Alien Origins of Gnosticism: The Dead Sea Scrolls & the Nag Hammadi Text – Documentary

In 1945, a discovery was made in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, that is rewriting the history and destiny of humanity. These ancient scrolls offer a different telling of our origins , revealing the demonic-like forces that have exerted subtle influence over human civilizations since our inception. This documentary has been created in association with Gaia Tv. Featuring: David Icke, William Henry, Graham Hancock, Anton Parks, and Gregg Braden.

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    1. @meli d yes you're right God has no blood or no flesh. God is different to Jesus. Jesus is human in nature. But he is the begotten son of God. There is only one God, the father in heaven, and there is only one mediator, that is Jesus Christ. I also emphasize that I do not believe that Jesus is God as what said. But if you believe in the bible, those words you read are not just words but the words of God in heaven. The bible is not just a book that you can refer of something that you want to know. The bible is where the words of God that we should follow. These scientist make a big mistake by belittling the God in heaven.

    2. _Chrysanthemum _ I know what you are saying. I’ve heard it all and I’ve read it all. Trust me I’ve heard it in the same words. Everyone says the same thing.But I don’t believe it all. That is just how I feel. What I believe works for me what you believe works for you. I have my own explanation who Jesus is and who the god(s) that you guys are talking of and I have my own explanation as to what the all creation God is. Yes I was once religious and yes I have read the Bible which led me to read other things and question me even more. So I followed my heart and what I believe makes sense to me. And if what you believe works for you, then that is great. Much love 💕

    3. @meli d I respect your thoughts and your belief. But as I read your message, I'm bothered because you read the bible but lead you to confusion and read some other books that makes you more confused. You have questions that nobody can explain what is the truth. That's why out of desperation you stand alone to what you believe and understand. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to insult or anything but I'm only trying to help. The fact you are religious before it means you believe in God. But do not know if religion can really help you reach God. I don't blame you if you no longer believe in religion because there are lot of false religion out there. But you believe it or not there is one true church that you can find in the bible and that is the verse I gave you.

    4. _Chrysanthemum _ I read the one sentence. It really doesn’t have meaning to me. After doing my own researching within my heart and in books and my studies, I have learned that we all ultimately believe in the same thing but we all speak a different language. And now with what I believe, I am truly free. If your way of worshipping is to go to church and give this god all the intention he thinks he needs then go for it. My God is so perfect that it knows that I am constantly working for him regardless what I do. For what I do is growing and experiencing and learning for my soul to be enlightened. We need these different opinions, we need these obstacles, we need these negatives and positives. Or else there is no way of learning. Everyone’s ways are different and that’s how it should be and that is great. Please do not be bothered with what I believe in. I don’t get bothered by others and I don’t shove what I believe in down peoples throats. But if they are interested and have questions I am more than happy to share. And no way do I ever say that I am 100% correct. As absolutely no one is. You just take in what makes sense to you and put it together. I am happy and I am very content with myself. A perfect God does not make mistakes in people. And I’m sure the next thing you would say is free will. And that’s where I say the free will about having the goods and the bads. And they are all good because we need all of it in order to grow. So perfect. At the end of it you are able to forgive everybody because you will understand that this was just a school and we all had to play a part/character in order to grow. Crazy concept huh LOL 😉

    5. @meli d she's a confused dogmatic person. The higher force /godhead knows our minds and it's your intentions that count… Not whether you perfectly understand all the confusion of written words. A good person who's never heard of or read the Bible is closer to "god " than a learned quoter of the Bible who's not a good person /a hypocrite… It goes beyond mere words. Simple really.

  1. I think we are the aliens, because men like Steven Greer and Bob Lazar confused a device that the microwave evolved from or scales down to, as some alien antimater drive…LOL…and reality, becomes an illusion…a broken electrostatic veil…created by our brain…

  2. this is what indian phylosophies trying to say for ages ..but they didnt include aliens …so they are boring to western eyes….😄😆

  3. Before watching this fully, I have always maintained silently that the Roswell crash was deliberate; that humans think they are onto something spectacular when really they are being fed, played, deceived…

  4. so funny is god a alian yes as long we can make a bundle of money yours truly G HANGING COCK

  5. Awesome you guys are finally catching up to me. your still about 6 years behind but still ! Progress!!

  6. I think the ultimate eradication of fear is to accept all of it, the fear, love, and neutrality. I no longer fear pain, because I know it goes somewhere for good use. The fact is that pain does not have to equal suffering, I think that's as simple as I can put it. In the drama of the universe, if it was all goodie goodie love and light, if you play with that idea for long enough, and maybe you don't even have to think about it long at all, but you'll realize the whole performance would be an absolute bore and not worth it. The fact is in my opinion is that we need a bit of trouble in order to enjoy it at all. All peace, love, and light is sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair staring at the sunset forever. You can see how quick that would turn into a sort of hilariously ironic version of hell. We watch movies because there's something to run away from. Every child knows this perfectly well, in the game of tag, someone has to be IT. In hide and seek, someone must be hiding while the other is seeking them. My favorite is hide and go seek-tag, I think that one sums up all of human history, it's just that we adults make it "real". There is no shortcut to spiritual insight to find out that it's not real, and it takes a ton of introspection to one that has lost touch with their dreams, and in some cases a large amount of studying spiritual ideas to discover none of it's real, but in the mainstream, it will never ever be mentioned that it's not actually real. As far as the general population is concerned, death is absolutely real, suffering is unavoidable and real, all the stories of conflict and war are absolutely real. I call the bluff, it truly is a grown up game of hide and go seek or tag. I don't worry about pain because it wouldn't give me a reason to run in the first place. Water runs, antelope run, lions run, the universe is vibration. The fear and negativity is forever necessary and inseparable from all the that you hold so dear.

  7. How are you going to say we are teaching secret teaching of Jesus if you have no idea if he was even involved in these teachings? It's retarded.

    1. johnny cashew I thought you were going to say sounds like a powerful, prolonged fart.😂

    1. Because they were smoking the same stuff that the people who wrote the scrolls were smoking…. If it's strong enough to make them write that crazy shit then no wonder they couldn't fly a spaceship…!

    2. @Mark Heller
      I think its universal/dimensional thing get drunk sometimes. We can see this in earthly beings like reindeers eat mushrooms and get drunk. Then comes shaman and drink this reindeers urine and get drunk. Horses eat some plant and totally drunk. Birds eat frozen berryes and fly poorly. Alfa centauri proxima b dudes smoke j'aborcha and fly different kind off athmosphere too drunk and Collide shit and stuff. 👀

  8. everything these jews says is true meditatde and go within at some point u will see

  9. David icke is viewed as having zero credibility due to his insane theories … but he is actually is very intelligent and seems to be quite deep … sadly his theories are too mad and weird ..I suspect he is actually very right about a lot of his crazy theories ….

  10. What two letters in the alphabet say goodbye. Guess. No one can match it. Don't try. Keep in touch


  12. You guys are so full of shit, most of what your talking about isnt even in the scrolls. Also, celestial is not extraterrestrial dumb ass…you fuckers try so hard to believe some weird shit, when the truth is right in front of you.

  13. The second the lizard guy came on… I was like 🙄🙄🙄 now everything may not be true…

    1. You don't think that goat jockeys from thousands of years ago had the answer to everything…. Well, you already have a head start on the other people who left comments…. How unfulfilled must people be to believe any of this rubbish…..!

    2. how can ancient Religious text be "fact" but all ancient references to reptilians false? Do you not realise this is just selective self imposed belief? The bible claims far more outrageous things than a reptilian entity….but that is somehow fact and everything else is made up? Do you know what cognitive dissonance is?

    3. @Louis van Zyl I just have one simple question for you, why have the reptilians then not already assassinated David Icke for revealing so much about them? Either he is one of them and is actually a disinformation agent, or he is lying and raking in billions of dollars off merchandise, dvds and other stuff which he uses to promote his ideas….you have to pick a struggle

  14. Everything we know is a balance ( the universe, earth's orbit around the sun, the moon that controls our tidal forces, ECt ECT )God doesn't arm wrestle evil, He lets it play out because without evil, war, or whatever you want to call it, we would have no idea what peace was due to the lack of contrast. I get it, it is the alien thing that is attractive and it is interesting. Then to cap it all off, you want to say that we are being controlled by some gene therapy… from some unseen and imagined force or enemy in your eyes. What a load of BS, just think people, this does not pass the basic logic test. God does not make anyone do anything, what He does is live in your heart and love you enough to stay with you through the worst times. I know it is tough but, the truth is that WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR DECISIONS AND ACTIONS ALONE! God is here because He is a part of you.

  15. I must have bean a gnostic essence in my past like then, because I have someone always believed what this video says they believed in. This is the first time I even here of these people. and what they believed in. Yes I've heard of the Dead sea Scrolls, but not this part of it. Um picking my jaw off the floor as I'm trying this comment

  16. A lot of weirdos in the comments section….just saying lol….say no to psychotropic drugs

  17. Media program us to prepare our minds to accept faith in an alternative to religion and governments. Named "aliens" So again we hope for some higher force that rescues us. Instead of finding our souvereign power to create our own lifes without wars. Let's not change the power of the nag hammadi before we all innerstand we dont need 'aliens nor human governments' to save us. Only we can save ourselves with building a new culture with our own visions No religion or hope in 'higher' powers ever did or ever will.

    1. Religion was first from the beginning of time. From religion, science has been taken all of the ideas of science are found in religious books. Regardless if it is the gospels of God to Greek mythology or Hindu etc.

    2. Lucky for us..
      the book of Enoch was non canonical.. Lel.. The doubters will doubt.. But to those who stand firm will be saved.. Remember this everyday of your life.. 😏

    3. VT Angel saved from what? Why do people insist in believing in fairy tales ?

    4. @SUSAN BARTLETT ok.. When you're dying just call Jesus.. I hope I can see you in heavens.. 😇😇.. Fairy tale you say? 🤔 I wonder what year that word fairy tale was discovered..

    5. @SUSAN BARTLETT fairy tales or not but they have definitely shaped the whole world. Everyone has a different point of view

  18. This is vsry dangerous information, for it asks to leave the enquiring, scientific mind behind…makinga one vulnerable to the wiles of cults

  19. How could Christianity possibly be threatened by the existence of extra terrestrials? The Bible is full of extra Terrestrials!

    1. Julie, NOT Christianity itself but the organizations built around versions of it.

  20. Thank you for this wonderful video that reveals the mysterious writings of scholars of ancient times. It's amazing that great present day scholars are also presenting the message that " Thou Art That " ! May all beings be happy !

  21. Come on Gaia using an agent Provocateur in your videos really? And here was I thinking that perhaps your were wise…. shame!

  22. They were being probed and raped. They were no transcending but experimentation being done on humans

  23. God is love ..
    there is no darkness is him.
    If we believe and remember this the truth will set is free ..
    Love is the answer
    The Bible on the other hand is filled with darkness.. killing .. war and oppression
    Hmm 🤔

    1. I don't know about a god but love is the answer… If people loved each other as much as they loved their gods then the world would be a much better place to live…

    2. The God I believe in is love .
      He created it
      And I am on you’re side
      Love is the answer ♥️

    1. Thru fasting, meditation and breath techniques you can unless DMT in your brain.

  24. According to the Bible, Ezekiel starts out describing one of those crafts that he tries to explain.  The Bible also says, in the New Testament that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, (humans), but against principalities and powers and rulers of wickedness in the heavenly places.  They are not aliens per se, but spiritual beings, Angels, fallen angels, the book of Enoch goes into explanations.  So, this would not freak out Christians at all.  If you read the Bible you will eventually understand the spiritual meanings, and you are right, you will not need the pope or preachers or any religion at all.

  25. How did I already know this,, word for word, have been for years. Now they made a video on exact subject matter I been theorizing for a while. My friends are my witnesses. All the circles , that lead to deep philosophizing 🌬….

  26. They wrote down what Jesus said as it was customary in those times to document sayings of the wise. That has been called “the gospel Q,” which was believed to be what the four gospels used to build around the life of Jesus (born etc). No copy of the Gospel Q has been found but they’ve pieced together a close conception of what it would have looked like using the ancient texts discovered in the caves. Buy it & judge for yourself!

  27. Wow what a total crazy lying video, the dead sea scrolls are not gnostic at all, I guess they've never read the Bible?

  28. They talk about extraterrestrials, but most humans forget they are orginally an extraterrestrial from the 7th dimension.
    We are here on Earth to learn and grow with other beings from different dinensions.

    1. @Daniel Chivu Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.
      Stop trying to label and judge. Peace is when we are able to accept (and find the beauty in) things the way they are.

  29. Yet they only Express their perspectives and opinions with out giving the audience a chance to look at the actual text in translation…….So black and white thoughts

  30. Cell degeneration It's probably Due to the effects of high stress Or badd sleep Back in the day there was no osha CDC Type of organizations So it's hard To see What the cause of Gnostic Spiritual experiences It is amazing research being done with ice cores Charging the lead composition in the air During the Roman Ages The eruption In the mediterranean That is the source of The 10 plagues Of egypt Would have changed The alkaline levels in water Into a more acidic Therefore toxic The air would have had greater parts per million of deadly gasses This could a had an effect on endocrine systems Because whether you're Processing ore or gold Creating aluminum Or just using A fire indoors With not very good ventilation The Levels of noxious gas Can cause hallucinations I'd like to also point out Oracles of Delphi Which Used vans of methane To enhance their foresight Now I like the idea At the manisfestation Of the reptilians Or the grays Being Modern representation Of dragons and dunmear But having the knowledge A perspective of one self Through the eyes Of my personal experiences I'm more inclined to believe . That a frequencies Are involved You're talking about high and low brain function It's kind of funny to think If electrical or bio energy current Are influenced by perception Because of the way the Quantum matter Interacts with Conscious thought That you think of a dragon or reptilian Because an unconscious Observation when your bio energy goes through your pea brain You project is a reptile And act heavy in a fight or flight response.
    Versus a higher brain function Would push energy currents towards the front Cortex Receiving elongated heads Or in affiliation with divine. Also Point out A possible Timeline Disruption. As pointed out in movies Like planet of the apes Or Lucy Or the arrival of aliens Was the catalyst for In their existence on the time line That's assuming That time Is not a forward and backwards but a field it goes out from center I mean honestly Have you ever seen an energy wave only go forward lol

    1. I should also point out If Awareness That spirituality in emotions are chemical effects in the body. How close to death do you have to be for your Body do excrete DMT.. all of humanity can let go of fear But can those in power Give up power?? knowing Or substance will stay in the ground for around 200 years that's carbons decay rate And the hydrogen and oxygen than makes up us Oxygen will stay And the hydrogen Just my leave the ozone the And if they're really satisfied with the life they lead transcend Could be Focus of the DMT Whether you go consciously into the Exterior Of The biosphere or the if their heart is heavy will they be pull through the core ? This trust in humanity To make the right decision Never been seen I don't think Envy fear and jealousy are pretty strong.. Every other time in civilization by the way . We didn't know the side effects Do you think ? Will purge the Earth of the weak As usual Or do you think will fix them Through some sort of organic chemistry ?

  31. I love watching these nutters…. It cracks me up how they really believe this stuff…!

    1. Isn't that what people said about the Earth being round, or gravity existing, or blacks having souls? People like you dismiss what you dont understand or want to believe. Purposeful ignorance must be bliss.

    2. @Selene ignorance is bliss…. Evidence is truth…. To believe without evidence is crazy….. Don't forget the reptilian people…!

  32. The 3 Matrix Movies told us all of this. Hollywood has been telling us the truth for years, you just need to know how to look.

  33. How crazy do you have to be to think up stuff like this? And how insane and stupid do you have to be to believe in it? C'mon people, be homo sapien

    1. @JCI L You clearly have zero idea about that of which you speak. The only prerequisite for initiation into Freemasonary is that one must have faith in the divine. In other words, so long as you are a believer of a god, your choice of religion is irrelevant. Notice the singular, masculine description of "a god". Basically meaning that should you be, say, a Pagan and you are a believer of the goddess, Gaia, then you would not be permitted to join the Freemasons. Paganism is a polytheistic religion and has both male and female deities within its many different sects.

      I recommend you reading the Hiram Key by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas.

      No, I'm not a Freemason, myself. I merely find the subject to be of great interest. However, as I'm an Atheist, well, let us just say that if I were to attempt to join, I wouldn't be allowed in the front door. 😜

      Have a good day. 😎

    2. @Aftab Bukhari hi, islam calls him the messiah or masih, in many translations it's written as christ, so all prophecies regarding this apply to him. in the nt he affirms that the law, prophets and psalms testify about him

    3. @Ник Виноград thanks for clarifying.
      don't they believe in light and the lightbringer, like albert pike explains in his book?

    4. @JCI L I donny believe I've read any of Albert Pike's work, to be honest. However, no, Freemasons are no more followers/ believers of Lucifer (Latin translation of light bearer) than I am. 😜 Don't believe all the anti-Freemasonry ignorance that seems to be akin to a widespread plague of misinformation. Not unlike the anti-Semitic propaganda in 1930s/ 40s Europe. It's all complete hocum.

      I am actually related to and friends with a bunch of actual Freemasons. Thus, I always love picking their brains for details and information of what it is they do. My advice is for others to do the same… I.e, speak with real Freemasons and ask them all your questions. You'll find they're a lot more open and friendly than what the likes of David Ike would have you believe. 😊

    5. @JCI L Yes, al-Masih, Isa bin Miriam (peace be upon them), Jesus son of Virgin Mary, who spoke from the cradle as sign to attest to the truthfulness of his mother, and to his role as a divinely sent messenger, and yes, "al masih" literally means "touched"/"anointed"/"chosen". And, yes, his return is promised, along with others. They will defeat the "anti-christ" known as "dajjal", or literally the "deceiver", who would've had gained near total control over the world through deception and inequity. After its defeat shall be a new and final era before the day of judgement. Of course, Judaism also believes in a messiah/messianism, but they don't consider it to be Jesus.

  34. Omg really wow leperchuans elves easter bunny santa claus krumpus all came to my house to eat dinner lies lies lies lies thetes nothing no aliens no god no monsters or ghouls no mermaids no bs u are dumb if you dont believe only true proof science .

  35. I have copies of all of the writings they are "discussing". I have read all of them.

  36. 🛸🛸ALIENS ARE FALLEN ANGELS/ NEPHILIM👽👹 They have been visiting us from the first ages of humanity & have been recorded through all history known as the “gods”🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏽‍♂️. But these things are NOT aliens at all they are INTER -DIMENSIONAL beings that are demonic & The Bible gives us their full origin. 200 of these things fell with Lucifer aka Satan🌠 when he rebelled against God and they came to all corners of the earth saying they’re gods & to worship them so you wouldn’t believe in the 1 true God🕊🙏🏽🌈. They taught man warfare, magic, spells, how to make weapons, how to conquer each other⚔️🔮. The fallen angels also mated with human women which fucked up human DNA🧬🦠 giving birth to the Nephilim/GreekTitans/Ancient Demi Gods/ Centaurs/Cyclops which were half man half god giants This is where all ancient pagan religions came from🗿🧞‍♂️🕌⛩🕋, especially the Sumerian’s, the word Annunaki means “”from heaven they came”” they’re literally fallen angels !! If u read the ancients holy texts the stories all match up & r the same. THIS IS WHY THE FLOOD HAPPENED.🌊🌍⛈

    Just like they told ancient man they were gods they’re telling us now that they’re aliens so we can be deceived once more n this is what the government/secret societies/globalist bankers/zionist/illuminati elite wants u to think they’re aliens so they can deceive u one last time n bring about a New World Order. Watch my playlist if u want the whole Truth🏦🏭🤖👹🛸🛸

  37. Thank you All for sharing your talents and intelligent gnostic insights.
    Gnosis helps mankind gain a much happier intelligent spiritual life. When we escape the great deceptions being the outlaw overlording, carnivorous dead sons/children of darkness animals in human form, and become vegan, a people, Sons of Light with the Living God, we have a more heavenly life on Earth and other realms.
    I love the Gnostic Texts, the "Essene Gospel of Peace" Texts, and the Mystery text "Pistis Sophia", they are all very good for true living way understanding, to be living and to love more , and not be the dead in ignorance, and animalism. Find excellent correlations with "The Ancient Egyptian Book of Dead" and others, WOW…answers and archetypes abound.
    So that more can go sooner to Heaven (Happier places with less mortal, less trouble), there is to be an end of overlording others bodies and lands, end of mortal laws, and end trying to shoulder the government on Earth, and have instead administration. (That is a big part of 'lawyers' woe).

  38. Reeeally? lol. Thank the thumbnail for me coming here. Now go check out what authentic traditions like Drukama is teaching!

  39. As long as you perceive angelic/spirit beings as 'extraterrestrial' beings (i.e. 'aliens') you will never have a correct understanding of antiquity or it's texts, nor will you be able to understand the larger framework of reality. Move past the 'alien' nonsense – they simply do not exist.

  40. From Playboy in the Kingdom of Thailand 🇹🇭 Wonderful So Jesus was a alien! Cool! Pattaya Beach Thailand 🇹🇭

  41. Remember and never let now one fool you Jesus the Lord of Lords is always going to win and hi already won God bless America and all the ones who have get to now the truth Jesus is the truth.

    1. It's funny that the conspiracy nuts never realize they are being fed misinformation by programmakers concerning aliens and conspiracies ….TO MAKE MONEY

    2. @Nightdare the new age movement took a huge leap when after a few successful books had come out, Linard Nimoy stared in the TV show In Search of. This proved to them that, they could spoon feed the public what to think, and much like religion the public would eat it up. Folks tend to want to think there is something out there heater to themselves. If you abandon belief in the supernatural/religious and see the.grandure of.the Universe, it's far more amazing then any Gods(s), supernatural, etc,.

    3. @Social Media Meham I have experienced an Ego death without taking any drugs it was like something pulled me out my body and I appeared to have a white body called the "light body" its exactly how dimensions are explained with quantum physics i was shown alternate realities and when i came back to my reality I was yet again pulled out of my body I was in a place where time didn't exist these drugs open your pineal gland and make you experience the true reality.

    1. You should have seen how deep my 14in scroll went into your mom's Dead Sea last night…

  42. I suggest some qualifying of statements, such as the so-called church , the so-called christians.
    'The Essene Gospels of Peace' discovered also in the Vatican Secret Archives, and translated by Edmund Bordeaux Szekely have much evidential Living Way (vegan) Gnosis. The stock market fell in the so-called U. S. Of A. shortly after its release from the secret archives and publication in 1929.

  43. I am so glad i unsubscribed from Gaia's site.
    This is some HEAVY crackpot shit. That old guy talking about frequencies, greys, and heart expulsions into light beings, makes me want to smell my own farts.
    I really hope you people don't take videos like this seriously.
    God (if he exists) please help the human race from the mass disinformation generation with which we are self-submitting through right now.

    Videos like this help make crazy people more crazy. I wish people understood that.
    Sad sight indeed.
    I'm not biased, hence I watched this crap anyway, but anyone who doesn't see how much crap this video is has serious mental issues.

  44. Linda Moulton Howe has information that the CIA is talking about different -oids'!
    There are insectoids and heptoids,but the most important one is 'the archeloids'!
    These aliens are the contractors,project leaders of geneticaly engineering the human race,homo sapien sapien.
    3 questions!
    1)Who came up with the term archeloids?Did the CIA meet with one of them and sayd 'hello!i am a member of the human race'!
    Answer'hello! i am a member of the archeloid race'..!?I dont think so!
    2)The CIA call them archeloids because the 1 procent up the piramide know,or believe they have the bloodlines of the archelons?
    3)It is a made up story?!MonARCH's,monARCHies used to be the 1 procent!Harry and Megan named their first born ARCHie..!?If they will name their second born 'prince Loyd' i will not be surprised!!
    The free masons talk about the (cobble)stone..No cobble stone,no arch!
    The matrix is hacked…!!!

  45. It sounds like all ASSYRIAN to me NOT JEWS!!!!! Ask the Vatican there the ones that are trying to wipe the Assyrians off the face of the earth!!!! That All Assyrian writings Don't credit the Jews they were slavers of the Assyrians!!!! Wake up People Face the truth!!!
    Assyrians will rise again the truth is coming!!!!!!! Don't credit the Vatican or the Jews For the work of the Assyrians!!!!!

  46. These 'perfectionists'(perfeti) believe hell is not 'below' but hell is earth!
    Also the catholics burned them like witches,but 'witnesses' claim ,while burning they laughed,they did not feel pain!
    The perfeti,the last best known one is Giordano Bruno,later became the free masons,who are responsible for the (American and French)revolutions!
    Why in Paris (France) did they after the revolution take down the 'arch of triomphe'?
    I think behind the scenes the monarch(ies) still rule the world.
    Thousands of years ago civilisations offered their children to the gods in real need.
    Then it became 'politicaly incorrect'!
    Since then until the present child offering is still happening in the 'hidden,occult'!!

  47. pictures and videos every one has a camera at the touch of a finger now no more mystery pictures and videos no more excuses

  48. Learn how to see understand that everything is connected. 666 is the mark of the beast and the number of a man. But how is it??? 666 relates to the carbon atom of man. Carbon-12 one of the 5 elements in the human DNA is comprised of 6 protons 6 electrons and 6 neutrons, which equates to 666. Carbon 12 is the most abundant of the two stable isotopes of the element carbon, accounting for 98.89% of carbon. Its abundance is due to the triple alpha process by which it is created in stars. Which means we are made from the universal star stuff. The bible will never be decoded by the church who will always suppress the real message of Lord Jesus prince of peace Namaste peace to the earth

  49. No one can ever really know if god is real or not, at least not in this life, so you would think no one would care to ponder that useless though yet here we are thousands of years later and these idiots are still killing each other over a simple thought that we will never have a conclusion to.

  50. thats dumb adam and eve were not being of light and later covered in flesh… adam was made to fall asleep and God took one of his ribs to MAKE EVE…. so hes a being of light but still has organs and bones? come on now… lol that is sooo ridiculously wrong that u can tell those people were out of their minds. the original conspiracys

  51. We are the green (immature) alien and the "grey", evil = ignorance, we are the fallen reptilian spirit, the serpent-Sun (Uraeus-Ra) in potential. Therefore we all worship the judgemental demiurge to the degree that we judge others and ourselves. All gods are necessary false gods whilst we are gaining knowledge of good and evil. The god of magic and thought, Thoth, gives us the power to cast the spells (spelling) of thinking upon ourselves, until we wake-up to a higher non-judgemetal realm. We exercise the demonic forces in this lower world in order to survive, like all nature does, until we become eternal by way of apotheosis. “God became man so that man might become a god.”

    ― Saint Athanasius the Great.

  52. Please wake up people! This is all fiction. Stop being weak and accept reality. Once you do that your life will get much better than it is now no matter how good or bad it is.

  53. What crap I've ever heard in my life the Bible and only the Bible speaks the truth God gave the writers of the books in the Bible from Genesis to revelation which speaks the truth don't listen to people with such little faith while they are telling you such lies

  54. Now admit the middle East is Africa the Tru Jews or yahuti are Moors African melaninated people

  55. David Icke is just mind blowing in his revelations about fear. I like the concept. Is it truth? I don't know. But I like the concept.

    1. He speaks alot, uses scientific ass words, and make up the most non provable theories and ppl listen to this clown hahahaha!!!!😂😂😂 he is a deceiver and delusional as fuck!!!!

      Just like they said at the end; "Thought provoking". Thats literally all this is meant to do. Lol

  56. “When the Romans invaded “PALESTINE🇵🇸” even this video admits it’s the true land.

    1. Kye Sims – If you follow that logic then no land anywhere on earth belongs to the people currently living on it.

    2. Kye Sims hey you never answered my question about why you think there isn’t a space

  57. Come on Gaia why are you giving Icke airtime?? Even us diehard conspiracy dudes know that guy is BS!!

  58. Graham Hancock is completely against the extraterrestrial theory I think he would be a bit pissed off with this

  59. The whole idea of Gnosticism is a Luciferian deception that stems back to the Garden of Eden where the serpent or Satan deceives Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. Furthermore, aliens are fallen angels who once again deceive humanity and try to lead them astray as well as corrupt the human gnome as described in the book of Enoch. Fallen angels use the lure of hidden knowledge to deceive and lead humanity away from God and deliver them into the hands of Lucifer. This video documentary is trying to say that angels and demons are really aliens when in fact the reverse is true. Aliens are nothing more then fallen angels.

  60. To the sleeping minded this will sound stupid, those awake will agree……….@12:10, " the light body", It's the same power source I've seen and spoken with on several of my psilocybin journeys…….5gm.+!!

    1. You are being deceived GREATLY!!!
      They are trying to blur the lines of scientific understanding of life and Spiritual(God/Yahuah's) word. DONT FALL FOR THE DECEPTION!!!!

    1. GoblinPhreak –> NO story is entirely true NO matter who says it or repeats it.

  61. Ok so they had the technology to transform and communicate with angles aka aliens but they didn't have the state of mind to write on paper or computers of plastic more metal or a real protective case .or a proper way to store all of these teachings…. bullshit we control the manipulation of plastics and precious metals weaponry bombs flight and medicine,space travel, and digital communication and the ability to save and store important information we are the aliens no need to wonder or look further then the closest mirror for a alien…

  62. Smone plz explain us what is written in the scroll n alow I want to be the 8th kind or may be even the 69th kind

  63. Jesus came to save us from Yahweh domination ( the Devil) . Aliens are demons acting spiritually on Earth in the name of Yahweh. Jesus never said he was Yahweh , but refused all Old Testament law. He explicitly said to the Devil, that his kingdom is not here. we are all doomed unless you follow Jesus and accept his love and authority to enter his kingdom after life. The Revelations book is a fake made by occultists to help the Roman Empire (with some Jewish influence on the top) to continuing dominating by fear. Furthermore , Paul has some truth but he influenced by his Roman; Jewish roots. Use discernment while reading Paul. The OT shows the dominion of the Devil god over humanity after creation. it is clear. Unfortunately the Christian church still got it all wrong.

  64. I woke up when I started seeing coincidences ALL THE TIME. My eyes are getting extremely watery just typing this….

  65. Yeah. It had to be aliens. That’s the only explanation. Because semi-literate sheep herders living in a desert have never had any crazy ideas……

  66. in germany most of these people would get free psychological therapy

  67. Not the creation of the world ??? Sorry buddy clearly says it created the world in 6 days!! Everybody is entitled to their opinion !!

  68. I've read parts of what was published of the Dead Sea Scrolls and yes there are books excluded from the Bible, but they all speak of the same story. And no, there are no aliens (of flesh and bone) of the kind you are showing in the video. Those ideas in the clip are some free and uninformed representations – nothing else.

  69. Church never did like people thinking out side the box(book).Ancient people are smarter than modern people, as they had to actually learn the knowledge,
    not like today, a soundbite and people think they know everything.

  70. Blablaablaaa bla ones again jewish semetic people are being presented by depiction as comical figures of Ethnic European completion and features … please understand that "white people/ethnic Europeans have different dna that evolved 50 to 80 thousand years earlier, as a consequence of restricted sunlight(cold clouded north). White jew are descendants of converts and not ethnic semetics! DNA FACTS !!!!

  71. I like hearing Graham’s point of view. He makes valid points but sometimes he does himself a disservice by misrepresenting facts. For instance the “gnostics” weren’t one people nor did they call themselves Gnostics. That term was given to a category of heretics by the Catholic Church centuries later. Gnostic comes from the Greek word gnosis meaning knowledge. Hence these early Jewish mystics has knowledge of something the early Roman Church saw as a threat to their power.

  72. The aliens are the angels from the bible, Ezekiel discrbed 4 beings who came and wisited with him for several days. They are the creators of Adam and Eve. Their DNA created Adam and Eve. That's why they keep coming back. They created us .

  73. This is all bs just trying to brainwashe people…Islam is the true religion and these devil worshippers want you to believe all this crap

  74. Gnostic is actually a Sanskrit word pronounced as Nastik in Hindu religion which means an Atheist/Atheism

  75. Pure BS! Ancient text aren't meant to be understood literally. Besides, all these guys spoke about their views yet, nobody spoke about the CONTENT of those text. GAIA is BS!

  76. Say what you want about David Icke but that dude predicted the war on Muslim religion and series of countries that will be affected by it, years before it happened!
    I don’t know everything else he talks about, but they laughed at him 20 years ago like we laugh at him now!

  77. i have this gift built into my body, ive had it since birth,…but my gift is remembering the lives i once lived before my physical form,…so my memories are still intact

  78. Where is the proof….. I need more then anecdotal…. provide scientific proof! Sounds like another religion being born…… ugh

  79. Gnostics didn't call themselves Gnostics. The RCC gave them the name when they campaigned to destroy them.

    1. ?? time travelling to the past or the future? bcuz travelling to the past aint happening

    1. Dmt is in the brain and can be unleashed by fasting meditation and breathing techniques just saying.

    2. You can get DMT effects by activating the pineal gland; thats our connection to others dimensions and spiritual realm

  80. Junk alert. Misrepresentation: Graham Hancock has nothing to do with that pseudo-psychic purée.

  81. This existence is a total lie,the Cathars got a lot of things right,study them and remember that Jesus said I am the way,the truth and the life,Jesus is the only way back to true life and to God the Father and it is Jesus who breaks the continuous cycle of death and rebirth that we experience here in this reality. Bob.

  82. What a bunch of junk.
    Exactly how khuah(Eve) was tempted by HaShatan(Satan) in the Garden. They did have a perfect body. That emitted light. Didn't age, and wouldn't die. Until they were tempted to eat the fruit that could make them equal to YAH. Which would give them the knowledge of good and evil. Our Heavenly Father had warned them that they would die. HaShatan told Khuah they would surely not die. After they ate then did they feel shame, guilt, and would then exhibit all the mental flaws we have today. Therefore getting kicked out of the Garden. And the world became a dark place, with death and pain at every turn.

    Before then Adam and Khauh could communicate with animals, had no illnesses, grew a lot taller the we do today, and lived longer lifespans. As time continued human life expectancy got lower and lower. After the fall the fear of men was embedded in every creature on land. And men soon after had to labor for his bread and meat.

  83. The Church re wrote the bible in the 4th century?…..

    Let’s storm the Vatican and find it’s secrets

  84. shame on you calling GOD "bloodthursty"! GOD forbid evil. The fallen angel leader called the devil deceived the first human woman to sin. The fallen angel called the devil started a war against GOD. GOD is not thursty for blood. GOD is punishing evil beings which are blood thirsty and punishes them and sheding their blood. But this is not GOD's first plan. This is GOD reacting to evil. GOD has different plans and will end evil. Finish with blood sheding. Shame on you for calling GOD "Blood thursty". How cruel you are to put evil on GOD. GOD SAID DON'T DO EVIL. In the beginning there was GOD and there was no evil and no war and no blood sheding. And shame on you for talking AGAINST THE WORD OF GOD'S TRUE CHURCH. … GOD will end your evil.

  85. Sounds like just another sales pitch and teaser to get someone to buy into Gia programming. I’m sure it works for many but to me it should be free you shouldn’t sale salvation like the church. If you say I got overhead bills and such you are the system by proxy. Get out of her my people and return to the old ways and buying into your shows isn’t getting out it’s buying into the system

  86. "The blood Thirsty G-D of the Old Testament" was enough for me. He obviously hasn't read the Old Testament clearly.

    1. Bloodthirsty God that in the old testament Jesus Christ hasn't come to the world yet to intercept for our sins for that reason the bloodthirsty god had to destroy corrupted kingdoms. Someone hasn't read the Bible either but can definitely use his mouth to spread false testimony against the one and only true living God.

    2. The god of the old testament is indeed blood thirsty. You might want to actually go read the bible for once. Typical "Christian" that knows nothing of their own holy text.

    3. As I recall, the Old Testament is full of sacrifices and blood offered to Yavhe in all kind of altar, from Abraham, Moses, Aaron and the like. What was that sacrifices for? Nobody thinks that God came to have this sacrificed animal or its blood but just a form of speaking.

  87. Too many people talking about DMT in the comments. Add something new like the idea that the people who wrote the gnostic texts were just the really old Jewish version of a modern day dirty wookie hippie at a music festival. I bet they wandered around mooching shit too just like wooks.

  88. Let's all just take this as fact because it was written on paper. And then connect dots out of coincidence and say it was providence: even though the roswell crash was actually a psychological tactics on america from cold war russia. anyways; of course there are aliens out there and other life; still a believer, but still… this? idk and that's all I can say.

  89. you're saying nothing you're double talkin you have no proof of anything and you're saying stupid stuff with no absolutes what are the absolute abcdd you're talkin about generalities and trying to produce another gospel when the Bible produces the one and only gospel and gives all the facts who what where when and why you're saying nothing you're talkin bubblegum you're all you're going to do is confuse people and make people not understand what the hell you are talking about who what when where and why how

  90. Regarding the part the lizard guy talks about fear: would it be plausible that all those horrors of ancient times, mythical creaturs and demons in the night were all true because at the time humans needed to be afraid from an outside source. And gradually untill now the humans have feared each other more. So much that we are now a perpetual farm for them and they dont have to create or disguise as monsters to get us running on fear.
    We are so on edge with political issues and afraid of ofher groups of people, be it terrorist organizations, goverment corruption, to anything we do to each other that makes one of us afraid.

    So monsters inc

  91. >"alien origins" in title
    >Hancock in thumbnail
    Yeah, so this is going to be a ridiculous mess, isn't it?

  92. That was good, even good commercials. I'm more interested in Humanity's Atonement now: as if the influence of higher beings is enough though. Namastute Acaryas!

  93. Israel had not yet still strolling the Palestinians country when the dead Sea scrolls were found they had only just started to steal it

  94. There was nothing like jewish mystics, they were judaic mystics or the Nazarenes(essenes)

  95. The Essenes NEVER mention UFO . Misinformation.
    They were mystics and practice Judaism. No extraterrestrials.

    1. Are u fucking high, mate!!!??? What, if anything, is an angel, but an extraterrestrial. Something visited them from the heavens (space) u fuckin ppl these days get so hung up on words & the context that u understand them, but godman man use some common sense. Angels, demons, watchers, aliens. It's all the same shit except that we describe it differently now. 🙄🙄🙄

  96. The french guy said "Hebrew ppl " not jewish ppl- fake. 🤔, very interesting.

  97. Ancient Gnostic Christians and the Essence are not supposed to be given credits to what is known to be the fundamental belief of Christianity or the fundamental belief of God in the Bible. Gnostic Christians and the Essence were the rogue sect of Judaism and Christianity, spreading false beliefs and fake news during their time. They were the first troll movement during the day and they were considered "heretics" from the real Christians who followed the doctrines of the apostles of Jesus. Until during after of the counsel of Nicea on 325 AD all of these heretics were considered "criminals" by mainstream Christians and all their books were burn due to spreading false doctrines and influencing other Christians who followed the teachings of the apostles.

  98. Alien origin is none other than demons these are demons roming the sky trying to attract human attention all demons trying to deceive humans their days are coming to go to Hell

  99. this is soooooooooooooo misleading, why do people have to misrepresent something that is actually very interesting without all this UFO BS


  101. Just ask yourself when the ppl that wrote these books 1000's of years ago wrote them what was there motivation? To get likes to get famous? No they wrote what they were living what's the most tell is that the Orthodox Christian didn't put these book out how they found them they edited them first!!! Don't let doubters change what you fill inside!!!$$$$

  102. So stupid. The only reason the Dead Sea Scrolls are important because they are historical fantasy stories written by me. I was a Gnostic for ten years. Meaning I was in the cult Gnosis and it is all bullshit.

  103. 1947 Roswell case and dead sea Scrolls describe essenes contact w angels. Gnostic Gospels of Egypt found in1945 dates 300bc new texts of old testaments. {The fifth kind}

  104. Be humble, respect your neighbour, do good in the world, Live a Good Life, Live a Healthy Life, Be a Great Mother or Father or Teacher.
    The Day You and I Pass On from this Life! We will Know the Truth.
    The END.

  105. Of course, Jesus Christ and heaven are not from this world. In heaven, there's peace no pain or dead it's not corrupted like our world.

  106. So is JESUS the Son of GOD as he claims? His teachings and example seem pretty spot on

  107. Aliens are demonic spirit beings brought to Earth by Lucifer/Satan before Adam and Eve

  108. I think the most important question is if this is true is , but why ? Why would this negative force not want for us to realize our full potential , if everything is from the see source which all and everything is then why?

  109. Just a thought, maybe the Pyramids in Egypt were build to create a path to the stars so some energy could reach/establish its self on earth and embedded itself in human body. It's to hard to travel to earth in human or other bio shell to communicate, let alone in time frame to communicate effectively in time frame provided.

  110. My whole family belonged to this cult. They are fucking nuts. I left and 10 years later I am glad the rest did the same. True story.

  111. I once had a dream well a different kind and since i was in my bed i call it a dream but i know it was not a regular average dream like state.
    Anyways i was practically awake in my room and i saw my body shimmering and like xray state that i got to manipulate i saw my body with no blanket yet blanket was like clear very faintly outlined like glass clear sheet and my body was like made up of diamonds but like sand size very faint glitter like but i dont think about any of that anyways my head felt very tiny like a snakes head im thinking that now since i was like bend towards my chest and i could layer off in xray like mode in to my heart area but and saw an are layering of like cm and hand size wide open up till i hit half way to the ribs and heart area >>>what ended was the xray part i started analyzing the dream while under (no drugs or anything, yet i was practicing meditation and fasting for a while and had other stages of OBE practiced and this was one of the states that i saw like it was right now as i'm writing this yet nothing else had color it was dark night i have never experienced it again and i stopped practicing OBE. I still meditate and get color dreams that are also not regular mishmash of world or past experiences on earth in my time like work or closely related. Just wanted to share that one cause it felt way out of this world.

  112. ads make this unwatchable. Put one at the beginning or end if you have to have any.

  113. We are confused because the book of Enoch was declared non canonical.. Then it came the old testament and new testament foretelling everything.. Nothing more and nothing less. Thus, render the former irrelevant.. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.. IXOYE.. Nothing more, nothing less..

  114. Like the information that was given it puts a lot of WHAT IS THAT WHAT IS IN Prospective

  115. Id love to learn about fascinating things if there were credible sources. But this isn't one of them. Ive seen more historical accuracy in games of D&D than some of the crap that falls out of this guy.

    1. There are a books and books about this. With a lot of references in them. You can read them.

  116. Gnostic writings (Nag Hammadi findings) are nothing but fake documents written by a bunch of 'wanna be special' children of satan.

  117. Gnosticism and Christianity are worlds apart.

    Gnostic belief is: salvation comes by attaining knowledge.

    Christian belief is: salvation comes by accepting Yâhusha as Lord and Saviour.

    You can attain knowledge as a Christian … but you will fail to accept Yâhusha as Lord and Saviour as a Gnostic.

    This is self-evident in those who claim to be Gnostic-Christian.

    Gnosticism sets a person on a path to save themselves through study and meditation – like any other mystery religion.

    Christianity sets a person on a path to emulate their Lord and Saviour.

  118. You know atheists and Christians may have disagreements but I think we can all agree these idiots need to be crucified

  119. Interesting concepts but it's just sensational BS if you do NOT provide links to the original texts and references to chapter & verse about the things mentioned.

  120. Transformation into enlighten beings not ALIENSS… Mf'er that's like a dumb or non knowing person can transform into a yogi or guru.. And these are our scholars lol I can't trust the white man with any history discoveries or information. They just want us to wonder and day dream alllll day! Yall took our history and replace it with their own. LOOK IT UP!

  121. Last year, I was in a dream shouting, REPENT!!!! REPENT!! JUDGMENT IS NOW!!!! With people all around. A lot going on in that dream. The crazy part is, when I woke, my wife had told me about the dead Sea Scrolls and I opened up and read a part from the dead sea scrolls,(the son's of God will shout Judgment!! JUDGMENT is now!!

  122. It’s just like Alchemy. The king arrests you and forces you to turn “lead to gold” upon force of death. After a few days you convince him but his economy doesn’t change drastically after that.

    Obviously that’s drugs. You gave the king an ego death and he realized the riddle.

  123. Pseudo scholarship. Lol, these people need to lay off whatever they been smoking.

  124. Guys, cave in the desert …. and you visualize this (1:30) with looking from a cave at green trees and people walking in the background …. how to believe you in the abstract stuff, if you have not taken care of the obvious

  125. Read the texts. You can purchase the Book on Amazon.
    One chapter/Book is name Sophia Jesus – interesting.

    Book of Thomas – Mary –

    Read these – there's 8nfomatiin in these that requires a Physics type knowing to really capture the level of info.

  126. "the intellect is the village idiot" David Icke
    star studded cast of truth tellers
    thank you for posting

  127. They Trip me out when they depict Christ as this pale ass man lol in the dessert….when the Bible depicts him different….and tell white folks not to make images for this reason….

  128. One love one life one soul is alien? Alright with me seem like good principles to live by

  129. Yes to answer your question at the end. The Anunnaki(the fallen) genetically modified the human race to control our life span and therefore our expansion of knowledge. They feared our AWAKENING! Bring it bitches! God is all powerful and always will be!

  130. Shining Ones book…

    For many years now there has been an upsurge in revelation stories and alternative viewpoints on man's history. People such as Graham Hancock and Lawrence Gardner have brought to light many new ideas and many new problems. Now there is a new theory which is all-encompassing and clearly brings into focus a more sinister reason behind the emergence of civilisation. In his theory on Atlantis Graham Hancock is receiving much admiration and academic acclaim. Standard academic thought is more towards the spontaneous eruption of civilisation across the globe, with little or no explanation of why there are so many similarities between the cultures. Now, Philip Gardiner, in his new book THE SHINING ONES is set to turn even this upon its head. The theory is so simple that it begs the question, why has it not been thought of before? The reason for universal similarity of architecture, language, art, travel and religious belief is quite simply an ancient and secret religious brotherhood who have hidden themselves deep within the symbols, ciphers and codes of our ancient texts for hundreds of years. They held a secret knowledge and power base which spread with them across the globe. The very title that they have given themselves is hidden within the standard text and religious books we use every day — The Shining Ones. Put like this, the whole thing can sound like an X-Files conspiracy theory. However the author has invested huge amounts of time and energy checking, researching and seeking the advice of academics. Now the theory is attracting the attention of historians who can see that the patterns are as subtle as this author proposes. The fact is, this theory does explain away all the problems with dating and variations that people such as Hancock have come up against. Many academics and especially Egyptologists are now turning to this way of thinking and with Gardiners spirit and broad knowledge in history and language the history of the ancients and the secrets that they hold are becoming more clear. There are of course dissenters. The author has been accosted for his standpoint and there are still those hardened academics and even non-academics who refuse to even listen. However, there is a major TV documentary in pre-production stages and with interviews planned across the nation on radio and TV the message may soon be accepted as a credible theory

  131. Prince Andrew and old queenie doesn't like you watching this type of information! Slaves must be kept in the dark.