15 Mythological Creatures Caught on Camera!

These are some of the most incredible mythological creatures caught on tape!

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  1. Iv,e Seen No 7 with My Own Eyes ,Twice! Once in Texas and Once Between there and Mexico. 2007-2009 .

  2. Do your research, because, mythology is based on fact. Having an open mind is better than having a closed mind. I have always heard that people who have closed minds, are in more danger than the ones who choose to believe that there are things we've never seen before. The reason, is because, when the skeptics do finally see these things, that they could end up going nuts.

    1. Freda Childress People who call themselves skeptics are usually just closed minded which isn’t true skepticism. Skepticism itself is understandable when it’s open minded.
      Often less intelligent people simply close their minds to everything outside of their perception of normal. They lack the ability for the complex thinking and inner strength required to accept some things that are unexplainable.
      Such a bland, white-washed world some must inhabit.

  3. #Raretopic does this channel research these videos before putting them out there????? You really should. Other channels have already debunked these old videos!!!

  4. In the mid 1960's my high school buddies and I would go out in the everglades in South Florida, do some hunting and general camping. In the late evening in a jeep with a spotlight I saw 3 "Skunk Apes" which is merely the Southern variety of Big Foot. No lie I saw them with my eyes, they look like black bushes with long noses and very quickly ran away, quicker than any human can run. Just saying this because while most of the crap you see on these videos is Crap there do exist things of legend that most never are privy to. For Real

  5. The carcass of the dragon is an art sculpture. In other video the creator talks about his art work.

  6. Sewer monster looks like an alien. Number 3 is a rotting whale. I’ve seen that one before.