15 Scary Moments of Strange Things Found On the Road!

These are some of the scariest moments of strange things found on the road!

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  1. The ghosts pants started falling!! Hilarious 😂 She ("the ghost") looks twaked out! Poor thing just needs to get some sleep. LOL (#2 vid)

    1. Oh how hilarious. Would have been even funnier to watch someone chase her down and yank that costume off! Obviously just having way too much fun! Or the joys of alcohol!! 😉

  2. In the Topic vid we don't see the object in motion. If we can't see it moving then we can't really figure out what it is. Need more evidence to make a guess as to what it could be. In the still pic it could be a bug or an altered Barney suit lol 🤣

  3. still waiting for a ghost/alien sighting filmed with multiple cameras and angles

  4. Hey there how are ya? I love this channel it's great. I just have something to share with you, a couple of short true stories. Year's ago after 911 occurred we took a trip into N.Y. it wasn't to far after bcz the memorial was up we went through. We were working in PA and we had the weekend off. I remember the building's were draped in black with tension wires similar to those holding radio towers. Any way we bought metro tickets and went below to wait for our train. There were 6 of us. I had my camera and you know I'm snapping pics of everything/ everyone, my Drywall Finishing partner was with. just walking through right? Well there was a man sitting on the floor his back against the wall, shame on my bcz I snapped a photo, I actually should've asked him beforehand. As soon as I did he turned around started yelling at me " YOU STOLE MY SOUL." He grabbed my arm we quick got away. I put the camera away never took it back out I got home Great Lake State. Unpacking I set it aside took to develope, picked up my pics started going thru em. I got to the pic with the man sitting back against the wall … now Idk what we saw, who he was, but I'm saying all that came out in the photo was a white blank wall.
    One more, an old friend was on vacation with the family I don't remember where they went it's been a long time since. Any who they heard drum's beating, guns going off heave smoke from. They were up high on a mountain they look over there was a war going on below between the State's/ Civil War. It wasn't a reenactment either it was really happening. She took pics, they were in awe. No way was that actually happening. They got home and took the film in had em developed right,? The pictures were blank! No people, No war nothing. My daughter called the experience a " SHADE ". A shade i's not a haunting so to speak, instead its a photo taken in time and they just si happened to be there at the time it occurred. Like okay. Your reading this comment, but long after we're gone
    It's possible whatever you're doing at this very moment, you've left an imprint/ a photo taken in time and maybe someone new may live in the same place you once did, they may turn around/ look up to see you for a few seconds/ minutes, soon disappearing.

  5. Assuming #9 wasn't edited it could be heat waves that make the car look like it vanished. Same thing with the mother and the daughter.

  6. I remember seeing that number 8 and it WAS 2 guys trying to stop people and ask for help cause they ran out of gas…piss poor way to ask for help…the police that responded said as that…who in their right mind would ever stop for a road block by 2 orange cones?

  7. Love your videos most of all I think it's your voice keep bringing us amazing videos

  8. When amerikano upload his old video back will be like….OMG its terrifying,too scare for me say pewdiepie to his 9 years old bobs n vegana fellow

  9. The narrator says that India is known for its winding roads.
    The video shows a road that is nearly perfectly straight and doesn't wind AT ALL!

  10. Unusual storm
    There's giant ships with invisibility cloaking. They're everywhere.

  11. When I was little my Mom and siblings were driving through the Big Thicket down in Texas. When they noticed something was running through the woods keeping pace with our car. It finally came out of the woods and was chasing our car. My siblings were screaming for our Mom to go faster. She drove the car as fast as it would go till we got home. They went behind the car and saw scratches on the back of the car. We never figured out what it was. None of us ever drove through the big thicket at night again.

  12. How did the Cyclist just happen to have his camera ready? A little fishy.

  13. Camera showing thing in the road is slow exposure and will not show clear images it was a second or so before the reflector show the light.

  14. Car disappearing another SLOW camera. You don't see the car moving just the picture changing.

  15. i think that when car or person vanishes, it's some kind of mirage or light refraction and dispercion… physics

  16. I dig ur accent, and personality. You always make me smile and laugh with some of ur jokes..😁😄😁..

  17. You know what would improve this channel greatly? If you would actually show the entire video and a lot less narration and graphics

    1. Tony Ray
      And if he would stop showing repeats and Video clips that have already been played from other Channels

  18. 16:00 in about the end with the witch prancing in the road… The only creatures that has glowing eye's r nocturnal creatures… The reason they glow is because their able to take in extra light when their ain't none… Is it a hoax or something nocturnal!?!?!?

  19. Stop all these special effects, animations, funny human faces within your actual incident video instances and just put the pure video footage of the incident or happening that will increase your viewership.

  20. Absolute no material, drippling on about old grainy videos with no fact about any of them. You suck

  21. please please please PLEEEEASE stop flipping the videos, makes me dizzy… great vids though. xxx

  22. why the clowns doing stupid expressions, is this for a yankee audience..twatish.

  23. I wish people would stop posting that skin walker pic, it's from an old horror movie called XTRO, do some research you muppets…

  24. I'm only watching because every little thing is explained throughout the short clips 😵, don't think I would be able to watch with a little introduction, thanks for talking throughout 🙊

  25. Just show the freakin video! Stop cutting it short to add some unnecessary graphic and stop flipping it. Just play the video!

  26. If you would actually show the entire video and a lot less narration and graphics! I quit watching after just a couple!!!

  27. who told u india don't have roads?? don't have lights😂😂😂dude no offense bt seriously??? ..now a days ur media is wrongly projecting india in hatred of our pm modi…so i just wanna tell u all … don't believe everything what ur media tells u about us😊…u r not gonna welcome third largest economy of the world?? (though dollar is equal to 72 rupees , jst wait till 1 rupee is equals with one dollar) ha dude?😎..we never believe in dreams..we believe in work first with that dream..