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AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit - AEBK

"AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit"
... getting started ....

The “AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit” (AEBK) is a set of tools you will use to perform basic “energy balancing” using a simple and inexpensive method. 

This simple method of energy balancing generates an effect you will learn to create and measure yourself using the AEBK Tools.

The practice of “energy balancing” using the AEBK produces personal growth and practical beneficial energetic results.

You will be engaging in a practice, “subtle-energy detection & modification,” that has been used in millenia past to:

  • help grow greater crop yields
  • decrease healing time of wounds and reduce infection
  • improve atmospheric conditions for better living
  • detoxify water and other valuable materials
  • generate feelings of tranquility and peace….
  • even connect with “higher dimensional-planes [higher-spiritual planes] of existence.”

Contents of AEBK:

  • 1 – “Beneficial Subtle-Energy – Detection Pendulum”
  • 1 – “Neutral Pendulum”
  • 3 sets – Various Colored Dots – Used to Anchor Beneficial Subtle-Energy
aaaeonix energy balancing kit

What does the AEBK do?

… deeper personal purpose ….

Initiation into “Applied Temple Science” commences when you being practice with your “AEBK” or “AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit.”

Using the AEBK produces vital and direct personal experience detecting subtle-energy / higher-dimensional data – qualifying you as an “Applied Temple Science Initiate.”

You will use your subtle-body to energetically tune and resonate with specific beneficial higher-dimensional subtle-energy signatures. In this process you will improve yourself and heal your environment.

~beneficial subtle-energy detection pendulum
aaeonworld members

Ancient architects have been discovered buried with their personal pendulums.

Pendulums were used extensively by the Ancients, for typically unknown reasons.

We know why, and how to use pendulums to achieve the same subtle-energetic results the Ancients did – effects that produce practical results.

… deeper Initiation into
“Ancient + New Temple Science”
unfolds with practice
using your AEBK
and related technologies  ….

… practical beneficial purpose ….

The practical purpose of the AEBK is to perform rudimentary “Energy Balancing” upon items in your environment. 

Proper “Energy Balancing” Practice with Your AEBK Produces:

  • Neutralization of Detrimental Subtle-Energy Radiations from Objects
    Potentially harmful subtle-energy radiations can be made neutral, becoming no longer dangerous to yourself or others including animals and plants.

  • Increased Presence of Beneficial Subtle-Energy Emanations within Immediate Environment – Subtle-Energies that enhance physical, emotional & spiritual health can be increased in your environment, leading to a greater sense of well-being and comfort + supporting your spiritual growth.
~beneficial subtle-energy detection pendulum
AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit - Example
  • Personal Attunement with Beneficial Higher-Dimensional Influences / Subtle-Energy Emanations – Practicing “energy balancing” by definition generates a “Harmonic Resonant Linkage” with Beneficial Higher-Dimensional / Spiritual Energies.

    The Harmonic Linkage you create while practicing with the AEBK in turn facilitates personal spiritual growth + emotional and physical well-being while you are engaged in the practice of doing energy balancing.

    You benefit from resonance with beneficial higher-dimensional / subtle-energies when you are DOING this practice or other work using the tools and techniques available (& yet to be discovered, even by you!) working with these subtle, beneficial, higher-dimensional energies.

Practice Instructions:

step 1: calibrate cord length

The uniquely designed “Beneficial Subtle-Energy – Detection Pendulum” included with the AEBK must be calibrated using the included resonator card or another technique used to resonate with BG3 energetics.

Calibration Process:

  1. Place all the cord into the palm of your hand.
  2. Using your forefinger and thumb, hold the pendulum with zero cord extended with the excess cord held in your palm.
  3. Place the pendulum over the calibration card and give “initial push” to give pendulum motion.
  4. Slowly extend cord length with your fingers, keeping pendulum swinging.
  5. At a certain cord length, the pendulum will start to feel like it “wants to spin” clockwise, indicating the cord length and pendulum have been tuned to proper resonance with the higher-dimensional subtle-energy we are looking for.

    Keep swinging pendulum and releasing cord until you feel one of these spots where the pendulum “want to spin” clockwise.

    There is usually more than 1 length that allows the pendulum to spin clockwise. Each of these specific cord lengths will and rotate the pendulum clockwise. Use the length you like best.

  6. Done calibrating. Hold cord length.
  7. Use this length while testing for beneficial subtle-energy emanations. If you lose this cord length, you will need to re-calibrate.

Now that the cord length is calibrated, testing items emanating beneficial subtle-energy of the type we are testing for will cause the pendulum to rotate clockwise when you focus attention on it. 

If something does not resonate with the particular beneficial subtle-energy we test for, BG3, the pendulum will not rotate and will “go neutral”, and simply move back-and-forth instead. 

^^^ calibration demo ^^^

step 2: simple & basic subtle-energy balancing

Use 3 differently colored stickers of any color combination (vastly different color combos can work well) to “anchor” beneficial subtle-energy into resonating points around circumference of item.

  1. Calibrate pendulum.
  2. Choose 1 color sticker and move it slowly around circumference of item, sensing for clockwise spin in the pendulum.
  3. When you find a clockwise rotation spot, take note of it, and continue testing the complete circumference. You will find 1 or more spots that make the pendulum spin clockwise.
  4. If you found more than 1 spot, now test each responsive spot and feel which pulls the pendulum strongest. Place color sticker at spot where pendulum produces strongest spin.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each of the 3 colors.
  6. Place item where you want it in your home.
  7. Test the item in it’s permanent placement. It should now be generating beneficial subtle-energy as detected by the special pendulum.

^^^ energy balancing demo ^^^

... ok, but what IS "energy balancing"? ....

Re-Discovery of
“Temple Science”

 During the 1970s and 1980s, Dr. Ibrahim Karim discovered that the Ancients were using a very technical and advanced system of Shape, Color &/or Number to produce a specific higher-dimensional / subtle-energy signature Dr. Karim termed “BioGeometry Three” or “BG3”.

The “3” components of “BG3” are: Higher Harmonic of Ultra-Violet, “Horizontal Negative Green”, and Higher Harmonic of Gold.

Dr. Karim discovered these 3 higher-dimensional subtle-energies appear combined together as “BG3” at these locations and during these practices:



Natural Sacred Sites (as considered by Native Peoples)

Anciently Engineered Sacred Sites: Temples,  Pyramids, Etc….

~beneficial subtle-energy detection pendulum
Dr. Ibrahim Karim with BioGeometry Shape
co-re-discoverer of "temple science" and "BG3" ~ Dr. Ibrahim Karim

energy balancing increases measured BG3 levels which causes physical, mental & spiritual balance to be facilitated

… applied temple science initiation  ….

We are resonating with and generating increased levels of “BG3” when we use the AEBK Tools and practice our form of energy balancing.

The beneficial subtle-energy detection pendulum included in the AEBK Kit puts you into resonance with beneficial “BG3” energy when you use it, and it allows you to “anchor” “BG3” into your environment using energy balancing practices.


... benefits scientifically proven using advanced forms of BG3 energy balancing ....

Here is a list of a few of the 100% scientifically documented effects (some in peer reviewed journals) researcher Dr. Ibrahim Karim and his students have produced using only Shape, Color &/or Number engineered in very specific ways to generate “BG3”. The BG3 emanation generated is credited with the following practical results:

  • Reduction & elimination of EMF pollution toxicity reactions within the inhabitants of the village of Hemberg, Switzerland, utilizing specifically engineered shape technology. Hemberg Reference
  • Reduction & elimination of Hepatitis C symptoms exceeding that of ALL STANDARD METHODS available at time of study, utilizing only Dr. Karim’s “BioSignature Medallions”. Hepatitis C Study Reference
  • Increase in general health and weight of chickens – including ability to eliminate use of ALL antibiotics, vaccinations, tranquilizers, and hormones – using only specific color placements in the chickens’ habitat. Chicken Study Reference
  • Elimination of cattle hoof disease within 1 month of receiving BioGeometry Energy Balancing treatment of the cattle’s habitat. When the Energy Balancing solution was removed, the hoof disease returned. Hoof Disease Reference
  • Increased immune response of apples receiving Energy Balancing treatment – apples resisted parasite pests using their own immune system vs. chemical treatment. Resulted in lower cost of production for farmers. Apple Production Reference
  •  My favorite: Sweet potatoes grown in SALT WATER grew larger and healthier than both salt water treated control samples & fresh water treated control samples! Sweet Potato Reference
  • Renowned water crystal researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto studied water crystals formed after BioGeometry treatment and found BioGeometry treated water to produce beautifully geometric crystals on par with other high-quality water crystals Dr. Emoto previously produced in his lab. Dr. Emoto Reference
Many additional studies have been preformed validating the fact that “Applied Sacred Geometry” as carried out by Dr. Karim and his students utilizing “BioGeometry” methods truly work – utilizing only specific combinations of: Shape, Color & Number.
 Some additional research that has been publicly disclosed includes:

Private research studying BioGeometry is also ongoing behind-the-scenes Worldwide…

aaeon.WORLD is not affiliated with or endorsed by Dr. Karim and BioGeometry™
…. aaeon.WORLD has deeply studied and worked with BioGeometry / BG3
& we want to share it with The World!

~beneficial subtle-energy generator
+ AEBK – AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit

~flower of life~ beneficial subtle energy generator includes the AEBK so you can learn to further increase beneficial subtle-energy + resonate with beneficial higher-dimensional energies while you perform the Subtle-Energy tuning process.

aaaeonix energy balancing kit
INCLUDES ~AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit - AEBK

energy balance your ~flower of life~ beneficial subtle energy generator ….  will initiate your into “applied temple science”.

You will learn to Successfully energy balance detrimental subtle-energy + increase beneficial higher-dimensional emanations.

flower of life sacred geometry subtle energy balancing

learn more about the

  ~flower of life~
beneficial subtle-energy generator


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