Gamma Ray Bursts, Forecasts, Dust to Dust | S0 News Jan.15.2020

Last Night’s Video – Part 5 in the Climate Series:

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Star Formation and Dust Early On May Be Underestimated:
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Aesthetic Show of Mars Polar Storms:
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  1. Thanks for the information Ben & isn't it good to know that a simple M flare won't ruin our power grids ; nope it's gonna take a direct hit from a X10+ or multiple X's to send the modern way back into the dark ages .. Anyways thanks for clearing that up for everyone .. Eye's open .. No Fear be safe everyone 🔥💦🐢💨🛰️➖🌏🌎🌍➕⚡☀️⚡🌙✨

  2. Who is paying for all these Masterclass ads? I swear Neil deGrasse Tyson has a bigger ad budget than the DOD.

  3. But the sun does not control the climate, the CO2 is the control knob, clearly this crazy theory that the sun is the driving force of our climate can be disproven? somehow? anyone?

  4. keep it up guys ,,, your "" no bull sht "" matter of fact is a must ! ,, watch your channel every day ,my new newspaper lol,, cheers Aussie Farmer

  5. Of all your superb videos, this one seemed to be extra informative. Thank you for all that you do.

  6. I appreciate this channel. Did you guys see the article posted on the Drude Report today 1/15/2020 It is like…hey the Sh^t is going to hit the fan. we are experiencing climate forcing from lack of sunspot activity.

    Soon the populace is going to get alarmed and I see the eventual development of nationwide anxiety, and the press will scare the people. Where is your government in informing the people of the eventual potential for a mini ice age?


  7. Wowie, that was a mouthful! 😂 West Coast is a Wet Coast today! Currently 51°F in Arcata and looking like it's about to start raining again at any minute. The rain and wind! Oh my god it's been hitting us so hard. It was like a freight train! It actually scared me! Oh and good point on the dust! Makes so much sense!
    Stay warm and dry SOs!!

  8. And…are there seriously ~20 people who watch this every day just to hit the dislike button? I've been watching over time now and it's almost always ~20 people, leading me to believe it's the same ~20 people. Hey you ~20 people, what's up with that? Nothing better to do? 🤷

  9. Hi Ben. If volcanoes spew out gold and other materials would that not repair our atmosphere and magnetosphere, just a thought ? ?

  10. Rain tomorrow B? Only if we spray or Leak Fuel out all over . . . . . . . . It's a white out, over here, they dumped it on us all day. Cali=Ente we in trouble. Weather911

  11. You guys are dad has a biology major and I'm trying to get him to watch this can lead a horse to water but one can not make it drink…STEADFAST…

    1. Let him know I also have a law degree, was #2 on a team that put a drug through the FDA (lead on discovery of electrochemical mechanism of action), and that this isn't any more difficult… what does he say?

    2. I'm still working on him…he didn't know over 100 people were involved with starting fires in giving him the right source material is the important thing ..he mentioned the volcano's going off..10% rule…got it from David Wilcox..thanks for the reply..

  12. @ Suspicious0bserver May I ask you, or if someone knows, what happens with gold once in reaches atmosphere? It goes out into space, or does it gets laying in suspension?

  13. Just saw at least 60-70 lights come in from the west and stream across the sky towards the east like a freight-train. All kinds of stuff flying around tonight………..

    1. Saw an Elongated line of 9 or more Starlink Satalites travelling SW to NE directly above the North Island of New Zealand last Tuesday night at around 9:45pm NZT.

      At a Very low orbit and it was just like someone ran a commercial across the pristine sky.

      Random acts of Space Junking should be unlawful!

      Around the same time, rather unobtrusively, and at a much higher orbit, a single satalite went West to East and another, higher still, South to North.

      So, how are we going to tell the real UFO’s from the Satelites now?

    2. @2 Bears Lasted about 10-15mins long, seemed there might have been 2 different groups, the first group was 20-30 pretty close together. Then another 20-30 more 3x further apart about 6:30pm tonight in CA. Very cool to see. Cheers!

  14. I feel like I've learned so much watching this channel and really appreciate how the information is presented so lay people like me can follow along and remain deeply interested.

    I'm sure I'm not the first person to have this thought but I am beginning to wonder if the ancient cultures who 'worshipped' the sun actually understood all this and weren't worshipping so much as observing for significant changes, the same way we are.

  15. Good morning all from guelph   a little late to the party for the first time in a long time  But fittingly it says 420 comments  seeya in four hrs ish

  16. I didn't receive this notification in subscriptions. Double checked that I have all selected. Doesn't surprise me, had to select you in list & go to videos.

  17. Nice work with Beck today but it has to frustrating. "Gee, I don't understand what you are talking about so let me talk about the things I really don't grasp and will not try". One million brain cells going into neutral. You were polite and very professional…and patient. Kudos

  18. Ben, I have never heard you give praise to the dark matter scientists for having guts to post papers on its existence…

  19. Indian Ocean Dipole is blamed for the severe drought conditions in Australia. Anyone agree/disagree?

  20. If it were possible to turn off the electrical power going to the sun, it would show that the sun doesn't power itself. Where does electricity come from should be asked

    1. I read some studies regarding the logistical nightmare of processing gold out of sea water.

  21. You know what's always been strange to me? How you always describe the solar wind as "bunching up". Is there a travelling double layer that allows the charged particles that would normally have no means to collide "bunch up"?

  22. Want to stimulate economy? Give the people that fiat, not the scumbag banks

  23. Wouldn't the gold particles going into the sky help clean the ionosphere? 🤔