Access The Kailash of South With This Preparatory Process – Sadhguru on Velliangiri

Sadhguru tells us how the Velliangiri Mountain came to be the abode of Shiva for a few months, when Shiva was in a despondent, frustrated state, and how the Mountain has imbibed this quality. Sadhguru explains that many yogis utilized this energy for their enlightenment, and Velliangiri became a repository of Southern Mysticism.


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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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  1. Namaskaram🙏🏻Thank you for making this posible. I am open to experience this. 🙏🏻

  2. Did you guys notice? Every influencer is silent about cab and nrc???? Is it not a big issue they should discuss about it???

  3. Sadhguru …..please show the exact spot where you as Sri Brahma in the last life time ..left the body through all the 7 chakras.

  4. I myself am lost forever. But even a dead soul such as me can see clearly this man has every answer.

  5. i so want to go to kailash.. whether the himalayas or the velliangiri(though valliangiri seems to be available just for men).. but i really cannot afford to pay 50,000 rs for it😔
    i wish isha foundation could come up with a cheap option for people like me😟

    1. @Aksa 999 how does nationality matter?its a mountain you can go. I have been there. Just carry enough water and food.

    2. @Pollyanna Macintosh why talk about something you dont understand??
      how many indian women did you see there ..or in such videos?

    3. @Aksa 999 I know that only older women climb the mountain. But what's the logic behind that? It's nothing more than men's fear of menstrual blood. The mountain was there before men, and such logics. By the way, I saw and talked to the people who inhabit the mountain. There were women too, and they had little shops selling buttermilk and snacks on the way.

  6. Lord Shiva IS the Brahman of the Upanishads for the Shaivites… The Lord/Brahman is worshipped in multiple names and forms across the world…

  7. What is manifested as this universe is very finite.. That which is not manifested is as good as infinite… God who is the source of creation, is infinite and that which is not manifested by him is infinite as well.. so we cannot know the Lord in the absolute sense. I see that this un-manifested energy of the Lord is what is being here referred to as that which is not.. or nothingness.. but the right way to put it is to call that infinite (nothingness) is as "unmanifested" and not as nothingness or non-existence.. because God is Existence.. what doesnt exist, does not exist… It doesnt mean Lord Shiva does not exist… rather he EXISTS and his unmanifested nature is infinite… that is not known and cannot be known in the ultimate sense…

  8. Can anyone tell me??….."Dhyanlinga consecration- The triangular form"…..what is it " triangular form"…..why only three people needed …why not four person or only women or only men…..can any one explain me this triangular form(in deep)?????…..please anyone….

    1. U can register in the program starting Jan 10 then February men go there .it is arranged in the program…look at Isha web site.

  9. Sadguru one request please establish isha foundation in each indian state so that people like me can reach their easily please consider my request sadguru

  10. Jus Lookin aT Sadhguru shri brahma🔥
    even for a few moments
    Can GiVe u an iNsTaNT AwaKening!
    Guru BraHMa Guru VisHnu
    Guru DeVo MaheshWara
    TasMai sHri Guru Ve Na Maha

  11. what is the universe striving for after the 112th 'big roar'? what role does each of us play in this?

  12. Can somebody help me understand why this is just for men? Is it due to the background story? And if in this day and age you still have to separate the sexes on their spiritual path, why not come up with a similar event just for women?

  13. Please make a video with Lipoma Treatment because this is very confusing disease .

  14. Mountain are Magic and the Snow off them to!There is a Plant in English Snow off the Mountains!Its White and a soft pink mixt in a Green off a Leave,I had on out off the Body Experience with that Busch,the Snow off the Mountain It Had MorningDew sparkling on it ,the Sonn was sparkling in them,and jest know instantly it’s God,there where completely Bliss I where no more there,Maby merged with the Tree we became one!I don’t know,It was a complete shocking and over!I had the privilege to become all there is to have a quick look true a Window ,but can’t hold it 🙈🤔😲😲😲😲😲💜💜🌄💜💜😌😌🙏🙏🙏

  15. Sadhguru I'm the guy who comes in your dream and God has choose you to give me the knowledge

  16. I just realized a moment ago that breathing have nothing to do with my noze and mouth. Its all about expanding and retracting my torasic cage. So i have been completly relaxing my neck and head and mouth and evrything and i completly focused on breathing only using my torasic cage for a while and it happen to be a very good conciousness widening experience to me. I recommend you try it. It felt so good i got an erection.

  17. Ok, getting connected, feel empowered, the monsters, the vampires,, upping Vibration To happiness and wellbeing. Love to you all

  18. The inner engineering, amazing, be the best you can be, don’t cheat self lol. Thank you for helping me.

  19. We are Woking, helping you here, world leader in water engineering, the quantum water, and wellbeing. Together unstoppable. Gratitude for helping me. Upping vibration of Woking,to inner engineering. Powerful place, magnicarta, signed down road. East India tea company, the monsters, I can feel the magic water. You. Lol gratitude helping now,