“Visit Antarctica for 11 Minutes to Get Your Mind Blown!”

antarctica ~ 11 strange discoveries

Published on Oct 1, 2018

Antarctica is one of the most mysterious places on Earth. ☃️ It’s the coldest location ever discovered, with an average temperature of -58ºF and an occasional drop to as low as -128.5ºF. ❄️ In addition, this continent remains the least explored. Antarctica has no time zones, no countries, and only 2 ATMs. We’re gonna tell you about 10 mysterious and bizarre findings that have been discovered in the ice of Antarctica.

Elongated skulls 2:42
An ancient meteorite 3:28
Ancient fossils 4:19
Petrified remains of an unusual animal 5:01
Blood waterfall 5:44
Dry valleys 6:26
100-year-old whiskey 7:23
A scary creature 8:06
An underground lake 8:43
A frozen ship 9:36

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