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  1. I am unsubscribing because I have been shown proof you are deceiving people with the agenda of the governmental new world order. I must say I'm very disappointed…but it makes sense . The signs are everywhere in your videos. I'm not sure u were ever legit to begin with. I would rather hope your a sell out than paid opposition.

    1. You're not even a convincing shill @Just Jess – you may want to ask whomever is paying you to come up with some better digs at them b/c this one is pretty pathetic.

    2. @Kathleen Unger convincing shill? Umm, ok, whatever that is. I think its quite clear what he is getting at.


    Australian Fire Series Part 1: Australia – Wake Up Or Die!

  3. Thank You fore doing the best You Can Down there. Thank god You had the mic with You.
    I am lookin forward fore the livestream . Lods off love from me in DK 🙌🙏😇🦋💗❤️💜💚🌟🌟🌟

  4. Do the rock art at Gosford its not aboriginal native its Egyptian its full on that would be mad if you could find out about it

  5. Its so funny looking at peters face listening to Ben n Rob talk about all the things they are experiencing the first time in australia..🤣

  6. Its official out of all the awesome shirts between edge of wonder and Mark Dice i feel "Kick em' in the Caballs" has to be the best one hands down

  7. When the remote viewer was talking about the aliens the sound was so bad and many parts were cut off.. Coincidence? 😎👽👽I don't think so

    1. No unfortunately in this case its just the one issue this channel always has and its not sabotage. I love this channel but the sound issues are its achilles heel

  8. Thanks EOW. But please fix your technicals.
    Try Skype each other in different rooms before, or something.

  9. Everyone who believes that the Light Forces exist or wants this game of the Cabal to be finally over with, please do the Cobra's mass meditation on January 11th and 12th!


    It has to be done exactly at 6:11 am GMT on January 12th and we must reach the critical mass of 144.000 people doing it at the same time for it to have an effect. Doing it a few hours before or after won't work, so please do it in conjunction with Corey's meditation if you're already planning on doing it. Just adjust the 6:11 am GMT to your timezone and follow the instructions.

    Even if there's only a 1% chance that it'll allow the Light Forces to finally make a move and destroy this corrupt financial system I think it's worth doing.

  10. Dear Ben and Rob ,Jordan,James,John.. A very warm welcome to our beautiful country Australia. We are delighted to have you here. Ben,Rob and Jordan we love your "Star kid" energies your hearts are very powerful! We can truly feel you! Yes we are well aware of the darkness of the energy here and have been combating them for some time. There are others, also Light Warriors, like ourselves working behind the scenes. We fully support you all and all that you share and thank you for bringing it to the Light. We live in Perth. The Archangels are gathering now and some are based here. It is time for them to begin their mission and we are in charge of that. Soon we will be taking our mission to the world stage. Indeed it is time the wider Australian population woke up! love and Blessings to you ,including Peter, James and Barry. Facebook name Shepherd's Micheal Aurora

  11. You want Illumidonkey symbolism check out our capital, Canberra, on your way to Sydney, Parliament House is a pyramid, road system is an all seeing eye, eagle perched on a obelisk, all the car number plates start with [Y]. Give me a yell, I'll give you a quick tour.

  12. They literally promote every new age belief…how many years ago did Chriatians call this? Old world cults and new age spirituality will be main stream in the end times. Gods will be done. Lord take my home if it wakes up a single individual to the truth of Jesus Christ. We wont listen as humans unless God shakes us awake. This planet is done! Jesus is coming. I was shown the rapture when I was a little kid. This was in the sky. I dont know why its grey in this vid. During the rapture it was yellow/red/orange. https://youtu.be/ajPs7lnPgFM

  13. Yeah promoting do as thou wilt and being your own inner God via spiritual evolution and self enlightenment. Go research what lucufarians believe. Humans wont choose eveil unless they are tricked. I met Jesus when I was a child. He is very real. Also your new age belief was foretold years ago. These "beings" of light will turn on you. Your beings will be loving and kind as long as you do exactly what they want and stay close. I wish you guys the best and I believe your intentions are good. I guess we will find out very soon. Take another look into biblical prophecy. There in lies the proof. I'm not butt hurt I feel sad for you. What your saying is true Luciferianism. Self enlightenment transcending and becoming gods.

  14. Let's just consider how you still get promoted on YouTube…why do you think that is? What message are you putting out there that the people in power are good with? Think about it.

  15. Attention Q Army: Operation #Q4Vendetta

    Christians & Jews – The Prophecy

    Q – The Plan to Save the World

    Q Research Channels
    1) Destroying the Illusion


    2) Dustin Nemos


    3) The Patriot Hour


    4) Praying Medic


    5) Edge of Wonder


    6) JustInformed Talk


    7)In Pursuit of Truth IPOT


    8) SGT Report

    9) X22 Report


    10) RedPill78


    This Will Bring You Tears / The Calm

    Before the Storm

    Thug Life Trump – Queens in the



    Bryson Gray – PRO LIFE PRO GOD PRO


    Tyson James M.A.G.A. (Official

    Music Video) conservative hip-hop

    NiteMare 817


    The Real Severe


    Jason Was Gentile

    Remember Patriots To Send a Flurry of








  16. I’m so happy you guys are here, I can’t wait to meet you in Sydney! 💕💕

  17. We are coming to see you guys because we have followed the disclosure movement for years so hoping not to hear about the beginnings of your stories but current perspective

  18. Sorry, but I'm an Aussie, and I got to 43' 54" of this and still can't understand how this relates to Australia… 🙁

    1. The info they share has to do with the entire planet, not just one country or continent. 🙂

  19. You can only live stream, when you have gold plated plugs, with copper/tungsten connectors throughout.
    With ARGON GAS in between layers as an insulator.
    Negative positive with an insulator.

    There it is…

    Opps, I forgot about frequencies and amplitudes. Maybe there's more to this…

    I need help, please respond below…♥

    I think that's the only way to counteract the Deep state, however I'm always only kidding…

    I donate to you guy's frequently, and I love your work!!!!

  20. You guys try so hard to show people the path,regardless of the technical issues etc.Total respect to you guys,have followed your shows from the start,my hat is off to you guys.

  21. 1:30:05 oh man!!! What did he say?
    The most interesting things of what he saw off planet were messed with! Would love to hear it…

  22. Guys please show us some burned homes. I think it is as California scenario homes burned inside trees and all trees are okay.

  23. When we are going to talk about Australia wildfires I'm referencing your David Wilcock California episode. That's priceless material. That video changed much opinions.

  24. I loved hearing about what you guys initially thought about the difference driving and stuff. Funny stuff

  25. They are wildly popular and at the same time very unprofessional in their approach to videos. I miss the old days of original reporting and taped shows. Not constant Goode and Wilcox interviews…

  26. Good to C U guys down under I live up in Queensland Australia keep up the good work

  27. I believe it is very important that you are here at this exact time.

  28. WHAT ? the audio is not so good – – – hard to watch or should I say Listen

    1. don't like having to fast forward to see what parts I can hear….. Dang it man –

  29. So what's wrong with praying to God the creator? What's also wrong with praying to all the saints and Archangles? It's not about worshiping it's about trying to connect to higher beings to get guidens, exactly like a lot of you are doing when you meditate and trying to connect with different ET's and so on.
    And if you actually read the Bible and especially the words of Jesus in Matthew, Mark, Luk and John. Then you can clearly see that they are not suppressing anything they are actually talking wide open about all of this you now are talking about and the ascension and your higher self and so on.

  30. I Love you! <3 I am the One Creator Beeing incarnated as a Human right now. Ask and you shall receive 🙂 PS please don't call the most wonderful creature ever "meatsuit" this is silly distortion. Thank me.

  31. New England is oppressed, as well. A beautiful place, settled by Pilgrims and Puritans for religious freedom, but evil moves in to destroy what is good, and there is so much blindness, occultism and witchcraft under the surface.

    1. I wouldn't of thought with the amount of viewers you guys have my suggestion was actually seen and fixed. Appreciate the hard work fellas hang in there.

  32. I can totally see Jordan fighting the bugs but most beautiful land

  33. Wow, that was hard one to get through but I treat it like a podcast, so my main focus isn’t sitting and watching but yeah audio huge issue and I know internet totally sucks in Australia, lived there for a while and internet even in the city — problematic. Anyway that Justin Beiber thing is so gross. Just seen the stuff you guys mentioned and 🤢🤢 W.T.F!? When you nod your head yes but want to say no… 😱😱😱😱

  34. Love you guys and the work you do, but I just could'nt listen do this one.. Maybe next one..!

  35. Too bad…the most interesting thing about his off planet experience has been interrupted. I wanted to know about what he has to about Vega star-system experience.

  36. James always put the big picture together. Thank you guys for going to Australia and showing a force of Love. I am so happy to know you all.

  37. James Gilliland and Disclosure team I am glad your are in AU good to hear you speak Way don't you talk about HAARP how the psychopaths are using it to control the weather and it has to do with the fires in Australia !

  38. If you use the phone for audio make sure its closer to you for less echo and louder volume.

  39. I try really hard to listen because sometimes you have great information. And i like your guests but damn you waste so much time just gabbing. I dont watch for entertainment i watch for information. It’s too bad because i lose patients with all the bs and just leave

  40. I saw Saturn from Enccelatas and the beings that took me there were not good or bad and friendly. It was dim lit but visually stunning

  41. Watching you tube all morning and as soon as I got to this vid, suddenly it wont work…wont download…wth…but other non-EoW videos still work. Another deterrent tactic, Goo Tube?!?

  42. I love watching u guys. U R my favorite out of all the truthers. Even thou u have tech difficulties its real no body perfect. Take care & god bless u❤

  43. Thank you, my beloved star children. I know you are being censored, but your mission is clear and reaching the masses! Love, Peace and Light

  44. Ha! I actually asked my church pastor 'who wss gods mommy and when was god born…when I was 5 years old. True story

  45. Someone forget to pack the mic? I would bet they sell them downunder, just saying….

  46. Somehow i can't enter the chat and when I click on go to the channel I come to crazy channels nothing to do with yours.. weird

  47. Be wonderful if people did NOT GO FOR LIP SERVICE FROM CANDIDATES, l👀k at where that has gotten us in the last 4 decades? Further enslavement. "SHEEP IN WOLVES CLOTHING…." Ring Bell.🕭

  48. I can remote view. Who wants to try me . I helped a neighbor solve a robbery break in and I was proud of my self I still have it . But the police gave me a look like I was involved but they new i wasn’t then weeks after the fbi came to my house and asked me if I can help them with another break in in the neighborhood I told them I don’t want to get involved cause the people had a ring of criminals and can’t protect me from them and I’m limited on California gun laws to protect our selfs cause these guys won’t Cary a weapon just so you can’t shoot them and they come in with 5 or more people when they break in

  49. Guys please,do something with the sound.Or maybe someone is trying to sabotage the transmission? There's always that possibility.Take some precautions.

  50. It's not hard to use three mics guys! …always juggling the one microphone in pre-staged interviews.. smh

  51. As per usual Ben is more or less incoherent (mumbling) but once he was on the mic he was understandable pleas FORCE him to use it ALL OF THE TIME.😀

  52. Does anyone have any tips on meditation I’m really lost on all of this. I understand and comprehend what there saying I’m just not sure what I’m supposed to be doing. HELP ❤️🙏🏼

    1. Hi Tyler – meditation takes practice. If it's completely new to you it might be helpful to download an app like Headspace. Basically meditation is a practice of quieting and stilling the mind to clear out all the clutter. You can probably take a class and/or most yoga classes will have at least a few min of meditation to help center yourself. Be patient and give yourself a few minutes each day in a quiet space and concentrate on your inhale and exhale. You can start by closing your eyes taking a deep inhale for 4 seconds / hold the breath for 4 seconds / exhale for 4 seconds and hold the breath out for 4 seconds. That's an easy breathing technique to help start your practice. And start small – do 1 min then next day 3 min then 5 min, etc.

  53. I don’t want to say anything negative towards you guys because I love and appreciate you and I almost expect audio issues with your show and that doesn’t bother me . I would just like to hear and see you introduce people when they come on. I didn’t know the first gentleman on the couch but I recognized James but he wasn’t introduced either . It would be good to do for people who don’t know who they are. Thanks for doing this show guys. I was praying for your safety. Xoxoxo

  54. FYI. Richard Sutphen "mind travel" program will train anyone to Remote view, . And travel to past and future. With high accuracy. Everyone needs to expand their minds to be able to do that.

  55. Ben & Rob: When doing an interview try to use a table and put the camera in the middle and sit on the other side. This guy in middle is getting raped and there is no eye contact. Learn from Joe Rogan.

  56. @ 27 minutes and 10 seconds; 27.10 you can see an orb flying from behind the guy in red! Look at his left ear comes around in front of camera. !!!!!!!

  57. Oh look, more profiteering by EoW. Sorry about your butt Ben, but it sure looks like Rob and the rest screwed the crap out of your genuine interest in this stuff.

  58. Tri Potassium Citrate Monohydrate, for a Australian flora friendly fire retardant that is bio degradable and could be used to contain Fires in inaccessible areas. Suppressed by the Australian Government for 15 years. This is what needs to be disclosed in order to address what needs to be used in the future. Disclose it now!!!

  59. the poor audio is why I spend my cash on quality shows,DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ! ! !

  60. In the Bible the Book of Revelation does mention about the end times and increase in natural disaster etc

  61. I love the beautiful view of the caldera from Santorini's ridgetop 😎😇🐝💚💜.

  62. WTF ! These guys record their videos like amateurs ,
    Too bad their show is pretty good but their technical difficulties seem to be present on each and every day ,
    Is painful to watch their videos when they can't even get their sound going .,, 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  63. I'm simply curious that what difference does it make to see the reality or not? Sounds like despite your efforts, you're still subject to entropy, decay, fault, and ultimate demise to this dirt. This occurs regardless of any other direction, any visualization, any transition from flesh, or no matter belief. So, what's the reasoning? Why should I care for another? Why is the balance off? Why, in terms, can it be impossible to do anything except what binds you by rules…aka…we in flesh can't fly no matter cranial capacity.

    1. Well if one loved their mother, naturally one would care for the mother as in love of an other. If one does not care for the mother thus hating her, one would see this as a balance. To another one, this would appear as an imbalance. If you want to live life easier then just care for the ones who care for you. If no one cares for you then care for self. Then live happily as you can, healthy as you can

    2. @Anthony Torres I get what you're saying; however, your final line intrigued me to ask, why should I be healthy? Healthy food isn't tasty food. Water isn't quenching anymore or less, and diseases are more likely than not to kill anyone. So, what is the motivation to do so, if happy is subjective to individuality thus no one dictates that wealth as the final result is the same unwavering and inevitably consequential from mere birth?

    3. @Jarrod Lespreance happiness is not subjective to individuality as it is emotion. Since your are an Individual with your own individuality you are entitled to be happy as it is free will. You choose to be happy. Or you choose not. It is up to you. Although to be happy is consequence of being healthy. If the desire to be healthy is non existent in the individual then this person would likely tend to be depressed. Are you depressed my friend? Jarrod?

  64. As someone who lives near Melbourne my mind is blown. I've never picked up on any of it… In the country however…. We have Masonic temples EVERYWHERE!!! I rang them and asked to join and if they have a chapter for women…nope. damnit. I was so Keen to suss them out!


  66. 😬 I don't like the cryptids 😬
    they freak me out!
    Love you guys! Awesome interviews! Big hugs to all of our family down under 💓

  67. Guys at your next ceremony in Oz consider meditating with these crystals : Mookaite & Picture Jasper.
    I recently received guidance to use both stones from spirit Guides during a ceremony for Welcoming the Waters to Australia. After researching I learnt that both stones are believed to be
    "Rain Bringers" ( Picture Jasper by the Indigenous peoples here in Canada) & that Mookaite is an Australian Jasper…the word "Mooka" means " running waters" & is a sacred " Mother Earth Stone".
    This latter one very useful as the fires are providing a cleansing for the land on many levels…balance.

  68. Content is great lads. But the live hiccups that you have makes it hard to watch. Pre recording is def the way to go.

  69. I like your videos but every live stream you guys do is a technical disaster.

  70. RE: Jordon talking about folks being pegged Qanon conspiracy terrorists… link regarding Cyndie Abcug's story on Northwest Liberty News OFF THE HOOK!!

  71. Hi guys. Have you guys addressed Agenda 21? I believe the Australian & California Fires are set by the Globalist to legitimize their GlobAl Warming lies.

  72. Hi guys, The Roman Catholic Church 500 years ago took the feminine part out of our culture whoe,s aim was to suppress heresy in other words if a woman was CAUGHT walking in a field [for gods sake] she would be branded a wich [and hillary still walks free] then that poor woman would be BURNED AT THE STAKE, Or drowned to get the demons out if she died which thousands did they;d say we got the demons out of her,If by a miracle she survived they;d say she still has demons so would then be burned at the stake ALL for to get the feminine part away from men JEEZ GOD MUST BE COVERING HIS EYES AT WHAT WE DO TO EACH OTHER. Love this chanel EOW KEEP UP THE BRILLIANT WORK Dan x Rob SCOOBS UK.

  73. There was a definite pattern to the sound, like some kind of coded transmission?

    1. Lol, no, it sounded like if you move your smartphone too close to a Bluetooth speaker and it starts interfering in rhythmic cycles with clicks.

  74. Sounds like your microphone is on the same frequency as something else, cool stuff. Never a dull moment with all ya'll

  75. Listen to Amanda Ellis. She had a show about Australia you would appreciate

  76. There are Collins streets in many Australian cities named after Governor David Collins, who helped found the colonies of NSW, Victoria and Tasmania, he was also involved with the American Revolutionary War .

  77. TrYing To Skew Q Will Not Go Unpunished. No weapon And No Word. Christians KNOW what I m saying. 😇 wwg1wga. TRUST THE PLAN

  78. THE Monalog Reminded me of Trump at That Roast Years Ago. THE TRUTH IS FUNNY😅but not 😣

  79. Regarding Ricky Gervaise: remember Q said that maybe they would have to "force" some things when referring to the press asking about Q Anon? I can't remember which post it was.

  80. The truth is a man called Jesus. The truth implies lies. Ever think that you could be deceived? Be wary of these beings, angels of light. If the light in you be darkness, how great is that darkness!

  81. Terrible audio – can't hear all of you so am outta here. Use mics that clip onto your clothes; they work.

  82. Your video kept cutting out when the remote viewer started talking about the off planet viewing. Please do a non-live interview with him. I'm super interested in what he saw off planet. Also, hearing his protocol for how he does his remote viewing would be awesome.

    1. Ok, I totally wrote that before you finished your interview. Carry on. I'm excited to watch what you guys put out.

  83. ps the largest fire in Australia/ world was 17 million hectares not long ago in our out back in Australia but not talked about as no one around this last one was 15 million hectares recently & the Californian fires were 13 million hectares and the amazon 9 millionhectares

  84. cave man never had police to pull people into line so religion was created to repress us with going to heaven or hell then become religion with power to control the masses through mass and sin and sacrifice which leaders/ satanists love us giving them ultimate control through fear and its all a lie

  85. Wow can't believe I missed this!!! Darn!! How are you all doing there is Australia hope you are all well an safe. Keep up the good work and see you back on the Edge. Lol 😃

  86. Psycho flies spiders snakes sharks floods n fires…look out for Killer Koalas!!! Welcome guys have a great stay..good food good air great locals! .luv your stuff..that symbolism is everywhere eh…..

  87. Please TRY not to be CLOWNS! Your information is very good. You don't have to be entertaining. which is trying.

  88. Can anyone lead me to where I can listen to Jordan? The last guy who spoke, I'm unsure his last name or story but am very interested in learning. Thank you!

  89. Awww i love u guys wouldnt be a edge show without audio issues your my heros keep on keepin on

  90. I could not watch it the audio was so bad – shame and love to watch a repeat if you sort it

  91. The word “church” is “knowing”! Read the context 🥰 ❤️🙏🏻

    1. Not really, we in the Southern Hemisphere ALL have less amazing internet but it also just seems like that for people coming from the Northern Hemisphere. We are used to it, but you guys obviously are not. The good news is WE DON:T HAVE 5G, thank goodness. Hopefully never!

    2. @Lidia Chambers My internet in Melbourne is terrible. It hasn't changed in 15 years

    3. You got that right. Forget about getting on the net after 7PM. I have the so called NBN but most of the time my wife and I use my phone as a personal hot spot as the NBN is too slow to use if more than one person is using it. Even the old ADSL2 was better before 7PM.

  92. Starting to give up on edge of wonder, almost all shows is just about them talking about their audio problems and some shows are completely unwatchable. It keeps happening and they don't care enough to do something about it. Some level of seriousness shouldn't be too much to ask for, like checking that audio is working before starting recording or streaming for example..

  93. Guys I really do like the show I don’t believe in everything and I’m saying this not in a mean way but I can’t member the guys name that you’re sitting there with on the couch at the beginning this guy is being so forward so full just like Adam and Eve were they chose the apples from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and that’s exactly what this guy has done his chose that Apple and it says in the Bible that the Devil presents himself as an angel of light these entities I believe he seen I’m not doubting that one bit but it’s demonic and they’re fooling you there’s only one high power in that power is Jesus he seems like a very good person I’m not put nobody down but when the end just come you chose to be like a God instead of to worship the one true God these entities you’re Seeing our daemonic

  94. Guy's , You need a technician for your live feeds. The last two were bad.

  95. You said the guy well he said that we shouldn’t be mad when somebody’s giving out something positive listen let me tell you this it says in the Bible that the devil is the father of lies do you understand what that means that the father of lies Adam and he fell for it in the garden and the people you have on there has fell for it to wanting to know more than you should know that’s exactly what the fallen angels and Satan told Adam and Eve in the garden and you can sit there and say it’s good but it’s not and you’re being fooled says in the Bible that the devil goes around like a roaring lion To whom he may devour and you’ve been fooled devil can show his self as an angel of light and all this knowledge that they’re giving you God didn’t want you to have all that knowledge not that’s too much that’s when you start getting into the spirit realm that’s why he told them not to eat from that tree and people on the show have ate it and then some I’m sorry I can’t watch the show no more you’re teaching the new age movement and it’s wrong and Jesus is coming that’s what you need to worry about

    1. You guys need to study the Bible more instead of warring how to get to a higher consciousness it’s demonic and you’re being fooled the same way as Adam and Eve

  96. The name Australia is a mish mash of the two Latin words Austere and Alia. Meaning strictly amongst other things. Did you know.

  97. I wonder the lake where they’re doing a lot of Bigfoot research is Lake Quinault. I lived there 6 years. Most amazing place.

  98. The name Australia derives from Latin australis meaning southern, and dates back to 2nd century legends of an "unknown southern land" (that is terra australis incognita)

  99. Edge of the Abysse sounds more like it. First half hour totally wasted on audio issues. Do your setup and preps at least an hour before going live. Next, have a decent script with an introduction of who's who.

  100. 200 people are arrested for starting fires those f**** should go to jail for the rest of their lives look at all the damage they caused eco-terrorists those animal activist that there should go visit those eco-terrorist

  101. Would love to see you guys come to perth mabey next time love your work keep up the epic work 😁

  102. Ever wonder why these guys cant get anymore subscribers? Remember when these guys made cool videos rather then talking about hippy meditation bullshit for an entire livestream. So boring. Mandela effect, Q and aliens is all the people want, pretty weird that when you had videos like this you blew up, going all enlightened hippy meditation horsecrap and sub count negs. Join the dots EoW #real

  103. brisbane waters national park has Egyptian hieroglyphics and yowie sightings also known as hairy man, just north of sydney – check out yowie hunters australia

  104. This is wayyyyy off topic but do u think u can find out if leprechauns are real??? Im dead serious!!!

  105. i hear that information, that Nikola Tesla was extraterrestrial incarnated, he was lyrium from Venus and he was aware and fully and in contact with his poeple at least for some time, come from planet Lyra and planet avolum in the Vega star system..

    peace and much love to australia ❤️ P.S. i love the new generation jusus called James Gilliland!

  106. Healing Australia Guided Meditation … https://youtu.be/2me79BhFnaY
    the entire guided journey has been infused from start to finish with REIKI TO CLEAR TRAUMA, PAIN and SUFFERING … REIKI FOR HEALING and REIKI TO RESTORE PEACE, LOVE and JOY.

    Group meditation has been scientifically proven to absolutely create major positive change when everyone is focused on the same outcome so the more people involved the bigger miracles we WILL create. Just imagine groups of people all over the world, all participating at different times, Australia, her people and animals will be consistently held in our loving and healing embrace. Complete healing and transformation will follow.

    Please share this healing meditation with all your friends and family across all your favorite social media platforms, Facebook messenger and even in your email so that others can become aware that they too have the opportunity to help in this powerful healing movement.

  107. 🙏🌬🌧 🇦🇺…. on a different note I’m really frickin dissapointed that rainbows and lol has been wrecked for me…I frickin love rainbows! It really means communication with the Gods.🌈🙏🌬🌧🇦🇺

  108. You guys really need to get with it. Your sound and all the mumbling. Get to the point, please


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    I also, in your line of work please interview ex-satanists, who came to Jesus. You will get much disclosure from them, truth about the deception that is pulling you. All roads do not lead to the One Ancient of Days, that is a lie. I care about you.

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    (An interview with a QAnon creator)

    (Real reasons to be scared of QAnon)

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3EE_Tyi7ErRT0FEEySbe1g (A channel dedicated to showing you who the real shills are)

    (A playlist from the channel above exposing QAnon and the people behind it)

    (Oops, fans of EoW and QAnon won't enjoy this one)

    Think for yourselves, do your own research and decide for yourself.

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  134. Hi! I'm Lynne, not Jack. Anyway, I would just LOVE to meet an ET. I would love to meet a being that is more evolved, in every way, than I am so I can learn by example. It's not that I had bad parents or anything, but that I feel humans, in general, need to evolve a bit more. I know so many people, including myself, that say such mean things sometimes and who think such mean thoughts. I would really like to evolve out of that and would like everyone else to, as well. I feel that as long as I am a human here on Earth, I don't think I'll get to meet any of them. I sure hope I'm wrong, though!! I believe they would be scared to meet a race of beings that don't understand how their thoughts and feelings create the world they live in and that don't understand all of the power being human holds. I sure wish schools taught the things we actually NEED to know and not the crap they teach now(even in private schools). I wish I'd learned in school just how everything, down to the molecular level and even smaller, is geometry and how our thoughts and feelings are probably the single most important thing we should learn how to use, as a tool, not just because we're alive and have thoughts and feelings. Anyway, I wish you guys the best and will be praying for rain down under!

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  136. If you just believe with all your heart, mind and soul that Jesus paid for all your sins, past, present and future, when He she'd His blood on the cross….YOU WILL BE SAVED! Then the Holy Spirit ( comforter) will come into your heart and preserve you until Jesus takes you home. Remember, their is nothing you can do to be saved (Your works are never good enough). Out of your heartfelt appreciation of and love towards the One who saved you, will flow works that He does through you. You will still sin, as do we all, but YOU ARE FORGIVEN!!! GOD DOESN'T TURN HIS CHILD AWAY BECAUSE IT STUMBLES OR FALLS….WOULD YOU??? Get up, know He still loves you and strive to do better. Don't let FEAR AND DOUBT rule your heart….but your 100% FAITH THAT HE WILL NEVER LEAVE OR FORSAKE YOU. JESUS SAYS HE WILL NOT LOSE ONE OUT OF HIS HAND THE FATHER HAS GIVEN HIM. That He came and died should show everyone the COMPASSION AND LOVE of the One who saved you. Feeling you have to do certain things to gain His favor is a LACK OF FAITH, in His promises and the work He did to obtain your salvation! DON'T BELIEVE THE WORK YOUR WAY TO SALVATIONERS…THEY HAVE LOST THEIR FIRST LOVE. SAVED BY GRACE TO THEN SPIT ON THAT GRACE AS THOUGH WHAT THEY DO MATTERS MORE THAN WHAT HE DID!!!!JESUS DID IT ALL!!!IT IS INDEED FINISHED!!!!HE IS THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF OUR FAITH!!!JUST BELIEVE!!!

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    My uncle lou recently passed away. His one big thing in life was to grow weed. He spent years of his life high up or way out ….lol. and that's in every way…
    So this one year he came home from somewhere deep in the woods all wild eyed and with a new enthusiasm for life after having given up most of his beloved crop to a bigfoot.
    He said, until his dying day that his best thing that ever happened in his entire life was to have had a several minute long exchange with bigfoot.
    He left fruit and other offerings out for years…and eventually discovered "who" was taking it.
    After decades of near missed glimpses, shadows, and thinking something was there ….he finally got his lifes wish on one of his last outings before he was diagnosed with cancer. That wish was to meet big foot. I believe! He got his wish. His dying breaths were spent confirming his meeting. His dying breaths were spent confirming the intelligence…the massive family structure and the EXISTENCE of this being. Basically he described a mind meld with the big foot. He had zero fear and he completely KNEW the heart of the beast we call big foot.
    He even had my auntie cremate him and gave her extremely specific coordinates on where to bury his ashes with his "friend" out there in the woods.
    The specific area is Mt. Shasta.
    Where his ashes are I cannot disclose…

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