15 Most Amazing Recent Archaeological Discoveries!

These are some of the most incredible recent archaeological discoveries in the world!

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  1. Our Great to the 99th power… grandchildren will find a deep layer of red ballcaps in the South Eastern USA. The followers of a failed attempt by Russia to rule the US through their proxy POTUS. Thereby marking the day that the USA had had enough. The Russ-Thugu-KKKunts not only need to be defeated in November… they should be identified as a hostile actor upon the political scene currently operating in the US.


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  2. Really hope he is the one to either win the royal rumble or the one who eliminates brock from the rumble getting the story started for drew to face brock at mania 😎🤘🙏

    1. Bro I know right when I looked at it I was thinking the same thing yo how cool is it to think that something like that existed

  3. So now people know. Batman originated from China.
    Love your videos, a mix of roumors, conspiracy theories and facts 🙂

  4. Now I know where they got Batman from clearly that last piece that look like Batman's cowl is basically Batman come on anyone can see that so either they thought of it way before we did and they didn't call it Batman or they ripped off the DC Comics character Batman and claimed that that piece is very old you decide but you got to admit clearly I mean a 5 year old child could look at that thing and say all look it's Batman

  5. Or there was a real life version of Batman back then that was a vigilante protectter lol

    1. Or a real life Ra's al Ghul cuz they said what that came from Japan

  6. but there proof that modern humans have been here for millions of year we did not come from Africa

  7. Just prooves they had their own Batman in ancient times…
    Wonder what their Joker looked like…

  8. As for the Mayans, does that mean that even more Mayan people disappeared?

  9. The so called CHINESE Artificat is a Batman prop from when he was choosing his animal Identity in the Caves. This is not a real artifact its a Prop. Gees how DUMB!!

  10. There’s no such thing as a brontosaurus,mate! Do your bloody homework! I spose you don’t have to have much of an education to put something on the web. Sometimes I can feel the thing trying to make me dumber but it ain’t gonna happen.

  11. BATMAN IS REAL !!!!! Honest thought when I saw the thumb pic .. I smiled. Thanks 4 the upload !

  12. You didn't have any other videos pop up on screen at the end like you said. Figured I'd say something so you could add them!

  13. #RareTopic In 2014 Warner Bros Entertainment summoned 30 artists to reinterpret Batman on the occasion of its 75th anniversary. One of those who accepted the assignment was Christian Pacheco, owner of the design firm Kimbal, based in Yucatán, Mexico.

    He recalled that Batman, perhaps to the sadness of some followers of DC Comics, is not the first reference of an enigmatic anthropomorphic being with a man’s body and a bat’s head. The first world reference of something like that was the feared Camazotz.

    His studio made a replica of the bust with which Bruce Wayne disguises the character and molded it with Maya motifs and references to the ancient Camazotz, and the result was the main photo that was shown in this video.

  14. Hahahaaa oh man duh over and over same boring stuff we already know. Dawn and we all pay or subscribe to hogwash. It’s depressing. Amsterdam the Netherlands

  15. "a" god.? …. how many planets is there….. that's how many gods there is.

  16. How many channels does this company have? This video is obviously made by the same people who made this video – https://youtu.be/ZDS6pWuWJk4 and the same people who made this video – https://youtu.be/ZBdu9niydsM. Since each channel has a different narrator, it seems to be a company that mass produces "top 10" type videos, creates various channels for them, and hires a different narrator for each channel.

  17. The second one it's bat ban half human half bat he is spoken obit as Like a hero he protected the people they say he had powers speed and strength if you go of the tribe 's

  18. #RARE TOPIC : Batman was here :-). The WB Studios was time traveling in the ancient China making the newest Batman movie. 🙂