Hidden History of the Holocene – ROBERT SEPEHR

Anthropologically speaking, human pre-history is divided up into certain segments, some minor and some major, but none more important than the division between the Pleistocene, which includes the time most popularly known as the ice age, and the Holocene, which is our current age for the past 10-12,00 years or so, a time following some major global cataclysms, upheavals, and mass extinctions. https://atlanteangardens.blogspot.com/2019/12/hidden-history-of-holocene-robert-sepehr.html

That said, we can further dissect the current Holocene into the neolithic, or stone age, when agriculture appears, or possibly re-appears, when the tools and weapons archeologists find are made from polished stone, starting at around 11 or 12 thousand years ago. This period is followed by the copper age at around 3500 BC – 2500 BC, an era of transition between the stone tool-using farmers of the Neolithic, and the metal-obsessed civilizations of the Bronze Age.

Could there have been a trans Atlantic copper trade in ancient times, and if so, who could have done it? Phoenician comes from the Greek word ‘phoinos’, meaning ‘red’.

Robert Sepehr is an anthropologist and author




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  1. Hi, Robert. New subscriber and I just ordered one of your books from Amazon. I'm enjoying your videos very much and I'm sure the book will be equally as interesting and informative. Thank you.

  2. I never thought there was enough time for the races to differentiate (if one even believes in evolution). You hit on so many suppressed historical facts….Thanx!

  3. Wow…was just checking to see if I missed a notification and here you are! One of my favorite content channels on the web!!! Thank you Robert

    1. Same here. Lately a 3 day interval was a rarity. Glad he's back. although I was having fantasies about a new book or something. 😉

  4. One of your best videos so far! thank you. keep those obscure and obfuscated facts coming please!

  5. I took an anthropology class recently… what a mess…. It's such a disaster, the only thing they've come to is to claim that "race" doesn't exist since the geographic boundaries that "used to" separate "races" are now moot. What!!??

    1. Mike Lentsch even a biblical reference. When “the most high” divided the sons of Adam, the “lords” portion was Jacob. Not only does it imply more that one “god” or creator, it also implies separation. The boundaries of men were established.

      Deuteronomy 32

      5 They have corrupted themselves, their spot is not the spot of his children: they are a perverse and crooked generation.

      6 Do ye thus requite the Lord, O foolish people and unwise? is not he thy father that hath bought thee? hath he not made thee, and established thee?

      7 Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask thy father, and he will shew thee; thy elders, and they will tell thee.

      8 When the Most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of Israel.

      9 For the Lord's portion is his people; Jacob is the lot of his inheritance.

    2. @Frode Angell Løtvedt they born the library but Not the books, sanscrists etc. You have the library of the Vatican that is gigand and full of ancient knowledge. We're you think that all that knowledge comes from? And why is forbiten from comune people

  6. Thank you for adding a missing puzzle piece, the picture is becomming clearer bit by bit.

  7. Thanks for this. I've been saying for a while now out of Africa makes no sense.

    1. @TonySharkks I think we all share common merits in the pursuit of truth. Soon the current status quo will come tumbling down anyways. It is better to be prepared. Godspeed to you all.

    2. @TonySharkks 😃🌸☮️ It's good to think outside the box!

    3. @Wilhelm Huber this dirty little trick seems to be working, mind. Send the hordes over. Mingle. Breed. Our pale women-folk are destroying us. The legacy of lillith.

      That and leftist propoganda.

  8. We truly live in a world of lies and deceit. Thank you for teaching us the truth.

  9. those who look thru clouded minds see nothing, your mind is not clouded  and sees clearly

  10. I wish Darwin was still alive ! So we could hunt that hack down and hang him.

  11. Wow.
    Amazing work.
    Too bad this information won't make it into the ears and hearts that need it the most.

    1. @death's shadow
      doubt it…
      most of the youth follow black culture.
      black athletes rappers, and entertainers…
      most of the youth get their world view from lebron & jay z types…
      NOT the robert sepehr types…

  12. Do you play the intro music? Its absolutely gorgeous. Soothing. Beautiful. Thank you.

    1. If it is not it, it's pretty close to "no women no cry", a very beautiful song indeed

  13. Interesting video as always. Now to the uke music, its about time to start making ukuleles that have true temperament, it may be untraditional but burns a hole in my sole every time I hear how of those high notes sound on most ukes xD
    Stil a lovely instrument that needs more time in the spotlight tho

    1. I've a friend with an ukelele that sounds beautiful.. was expensive , over $200AU. But sounds like what you want to hear lol.

  14. Can you speak about ancient giants and what texts suggests about their return. Thank you.

    1. A few months ago I had a dream that the giants are returning. Like very soon. "Giants" as in 10 – 12 feet tall, not gargantuan. So we're going to have to (re)build everything with tall ceilings going forward. So this begs the questions of where did they go, why did they (have to) leave, why are they coming back just now?

    2. The giants were all killed – the last few were in the desert southwest as recent as 3500 years ago.

    3. The only way the giants will return is by the hands of the elites and military.
      I foresee a future of pure chaos not so long from now.
      Once "They" finish developing their A.I. automation programs, and genetic super soldiers they will unleash a bio weapon designed to target specific genetics that will ultimately wipe out entire races. They will have no need for us anymore. The world will be theirs with a few slaves left behind to do the little work that the A.I. can't get to.
      Just take a look at Africa. They bring nothing of value to the world. For the most part, all they do is breed and spread disease. Most of them are useless. Why would the elites keep them around? They won't, and that goes for billions more.

  15. I join all other comments here and have to say: True words are spoken here. Thanks.

    The shining serpent (or sky?) was always there, was he? From Zeus to the King of Macedonia to Quazecotl(the one of america) till today.

  16. You are the ONLY anthropologist that I follow and trust. Thank you for bringing forth the truths which this establishment has tried so hard to hide. Before he died, my Great Uncle, Justino Colombo, wrote a book based on his own personal findings and research (which encompassed his lifetime) which showed that he (thus "we") are descendants of CC, through his paternal line. That having been said, I agree with everything you have said 100%. As an amateur researcher, myself, I appreciate that I am always substantiating these same ideas with my own findings. Keep up the great work!

  17. Evolution is real just not why there are different races.
    That is bunk.
    But things will always mutate and "evolve"
    Phoenicia mined copper in Michigan… so yeah there are some … gaps in the Narrative

  18. In the early 1900’s my grandfather came to America with his parents ( he was 2 years old ) because his father wanted to make a better life for my great grandmother and my grandfather. He worked for the red jacket copper mine until he was in his 70’s and my uncle’s along with my grandfather worked in the mines until they were old enough to strike out on their own. If anyone has a chance to visit Michigan go to the Calumet area , you can take a mine tour and look at what a hard life that must have been. Those men were amazing! It’s also gorgeous country and get yourself a pasty for dinner . Thank you for the excellent video.

    1. Pippi Bernstein the great copper mines of chile, Mexico and the USA were acquired by a Swiss family in 1913 – just in time for ww1 (they also managed to acquire the excavation equipment from the Panama Canal.) The family is still around- they’re more associated with philanthropy and fine art today.

    2. @gospa ironija Mercury poisoning affects almost everyone as they put it in so many places unfit for human consumption like fillings in the teeth, adjunct to vaccines and so much more.

    3. @Chele/Shell Me too. A little known fact is that social 'science' displayed miner's lungs blackened with coal dust to head their anti-smoking programme.

  19. Thank you Robert for confirming many long-time 'hunches' that I've developed over a long period of time!!

  20. Incredible! Thankyou. Is there any more videos on aryans that left India. They were chased out? I’d like to get the comprehensive version to read?

  21. Sometimes I feel that the isolated pockets of humanity were the remains of a previous world-encompassing power, and certain peoples like the Egyptians, Mayans, and other early civilizations were more connected to the capital. Be it Atlantis, Babylon, or the Finno-Korean Hyperwar powers.

  22. What's your opinion on finding 30 thousands year old hunting equipment in America?

  23. Wow Robert this was wonderful thank you so very much, funny I was just looking to see if you put out a new video, true history is my thing once again, thank you.

  24. Minoan Phoenician traders before them Sumerian traders – good one this my friend, very forward and i think spot on – always look forward to your vids – the Great Worme (I think) in Wales was another source of minerals mined over thousands of years might be a link – sea routes

  25. Robert, I would like to know why the institutions of higher learning don't teach these facts or at least put them out there to be known and why all of the deception about how humanity was spread out over the world. But mostly I would like to know who has the power to keep such information from the general public and what good reason would there be to keep things such as this hidden. Why are we taught false narratives and what could possibly be the reason for it or to what agenda does the false narratives bring us to. Why lies instead of truths?

    1. To hide the truth of Gods word. The gap theory states the earth was RE-created. Adam and his line through Jesus had fair hair,skin and rosey cheeks. You know,recessive genes. The other different and older races were from a previous time. I think mythology is very real and has valuable insights into the time before Adam. 1/3 of Gods angles turned on him,and pulled the same crap that is happening in the world today.

    2. I have heard rumours that most of the academics know. But if they try to get out of the program, they lose their jobs. I have heard that some people have been threatened. They are afraid of change and are keeping people in fear.

      I also heard that Doctors, Scientists and Researchers, Physicists, Scolars… have been murdered.

      I also heard teachers and doctors mention that it will be a financial disaster, a dramatic chaos, we would question everything and it could lead to war… people would lose their freaking minds.

      We have to do this slowly. For our psyche is very fragile.

      To awaken from ancestral trauma is an immense and sensitive work. Imagine if the effort it requires for one person to change is that difficult… how robust for an entire civilization.

      And then… who would be trust?
      How would be know what is true and what isn’t?

      This is an inside job. We must each, question our reality, awaken and heal… it’s our purpose.

      – It’s a psychological warfare on humans. And we are all fighting to heal!

    3. @Lisanne Plante Have you ever thought that just maybe that is what they or it wants to do, that is to be able to at some point use this knowledge to create division amongst people and incite a form of chaos as a means to control somehow? It's really about the light and the darkness of man's soul and whether we would be able to recognize it as such and let our will be able help us decide what to do and what choices to make and what to believe. But lies a deceit will never stand once they are recognized.

  26. Another unapologetically honest anthropology lesson from Robert. Some may label him brave and bold in these times, I agree, but would only add that he is obviously here with us at this time in history to cut through the veil of deception with authenticity and evidence. We can not know where we are headed if we have no idea where we came from. Thank you, Mr. Sepehr

  27. Side note concerning Native Americans in Pennsylvania.
    If someone makes claim about the Susquehannocks, Swedes and Dutch called them Minquas.
    They also traded with the Black Minquas.
    The word black has NOTHING to do with skin tone. They were called “Black Minquas” (“ who are thus named because they wear a black badge on their breasts, and not because they are really black”)
    -Indians in Pennsylvania
    By Paul A. W. Wallace

    1. lucky chester , italians say that word too , i think it means bullshit or something?

    1. There is a gene that can turn the feathers on and off. When the feather gene is turned off you get reptile skin.

    1. same here, like why would such huge land be named after a guy who got to describe only a tiny little bit of all that land? Yet Columbo got what, a river named him, a state… trully fishy! lol

  28. "Out of Africa" is a mutation of the bible origin story and is another version of linear history and puts the start of "civilization" in the middle east of course… but if civilizations have come and gone and come and gone, then that explanation is just another fable/origin myth of a particular group of people. My great^10 grand daddy was already in europe, apparently drawing on some cave walls. I don't think he had anything to do with the mideast or africa.

  29. Robert💛Buffy💛 I have missed you both..Thank you for this very informative video..I thourghly enjoyed it.💛 I hope you and Buffy are doing well💛💛

  30. or… Maya itself means "golden hair" and the european nobelity did not name their old new land after an indigen blabla, but after an old german term: emmeric- could also explain, why americans have multiplied the flag of house d`Este and the vespuccis have the merowingen bees in their flag…. just saying… it explains not the lizard 😉

  31. John Kinzie, my 3rd great grandfather, with blessings from Great Lakes native chiefs, attempted to purchase Michigan Territory in the 1700s. Washington enacted a law prohibiting such land acquisition. John was a trader. His family owned 600 acres at Grosse Point.

    1. Me And You when the world is one there will be the great Civil War to end or civil Wars …peace

  32. Thank you, Robert. You are always a wealth of information and I am most graciously grateful that you take the time to share it with the rest of us. I am constantly picking up little snippets of information that help me to put the pieces together. It's really sad that so much of this information has been hidden from the people through the years. I wish that you would put together a book or better yet, a series of books that are designed to educate our youth, before they fall victim to the ways of public education. This would give a parent the opportunity to truthfully educate their children with regard to the past. There are so many children that are now being homeschooled and this would give a parent the opportunity to truthfully educate their children. It's just a thought, but having never dealt with the so called powers that be, you are a much better judge of knowing if this idea is a safe and feasible one. You are a powerhouse of information and I personally thank you, for taking the time to educate those of us that seek to know the truth. Sending much love and an abundance of beautiful blessings to you and precious little Buffy too!

  33. One of your best. Very informative and I do prefer when you do your own videos. In the past I was taught that the native Americans were from the continent of India. Then in recent times this was changed. Did they come over the land bridge from Russia through to Alaska or did they sail over the Pacific and move north? Your thoughts on this please.

  34. My dude, the bombs you drop… you don't give me any time to recover from the last one before the next drops.
    Thanks 🙂

  35. Thank You tremendously! I cannot express how good it feels to hear this Truth coming out! If only we could find a way to fund you and your work so that this important Information could start reaching people around the World! Oh Yeah there is a way! Please everyone go to the Link in the Description so that Mr. Sepher can go and do whatever he needs to do to complete this very,very important message not only for us but for the World! There's so many people that just have no idea or refuse to accept this Truth! I think it would be highly beneficial to start holding Conferences around the U.S. and the World to start making it more real by making you more accessible! You could have a whole presentation that would bring this Timeline to Life. People would be able to meet you,sign their copies of your Books. Thank you!

  36. Imagine cro-mags were like this super strong, super intelligent race but were dumbed down by interbreeding with pre-humans and we are their hybrid offspring

    1. That would explain so much! Especially the dumbed down part, however is it dumb to be trusting and unassuming? IMO it was these qualities that began humanities downfall.

    2. @Tim O'ney Raped? The men were killed in conquest, leaving the women all too eager to compete with each other for the highest valued conquerer. This was the human condition for millennia. Women are not innocent victims. Hypergamy is as evil as the most loathsome rapist.

  37. So, when somebody points to the Egyptian walls and says "look they were black or asiatic", I will know No they were English wearing red or yellow ochre body paint. Ha ha! I hope I'm interpreting this correctly.

    1. Bingo! And nobody has yet been able to locate the origin of the sea people. Maybe they were North American. The interesting part is that the collapse affected seemingly the entire world. Here in Germany only recently one of the biggest battle grounds had been dug up (Tollense battle ground). Looks like they went for World War I in 1250BC.

  38. Academia does not represent our interest in the knowledge keepers they are politically and religiously motivated.

    The objective of academia is to miss inform you with Miss information so you do not have the ability to know your history.

    This is a form of mind control to prevent you from knowing any history

    1. A people with no history, no ties to the land, severed from their elders, the myths and customs that bind communities are easily manipulated at best, destroyed at worst.

      We have forgotten our story.

      Europe is dying. The stranglehold ever-tightening. The warriors and custodians to the land of yore are now mere cucks, suckling like demons at the teat of globalism and leftist marxist ideologies.

      Merry funking Christmas

    2. Mitchell Krouth so True!! Academia is know a tool to indoctrinate the Youth as Leftist Radicals, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Berkley gave extra credit for joining ANTIFA…

  39. Thank you for telling us the truth. I hope you will continue to do this. The world needs to know.

  40. Yet again, another outstanding video Robert. Thanks for all the information you put out about our true history!

  41. takeoff your blinders academia has beat you on the head

    another history that you’re not aware of and it is being covered up destroyed and shelfed

  42. I do not agree with the out of Africa hypothesis it's always been nonsense complete nonsense even about 20-years ago I knew it was wrong the artefacts the people did not make sense, but I tried to challenge it but to no avail great video thank you.

  43. There WILL be a Native American DNA study done in Newfoundland and Labrador Canada in the next few years to determine if the Mik'maq of Conne River today carry any genetics of the extinct Beothuk of the Island of Newfoundland.

    It is considered to be the largest dna genealogy study of a first nations group ever in Canada.

    As part Mik'maq myself, this is really exciting.

    1. Remember to come back here and link the study if it gets completed before YT dies.

  44. As these organizations make sub-Saharan Africans believe as if they were the ones accomplishing all of this

    1. pure fantasy , they arent even capable of copying our technology , nevermind the fact that they wouldnt even have a wheel without the european / aryan man's ingenuity / generosity.

    2. What organisations? It is mainstream knowledge that by this point when the Holocene began Homo Sapiens had already expanded all throughout Eurasia, Australia, and had just arrived to America.

  45. This video connected details i was missing. I liked your protestant video recently and was wondering if you could take it step further and discuss the debate between the Textus Receptus/Byzantine Manuscript (KJV) vs Alexandrian texts Codex Vaticanus/Sinaiticus because it would be really great to get to the bottom of which scripture is correct and which one is corrupted gospel with gnosticism. Thanks.

    1. corrupted with gnosticism ? the gnostics were correct , thats why they hunted them down and "tried " to kill them all , have you even read their teachings? they are very enlightening.

  46. I took a human evolution class in college, at the end I learned we really don't know crap about our origins

    1. You can bet that the richest and most powerful do, all we are taught is what they want us to believe.

  47. I descend from those nobles on both sides of the family tree…Unfortunately, in these dark ages we live, what you say is being placed under the proverbial carpet…All people need to ask is this: Where did all the Michigan copper go??? I also have MI links…

  48. For idiomatic reasons I am not able to understand 100%fluently, but everytime I see one of your videos, I end up wanting to hear and see more! Your work and knowledge is remarkable. Thank you so much for everything you share with us all! Regards from Barcelona!

    1. It might help a bit if you press the "cc" button right below in the video screen to see the subtitles. It helps me a lot.

  49. Wow! Nice song at the beginning and end! Also great title for your video, as you probably know, since I've shared my video on it with you and you read all your comments, I've been saying the out of Africa theory is a lie for a long time. Thanks for articulating it so well. Bravo 👏🏽!👏🏽!👏🏽!

  50. I've done artistic recreations using ancient skulls as a reference….and while i'm no expert on such subjects. As an artist, even i can see things that don't add up when it comes to what i see in ancient skulls.

  51. Thank you! I have been gathering all these puzzle peices in my mind and when i watch you videos they all come together.

  52. Excellent video mate.. Have heard that ancient fortifications have been found along rivers in the US that were likely the path between the Atlantic Ocean Michigan copper.

  53. Why do you think they covered their bodies with the red ochre to try and show nobility, to protect from being sun burned? Religious? Or mimicking something from the past. That explains the red people you see on walls in Egypt.
    Please, anyone share your thoughts.

  54. Robert, to what would you ascribe the world wide phenomenon of serpent worship? If serpents are mythological creatures, how could this have possibly happened?

  55. No 👩 woman ,no 😢 cry!! No woman no cry…..Bob Marley classic!…thanks as always Robert!!

  56. excellent boil-down of all your work. seems like you are getting bolder and more confident with your statements. cheers 🙂