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  1. I go with the fungus Scott cause it's traits look more like a fungus growing on the side of the rock I could be wrong but it sure looks like a fungus.

  2. I've seen these before, I have saved screenshots from a few years back of one under a low rock overhang, same color and size, even more clear.

  3. Petrified wood, not rock…????? Sent this to my PhDsis… very sweet if little animal🥰👍🌼Thank You, m

  4. could it just be a hole in object and you are just seeing the dirt on other side

  5. It's a spaniel that's got lost because they are prone to running off. I'm not being serious, just like NASA.

  6. Very interesting find. I'm stooped on what it could possibly be and quite surprised N.ASS.A. (yes, that's how I spelled it) didn't try to censor it.

  7. Guys this is fake, this is edited. trust me. His website is also fake. My teacher used his website as a fake website because we are looking what websites are fake and real.

    1. I have followed SCW almost since he started Ufosightingsdaily many years ago(and now ET Data Base) . The reason I started to follow him was my many ET/UFOsightings. I found almost every similar experience at his channel and still do. I know and understand it is tempting to dismiss things that do not fit common beliefs and experiences especially if one have not had them oneself, but for me as being a witness to many marvelous things his channel is a relief and a place where I can feel 'at home' and among like-minded people. Bcse of my experiences I guess I am more open to the incredible and unexpected than many but I hope this will change as more and more people witness and start to question their earlier perceptions of life and its mysteries. Life is a treasurebox slowly opening for us to fully realize. SCW and his channels are important part of it. This is so dear to me, that is why I write You this. Also wishing for teachers becoming more openminded about ET and UFO:S. And other different experiences.
      Best wishes, Maria in Sweden🌞

    2. @Maria Therese Nordenvald Okay but you did not need to write a essay for me about why you follow him. Have a nice day.

    3. Why do you come here and try to crush our enjoyment. I look forward to these videos because it is such a calming site compared to all the bad news everywhere. If you can't think outside the box, do like most that don't care to watch. Just unsub yourself and move on. I actually don't care if it is real or not. I like to read how people interpret the things he finds.

    4. @TNshylady Exactly. We love this. Part of our lifes. Thankfulness. Thank You, M

  8. Looks like an animal face to me with spines or scales. But it's probably just the inside of the rock. Like when you take off the bark of the tree. The outer layer of the "bark" of the stone has been removed. Not sure what it's called for rocks.

  9. Very cool yeah looks like a hedgehog or a porcupine very crazy cool as you would say.

  10. Much of what researchers believe to be tech, suggests organic outcomes to me. Certainly not all but if any life has survived they will nedd to coddle themselves as any life must. Lurking under ridges for protection from radiation, seeking the best settings for nutrition and constructing 'shells' are ancillary to sensitive life's activity. It also helps in explaining repetitious formations.


  11. Hi Scoot,

    I found a bird standing on a rock, see all the way to the right in the middle
    I took a snapshot, but i'm not sure how to attach it here

  12. Also if you go right to your find, you can see an Oreo cookie and small poll in front of it, what can it be?

  13. It's a life form. Think NASA has known this for a long time passing. I'll never forgive them for stealing our joy. Supposed to be sharing joy. You see, we pay for this discovery but we are not " in the club" for knowing or for happiness at knowing such a neat thing.

  14. What if there happens to be an over abundance of gold on the planet. If it is brought to Earth would that make it worthless as jewelry but could be used in other things cheaply. In that big rock it could be an animal or it might be some plant life we have never seen.

    1. Gold bing a highly conductive element is favored by high-level electronics industries i,g. for highly critical application sys's. It has very low electron resistance than say for instance copper, brass, aluminum or even steel in orders of conductivity. And gold does not oxidize when exposed to air also, & this resilient, but expensive electron conductive mtr'l is found mostly in products mfr'd by the AEROSPACE & MILITARY DEFENSE contracting technologies corp's i,g.. Uc the ANNUNAKI knew the SCIENTIFIC potentials of gold, & now you know it too.

    2. Btw. If mars is infact loaded with mega tons full of the gold mineral, then dont expect those elite 1% classes of earth escapees to bring the booty that they've plundered back to earth. Uc by the time those one percenters exploit mars IF infact they manage to do it without mtr'l & life losses, then dont expect them to come back & sell it on a possible ravished planet that they had escaped from.

  15. SCOTT: You know what i've noticed about Mars? That there might be lots of strange living beings that are a hybrid mix of rocks and biology. There are a lot of faces either sculptured or ingrained in the surface of Mars, that is very weird

    1. The Philosophy of Tool do you refer to a silicate form of life? Oh, yes, once upon a Time a silicate form of life lived here on Earth on the rock facings. You can look that up. Cave dwellers scratched drawings into the silicate crust. Amazing. Wonder if that spread of life came here from Mars? Wow.

  16. 🐿️Sonic the Hedgehog, Alvin the Chipmunk or Secret Squirrel🖖👽🤖👾🛰️☄️🚀👻

  17. I wish I were there to verify myself, but I guess animal, it looks like another one trying to get away. Look at frame 3:11/4:51 to the right of the first find It appears like a similarly colored object that has some of the traits of a Jack Rabbit or Kangaroo looking animal that is looking at the rover. Unfortunately I do not see any tacks. Very Nice find!

  18. Cool find! Ill go with fungus because i dont think its to likely that an animal would come up on the surface. Alot of people including me thing that places inside mars are habitable same on Venus so if there was life they would have evacuated to another planet or underground. But unless we find out more about the location im gonna go with a fungus.

  19. Why dont you drop an email to the department who is taking pics of mars surface and ask them?

  20. Why is it blurry. Everytime find something interesting it is blurry.