Enter the Center: Singularity Explained, Heart Energy & Faces in the Clouds

Hear the Art of the Heart

8:30- Faces in the Clouds

All music in this video is tuned to 432hz.

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  1. The net makes me think of what we know as a green screen..the light coming out sophia's light the Aurora Borealis is green..what we call maya or illusions is that magnetic light ..net projecting back to us …maybe that's why the closer we get to the source..the illusion is broken…the dreamer or sleeper will awakenwe are waking up

    1. Yesss i made a video comparing green screens to the aurora boriealis a while back😊

    2. @Mark S Because that doesn't really matter since it's not long til' this reality will collapse and we get back to the center

  2. Dragons are projecting clouds from inner earth into our sky?

  3. In resume even YOU flatearthparadise, You've always done good work, also when you massed up a time ago, you were ALWAYS at the service of the source, so did we all.
    We are like a swarm living for the queen 👑, lol. But when we saw ourself connected with this image it always sounded evil, lol

  4. I see tons of faces! I see them all the time, well a lot, for years now, weird faces, scary and clownish, and odd creature like things, like this video, Lol
    and dragons, but I didn't want to say that, until you did, haha

    1. Those are demons. "Hermes" deceives you people. Don't misunderstand me, i got fooled by him too, doing blood over intent over a year ago. It caused demons to come into my life, visiting me at night as shadow people, moving objects, depressive thoughts and so on.
      Thats because "Hermes" is of satan, and a blood contract is demonic in any way possible. He loads you up with demons and sells you to satan without you knowing it.

      I got delivered from demons by Jesus Christ, he is the real Lord and King of Kings. You don't want to see demonic faces anymore? Repent from your sins and cast them out in Jesus name. The Bible is the whole truth, I've cast Demons out of myself and out of others. Dualism is necessary, the light has no company with the dark. Satan doesn't want this, he wants a right to exist next to the light, but he hasn't. He will be destroyed on the great day of God's judgement.

      Spell casting is demonic, what force do you think you are using? Your own? You want to make yourself a God? Which doctrine is that? Satanic. There is only one God, the most high, creator of this world, where all the wickedness of this world will be ereased and cast into the lake of fire. Anything else is of Satan.

    2. ambr r
      This use to happen to me to and I found that as soon as I say the name Jesus Christ loud all instantly stop
      Weird I know…. but it does work
      Try it…it the strangest thing ever
      I use to also get “night terrors” as they call it, were something holds me down and I cat move, this happened on and off for years , but as soon as I say the words Jesus Christ its gone in a second….its hardly happens anymore but still now and then months apart.
      in the beginning its hard to get the words out as you are “frozen” but push through and feel how powerful it is to control these things with just saying the name of Jesus Christ
      Why that happens is scary in itself because that means that the name has some supernatural power!

  5. I admire your wisdom. 💚 I’d still be in dualism trying to fight the ‘evil’ if I never found you. At one point I was just blindly trusting (blinded by the false light) these new age concepts without even really questioning, cause it sounded good. Then when I started watching your videos again, it schattered my previously perceived gnosis I finally activated my own intuition, and it actually seemed destructive and chaotic at first but everything is orchestrated. 🦋🌼

  6. Since Devon likes the MaTrix thing so much here is a Hindu spin in that.
    Lalita Sahasranamam contains the thousand names of the Hindu mother goddess Lalita. The names are organized as hymns (stotras). Lalita Sahasranama is a text from Brahmanda Purana. It is a sacred text of the Hindu worshippers of Goddess Lalita Devi, considered to be a manifestation of the Divine Mother (Shakti) or Goddess Durga (Parvati, Mahakali). Etymologically, "Lalitha" means "She Who Plays". In the root form (vyutpatti), the word "Lalita" means "spontaneous" from which the meaning "easy" is derived and implicitly extends to "play".

  7. One tiny correction, The female is positive energy (protons) and the male is negative energy(electrons) in our balls we have electrons with negative charge that unite with the chromosones of the female which give us the protons so the atmoic structure can be created and the grown into the avatar! The male is a red colour, Fire and the female is a blue colour ,water, Male is electric and Female is magnetic! Electric= – Magnetic= +
    Chaos happens when both polarities are in confusion with eachother and order is fine but the masculine has order without love so thats AI construct! Originally both Red and Blue need eachother!
    The thing is
    Is fire burning us? or warming us?
    Is water drowning us? or keeping us cool?
    Thats the thing! In this world we are lost at sea, burning and drowning at the same time!
    Drowning because we all die breathing this watery AIR under waters and the feminine is supressed
    Burning because of the ruling powers of this world, burning from within not in a good way but in a anger,envy,jelousy etc way! list goes on
    We must revert the reversal to have the true love !

    1. The fire is burning away that which we do not require
      This is not an overly masculine world is all senses. What is reflected to us is a divide between the masculine and feminine so both are seen in their toxic forms. I would say the healthy masculine is very important right now: Discipline, boundary-setting, courage, and stoicism (non-reactivity).
      Chaos in mythologies is the primeval sea of creation. The same way mother gives birth to children, the chaos births order. Chaos is not inherently bad, its necessary.
      The integrated masculine is just as divine as the integrated feminine. I agree ORDER without empathy is imbalanced. But empathy without order gives way to a weakening and the same "lost at sea" feeling you speak of.

      The New Age is hell-bent on the feminine but without the masculine we are left without the determination many of us envision when we think of gods/goddess & heroes.

    2. Flat Earth Paradise definitely agree 😄 glad to feel the change from within happening as we continue to dream in this world

  8. That snail in the clouds has gotta price of my heart…I see her all the time💚🌼

  9. I wonder if I would be able to draw in the sky using clouds. Maybe manipulate them like an etch-a-sketch. I've only ever tried to pop them. I can still disperse clouds whenever I want.

    Oh what a useless super power I have! Lol!

    1. Not useless at all. Now move the clouds inside and you'll got it.

  10. divided in duality,
    tricked by insanity,
    revealed our reality,
    aurora is her majesty.
    searched our anatomy,
    unifying happily,
    greeting our new family,
    together in tapestry.
    learning substantially,
    hyperborean academy,
    at the halls of amenti,
    we all live eternally.

    1. @zane this is nice rhyming. Do you mind if i rap this and put this on my Instagram ? I'll give you credit

    2. of course you can. All Zane's rhymes and music are all free as can be. 😉

  11. So I had a cloud flipping me off the other day I took a video. Lol what does that mean? Great video ❤️

  12. Today I was out for a run and the bright sun above spoke to me saying this is like the relay of the human race passing the BA ton , ( merkaBA tone) from sol to sol lifetime through lifetime saving the fastest strongest runner for last 💚

  13. My body lies over the ocean
    My body lies over the sea
    My body lies over the ocean
    Bring back my body to me
    Bring back bring back
    bring back my body to me to me

    1. @jedi padwan lol . Yeah .I always thought it was body . Mandela effect hahaha

  14. Is it possible that one of our parents could be a souless being?
    Devin, what is your profession?
    Greetings from Argentina.

  15. You can tell this nonsense is ending, you can feel it heavily and the most recent wave of energy from the last full moon is just making our truth known to us all the more. Just keep on hanging on in there, we are almost home! Perhaps, we are already there!

  16. The day after my dog died, I was looking at the sky/clouds and got a picture of her chasing her ball
    I also got a picture of what looks like a man from the torso up, with his left arm stretched out pointing his finger and his head looking in the same direction.. and there's what looks like a mermaid laying right behind him and his right arm is behind him and kinda holding onto her lower body and her upper body is curled around so she's looking up at him. I can see his chest, head and arms. She doesn't have a tail or anything but just looking at the picture makes me instantly picture her as a mermaid.

    Reminds me of the old style painting of that man with his finger out as if he's going to gently touch something.
    I've also seen evil looking faces, letters and numbers..

  17. Thanks for sharing again my brother. If anyone in the family has a moment, check out the movie "The 13th Floor". My wife and I watched again and it's very insightful. Peace

  18. Watch the new movie Alita (referring to being a live, light, to be a lit lto be light, to be connected…to be alive)I watched it and instantly decoded it its amazing, you like doing videos and u see how i do so you'll enjoy it. When you get to the point where you can star at the matrix and not leave the heartspace you see and know everything, so much potent expansion for me and information we can access, I woke on 0110my bday and its been a ride a roller coaster turning to a straight line up which is going with in to a point when your awareness explodes and your so connected to everything. The progress/process of singularity. What a time. As they say the mirror is broken and we can now travel and pass like neo basically when he dies and then comes back into the body with out having to be put back in after taking yourself out. All the things we can do when fully conscious like him at the end of the one where he flies to the one at the end of the trilogy, in his progress and process of becoming more connected/awake. How much are we going to expand and how quick?..we are neo. We are the one in the movie the one with jet li. just like move Alita. we are everything. Going back to singularity and its displayed everywhere.

  19. Do you approve of the rapper Mr. Traumatik using your work in his music?

  20. Ez water H30 fourth state between fluid solid known as Gel state. Everyone Check it out.

  21. Hey man, the black hole is not in the Arctic, rather it's residence is subterranean in Antarctica..also the earth is cellular/concave, not flat. Much love.

    1. Be Free that’s actually truth, flat earthers are being deceived

  22. Amazing song bro! Singularity heart consciousness coming up soon earth!

  23. 2Tim 3,13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

  24. what do you think about a man made dooms day? EMP putting people back to the stone age and WW3 that will depopulate the human race? 🤔 and preparing the young for the new control system as they turn on electricity again?

  25. How do you feel about this physical plane actually being on the bottom half of the toroidal sphere and the the emerald light is on the top. Maybe that’s why they actually tell us a truth that our eyes flip everything upside down in our head. Why would it need to flip it it wasn’t already flipped? Just like looking in a reflection in a spoon. Maybe the mirror reflects more truth than we even knew?

  26. Yeshua was a carpenter and used carpenters tools. Those tools being the square and compass. Hex-alpha or star of david (Symbol of the masons and hidden knowledge taken from moorish science) In allegory those are the tools necessary to navigate the earth "plane". It is well known in mathematics that u cannot square a circle. Similarly one cannot navigate a "sphere" using a square and compass. You can however raise a axis or angle (angel) to a higher power. Exponent* the perfect being (swastika) 4, 90° angles equates to the 360 whole. Whol-e (holy) sun. Our connection to source. Yeshua was a pisces and when he was to leave he said go to the next town and there will be a man bearing water on his shoulder, follow him. Symbolic of the transition from the age of pisces to the AGE OF AQUARIUS the water bearer. Moving from belief onto knowing. Much love from the universe.

  27. I saw a string of purple light, much like the aurora, connecting myself and my twin flame, we live in different states USA. I saw it in a dream. I knew it was real..nobody seems to talking about it though. Your connection between the heart space and the auroras resonates very much ♥️

  28. Hey Devin, thanks for all the work you do, I love your channel. I was hoping you could help answer a question for me I have about urine therapy. (I know this video has nothing to do with it) How do urine drug tests work if no bad chemicals are present in our urine? 
    Ive had people ask me this a couple of times & not sure how to answer. Any help would be appreciate!
    Peace, love & centeredness 💚

  29. Do you think it will end this year (2019)? Do you think there will be the 'Apocalypse', the unveiling?

  30. Everytime I look in the sky on acid, I see a huge Mandala coming out of the sun with curves in the golden ratio. It looks like the sun is creating reality with it`s light. The first time I saw the mandala, I thought instantly about the terms: The divine Matrix, and The invisible Landscapes. It looks like the mandala is everytime there, but not everyone has visual access to it.
    Do you have similar experiences or know somebody who has?

    1. Hey man, when I was at the beach one time I felt spiralling energy from the sun entering my skull

  31. Don't know if you've seen the trailer for Frozen 2 but I instantly thought about everything you've been pointing out in movies. They literally say "head north across the enchanted lands and into the unknown" 💖

    1. Saw it. No coincidences anymore. All is being revealed 🙂

    2. @Flat Earth Paradise Speaking of movies, do you know or maybe know of a YouTuber who has the deeper meanings of all of these you movies like Child's Play, Toy Story and Annabelle all coming out at the same time. And the fact that ANDY is the name for both boys in Toy Story and Child's Play, there's obviously some deep meanings within them all.
      IDK if you'll see this with all the messages of your new video (which I'm excited to watch!) but I can't find deeper info on it all. Just seems interesting!

  32. Fro some reason I was drawn back to your page brother. My soul thanks you.

  33. I was wondering what will happend to those who will happends to die a few days or a months before the 12/21? Will they for the last time reincarnate as babies and then when the date hits they will return to singularity from their baby bodies with no actual experience from this last reincarnation?

  34. In Revelation 14:4…it speaks of the 144,000 as firstfruits……later in Rev. It speaks of another great harvest of Souls

  35. I did blood over intent . With you. What's the deal with all the satanism and references to it. That's not my intent. Please help me to innerstand.