Accessing Angels, Gods and Goddesses Through Fire Labs

“Of all the techniques, the Fire Lab is the most evolved. It is the shortcut to obtain wealth.”

Accessing Egyptian Archetypes through Fire Labs

In this video Dr. Pillai talks about the power of contacting the Archetypes who live in the human consciousness, the unconscious located within all humans, and these include the Egyptian Archetypes.

Dr. Pillai is working to revive the authentic practice of fire labs so that people will receive the benefits outlined in the ancient texts. Dr. Pillai personally selected the specialists performing the homas at the AstroVed Fire Lab Center in Chennai, India for their knowledge and sincere approach toward performing these rituals.
Under Dr. Pillai’s guidance, these specialists (with some assistance from AstroVed’s celestial scientists) select the most appropriate time for you to receive the maximum benefit from your fire lab. They use all of the authentic materials outlined in the Vedic texts for each fire lab.

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    1. Exactement, quand je suis allé en Égypte dans les années 2000 visiter tous les temples anciens, c'est exactement ce que j'ai perçu, le manque d'attention, de prières des archétypes. J'en ai fait la remarque aux guides que je rencontrais, et partout j'en ressentais la douleur.

    2. Hi Estelle : from staffre:

      thank you for your comment : ~approx. google translation: Exactly, when I went to Egypt in the 2000s to visit all the ancient temples, that's exactly what I perceived, the lack of attention, the prayers of the archetypes. I made the remark to the guides I met, and everywhere I felt the painYou may enjoy upcoming events with Dr. Pillai ~ All the best

    3. Merci! Thanks very much! I'll do every thing. I like so much study de Védas doing programs meditation and listen every things who come from Dr. Pillai and Pillai center. Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha.