Aliens or Natural Phenomenon? The Mystery of 100 Missing Stars

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a recent study that discovered around a 100 or so stars that mysteriously disappeared from our galaxy.


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  1. This is the first time I wanna say "please be aliens, that would be fun". (Also, thank you for all the awesome videos, Anton!)

  2. I good to know Anton that at least you say a possibility for Aliens, I personally believe there on every star and planet as NASA never gives away anything regarding ETs, all the Astromoners that I subscribe to have pictures of structures, ufos, and live pictures of ufos, bruceseesall, Chris from lunar astronomy, etc. No one could tell me there not out there and have been since and before the moon landings where if and when they went to the Moon I think they were told not to come back. The excuse they have lost the technology is sickening to say we all take that in the 21st century as fact is one big lie! There here and have been for centuries but each to there own belief.
    Aussie Chrisso 🤠 😎

  3. Aliens.
    Flat Earth.
    5G mind control.
    The impending UN invasion of America.

    Conspiracy theories are tops 😀

  4. Orion constellation nebula to Egypt to Sheol. Seems grays running all over and in earth.

  5. Some be thinking the moon is an artificial spy station for Ishtar and the akkadians.

  6. Let's not be foolish, aliens are a creation of the human mind and is therefore fictional and not real. Black Holes are the likely culprit behind the missing stars.

  7. Isn't it most likely that a minute flaw or contamination of the lens caused a false light image, reflection or other distortion?

  8. If there are Stars missing because the flared on the old images, would there not be some Stars that have flared since that do not appear back then?

  9. They are hidden because when the "seamless" simulation had to reboot, a few other parts were updated by the A.I.

    1. SETI will never work here’s why bc radio wave communication is to slow to communicate a long distance I think if there are advanced aliens they use a different for of communication like advanced quantum entanglement

  10. Anton as u declare / imply such might be the case .,.   and then consideration of star incubator .,.  consider as stated elsewhere .,.  well most planetary systems got 2 o 3 solar sources .,.   Also were sorta on outskirts of milky weigh .,. newly formed & some state Hot Jupiter .,. as sorta like huh seems NASA a time or so tried to lite or set off ignition of Jupiter .,. one of the so called Gas Giants .,.   POPE Sent sent some of his people to China / asia & priority one communications were what going on in Heavens above .,.   Pope also has Infrared peepers / telescope .,. looking for so called low temp or as we might share 70 degree ish farenheight heavy stars with or in Flame off conditions   Point here is well earth with heavey metals present & the way present .,.  indicates earth might have jumped the galactic axis & wound up on outer bands & re coalesced into what we got now .,. collection zone REFORMER Type planet

  11. I also read this Sci-Fi story where they built a shell around a star to use the energy. It was no good novel. In my humble opinion, a civilization that is able to built a shell around a star does not need to do such a crazy thing to get their energy. In the 50ties there where still photos used. Tiny small grains on the film could be the reason for this stars.

  12. Maybe it is aliens, but they are consuming the stars for material to make dyson spheres, or using their energy to fuel interstellar/intergalactic travel, or destroying the stars to remove fuel sources for their enemies.

  13. A radio telescope and an infrared signature would shed light if the star is still there. Also, these 100 stars, are they in the same area? If they are it could be aliens leap frogging star to star. Finally how far away are they? How long before we have to deal with these guys.

  14. Check the infrared. As far as we know, the laws of thermodynamics must be obeyed even by the aliens so there should be some heat leakage. If there is no infrared activity that would suggest that it is an unknown astronomical phenomenon that is the cause of the Stars disappearing.

  15. Maybe it wasn't a star but a large asteroid in our own solar system that moved to a different position over the following years?

  16. Who says they are actually stars?? Hmm? Perceptions people. Programmed perceptions too…..WE know next to nothing about what is outside of this planet. Most of what we know has been doctored to fit a narrative. good luck with your theories everyone.

  17. how do you explain the ufo's the navy captured in 2014 and declassified in 2017. what does SETI say about those videos?

  18. Okay, serious comments: I live near an airbase and see jets flying away from me in the night sky- they look like bright stars. They turn and suddenly they disappear. Could the stars have been some directed light source (natural or artificial) that changed direction so we just don't see it anymore?

  19. It would appear to me that in the first example the star is still there but has faded … Possibly moved away.

  20. If we assume that in given area of space there was a 100 flared up stars in the given time the picture was taken, we could assume that on any other given time of observation there should be a similar number of other flared up stars – this should be some statistical constant number of stars flared up simultaneously and ready to be observed in such state, or else there must be a reason why it happened exactly then and not now.

  21. Every star has a desire, every star is aware of itself and those other stars around it, everything that we can perceive is of this outer plane, energy moves through planes accordingly to its density. There are a spectrum of vibrations, the universe is part of a single area of this spectrum. The physical plane. The star moves through planes the higher its density, more into the inner planes. Towards a source of one Consciousness. Law of one

  22. In the span of 70 years i would absolutely expect some of them burned out.
    And with the little knowledge we have about space, who's to say the JUST HAVE to go supernova or explode???

  23. Alien child"mommy im scared the human's are looking at us again". Alien mom, "dont be afraid, ill just cloak the sun".

  24. Or, we don’t live where we’re told by ‘science’ and the Bible is true.

    Mark 13:24-25 NIV
    [24] “But in those days, following that distress, “ 'the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; [25] the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.'

  25. Maybe the aliens used a worm hole or some other process to remove the hydrogen from those suns to refill their dying sun.

  26. "On this channel, we don't often talk about aliens"
    That's typically what an alien would say 🤔

  27. Maybe these Sun's are white dwarfs that encounter a fuel source that wasn't another sun, and flared up.

  28. I remember this I read: ‘Look’ whispered Chuck, and George lifted his eyes to heaven. (There is always a last time for everything). Overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out.
    Arthur C Clark “The nine billion names of God”

  29. Maybe they weren't stars , maybe they were huge star sized colonies . I hate using a star wars analogy , but like the death star but bigger . Or maybe something reflective being used to capture sunlight for energy . Or maybe I watch to many sci-fi movies .

  30. Pretty sure it's on account of our lacking an understanding of what light has to contend with to make it here.

  31. Hi, two questions: 1) when did they disappear- do we just have two images from today and way back when? And how come they could vanish just within a few decades (wouldn't it take much longer?) 2) could there be a connection between the reduced solar activity / sun spots and the recent dimming of Betelgeuse and the missing stars?

  32. A star occluded by a Dyson Sphere/Swarm would be bright in infrared light, not "invisible."

  33. When we were 12, a school buddy and I camped out in my backyard, warm summer night, no clouds. There was a group of five stars in a square, 3 on the right and 2 on the left. The center "star" on the right moved to the left, and when positioned in the left column of stars… disappeared. We both had observed it.

  34. Maybe it was a supernova when they first looked at it. And now it's not as bright. That would be the obvious

  35. Maybe It was elves or orcs.

    A lie ns.

    neil A. Armstrong
    They laugh at you "space cadets" and I join them.

  36. but shouldn't "dysoned" stars still be visible in the infrared scale? the Dyson Sphere or Swarm should still emit heat as they do stuff.

  37. Is there a 3D map of where the missing stars were/are? Are they all a bunch of phenomena in the same general location?

  38. I like your channel a lot, I watch it everyday, but could you please learn how to pronounce 'aliens' correctly, because it is very distracting listining to a whole video with you pronouncing the word wrong all the time.

  39. They're already there on the moon watching us, watch the Bruce Sees All channel, and you will be blown away, by all the activity on the moon.

  40. The only problem I have with the Dyson sphere explanation for the disappearance of a star is that it would just suddenly happen. It would occur over the period of construction of the sphere until it completely occludes the stars.

    That process would look more like the events of "Tabby's Star", which has been auto-written off as "aliens".

    I am not certain that the present theories about Tabby's Star are based on unbiased science or science-with-anti-alien-option-bias.

    Ultimately, it doesn't matter as unless they show up, it wouldn't change anything.

  41. You are a star Anton – please don't disappear. That would be a distuptive alien event.
    Thank you.

  42. I love your videos sir. Polite, informative, and friendly. Keep up the good work!!

  43. or another explaination the old film had an anomoly that was mistaken as a star, more modern and clearer images showed it wasnt. Much like the face on mars.

  44. It's the Doomsday Machine , aka , Planet Killer . ( STTOS )

    It's cutting up the Stars and Planets for energy .

  45. It is not…it is distance,….we’re moving, they’re moving, everyone’s moving very fast. Away, and towards…my guess is we’ve moved far enough away that they didn’t disappear, we just too far away to receive their light anymore.

  46. I wish people would stop knocking Dyson spheres, they were a real breakthrough in vacuum cleaner maneuverability…. or am I thinking of the wrong shere?

  47. For the stars of the heavens and their constellations will not give off their light; the sun will be dark when it rises, and the moon will not shed its light. Isaiah 13:10

  48. OK That "star" candidate looked just slightly less noise-like than the surrounding noise. I say it was noise.


  50. What if the stars weren't missing. What if they just wiped away the dust over the picture 😆

  51. What is big, red and eats stars?

    A big red star eater!!

    No. It's probably just an alien doomsday machine.

  52. There is also that star that was giving off plutonium signatures in it's wavelength which is impossible considering plutonium is either synthetically made or formed on supernovae. Since the star was not undergoing a supernova nor is it massive enough to do so the only other explanation is that something made it artificially and spiked their star with it as a means to communicate that they are out there.

  53. When I wanted to take a picture of a faint light, I left the camera shutter stay open longer. Can't they do that with the cameras on those telescopes?

  54. Amy schumer's ass was close to the telescope and caused a gravitational anomaly

  55. How far away are these stars? I’m assuming that they are not at the edge of the observable universe. As an aside, given the red shift and the accelerating expansion of the universe shouldn’t we be losing sight of some stars as they cross the threshold into the unknowable universe? I guess that boundary might be too far away to be able to see the loght of even the biggest individual stars on the precipice of their disappearance. But what about galaxies? Should we be able to observe them dimming and then disappearing as one edge and eventually the whole galaxy slides into oblivion from our perspective?