Advanced Technology Being Seen In Our Skies, Did We Recover Alien Craft?

Some of the sightings being reported today are showing all the hallmarks you’d expect of alien craft. The question is, is this our advanced technology and if so how did we become so advanced in such a short space of time.

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  1. We were probably kicking it space angel style at first, it seems impossible with the way our military is that they wouldn't already be in space and have been for a long time.

  2. Why does some of this seem so familiar? 50 or 60 years ago maybe. Dreams? I can't say maybe it will come to me.

    1. I bet they didn't say that this would be life life that is already on earth!

  3. i recon there are tooooo many sightings to ignore the truth these days. but with this topic it sux how credible people with credible recants does not equal credible phenomina.

  4. Feet on the ground thinking,,I absolutely agree with Mr Mera,,, it's always Catalina island ,,,

  5. Look. I saw one out of the 38 things I can’t explain here. One was🤔well it came down from space slow and stoped right in front of my window on our lake. It was eye shaped and had three rings of white light in sequence go round the bottom of ship 4 too 5 foot bands counterclockwise 1-2-3 1-2-3 as the U.F.O. sat there like it was watching me?!?.Then the bands of light sped up 1-2-3 123- then that thing took off east?!.eye barley caught the way it went then on the way east it blew up to a big white light and disappeared now you tell me sir?!?..Man made or one of our friends up there. I choose the later. Humans I know can’t and wound never survive the Gs!..Have fun wt that👋

    1. Anti gravity machines could be cruising at 1,000,000 mph and stop within one second and the people inside wouldn't feel a thing because it's anti gravity,AG machines don't feel g force.thats how some of these things can pull off these manoeuvres,I don't know if they are human or alien though

  6. I straight up saw a black triangle fly over my house once in New Zealand. One of the most surreal things that's ever happened to me. My whole body started vibrating and I just froze and stood there watching.

  7. There is no such thing as a positive magnetic charge; there are no magnetic mono-poles; magnetism is a dipole field throughout the universe. Maxwell's laws state this pretty clearly , and no laboratory no matter how advanced has produced anything like it.