Blizzard, Locusts, Electric Fields, Planetary Alignments | S0 News Jan.18.2020

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  1. I have always thought dark matter was fake. I remember being in middle school learning about it and thinking magnetism and gravity hold galaxies together not some undiscovered particle.

  2. 1:07

    Edible flypaper for chicken farms the shit out of that.
    Just don't grind the paper with chicks.

  3. Question?
    Might these space weather changes cause an increase in building fires? Older structures, in particular, have a tendency for electrical connections to loosen and at these junctions there is heating which can and has led to fires?

  4. My mother and her entire side of the family lived in Newfoundland and handle the state of emergency with so much humour and Grace it's unbelievable.

  5. Will do Mr. Davidson. I will put my headphones on if I have to in order to drown out my boyfriends Horror films. Lol Thanks for your work.

  6. I live in St. John's, Newfoundland, and they are calling this the worst storm in Newfoundland's recorded history with 76 cm or 30 inches of snow and winds that topped out at 157 km/h or 97 mph. A buoy outside St. John's Harbour recorded waves of a maximum height of 35.8 feet. We are still under a state of emergency until further notice.

  7. Is it possible that solar minimum which causes a weakening in the earth's magnetosphere could allow the Taurus meteors to impact the earth causing a catastrophe? And what are your thoughts /observations on it happening in the past? In conjunction with the younger Dryas timeline?

  8. Nice😎 A simple examination of surfaces in my home is a prime example of static electricity, electromagnetism, related to gravitational pull.
    Observation of dust buildup on my electric operated devices compared to the non electric surfaces gives a prime example of static draw.
    The old TV tubes had residual static electricity that upon the surface would give a finger a slight electric shock. Tubes also gave an attraction of particles of dust that, my large flat screen fails to give. Even my touch to the flat screen fails to give a static electric discharge.
    I surmise that our solar nova will be a static discharge. And upon earth we may find the periodic assassinated asteroid impact related to traversing waves or fields in our galaxy.
    The simplest of thought is, variations of proximity and velocity, why do so many of our near earth misses seemingly pass by? Compare mass of NEO to lunar orbit, these fast flying objects being many times, iron and metallic composition, are not effected by magnetic gravitational pulls.
    Static discharge will be the attraction that earth will face as many variations of sizes of space debris and rocks may find a greater attraction for electrifying our planet's static electric field.
    When looking upon asteroids that resemble an hour glass, I hear people say that this is degradation of center mass. Perhaps, this hour glass resemblance is the fusing of two binary objects, through the use of electromagnetism.
    The same is possible for the tail of a comet as tail is attached with a static string of electromagnetism. It's very possible that static electricity had an effect of build comets as the effects of metallic composition and magnetism plays little effect upon gases and water particles.
    A simple experiment can be applied. Using a long plastic tube, with 2 equally inflated plastic bags upon each end, place a super magnet at one bag. Is there and attraction of air from the opposite air bag? Would there be a different outcome if, one replaces the magnet with a static electromagnetic field of equal size?
    What would you believe to hold true for the outcome in the vacuum of space?
    Now think of our sun loosing it's static charge. Galactic fields and charge are not a true vacuum. The static lines are full of debris and we shall soon learn the outcome if our planet is on this 12,000 year catastrophic changes.

  9. Thanks Ben! State of emergency still ongoing in St John's and the rest of the Avalon peninsula. Record breaking! I've never seen so much snow so quickly we had up to 10cms per hour, I thought 3cms/hr was next to impossible .you should continue to follow this story is is really hard to break snow records in Newfoundland 😃

  10. St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada right here! Holy snow…. 80cm in less than a day + 150 km/hr winds… never seen the like…. and you know our premier, Dwight Ball, is blaming it on climate change! Hahaha loves it =) Thanks for the shout out in news Ben, been following for years. Your information is the most pertinent for our time! Keep it coming!

  11. re planets control the sun link, the J. Javaraiah paper is astounding! I can only imagine the passion and dedication this author / researcher poured into his study and analysis of voluminous data over many years. And I'm sure I'm comprehending only a percentage of the import of the patterns and evidence he makes sense of. This is a huge leap forward in understanding Sun and planetary mechanisms that yield life as we know it– and just as life is about to change again, big time for us! I hope enough of us / our brains survive being wiped clean of this particular advanced knowledge when the big "energy waves from space" hit. The design of the universe is brilliantly beautiful.

  12. Hot and humid (!) in Santiago today and for the past 2 days, hope we break the drought this year just like – hopefully – the Aussies, I'm so happy it's raining there🙏

  13. Why do they always put this sad soul from a PBS program on after you in autoplay? It's almost as if they are immediately trying to counter the possibility that a person who watched your program might have gained some actual Knowledge from critical-thinking. They counteract that with speech like no serious scientist or credible person would ever……. 🤣

  14. Hey Ben, have you seen a series on prime called “the expanse“? In season four they are on a new planet and lo and behold something happens and a series of events takes place. Number one a huge wind blows through, followed by a huge wave that puts the whole planet underwater. They have to retreat underground to survive. Any of this sound familiar?

  15. I’m having a hard day and I’m not in the mood to b nice, people mocking Father is NOT right so I’m just warning everyone. DINT MOCK MY FATHER