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we define “majickk” as technology that taps higher science to operate.”higher science” includes Spiritual & Scientific Understanding of the Universe.Tomorrow’s Science is inclusive of Spiritual Reality within Scientific Engineering.

The Ion Thruster has won many science fair projects in recent years. It is the perfect project to demonstrate that “the laws of physics” are still being deciphered.

  • prebuilt / build-it-yourself electronic circuit versions available
  • low power current – safe for kids
  • excellent science learning experiment
  • “prove the impossible” – official science is scant on what is really happening here
  • NASA TECHNOLOGY – NASA was the first public source for this technology in the late 1990’s & these types of “Electro-Gravitic Ion Thrusters” are supposedly in use on satellites.

~ m a j i c k k ^^^^^^ get some  t o d a y

this is the lifter I built and videoed in 2009…

you or someone you love can easily recreate this experiment.

The “Ion Thruster” demonstrates unusual science that is not adequately explained in standard engineering texts.


… definitely worth the experience to “prove the impossible”

nature & majickk … two powers united