5 Tips For a Joyful & Successful 2020 – Sadhguru

This New Year, Sadhguru gives us 5 simple tips to become joyful and successful, and make 2020 a year of clarity and vision.

Tip #1 02:46 Sit on your “Deathbed”

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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  1. Aap sbhi problems ka smadhaan bdae hi sadaharan trikae sae kr daetae hae

  2. In the vastness of this existence, in this eternal nature, segments of years, centuries and millennia are not a reality. But in human experience, the time that planet Earth takes to revolve around the sun is a way to gauge what we are doing in this world. This is a time to brush up our visions that have gathered rust and make them a live force in our lives, not just empty dreams. This new year, commit to creating what you really care for in your life. Suddenly, you will see that there is a different kind of power and grace about you.

    *With Much Love

  3. You are my inspiration to create a better and more peaceful world. I created a channel that looks a bit like yours. LOL 🙂 I hope we can do it 🙂

  4. Gurudev how could I get over my laziness ?
    Because I have many many logical counter of my resolution

    1. Maybe your body and/or brain just need rest. As the season turned to the longest night of the year 12/21, as night is time for rest, regrouping, growth, cultivation, relaxation; bears hibernate, leaves and other plants wither and hide.. I would just be with Earth, as she follows the universe, who in turn follows the Tao..(-Lao Tzsu). Maybe you aren't meant to be energetic right now; just take time to recuperate and move slower – we grow the most during rest time. Let yourself grow🌹🌻🌼and bloom in warmer weather

    2. Moving around helps. You have to want to though so the lazyness problem is all about "not wanting to" – check out what Drukama tradition teaches about this stuff it's very helpful. Be well!

    3. Hire a person to push you into exercise or Sadhana for one month. Pay him each time he succeeds. By the end of one month, you'll no more remain lazy.

    4. In my opinion you can start to fix yourself by changing your diet first.
      1) stick to vegetables / veg food by eating two times a day or 2 1/2 times.
      2) taking nuts only and no snacks and no alcohol
      3) start with doing Japa by sitting few minutes a day for 2 or 3 or 4 times a day.
      With Japa I meant chanting by saying shiva and or Aum namaha shivaya or mahadevaya namaha
      4) just observe your thoughts or logics that come in your mind and don’t go behind them..by PRACTISE of Roll your logics or thoughts out and roll in them..

    1. @Anusha Sravanam I hope you like my songs too visit once
      No gali no backwash pure lyrics pure hip-hop

  5. Half of the time I don’t even get what this dude says
    Spirituality dah dah 😂😂
    But it’s just cool to watch him🤔

    1. Same used to happen with me.. but now i understand.
      Depends upon life of individual.😄

    1. Im a CAA opposer but also a great fan of Sadhguru. Was lucky to see him im flesh n blood at IE course. Im sure there are many many others like me.

    1. The bill do not discriminate. I = sure you = regret and now you appreciate "MODI( 🐅)"-fied-india-india and CAA and NRC 🤟👉💪👈👉🙏🍭🍻

    2. @pidoos pidu very difficult to decipher what you say… But for your information, I did not get "MODI" fied.😂😂

    3. @mrinalini ganguly time will tell what = "MODI (🐅)"-fied-india due to India turning into gold ☝️👉💪👈👉🍭🍻👈

    4. @mrinalini ganguly now if you can stop sending message only for 2 hours I can go get my ☃️-biriyani, ☃️-varuval and ☃️-65 from swiggy and start my feast. 🤫

    5. @mrinalini ganguly
      Just seen p.p. messages to you..😳😂
      So, I want to enquire how you are doing now..did you have any injuries to your brain after reading them..Hope you are doing good…😊

  6. सधगरू आपको मेरा सत सत प्रणाम! औम नम: शिवाय: 🙏🏽

  7. Happy New Year everyone !! Have a great year ahead !!! Hope your wishes come true and stay happy !!!💜💜💜

    1. Happy new year to you.. Wish you a year loaded with joys n happiness

  8. 1200 positive minds and 19 negative mind,ignorants and blind haters they are like a small peck …..Will be vanished

  9. I am so glad that I got this video in my recommendations, feeling so blessed 🙏☺️☺️
    Happy new year to everyone ☺️

    1. @Bhawna Paliwal
      Happy New Year Bhawna 😀
      In your recommendations? Can’t understand how it happened! Care to explain?

    2. @Praveen Bachu she must have known sadhguru today itself.! I wish her a very happy binge watching sadhguru's videos.. was blessed on 1st day of 2020. 😊

    3. Lol me too. I also like Drukama's videos check them out if you get a chance. Be well!

    4. @abha shukla
      Ok! That’s what you feel and could be so..So, nice of you..
      You give wishes and so on only to Bhawna..
      I wish you Happy New Year 🎊🎈 Abha

  10. What a wonderful way to bring in 2020! My favourite Tip is #1. Please comment your Favourite Tip below?

    1. Start today….

      Yes…start today…

      And every day in the morning when u get up, ask yourself either u wanna be joyful or miserable today…

    2. #3. Big problem especially with the way the higher education trained people to have verbal diarrhea. Its inefficient and noisy and you will end up probably revealing more about yourself than you would like to malicious people.

  11. 1. Sit on your "deathbed". Just imagine that u are on your deathbed and looking back at those years of life, was it worthwhile, have u done things u always wanted to do.
    2. "Identify 3 things that make a wonderful human being." try to bring those three things in ur life.
    3. "Utter half the words you usually do". observe silence.
    4. "Look back on your day."
    5. "Break at least one limitation each month." It can be a small but concrete one.

    Namaskaram 🙂

    1. @drorthomaster okay sir..aap plz mat pdhiye..aap video dekh lijiye. Wahan poora sach mil jyega aapko 🙂

    2. @Monika Saroha Nahi madam aap nahi, I was talking about the video on CAA and NRC..

  12. How to maintain joy 24 hrs how to make wonderful how tobe silent 🙏

    1. Kindly practise Shambhavi Mahamudra twice a day i.e. in the morning and in the evening before having anything eatable.This will certainly help you stay joyful and maintain silence.

  13. Dnt start crying…
    Just learn to laugh at your stupidity…
    You ll see all the rubbish you carry will turn as manure !!
    And manure is gud for growth…. 11:00

    1. Those who have shed the tears must realize that is transformation !!
      This is time you must
      move from TEARS to COMMITMENT !!

      Sadhguru ll show you the way🙏

  14. It is the time to let go of fear and what no longer serves, it is time to live joyfully and live our best life, time to live intentionally and purposely!!!! Happy new year everyone!!!! 2020 will bring an avalanche of abundance and joy your way!!!!

  15. My first liked video of 2020. Made a note of all he said in my diary. Feeling Blessed !!

  16. Was trying to think of the 3 things that would make a human being wonderful. Honestly it wasn't easy. What do you people think are the 3 things that would make a human being wonderful? Mine were 1) compassion 2) Love 3) Joy

    1. @Bela Sehgal yes, deep sense of involvement with everything , every life around . I can't say about anyone else but i have felt it feels good it opens me up. Hope that you might sense that too .

    2. These are the three things which came to my mind 1- Happiness 2- Helpful 3-Hard-working to be a wonderful human. Cheers

  17. I never seen a man that has all the answers like this man (Sadhguru)

    1. Yumnam Tomba that is not true, he specifically said that battles can no longer be won by guns and force. So I do know where you got your information

    2. pidoos pidu Sadhguru looks like he has 10-20 years age difference between joker naik. I don’t think Sadhguru would be following him

    3. @anthony gryczkowski whoa! I did not mean that an enlighten man like sadguru would follow a man of stubborn ignorance. I meant that yumnam tomba might be the follower of joker naik

  18. 1 have I done things that matter
    2- 3 things that make you beautiful
    3 a level of silence
    4 look back on the whole day
    5 break a limitations each month
    Thank you satguru 😁

  19. Great message….Thank you very much for sharing your valuable experiences and suggestions to us🙏🙏🙏🙏

  20. The world is too corrupted to be beautiful. The only beautiful thing is death surrounded by loved ones. The living experience is a give and take. You take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. It sustains you. Only in death you see your loved ones

  21. Thank you so much Sadhguru 🤗🤗🙏❣️ we love you 😍😍😍🤗

  22. You cannot HACK your LIFE . It is not a hack it is a process, A PROCESS of changing and accepting things that happened and seeing them in good ways 😇

  23. came here after Watching PEEING HUMAN video. very much disappointed by the speech. not😠 expected

  24. In 2020 there are 3 things what you can do for being lucky:
    1.) Spiritual Presence
    2.) Avoiding hurts
    3.) Helping others safely
    Karma is always valid. A unique possibility is here for you to get a guide about how are you able to provide Spiritual Presence.

  25. Considering the importance & utility of this video from R/Sadhguru, I hv saved this for repeated accessing in 2020 & beyond. Gratitude from Core. Pronam.

  26. I'm stressed i have to do my assignments and i don't want to do it what to do ?

  27. I was already doing this though most of my knowledge is from past visions. The only thing I will be trying to get done later is why I reincarnated on earth. A discussion with the creator though each person like me will have a different part to do.

  28. I see things as they are. It's become a big problem. Ignorance was truly bliss. I am probably on a path of depression now.

  29. Sadhguru, the sound of your voice brings me peace, joy, laughter. Thank you 🙏

  30. quem e esse deus que nos brasileiros estamos adorando nas igrejas e dando dinheiro para nao ir pro inferno

  31. 1) I must clear the neet pg 2020 exam and get rank among top 100.
    2) I must become more happy, joyful and loving person every day.
    3) I must move towards my ultimate nature and liberation.
    4) Want to consecrate this world for everyone wellbeing.
    5) Become Successfull person🙏

    1. Im not a great devotee ofJaggi Sir but common…He isnt that bad. Hes logical, funny and inspirational

  32. “You cannot exist without the universe. You are not a separate existence.” — Sadhguru

  33. Ur my hero ur wise word of wisdom brought my sences back to me after so many year 😭 long life

  34. I am one of your admirer Sadhguru. You have supported CAA and said in support that 56 UP police were injured. Reports are coming now that only one gun short injured police personnel was found in real. NOW WILL YOU TAKE BACK YOUR SUPPORT FOR CAA WHICH WAS WITHOUT KNOWING THE FACTS?

  35. i respected and followed Sadhguru— but he deeply disappointed by supporting Modi/Shah/BJP CAA. its a true shame he sold his soul to BJP for some ulterior motives.. very sad

  36. I wish we had a group of people who follow Sadghuru's teaching in Nigeria 🇳🇬

  37. Lao Tseu was not part of the Zen tradition, he's the Founder of Daoism.

  38. everyone around me is surprised to see a constant smile on my face……thanks Sadhguru

  39. Read the Book By Sadguru you will come to know – Death; An Inside Story: A book for all those who shall die 

    Link  –

     A book for all those who shall die

  40. im so glad to found Sadhguru at this time in my life when i have some personal troubles!

  41. Kuch ant… Ral ke bad ana chahnga Sadhguru 🙏… Is li ye. is ko accept kiya taki wa a sku. Ghar ki bat man leta hu. Bot br ghr log ke umed pr khra ni utra

  42. It is very simple. Just pay attention to every word. Alphabets are confusing. Pay attention please.Every word . You will get all the answers. Trust me. Pay attention to every word Sir. Namaste. Oh ya I can speak hindi. We can create a balance and awake everyone in our country because we are the creator of the truth. Realize every single word please. It is simple. Please.

  43. One limitation for me:
    Not using mobile consciously

    My desire to break this limitation.

  44. I would like torequest you sadhguru that please aware the people by discussing about srila prabhupad.

  45. In laws se pereshan h iske liye kuch btaiye kaise khud ko calm rakhe

  46. I have adhd and I am very stressed. So I don’t remember the or anything

  47. That first tip is not so easy until one becomes detached from materialistic world

  48. Love this! Got to do what you want. One life, we have to make the most of it and fill up our days in the pursuit of achieving all we want to achieve, growing daily and helping others along the way.

  49. Wien you are in a depression you simply can’t just chose to be happy and jouful! If you think it’s possible, you have never suffered from depression.

    1. Rebecca Skalare To get into a depressing state one has to keep themselves sad for sustained periods. Similarly to become joyful you should sustain pleasant emotions.. start small you’ll get there eventually.
      The trick is you can sustain things only if you’re aware

  50. One thing, Loa Tsu wasn't a Zen master, he was around at the same time as Confucius, Daoist more than Buddhist.

  51. someone at work is allways bitching and moaning so i fed them sadhgurus line and asked why hes choosing to be miserable he told me its not a choice 😛 but i hope it gave him something to think about 🙂

  52. normally there are three types of people:-
    1) who follows sadhguru's words
    2) who dont understand his knowledge
    3) who dont know him yet….

  53. Just close your eyes and listen..outoftheworld..each one of us are precious.Thank you guru🙏🏻 Hare Krishna