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Looks at the role of doctors in Nazi Germany and how many of them willingly took part in eugenics and euthanasia in the 1930s and 1940s, thus betraying the fundamental tenets of their profession, with initial sterilisation policies moving to ones of killing adults and children who were mentally or physically disabled. The programme includes an interview with Dr Erich Haessler, who worked at the hospital where the first victim of the ‘euthanasia progamme was killed in 1939 – a deformed baby, murdered on the orders of Hitler himself.

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    1. Fortunately there are many more of us who believe in science to be able to cure our defects instead of thinking you can just kill it away! Ignorance is the only justification for someone who would think this was a good idea.

    2. What the nazi doctors believed in is called ‘Social Darwinism’, a misinterpretation of evolution. Summed up with all the other things like the hate from ww1 it all ended up in a sick culture. Very important to spot and react when it happens again.

  1. I wonder what is the current score of planned parenthood and similar organizations. All those young mothers brainwashed into believing children are nothing but an inconvenience and major nuisance..

    Eugenics today is alive and well the only thing that changed was the targeted demographics.
    But i doubt there will be any Nuremberg trials for medical practicioners operating in these facilities today.

    When did we shift from 'killing children is not ok' to "well depends on who's doing it" and "on the scale of 1-10, how important is that arts degree compared to your baby?"

  2. World
    S gone to crap, genetic defects now celebrated! Why a whole economy built around defects.

  3. Got to watch the movie “ The boys from Brazil “ with Gregory peck as Dr. Josef Mengele . A nice German GP of his era! Ties in quite nicely 😂

    1. @FordFracture go check 'eugenics' history in google and you will know how,this is biased documentary did not mention american and british colonies did that first ,the nazis just took it to next level .

    2. @Electronic Music Selections The documentary actually clearly states that already….did you watch the whole thing?

    3. @shanks n yes I heard but very quickly to concentrate on nazis lol

    4. ​@Electronic Music Selections Perhaps it's because it's a doco on Nazis? lol
      I'm sure you'll find a doco on just the american's pursuit of eugenics online too.
      Interesting that you did state very clearly above "this is biased documentary did not mention american and british colonies did that first"….I'm just pointing out that your statement is false 😛

  4. yeah, it HAS to be one more "BAD Nadhzie"- Episode…
    just for the Narrativ, of the baddest Beast on Earth: The German!

  5. It's interesting how humans only seem to focus on races / cultures where cameras were already invented to sort of cue a "this happened, omg so major!" when in truth (albeit it was and still is horrible) the truth is… from China to Russia to India to Natives of almost all continents… at some point… did the same not only to other cultures / races but even to their own. But, alas… no cameras were invented yet to keep score so it's a constant rehash of the limited time we have that's recorded. If only the past was studied in detail more by all. The shocking truth that so much of humanity did this over and over again would honestly bring home a larger message: It's in our DNA to war and project ourselves as better than others not like us. Yet with a deeper conscious states of inner awarness, a unification of harmony slowly emerges. So get enough sleep, say your sorry, learn to forgive and sit under a tree. Life is beautiful. And so is everyone else. That… is the future.

  6. Under these retarded laws geniuses like Stephen Hawking would have been killed.
    The aim of medicine is to help, potentially cure the sick and improve the lives of the healthy. Killing can be done by every retarded butcher out there – these "doctors" got no sympathy from me.
    I hope they got what they deserved.

  7. Biology is real and perhaps the Godliest thing we can observe. Why would you not want to improve your family and people? Do you like sickness? Suffering? Funny how mother nature herself operates in the methods they are reviling. She herself has wiped out peoples in the past that were unfit. After a certain component was removed, they set up shop in the US, and look how that’s working out

  8. Superior race? I think the American south took care of that with slavery. Jesse Owens demonstrated that in front of Hitler