Food for the Gods, Ancient Babylonian Recipes – ROBERT SEPEHR

What did a meal taste like 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylonia? Pretty good, according to a team of international scholars who have deciphered and are re-creating what are considered to be the world’s oldest-known culinary recipes. The recipes were inscribed on ancient Babylonian cuneiform tablets, and include instructions on how to prepare them, with lots of the recipes containing beer.

Robert Sepehr is an anthropologist and author




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    1. marian smith ah… no, he’s the one that makes it happen whoever is behind the camera is just doing the very minimum.

  1. As someone who collects antique cookbooks, this is quite fascinating. Of course none of mine are anywhere close to being this old. Lol I'm a little jealous. The oldest cookbooks I have are from the late 17th century.
    Great video Robert!
    Edit: that food looks fantastic btw.

    1. @Scott. it kinda reminds me of Mediterranean-ish type food. I'm definitely going to whip up a couple of these recipes once I'm settled in my new home though. So it'll be a minute. Moving sucks. Lol

    2. I 💗 Mad-libs Congradulations on the new house! That’s great! God Bless You and your Family!

  2. Thank you Robert, I enjoyed this episode very much. Is there a modern published version of this cookbook? Facinating!

  3. Not surprised, humans naturally feed of flesh and blood, that's mainly what the kings ate while their subjects ate grains and veggies.

  4. @2:50
    I just noticed the prefix "AR" in many of the words listed in the paragraph.
    Have a look!
    ARarat (mount)
    Food for thought… don't know if it matters or not.

    1. ARiovistus, Warlord of the Teutons. the AReopagus, senate-like body of priests/elders in ancient Hellas, ARistocrat rule by 'the best', ARithmetic, ARchimides, ARchon. As noted here especially in the Sundaland/Lemuria area around the Pacific, AR=Ra, the Solar principle or divinity.

  5. 🍻here’s to more open mindedness AND less corruption among scholars 🍻 they should be protesting the rubble-izing of 3,500BC temples in Syria

  6. Bloodpudding and bloodpancake is used in Norway also, particular in some regions Sveler with blood in them.

    1. I use the blood of some of my cuts along with bone, sometimes gizzards, or certain fatty parts, depending on what I'm making, to make broth or gravy. I also use the blood that comes from my steaks after they've been seasoned & sat in the refrigerator overnight, to sautee my mushrooms & onions in. Or I'll put them in stoneware and put them in the seasoned blood & let them cook on the grill next to the steaks. Blood definitely has its applications. Nothing freaky or ritualistic here btw.

    2. @Truth Lover Is it really any more disgusting than eating muscle or fat when you really think about it? I mean it's not like eating shit from the animal or something like that.

    3. And the Pressed Duck, Ehh Canard ala Presse i think name is , blood is important part of the making of the sauce there . Escoffier had that as part of his signature.

    4. Yes, cherish those traditions. Industrialisation has made so many societies squeamish and neurotic about diet, and it's such a politicised topic now, to the point of fanaticism. So refreshing to see cultures that have retained a sane, balanced perspective.

  7. It's interesting that Thor Heyerdahl was researching the origin story of Odin, and in antique Islandic stories it's said that Odin came from a place called Tyrkland, which literally translates to Turkey. It's said that he brought written language and his wisdom to the Nordic people. There are also ancient Turkish rune stones scattered around in West Turkey, which looks mostly identical to northern Germanic runes. So again we can see that our true origin lies in the East.

    1. We can surmise from this that the ancient Turks probably looked closer to what the Nordic peoples look like today.

    2. Hey wow thats the first I heard about Thor H. Doing that kind of research. Do you happen to remeber where you saw that. I would love to check that out more. Thank you for the info.

    3. Anatolia (Turkey) was ruled by the Hittites, Greeks (Ionian & Mycenean), & the Achaemenid Empire & even by Celt-Greeks (Galatians), all before the appearance of modern nomadic Seljuk Turks in the 1000's AD.

  8. It's common in the UK to have 'Black Pudding' as part of a cooked breakfast which is an example of a blood sausage.

    1. @thebegining100 You could say Ireland, Spain & Britain. Not forgetting the Mexicans.

  9. Im surprised nothing was mentioned of spice's in the old recipe's, especially since salt or spice was also used as a currency, right?

    1. So the queen doesn't want anything that repels vampires. That is very interesting information

    2. @Truth Lover If true, it might just be that she doesn't want anything that creates royal gas (garlic being high FODMAP). The vampire thing wouldn't surprise me though 😉

    3. R H Imur didn’t say heavily and makes a very valid point.Stop commenting just to be relevant 🤦‍♀️

  10. First: Thanks Mr. Sepehr. Have a great weekend too.
    I‘ve been thinking lately… do u eat meat? Or are you a vegetarian?
    I cant decide myself. Meat consumption seems unhealthy and wrong but… sometimes we are force to.
    Please leave a like if u have a vegetarian diet and dont eat meat. I want to know that so badly

    1. I've been vegan/vegetarian for years. But, if you are going to try going without meat, I recommend going slowly – maybe at first, one meal a day. A vegetarian/vegan breakfast seems easiest for most.

    2. We are Omnivorous. You should eat meat, veg , fruit , nuts , mushrooms all in moderation. Their is no protein like meat . The amino acid complex is so well put for us. Now I'm talking about healthy raised meat not prossesd meat. Animal fat is better then must other fats.

    3. For me it was because I hit plateau in my spiritual growth. The Most High God told me that flesh is heavy and spirit is light. That made sense to me.

    4. Let your own health be your guide. Avoid dogmatists. Chicken soup – best remedy for many ailments. Gary and Belinda Fettke did some digging into what was behind the push for us to be vegetarian/vegan….very eye-opening. Kellogg openly said cornflakes were created to dampen sexuality/virility; that was the intent, a misguided religious moralism, not a concern for health. Just some thoughts to balance out the 'meat is bad' propaganda we're being subjected to. Bottom line, put YOUR health first 🙂

  11. When I saw the title I thought it was about honey and ambrosia (mentioned in a previous video not too long ago).

    Just as happy nonetheless with the result. Thank you again and can't wait for the next one

  12. Irving Finkle said " try to get you some of that slave girl buttocks plant".. Lmao..

  13. Rammellzee sparked interest for me, in the language trees listed in dictionaries

    1. Exactly! And look at what's being foisted on us today – grain-heavy diets, and meat is demonised. Hmmm.

  14. Beautiful video!!! In my fantasy country you'd have your own anthropology channel on national TV!

  15. Very fascinating. The Egyptians cooked with beer as well I believe. Many of those ingredients are often used in French cuisine as well and reminds me a lot of French stews with the exception they cook with wine.

    1. Powerful Identity / I remember learning that Egyptians loved onions and beer most, and that Napoleon found in Libya snails as large as a man’s hand!

  16. Wow! This is one of my latest favorites! I love learning about ancient foods and cooking methods! Thank you!

  17. We still cook pig-blood recipes in North Albania. It's called kumargjak, which means "to take blood". It has been preserved there mostly, as the spread of Islam destroyed the idea of eating pig in most areas here. Other than that, the south of Albania also cooks with lamb blood, but the tradition is being lost lately.

  18. Thanks Robert, yet more fascinating info from you. Here it is 2019, according to many, and my diet is exactly like the Ancient Babylonians minus the blood. I have eaten this way for most of my 73 years in this realm. Oh, I am not of middle eastern ancestry that I am aware of. Xox

    1. based ,getting back to primordial state , the way stone age men lived , fuck carbs , they are behind all modern day ilnesses .

  19. Wow yesterday I was doing psychic tests and just now I was watching ancient Roman recipes and then Robert puts this up…. Wow

  20. I wonder have u done one on nazca line. Since they found new ones under jungle. Thanks

  21. These are the rich dishes that Belteshazzar, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had to avoid. The use of blood in cooking explains why.

    1. reyol pardon my ignorance, but what makes blood something you want to avoid eating? According to who?

  22. Youtube unsubbed me from u but has u in my recomendeds. I hate youtube why is it unsubbing me from my fav Channels

  23. I wonder if there is anything like a restaurant serving up the recipes of ancient cultures? The British Museum should have one!

  24. Well, Robert…this fine piece of work left me hungry for some Home made Stew !

  25. Wow this is so interesting to me. I see cooking as a form of alchemy as well, or potion making. This cold season has been all about soupy stews. I just made (without knowing about ancient recipes) a beef and vegetable soup stew from home raised pet-cattle and cultivated vegetables, beer often added and blood drained form meat to be added after cooking to the cooling broth. This stew was served over an old time recipe for mac and cheese and cold sour cream dollop in the middle, making for a heavenly delicacy. Although I still consume an omnivorous diet, I steer more towards legume and fruit diet as I prefer not to frequently kill what I eat for sustenance, plants nor animals. Meat such as cattle that I consume, I prefer to be raised as pets and then processed toward the end of their natural lifetime. While we are given dominion over Earth's life forms, part of that dominion is preservation and gentleness toward each life form. Happy eating to all! Thanks again Robert!!!

  26. I absolutely LOVE Dr. Irving Finkel! Dr. Finkel is beyond BRILLIANT! I recommend everyone to watch his videos on YouTube which are part of the British Museum series. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  27. “Slave girl buttock”- plant.

    The Babylonians (talmudists) have been eating people for thousands of years.

    1. I think you are missing the PLANT part. I am sure there was a part of a plant that reminded some cook of some fine back and that is what he called it.

    2. well there are numerous public articles were celebrities admit drinking blood ,especially childrens blood contains potent stem cells that rejuvinates body of those who consume . ITs all in the open these days.

    3. the babylonians were not evil per se. they took over the israelite territory because of the corruption in israel and it is said that the virtue of babylon served the Lord. and nebuchadnezzar was the kingdom of greatest splendor. in all the kingdoms there was good. the persians the medes the greeks and romans. the corruption aside.

  28. The Fates are alive in me
    Have given me eyes to See
    In the realm of Possibility
    As was told them by Destiny
    That the highest Potentiality
    Is at the gates of Liberty
    For which the holder of the Key
    Is free to meet Eternity.

    VCH6464 11/23/2019

  29. These cultures popped up out of nowhere…Genetically engineered foods and domestic animals were given to "US" according to what is written in scrolls and depicted in stone…Aryans are the most advanced…And now down to just 2 percent of Aryan woman capable of reproducing an Aryan child in Europe…There was a concerted effort to Genocide this race during and after WW2….

    1. @0x07aVRE 5132 nordic population size of the whole white european stock. Nordic scandinavians are the pure bloods and they aint reproducing anymore due to consumerism induced narcisism and egoism.

    2. @Bliss Eternal he said they are "not capable". They are capable. They just don't because of the reasons you sited.

  30. The title of this video brings to mind the "actual" food of the "gods" (Moloch/Baal)…we know what that was…

  31. ah, that's what's in the bags. I thought for sure, dude was caught holding while his wife was in the mall.

  32. If it is Babylonian, we shouldn't be surprised by certain ingredients. A sign of times, recorded for posterity! How revealing!

  33. I think Buffy loves you sssoooooo much :)….. Worth trying the recipy …and bon appetit too !

  34. Hello Robert💙Buffy💙 absolutely fantastic to see you both today.. You've found another gorgeous place.. Great video..who knew they put down their recipes.. That is so cool to actually eat what they ate so long ago.. 💙💙

  35. I seen the word hyssop on there dear lord no! That herb is nasty as a drink so why would they eat it and it has religious healing properties by the way according to ancient traditions. So some of those stews might be medical cures. 🤔

  36. You got to try blood pancakes with some thick sliced bacon and lingonberry yam (cowberry)

  37. Leviticus 17:11-12 (MSG)
    “If any Israelite or foreigner living among them eats blood, I will disown that person and cut him off from his people, for the life of an animal is in the blood. I have provided the blood for you to make atonement for your lives on the Altar; it is the blood, the life, that makes atonement. That’s why I tell the People of Israel, ‘Don’t eat blood.’ The same goes for the foreigner who lives among you, ‘Don’t eat blood.’

    Geneis 9:4
    "God blessed Noah and his sons: He said, “Prosper! Reproduce! Fill the Earth! Every living creature—birds, animals, fish—will fall under your spell and be afraid of you. You’re responsible for them. All living creatures are yours for food; just as I gave you the plants, now I give you everything else. Except for meat with its lifeblood still in it—don’t eat that."

  38. Sir, „Turkey” means „State of Turks” it is not a name of a land in Asia.
    It is a name of a horde teporarily occupying the Aryan Homeland.
    Name of that land is Arya Minor (Asia Minor).

    1. Feministki to Zwierzęta. Krowy Mleczne. That sounds scarily like something a racist would say… no land belongs to any group of people. We are all sharing this plant and moving around.

  39. We ate a ton of meat, for about 300k, so much, we no longer have a caecum to ferment fiber into fatty acids, and the size of pur brain has begun to shrink about 15% over the last 11k years, which again, supports the fact that we were predominately meat eaters for the bulk of our human existence. Also, research into heart disease is proving more than ever that sugar is the main culprit in atherosclerotic plaquing, not cholesterol.

    1. Exactly. Agriculture allowed a bigger population explosion as food was easier to obtain, but we've been declining in so many ways healthwise ever since straying from hunter-gatherer diets. Indisputable fossil evidence for this. Plus personal evidence from my own change in diet from a more vegetarian one to a 'paleo' (and sometimes keto) diet.

  40. Mmmm, just like what grandmama use to make. 😉 Happy to see The Fink

  41. Filipinos make a real blood pudding & blood gravy/sauce. Beer bread, beer marinade for chicken👍

  42. the original meaning of the word Aryan is "one who endeavors to plow a straight line"

    1. I thought it meant 'bright, shining, light people' i.e. Solar/Sun/Star People, referring to sun cloured hair, and light skin

  43. I like your videos and you have a great narrative voice. You should really read your books aloud for audible.

  44. Wow dude that arch collapsing is BIBLICAL 😂 thanks so much every knee shall bow 🤙🏽

  45. Robert… highly recommend Asha Logos Conspiracy? Our Subverted History Series on Youtube !

  46. I have a 37 yo. Neighbor from Iran and he has blond hair and blue eyes. His parents look European. It’s so cool

  47. Interesting! Our stews in the modern age aren't so different!

  48. I also lived in Turkey for 15 months while in the Air Force and saw quite a few blond and red heads and light eyes. So much history in Turkey. Glad I was there before all the isis BS. Was there in 1994 and 1995.

  49. I have a large percentage of those vegetables in my garden we'll be making those dishes here soon I live on the Gulf Coast and have access to catch another large amount of mullet. Thank you Rob you're the greatest!👍

  50. I'm definitely going to try the venison dish. Thanks Robert for your video's.

  51. They probably really did eat slaves. Especially weaker slaves that couldn’t do harder work.

  52. I have a feeling you would love to walk in the woods in northwest Montana. You seem to love to be outdoors~
    As always, great video, Robert. 🙂

  53. I just had to resub 2 days ago. And just now again. Anyone else?
    Another great vid Robert! I'd love to see mana falling from heaven discussed.

  54. Interesting research. Nice cookbook, no doubt for the ruling class. Makes me wonder though, what diet was fed to the slave girls with the nice booty? No record of that I guess.

  55. Ramses 2nd’s favourite dish was foie gras with port wine. Those who study history know not much changes

  56. That was Babylon, the surplant. What about Sumer that existed long before it?

  57. It's just curious to me Rob that when they said some of the species of animal that they ate, maybe vegetable as well, they couldn't figure out what they might be. Well, many species of animal went extinct in those periods of time during the Holocene. It's like when referring to a dragon by anyone, was it a real animal? I wonder, the Chinese martial arts system has many animal styles, animals we all know except for one, dragon. Why would that be? I think there were some animals that lived during the early Holocene that were very strange that humans were well familiar with as with animals that lived in the sea. Leftovers from the Pleistocene. That's all I'm saying. Great stuff!! Love your videos!

  58. In Africa some tribes still drink blood & mix it with other foods like Milk. Indigenous people/Native Americans use to drink blood. They both use to be cannibals.

  59. I love the ancestors and everything about them and to think we all descend from them is truly amazing. Ah my favourite British museum historian, Irvin Finkle, he's a very cool person and super intelligent 🙏

  60. The thing is why do we imagine they wouldn't of had recipe's back then? Our creative minds and resourcefulness inspires the imagination and intuitively we know. To think,we think, we are far more intelligent than our ancestors but in reality, its the other way around. I know you don't share your personal life but why are you always alone with just you and your little dog. Life's meant to be shared. When one becomes two, then two becomes one, if you are alone life's too short. Have a nice Sunday Robert 🌹

  61. Appreciate you brother!!! Your a very intelligent young man😁 First time ever seeing you was with Rex Bear doing a podcast!!! Cant wait until y'all do another one!!! God bless you brother 💙

  62. Those who won the wars wrote the history. British, Roman empire etc Look at Chairman Mao

  63. Balsamic oil and rose water for a salad dressing…….I'm trying that! Wonder what manner of hat a Babylonian chef sported? Thanks Robert for the video.

  64. Extraterrestrial means external lands . No one knew Atlantis was even there during it's hayday !! Now the bulk of their population stays on lands we cannot access. As they always have. We are their mixed decendants.

  65. very interesting vid, Robert, and thank you. I like to cook and with Thanksgiving upon us, seems its always on my mind. this weekend I'm pressing all of the pomegranates collected for the making of jelly and liquor. just the color of the pom, when juiced, is intoxicating…yikes and it's so similar to blood! Whoa! as i read my comment I realize how, primal it reads, I am. Too, I was so into the vid that, for a bit, I felt as though time-traveled…lol

  66. In Hinduism there is a magical food called Amrita which if consumed makes a mortal immortal 🙂

  67. The ancient pharaohs claimed to be gods for control purposes. Where they Gods? No. This is food of the ancient Sumerians.

  68. My exhusband's family was Lebanese. Blue-eyed, blonde hair grandmother (Sito) and she made similiar dishes. She said that the men traditionally made the bread in Lebanon and she had to learn how from her husband when they legally immigrated in the 20's. She was amazing. Had her own garden with raspberries, strawberries, lebanese (burpless) cucumbers…With a ready laugh, a cup of coffee and whatever she had in the kitchen. Piles of homemade pita bread to take home along with canned sauce, stuffed grapeleaves. What a lady! The kitchen was always full of friends, neighbors and family. Ardella (Sito) Bohlim RIP 1978

  69. I'm willing to bet that the plant referred to as slave girls butt is the coco de mer (Lodoicea maldivica), the largest coconut in the world that is the size and shape of a woman's butt.

  70. Wow… I've been patiently waiting for your next video, not realizing that I'd been un-subbed somehow! Ugh…. So glad I noticed! Re-subbed with some catching up to do!!! 😍

  71. As a Persian I am not surprised at all as these ingredients are still used in our cooking on daily basis, those who know Persian cuisine they know how use of herbs and vegetables in our slow cooked meat stews …and fresh green herbs with or without dressing is integral part of our daily meal

  72. If extensive cooking and storage pottery is any indicator, more time and care went into food preparation back then as opposed to now. I think their seasonings and food prep and cook methods were above French, if I dare say.
    A meat or veggie broth brought through the 5 stages of sauce, hardwood smoked in earthenware, and served in small portions in each stage with different accompanying sides. Yes please!

  73. Have them all. Awaiting your next book! Maybe some genetic testing could uncover the Slave Girl Buttocks Plant! I'm sure it's delicious!

  74. When a humans on the brink of starvation,don't kid yourself, we'll eat anything that's available, including human flesh

  75. Geeez Robert just got BMW Banned! Looking at that Spanish Swastika and then the BMW Symbol.

  76. Another gold vid cheers Bro!!! @_@ first time ive seen ads on yourwerk for awhile?¿ hopefully youtube are finally cutting you some slack. 😉❤❤❤🎩💪👊💅🏡 <|;-) #Hashcat

  77. So are middle eastern people considered white? I have always heard that Iran the Persians were considered white. If they are considered white why do they seem they could be their own ethnicity?

  78. Sumerians used cannabis. 😊 quite sure the Babylonians did as well. Just like today. Makes food better.

  79. just harvested my deer for this year. going to make this venison stew. Thanks for all the great work!

  80. This is vitally important for us to know! You've done it again Robert! We so appreciate you!

  81. Love your videos Robert, learn so much and it doesn’t hurt that you’re so good looking!

  82. Soup is call czarnina black soup and is made out of duck or swan goose blood+fruits second is sausage from pork blood call kaszanka like black pudding 😃👍

  83. bread for the plebs eh. religions based on old testament. (islam, christianity, judaism) are plagiarized versions of sumerian creation stories. the holier than thou jewish priest class (since they were the first to plagiarize) would rather you not worry about such things and instead worship your suicidal gentile prophets while grinding grain with your teeth. ya dig.

  84. Sumerian Bapir is still made and used, for food, or liquify and ferment for beer. Got the grains and honey, dates…. make bapir…. will last for hundreds of years…..

  85. Blood is still very common in cooking around the world today. too useful to not dry as additive, or drink or use in stew. More everywhere but north America.

  86. Robert: You are on my Happy List Today!

    OMG, made my day!
    Irving Finkle! My Fav Brit and Expert on Cuneiform Tablets!

    (A Curator at the British Museum – What a Stellar sense of humor – I adore this man!)

  87. Academia will always be corrupt. It's long-form advertising, plain and simple.

  88. Out of Africa theory makes no sense. All thought and growth supposedly came out of Africa THEN spread from middle east and Europe to the rest of the world and Africans stayed living in huts with no real growth of thought or invention? I mean, its obviously bullshit.

  89. Some say the Aryans are the Adamic race and that the others were here prior to his creation.

  90. I'll stick to the food that was responsible for our evolution. The food that we have isotopic evidence for. Not the slave food we ate after we discovered agriculture. Which resulted in our skulls shrinking.