CME from the Sun, 4 New Nova, Methane Oops | S0 News Jan.14.2020

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  1. I hate mike bloomberg so much i get like 2 ads from him every video i watch cuz I'm in virginia

  2. You’ve got a really good like to views ratio, ime.
    Just goes to show how amazing this content is… keep up the great work!

  3. Ben thank you, There is a couple more of your reference from today I plan to read. And I wish there was a forum for like enlightened people to discuss our learning with out the Gretta brigade trying to shut it down.

  4. Are you referring to anaerobic methane or methane hydrate in the arctic?

  5. The Soviet launches especially were very cloudy in history. Considering the fact that Stalin was the ruler of that country. And a lot of the records even the ones that contain film were never protected properly. And very often were never managed during the recording as it is. So the film itself suffered burning during in the recording process. Different types of burning that is, like for example burn in from too much light exposure. And burning during the catastrophic ends. But just because they ended in catastrophe does not mean that the rocket didn't just land back at the launch pad in a catastrophe. They still follow the same basic rules of non recovery vehicles. But I guess considering the surprise of the Rockets Landing back at the launch pad would be considered a catastrophe. Considering people like Stalin with an obscene sense of humor of power and commotion. He didn't ever want to find out if winding the clock ever moves the times. I would consider that yes.

  6. Question, have you watched “Wages world” for some reason it just came up on my play list. At first though it was you, quickly discovered it wasn’t

    1. Terrible channel. Knows nothing of space weather. Nothing at all.

  7. 👍 I'm pretty sure I've got it figured out. Yup. You're an 👽 alien huh?!

  8. We are all but a pattical of a 1000000000 of a partial of sand and that’s just in our suns orbit we are so small it’s unbelievable. We are just another bacteria and earth 🌍 is a blood cell in you’re body 🙏💪🏻🇬🇧

  9. "If you don't know what's going on with our star…you don't know what's going on."

  10. The suggested items on the Google page seem to be tripling down on dark matter stories, some of them positively ludicrous.

  11. "These scientists have a question wether geo-engineering will be able to help…. Ah pff I'm just gonna cut the off right there, uhm NO…" (Next subject>) Mic. Drop classic!

  12. Sure is odd that Ben refuses to use Bitchute. I used to check out the video every day back before utube started their censorship nonsense. Kinda miss it but I gots me principles.

  13. How is anyone on earth doing a thumbs down ????? I'm extremely lost at how anything said was upsetting or inconceivable ??

  14. still don't understand the thumbs down, if you don't like it don't watch

  15. I have to stop the video for a second to state this.. .that's the first time I've laughed out loud on this channel: 2:00.

  16. Any one else see the the storms totally opposites sides of the earth …storm in the UK and then nw of Australia interesting

  17. With no magnetosphere and the core of the earth slowing and heating up because of some Celestial unknown approaching dog star. A c m e in the future is going to be devastating. And because they're slackers at government levels nothing is hardened the internet will go down the power grids will go down.

  18. Your wishful thinking about the arctic areas is going to run a flatline when this summer comes I pray a lot that we do not receive what the South Pole received and Australia South America and South Africa. For if we do this methane slowing will accelerate beyond comprehension remember I said for 6 months the weather's going to get bad and then they're going to try to push the Sunday worshipping laws for people who don't know their Bibles. Saturday Sabbath Jesus kept his entire life there's no change. The early disciples kept Saturday Sabbath. Their entire lives. The early church kept the Sabbath. Up until Constantine in 350 ad

  19. I'm 48 km away from Taal and I think they're wrong about assuming that the biggest one is coming. The military units are doing force evacuation in nearby towns and up until now, there's no clear update about the volcanic activity, so many fake news around social media too. I'm totally late watching this update and thanks, Ben.

    1. Not from a CME – dont forget, we're at cosmic ray modern maximum… any moment can have a glitch now

    2. @Suspicious0bservers Apparently flickering is the utility company's use of fast breakers, wonder if rays could trigger it.

      The idea is to interrupt energy to a temporary fault (tree branch
      brushing the line, two phases slapping together due to wind or other
      mechanical influence, or, as previously mentioned, the operation of a
      lightning arrester) very briefly and reclose immediately (in hopes that
      the fault clears). However, if a fault is still present, the device
      immediately trips again and tries to reclose again. These will appear to
      be "flicker" at the service voltage level (120/240 volt) as these
      trip/close cycles are anywhere from 2-6 cycles (1/30th to 1/10 of a