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aaaeonix energy balancing kit

"AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit"
... getting started ....

The “AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit” (AEBK) is a set of tools you will use to perform basic “energy balancing” using a simple and inexpensive method. 

This simple method of energy balancing generates an effect you will learn to create and measure yourself using the AEBK Tools.

Contents of AEBK:

  • 1 – “Beneficial Subtle-Energy” Tuned Detection Pendulum
  • 1 – Neutral Pendulum
  • 3 Sets – Various Colored Dots – Used to Anchor Beneficial Subtle-Energy

What does the AEBK do?

… deeper personal purpose ….

Your Initiation into “The New Temple Science” commences when you being practice with your AEBK – “AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit.”

Using the AEBK produces vital and direct personal experience detecting subtle-energy / higher-dimensional data – qualifying you as an “Apprentice of Applied Sacred Geometry.”

Deeper Initiation into “The New Temple Science” will continue to unfold before you as you progress in practice with the AEBK and other related technologies. 

… practical beneficial purpose ….

The practical purpose of the AEBK is to perform rudimentary “Energy Balancing” upon items in your environment. 

Proper “Energy Balancing” Practice with Your AEBK Produces:

  • Neutralization of Detrimental Subtle-Energy Radiations from Objects
    Potentially harmful subtle-energy radiations can be made neutral, becoming no longer  dangerous to yourself or others.
  • Increased Presence of Beneficial Subtle-Energy Radiations in Immediate Environment – Subtle-Energies that enhance physical, emotional & spiritual health can be increased in your environment, leading to a greater sense of well-being and comfort + supporting your spiritual growth.
  • Personal Attunement with Beneficial Higher-Dimensional Influences / Subtle-Energy Emanations – Practicing “energy balancing” by definition generates a “Harmonic Resonant Linkage” with Beneficial Higher Energies. The Harmonic Linkage you create while practicing with the AEBK in turn facilitates personal spiritual growth + emotional and physical well-being while you are engaged in the practice.
Flower of Life
AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit - Example

Practice Instructions:

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