Extinction Events, Extended Galaxies, Pistol & Helix | S0 News Jan.17.2020

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Today’s Featured Links:
PEDE Outperforms LCDM: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2001.05103.pdf
CGM/IGM… Connected: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2001.05473.pdf
G Objects in Orion?: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2001.04997.pdf
Phosphorus in Space: https://www.eso.org/public/news/eso2001/
BPA Article: https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/pressroom/presspacs/2020/acs-presspac-january-15-2019/bpa-activates-immune-response-in-mice-that-passes-down-through-generations.html
BPS Just as Bad: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-52350-y
Major Extinction Tracking, Implication for Short-Recent Events: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-00117-1
SOFIA Galaxy Survey: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2001.05487.pdf

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  1. Okay so really quickly. Bud Light and particles. Light can be very long, like we discussed earlier about a mile long at least. But it has two ends to it. It is a starting point and and ending point. Might also have a middle section just to be neat. So imagine just like the string the starting points the ending points and the middle sections can be anywhere at any possible time. Just imagine light is it flatters Through Time with the starting position closer to you and even the ending position very close to you still with the middle section somewhere very far away. And that's just one example.

  2. They just recently discovered a large blob of gas 2 light years from earth, not like there isn't a whole lot of other gas out there… or a little closer to home. The earth doesn't run into gas in it's trip through space does it?
    Ever thought about poster art ? The upper left pic @ 3:53 looks like big foot, the upper right one looks like a bee.

  3. Is there any chance you know about how time relates to the electromagnetic field around the planet? Im looking for possible models which exclude time as a factor because of the electric universe theory and how the magnetic field of this electron effects how we perceive our environment and how that may effect the global model for dating or timing.

    Something that has puzzled me for a while is why lots of ancient structures are aligned with the sun and moon with each procession around the sun and it struck me that it may be that they knew of the cycles and they measured them by the stars not just to match to our timescale but because they didnt have a clock because they were useless when time passes at different rates given the magnetic shields strength. Which is the only true external way of measuring passing events external to the the microcosm on earth. Therefore it could take either long periods between cycles or short periods but always based upon the stars and their positions.

    Im fast getting to the point where I would say nothing is dateable and that we really shouldnt be looking along a linear timeline span for anything. Quite why its been fairly stable in recent times Im not sure but when I think about how people who were 60 back in the 80s. They all looked really old and decrepit, yet we fast forward to today and we have people who dont resemble their previous generations for their age. So in comparison people who were 60, 30 years ago looked far older than those of the 'age' of 60 today. Why is this? Does it relate? I remember when years used to seem to take an age to come around and yet today no longer have we had Christmas for one year the next Christmas is already upon us in our perception. Why is this?

  4. Ty …Ben…📡..🌟..🎤 .. alot is hapenning from the core of earth an magnetic field we cannot longuer denie the sun have a huge impact on us an on earth . We are self are energy .

  5. Whoa. I’m saying that a lot lately every time I watch this. Just WHOA.

  6. Cold and "chemmie" cloudy in phx az .like every day here in the old valley of the sun. Im gonna go look at petroglyphs in n phx today made by ancient native americans. And see it with a new set of eyes. Maybe ill discern something.
    Heres to the last good year! Wether were evil or divine were the last in line.
    So shine.😎🙏☝

  7. A thought that has intreged me , Lets say EU theory is correct in its origins story for the Earth,Mars,Venus, and the Saturnian system and the capture event by Sol did happen in early human history , wouldn't that mean that most of earths geological history is not an indication of our current trajectory ? Meaning that we simply can not look at previous extinction events or evidence of past Nova/super flares as an analogue for what our current Sun may throw at us . How far back do we go ? How much of the early mythos and drawings left behind are referring to events that occured during the capture…before the capture…after the capture. Same question for the geological evidence..thank you

    1. Plasma universe. Stop letting those thieves get away with what they stole.

  8. Did those 12000 year events come from our current sun or from Saturn (supposedly a previous sun). I tend to think the former.

    1. Or the flash came from our Sun as Earth, Luna, Venus, & Mercury we're exomoon's revolving around Jupiter sitting in the goldie lock zone .. Saturn was sitting where Jupiter currently sits with a exomoon called Mars & another exomoon or planet revolving around Saturn that got blown to bits and pieces during the chaos of interplanetary rearrangement forming the inner & outer asteroid belts .. Idk maybe I'm biased because Jupiter is my favorite planet & Saturn can choke on it's Ring's l*l

  9. When blobs of gas accrete to form protostars, what causes stellar ignition? Is it electricity/magnetism, gravity, both, or something else?

    1. I dont know what hideden means.
      I am convinced it is a long-period recurrent micronova.

    2. @Suspicious0bservers by "hidden" I mean that is unknown, or difficult to know, what kind of star is the sun until the features of micronova manifest. Do you have a video explaning why the sun is a micronova star? I will try to find it. Thanks.

  10. Here in the Salt Lake Valley the snowstorm came hard and fast dumping around 2 inches/hr or 5 cm/hr for you crazy folks who don't go by the king's foot… Left almost as suddenly as it arrived with the Sun now melting the valley snow. Those in the hills and mountains will not be so lucky, might as well just consider it added to the pack. G'day mates!

  11. 30°C day after day in TARANAKI. Swims at the beach and slip n slide in the back yard. Iceblocks and sunscreen and sleepless nights from sunburn. 😎🌞😎

  12. Hi Ben ,could you check ENIF as its not listed in the top ten brightest stars but it is by far the brightest in the sky in the northern hemisphere, I just checked and there is nothing close.

  13. if we could just figure out how to achieve lightspeed it would save the human race

  14. There is a study called electro-physiology, which studies ion channels and their function in cells. Primarily the calcium ion provided in over abundance in tap water used in drinking water is the source and has implications for all kinds of health issues. The calcium ion channel is basically the on/off switch in the body. But there are other ion channels, such as sodium, phosphate, etc.

    1. Think of the implications for Insects in fields of resonant microwaves (Radar, Satellite and mobile Communication)
      it has. Liked your comment!

  15. I’m confused. This video says the earth’s poles only flip once about every 300,000 years or so, leaving growth stripes on the sea floors along the divergent zones. https://youtu.be/WhiF6IqGACo. These other 12,000 year cycles seem to be different than the polar flip cycles?

    1. Yes. You are seeing the. long chron reversals where the polarity flips and stays there. We are discussing the excursions – flip and flip back

    2. Suspicious0bservers thanks yes, but isn’t the long term flip cycle overdue, so the short double flip cycle is more likely to be overtaken by the upcoming long term event. Right?

  16. Temp's finally dropped to normal here in Greenville, SC. Going to drop to below normal for the next week, not sure what's to come! I'm from lower Michigan so this is a piece of cake for me.

  17. Vxines contain mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and cancer fibroblasts.

  18. The Bible book of John, chapter 14, shows us How to have the Spirit of God for a Teacher, and Comforter Forever… Immanuel… God With Us Peace

  19. RE: Extinction paper. Species diversity declined in the 80,000 leading up to the Permian extinction. The same pattern was described in Robert Bakker's 1986 book "The Dinosaur Heresies", but it applied to Dinosaur species at the end of the Cretaceous Period. Bakker didn't believe in '86 (the "crater" hadn't yet been discovered) that the dinosaurs were killed of by and asteroid (he may have changed his mind later, but I honestly doubt it). His reasoning is described in detail in the book, but he summed it up by saying that the dinosaurs were already on their way out. At most an asteroid may have finished them off he said. I'd also like to add that although an old book The Dinosaur Heresies is well worth reading for those interested in the subject.

  20. 3.5 inches of rain here in central Queensland for last 10 days, grass growing like crazy

  21. Wow, Ben. You've really been putting together something amazing over these years. Gratis!

  22. The Japanese government dumped barrels of BPA into the water supply look at all the lady Boys they have. LOVE AND LIGHT

  23. Plastics and heart problems…. Enough said for me… $75k for hospital stay and you reported this to me exactly 9 months too late… Better late than never. Thanks Ben

  24. And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.

    1. Impressive! Revelation 12. However…(and I'm a literalist to the greatest degree possible) don't you think that the entire chapter is allegorical – referring to real events using symbolic language?

  25. I don't know why the beginning of this video is so depressing just floating through warped time. That song is beautiful but even more depressing than the PlayStation 4 home screen music 😂

  26. Honestly, no one cares what your local weather is. All you do is plug up the comments for actual conversations.

  27. Didn't Revelations already say all this? Science has such a wonderful way to paraphrase what has already been known… and that's not a bad thing.

  28. In Your Video clip from 5:165:24 (mm:ss) Did you just suggestted, Nibiru is coming from Southern Angle of approach and is on Collision course or close flyby, without saying it?

  29. Looove this channel 😁💕 I'm not an astronomer; but I do have ph.D in science and everything discussed in your videos makes total sense. 👍👍👍

  30. Great job Ben. Thank you for the list. Now I have something to research this week.

  31. I want to suggest watching CS Lewis’s “death of the great myth”, I believe it is excellent in dealing with scientific truths? Thoughts? Or premises. You tube has a channel of ca Lewis.

  32. A few years ago I meet a University Professor whom taught Debt and Risk Management. I ask her, 'Does money really Exist? She looked at me, not expecting the question, and replied , 'No, it only exists because people believe it has value', she went on to say, 'There have been thousands of Currencies in history'. What is a belief? It is a shadow. A shadow is a result of light, and the obstruction of light by an object that blocks the light, and hence…cast's a shadow, a 2 dimensional Illusion, or dark matter. Not really, But is it like a sent? which is more real for but a time. What is a mystery without a clue?

    1. Definitely a round source illuminating clouds above. I actually am only mid-level knowledgable about photography but that one is clearly a ground illumination source.

  33. @5:09 where is this picture from and does it depict actual magnetic connections between the planets, or is it just some fancy art?

  34. BPA is reducing fertility in humans ….double edged sword ⚔️ right .

    Thanks Ben and Kat.✨👽🐱✨