Energy Comparison

Dear World,
Recently stumbled over an icredible fact I just wanted to put in relation in a video.
In the progress I decided to put a lot more things in relation and started with a tiny grain of sand.

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  1. Some metric prefixes would be nice here. I.e. a million joules is a megajoule.

    1. Sure. I did that before in other comparisons, but it does not help a lot understanding numbers. Peta, Yotta etc. does not give you an impression of the size of a number. Also the scientific expression with powers of ten does not.
      10 to the power of 80 atoms in the universe? Does not sound much…
      Here I tried just to hit people with the zeroes as an experiment. šŸ™‚

    1. @morn1415 i could never possibly imagine how much that is. truly incredible šŸ˜€

  2. Am I dumb for not knowing the crater was called "Chicxulub" lol, never heard it called that before. Is there an origin to that name?

    1. It is just the name of a town near the center. Maya language "Flea-Demon".
      Also the exact location of the crater was only confirmed 1996. Of course it is not visible any more after 65 million years.

  3. You know, I had an idea. Have you tried reaching out to educational video producers? These kinds of videos would do pretty well in grade school science classes.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Even more I try to become an educational video producer. šŸ™‚ Recently I did a video or a physics laboratory.
      And I realize from the comments that my videos are used for the purpose sometimes.

    2. @morn1415 that is fantastic! I have always tried to follow the advances of science, and I would love nothing more than to see the next generation try and advance on the already existing understandings and go beyond that. Even if I'm not the best example, with my learning disabilities, there isn't any reason I wouldn't want to learn more about it myself.

    3. @N7 Knights We are performing incredible advances right now, but the amount of people understanding them is getting less. This is natural. Not everybody can be involved in finding the Higgs Boson or even care about it. I think it is important to just appreciate that anyway. If I meet a person more intelligent than me, I am happy as it gives me hope for mankind.
      Also I am typing right here on a device that would have seemed like magic a few decades ago.
      If you realize you have weaknesses in understanding that makes you already more intelligent than a lot of people and if you want to learn then you have no learning disability. I have met people who really have. They are convinced they know everything already.

    4. @morn1415 Just keep up the great work, and who knows, we may just see you on science channel or something. We are behind you the whole way there.

  4. Brilliant, as always. Iā€™m going to use this video in my classes!

  5. Great channel – thanks for showing us the Universe and how it all fits together. Beautiful! ā™„ļø