Cauvery Calling Live in Coimbatore – Sep 17 @ 6 PM

Cauvery Calling reaches Coimbatore! Join the live event as Sadhguru and the Cauvery Calling team arrive at Coimbatore, after riding across the entire Cauvery basin in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Sep 17, 6 PM. Catch all the action live!

Action Now to Save Cauvery Rs.42 per Tree.
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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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  1. Amazing things are happening in the world. Meanwhile I'm stuck in a school with kids who redefine what an animal pen is.

    1. you guys are all so helpful! really people who sadhguru gathers around him are the nicest in the world!!!

    2. i meant the background music playing from the beginning of the video, doesn't it have a name?

    3. @bombo atomico that song wrote by Sadhguru… singing also by Sadhguru….named bharatham maha bharatham….. about river cauvery calling….tqsm….

  2. 12வருடம் அல்ல மூச்சு உள்ள வரை உங்களோடு இருப்போம் சத்குருநாதரே…

  3. 😎🙏👏👏🙏 I would have loved to be there at this event on my bike. 🤗🤔👏🙏

  4. he is a GOOSEBUMPER man…omg..all years i didn't have respect on indias…thought like fools…but i am wrong

  5. Bless Sadhguru and this mission. What a beautiful change he is making by motivating all. I also appreciate what he says about suicide – I lost my father that way. It’s important to make these changes for humanity and the earth.
    Love and Thank you Sadhguru

  6. Love it! Bitten by a saw fly, a ate it , and spat it out! My blood is flowing! Thanks excellent inspiration!

    1. Actually the other speakers in the panel praised Sadhguru too much , so he felt embarrassed by the over praising, he was being modest that's all.

    1. Bhagiratha (Sanskrit: भगीरथ, bhagīratha) was a legendary king of the Ikshvaku dynasty who brought the River Ganges, personified as the river goddess Ganga, to Earth from the heavens.

      Ganga told him if she will descend from the sky to the earth, the force of her fall will be difficult to sustain. She asked him to obtain the favour from sable blue throated god, Shiva, as no one except him is able to sustain her. He then did severe penance for Shiva and asked him to do so. Shiva granted him the boon, which eventually led to descent of the goddess Ganga in the form of the river Ganges, to the earth, filling the sea, drunk up by Jahnu. To commemorate his efforts, the head stream of the river is called Bhagirathi.

  7. Since then every revolutions came from the west, but now then the real revolution, the gentle, the sweet, the real, the lifegiving revolution comes from the East.

  8. Sadhguru ji ambani ji ko boldo hm to contribute karenge hi ye rashtra ka swaal h🚩

  9. Please launch a March or human chain program in caunnaught place DELHI to aware about CAUVERY CALLING PROGRAM PLEASE