’s an experience that everyone you’re about to see in this video has in common.

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  1. Man the gold in the T 54s fuel tank unreal ! I would never give it back ! He called the cops , they took the gold where did it end up ? They sent it back to Kuwait? Does Kuwait needs more gold ? Or the American government kept it ? Does Fort Knox need more gold ?I would have kept it for my self

  2. I bought an old miniature painting from a car boot sale about 15 years ago, paid about £2 for it. Forgot about it till last year. Out of curiosity I took it to an art dealer to have it valued, turned out it was worth £1.

  3. What exactly does that mean, " see you in the next video"? I'm not going to be in your next video, and since you're only the narrator, I failed to understand how we could see each other even if I were in your next video. If for some reason I were in it you might be able to see me, but I couldn't see you unless you were in it and I wasn't! Pardon my conundrum…

  4. At 2:51 i think i figured it out but if my information fits up with the people that opened up thae safe ill give my self a pat on the back but the information will be in the replays from this comment

    1. Ok CLOOWS : Maeson Arizona BINGO & 66,3,54, then i started thinking area codes so i stared with (:a.b.c.d.e.f.g.h.i.j.k.l.m.n.o.p.q.r.s.t.u.v.w.x.y:)=(: ok maeson ok number is 2,9,14,7,10/66,3,45, serch that an youll get MOON-CULMINATING STARS AT transit At greenwich 1890. 387 if my information helps this person could you let me know

  5. The Atocha was Not found on "accident". That was Mel Fishers life quest to recover that ship. It cost him more than worldly treasures to do so

  6. My girlfriend and me were getting ready to go out and meet friends one Friday evening. I picked out a pair of nice shoes and went to the living room where my girlfriend was to sit on the couch to put on my shoes and I had trouble getting my right foot into the shoe. I stuck my hand into the shoe and pulled out 8 $50 bills I forgot about. My girlfriend was stunned that how I or anyone could possibly forgot about $400. She made me give her a $50 bill. lol I thought it was funny. TD Atlanta

  7. The Mercedes 300SL was known for many things, but NOT for being their most "sleekest aerodynamic car ever." Absurd.

  8. What a beautifull story to hear, about the Tomayo painting, and two Women, with thier hearts in the right place.

  9. I see that the bed that could be owned by Henry the 7th could be streamly valuable well I have a piece of pottery the dates back to the early 1500s and has a painting of Henry the eighth's daughter Victoria if anyone is interested it is for sale

    1. Except that Henry VIII didn't have a daughter called Victoria…

  10. I cannot believe somebody would report all that gold to the police who would do such a stupid thing

  11. "Everyone knows the feeling of finding money in long unworn pants or jackets."

    I wish… Thankfully I have a drug problem and ALWAYS know where my cash is. Lol

  12. The last one on here about the painting a woman found in the trash and returned to widow of the past away gentlemen that bought it for her was nice where the widow sold and split the profits with the good person that returned it to her. I think, and I could be wrong, but I believe less people these days would return something like that in a similar situation. I would say less than 20% of people would do it and i'm being kind with 20% too. More of that way of thinking is getting lost these days, probably becouse of overpopulation or unemployment and just plain good values being distilled in younger people moving into adulthood. Don't really see any "big momma's" anymore but they should be more of that kind of spirit around. It would be a better place and its just the right thing too do. A conscience is something most anyone can not escape. Example of true kind hearted people.