Extraterrestrial Bases on the Moon! Does This Man Have 100% Proof?

This man has a collection of images of what appears to be the presence of extraterrestrial bases on the moon!

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    1. AAaaaaH what's up with no stars in space? that makes no sense. People back then where ready to give their life up for their government so easily. one way mission too the Moon GTFOH. The only sacrifice I would make is if it had to do with saving human kind but for glory, GTFOH. The powers that be still treats Americans as if we will sacrifice our lives AGAIN! for their cause.

  1. Anyone in 2020 that still thinks we've been to the moon or believes NASA, Needs committed and psychiatric therapy lol

  2. I remember watching the Columbia launch Live on TV. I remember saying did it just explode. Very sad, espcially considering we had technology way beyond that they sickningly find the need to cover that up for nothing but GREED!!

    1. Please get them right: Challenger was launched, Columbia was re-entering. I can never forget, because I'd been given the STS-51L Challenger Shuttle patch by the subcontractor I worked for on the Atlantis (and Discovery).

  3. Seriously I try not to be a hater but this guy is making it difficult . Moon dust kicked up by the astronaut made the flagpole shake which made the flag seem to wave as if in a wind ? How very lame ! And from the collection of evidence he supposedly has of alien bases on the moon , he chose to show those crappy photos for his little disclosure ? Besides , I'm positive I've seen those photos on other websites . What really makes me doubt his credibility though , is how he stutters and stammers at times , yet speaks so clearly at others . And don't even get me started on that stupid jacket . Beyond belief indeed !

    1. Ya, even if he seems a really credible man, i have the same awkward feelings and doubts about him and his alleged "evidences" (ha!ha!) than you do.

  4. To park vehicles on the moon – no men were needed to go there too. Just like they do it on mars today…No man was on mars yet but you got rovers up there. So thats no proof at all!!

    1. @Rene Dvorsky …my point was you based your comment on my lack of knowledge without any information…not a wise idea. I have developed real actual film to say the least. I know what I have experienced in life and seen as well, nobodies opinion can change any of that….a little respect goes a long way.

    2. @Rene Dvorsky …my IQ last I checked was only 135….not on your level maybe.

    3. @SKYLIGHTS' UFO's I never said you have lack of knowledge nor did I say you aren't intelligent. I only said that an airforce Security Clearance doesnt include Acts of Moonmissions & that digital photography from questionable sources (that includes NASA) are any proof. Thats all – wasn't something personal.

    4. @SKYLIGHTS' UFO's The things I expirienced i that short time of my life showed me things others wouldn't believe. But I know what I know & expirienced and nobody can take that away from me. But it doesnt mean other people can expirience the same things & most who can or could, without ending up in a mental hospital. But those are real things I'm talking about. And I guarantee you I never saw aliens or any proof that there could be aliens having a material body like we have or like our world is build of. If there are equal lifeforms with material bodies we will never encounter them & they wont find us. Thats the way our universe is created/made. And we see & know (what we are able to catch with our concioussnes)is a very very small frequence/fractum of it all. We dont get the whole picture & we also don't understand the core of it

    5. @Rene Dvorsky Understand…but you came across as if I knew nothing of actual film processing which I have done in my life first hand. A Top Secret clearance most certainly does give you that access if and when needed….

  5. My child watches the movie monster house. If any of you have seen that movie. Can you imagine if the aliens on the rim of the crater ran at our astronauts yelling like the old man in that movie yelled at the kids??? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  6. Anyone who says we didn’t land on the moon are absolute idiots. This man is very well educated and has a wealth of experience. Extraterrestrials are Visiting Earth and are most likely living or using the moon as a base . Mars is also a base .

  7. Regarding the Lunar Lander : Back in the early 60's, when I was a kid (5 – 8 years old), I spent a lot of time at my grampa's (Robert Earl Adams) house. Grampa was retired and every once in a while, we would see a small black sedan with government license plates drive up and two guys dressed identical (black suit, white shirt, thin black tie and black hat (men in black?)) would get out and come to the door with a brief case and they would go to my grampa's bedroom (looked like an electronic repair shop with all the test equipment, including the first ever made O-Scope) and then they would leave after 10 minutes or so. I dont know who they were, but they always dropped off small projects for my grampa to do. He would take me out to his small attached garage and I would sit on a stool next to him and watch him do his magic. I was always amazed. 20 years later, he died and my aunt sent me boxes of his old stuff. He had the patent for the Adam's Portable spot welder and there was in one of the boxes, the first ever brochure for this spot welder at the Buklerite Ship Yards. There was also a letter from Martin Marietta Space thanking him for making these solid state transistors that went up on the First Lunar Lander. This is the best part because I think it was 1964 when I was sitting next to him in his little garage when he made those transistors. I watched as he explained every step of the doping process. They were quite large, about the size of a silver dollar and about 1/4 inch thick. That was my only ever claim to fame and the first to see the real Men In Black.

    1. WalterRamjet HeroOfOurNation – they used hand made transistors, for what? For a space flight?
      Are you sure it was not a hand made pizza for their lunch?

    2. Nice try fatboy I think you are the 83rd grandson to have trotted this story out. It's all cute and country fried but its bullshit it has been doing the rounds for years . The clincher is how at 5-8 years old did you know they were MIB the thing is you didn't . Sorry your story is bullshit try an original one next time


    4. @Bill Blass Because he thinks we're too stupid to know the difference.

  8. 19:40. The smartest view, thought, comment I have ever heard come out of Noorys mouth. Probably because those are my firm beliefs on the matter.

    1. Always been a serious consideration and one I go too when trying to explain what some of the phenomena could be

    2. Nope, moon wasn't there that long ago (1 millon years ago) but we have had time to be there during it's 200.000 years it has been there.

  9. George. You really just took a Hollywood films trailer and said this is what mars is going to be like??? Your points are again revoked!!!

  10. 26:00 exactly. The dance I make when this channel posts a new video, I click on it and George Noory pops his big face on the screen.

  11. A slightly different picture comes up at NASA, under image as15-88-11972, that does not show the array that this one does. NASA…Never a straight answer!

  12. Look at me people, I have so many badges on my jacket that I must be right. Nice try shill.

  13. 45:11 Insecurities??

    Would you rather listen to someone seemingly so insecure that everything he says seems contradictory, and this guy talk disturbingly fast, and talking fast doesn't immediately make your claims credible, talking fast is just one way of hiding his inefficiently answered topic and how well-informed he is regarding his familiarity on the subject matter and the way he's proving this make he seems like someone who's unable to grasp the discussion accordingly and failed in delivering the evidence he had. That or he doesn't have a solid concrete evidence in the first place to state something as simple as he could, probably why he had to twist and turn all of his claim around.

    1. Yep, I agree! Seems like he is hidding something, have been destabilized and caught flat-footed so he has to think fast and invent something credible but that does not expose the truth.

  14. People, or rather the "naysayers", in this comment section are ridiculously ignorant. If anyone is interested, click my icon and view the playlist entitled "The Ancients". You will understand why Ken brought up the Sumerian tablets and why they are relative to proving that space travel is real and the earth is spherical. If everything thing is made of "round/spherical" molecules, then why not Earth, the moon, and planets?

  15. If we didn't go to the moon the Russians would have been all over it

  16. There's a lot of whistleblowers claiming the same that there's ET bases on moon. Also outbreak civilization that is on Mars.

  17. Sorry don’t believe 90% of this. Corey Goode is just as believable as this junk. Nasa= Never A Straight Answer

  18. Columbus has got nothing on astronauts… he knew he wasn’t gonna fall off the earth, he probably knew a lot more about the new world than we accept…

  19. He lost all credibility when he mentioned Mars One as if it's a real thing. Disappointing.