Cauvery Calling’s Achievements So Far – Sadhguru Explains

Sadhguru answers a question on the progress of Cauvery Calling, and why a few individuals are resisting the solution that Cauvery Calling proposes. #CauveryCalling

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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  1. Getting an international recognition is a phenomenal achievement!! Proud moment!!

  2. One of my friend is against sadhguru since he spoke abt CAA ..and he started argued with me …he said nasty things abt my GURU, regarding Cauvery calling also. which i really dint like at all the way he said abt sadhguru … I WOULD PROUDLY SHARE THIS VIDEO TO HIM

  3. Have to show this to those idiotic brainless paid intellectuals & liberals

  4. I'm north indian, we read more about mughal than our culture, festivals like pongal, Kings like chola ji, chhatrapati shivaji maharaj etc. just had a line or paragraph is our books, what is happening here.

  5. I am delighted that my negligible contribution for cauvery calling is bringing smile …

  6. कोर्ट ने जो कहा है वो भी बता दीजिये.

  7. No need Phd for Sadhguru who is doing very wonderful, useful, reliable things for the society. Probably scholars may not think this much insight and innovative things!! We are proud of you and bow down Sadhguru….🙏🙏🙏

  8. THE CAUVERY CALLING CHALLENGE – I am a proud Bharatiya from Kerala living in Delhi. I am contributing (though I prefer the word dakshina or arpana instead of the word contribution) to Cauvery Calling every month.
    ARE YOU?

    1. Then no point of listening him because you're so full of yourself that u missed the whole point

  9. It's great pleasure just in watching you sadguru…may shiva bless our dreams come true…we are all behind you,to support you…

  10. Sadhguru amigo este mensaje es para tí por que solo tú puedes explicarlo bien y comunicarlo, el sufrimiento y dolor proviene de los animales y naturaleza, cuando se mata un animal, pescado etc, sufren, al comernos ese animal nos estamos comiendo su sufrimiento y dolor, lo cual a la larga hace que nos sintamos mal, enfermos y triste sin saber por que, esas muertes de animales, arboles, destrucción hacia toda creación, hacen que todo el universo y todo esté mal, sufriendo y dolorido, al igual que ellos todo lo bello y bueno nos dan y comparten todo para hacernos sentir bien, tambien comparten su dolor y sufrimiento con nosotros atraves de otros seres humanos o otras circuntancias, el sufrimiento que nos es causado por otros seres, hay que estar contento con el, pues no es nada comparado con el sufrimiento y dolor de toda la naturaleza, animales y universo, cuando sufrimos, devemos estar contentos por que ese minusculo sufrimiento comparado con el del todo, no es nada, es tan solo un minusculo sufrimiento que nos comparte a cada uno de nosotros para quitarse dolor y sufrimiento, osea que si uno sufre a de estar feliz por su sufrimiento está siendo salvado un arbol animal, mar, montaña etc… a más amor a la naturaleza, animales y cielos, más respeto, más cuidados, y más los cuidemos a todos, menor sera su sufrimiento y menor será el sufrimiento de todos, haganselo llevar este mensaje a Sadhguru, el sabe explicar, el es la palabra. y luego borren el mensaje, muchas gracias amigo por existir y a todos por vuestra maravillosa labor y trabajo,muchas gracias, un fuerte abrazo a todos, salud suerte y mucha fuerza, fuerza para entre todos hacer un mundo mejor.

  11. some people wanted cauvery to be the reason for the war between two states which will not happen because with the cauvery calling water problem will be solved and there will be no water crisis

  12. Karnataka govt is on the VERGE,that means not yet.I dont think anyone dislikes what you doing,but sometimes,you have to agree,you play with words,which the majority,miss.I too would like to see Cauvery revived,but i need more evidence,thank you

  13. The next wonderful thing will happen in few years is the world considering Sadhguru for Noble Prize..this is actually the world feeling good for doing it…

  14. Jai Hind

  15. After success of this movement , such operations should be carried out for every river in this country

  16. Contributed 420 rupees. Happy that it's been put to good use. I'm unemployed by the way.

  17. Tank you sadguru you helps all needs sadguru thank you you guide and protic sadguru you planing all and make all and do all thank you sadguru think all sold and change all

  18. For sure success of this initiative will change future for better of tropical countries. My best wishes for its success. 🙏