“Human Origins LIE in our prehistoric contact with extra-terrestrial species”

Does the Church have Knowledge of contact with extra-terrestrials? This interview with Paul Wallis we discuss Paul’s work in church ministry, that has included training pastors in the interpretation of Biblical texts, working as a troubleshooter for communities of faith, and serving as an Archdeacon in the Anglican Church in Australia. His background as a senior church-man makes it all the more surprising that Paul’s latest book argues that human origins lie in our prehistoric contact with extra terrestrial species…

Go to https://paulanthonywallis.com for information about Paul and his books. Escaping from Eden (does Genesis teach that the human race was created by God or engineered by ETs?) is available for pre-order from January 2020, hitting the shelves in April, and can be found at Axis Mundi books or on Amazon or anywhere that books are sold. You can find Paul on the Paul Wallis channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOx9ZxZ8yq7T6KGTPq63_ww

Paul Wallis is an author and researcher of ancient mythologies and has published several books in the field of mysticism and spirituality. In the last decade his work has probed the world’s ancient mythologies for the insights they hold on our origins as a species and our potential as human beings.

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    1. please watch this whole video the information coming from an active member of the church is absolutely amazing – great job getting this uploaded guys!

  1. The Sumerian story has nothing to do with European people that was not created by the Anarchy

  2. We need to remember that Sitchin was just an author, not a scholar, of any sorts and his theories are just that. He studied at the London business school of economics, no credibility as far as linguistics, history or archeology goes and his theories have been massively attacked and refuted by different scholars and deemed as wishy washy mistranslations and of course the incorrect astronomical and scientifical claims he made. Good story of though. I believe in the existence aliens, feels stupid to think the entire universe was created solely for us and there might be something to the ancient aliens theory but Sitchin is full of dog shit. Stay blessed and have good day people.

    1. Kalle Anka – Thanks for engaging. I did not arrive at these conclusions through reading Zechariah Sitchin. My arguments are not the same as his though he and I have reached many similar conclusions. My route has been through long study of world mythologies – especially the writings of Genesis. I also find significant concurrences in other disciplines such as DNA research, paleontology, neuroscience etc You're right that no author has it all and I am certainly aware of the detractions against Zechariah Sitchin. However it is easy to make an Aunt Sally of people who are correct only in part, and I wouldn't want that kind of polemics to deflect honest seekers from looking into subjects for themselves and realising there is something more to be discovered. Peace.

    1. I know! It's embarrassing isn't it 😉 Hope you enjoy the book 🙂

  3. This Explains why when i Got blown up with a Grenade ive Been able to Do things Way Differently and have a much deeper Understanding of Living a connection to the world Around me

    1. Sorry to hear that mate but glad you have tapped into a better connection with the world through it. Life is a crazy ride thats for sure!

  4. Wrong! Watch Michael tsorian irish origins of civilisation aswell as Michael cremos work,james swaggers work and jordon Maxwell on astrotiology . lmao all religion is a lie.

  5. From Ezekiel to Revalation and Enoch, all very clear descriptions of extraterrestrials.

    1. Thomas Cassler Your one liner comebacks are about as sad as you liking your own comment. 😂😂

  6. I have done quite a bit of study from several different beliefs on how to switch off these inhibitors to operating at a higher consciousness, from macro and micro dosing to meditation and so far i haven't found anything sure fire. I agree we are missing something in both history and biology, but no clear answers as to how to make it happen in all humans. If we all have these abilities there should be a more consistent method. Any advice anyone?

    1. Hi Robert kercher – Great question. I have been very helped by the Hesychast tradition of Eastern Orthodoxy. Their focus is shifting from head consciousness to head plus heart consciousness using a combination of imagination. meditation, spoken or prayed words, a nurturing of a state of equanimity or peacefulness and conscious breathing. There is also a Celtic modality called tuning the 5 stringed lyre – which is about consciencising the physical senses. And I have personally been helped through earthing. I would in no way claim to be in a continual state of precognition or clairvoyance but these tools have had a clear impact on my own receptivity. The less controllable element is that recovery post trauma or post injury has been the fastest accelerator in my own experience. So that's not a definitive answer or panacea. It's just what's helped me! I see the shamanic and mystical traditions as curating a great wealth of knowledge to be tapped in this area. Happy exploring! Peace!

    2. @Paul Wallis I hadn't expected a reply, thank you. I have used meditation, as well as some micro dosing many years ago, I believe my issue is more a matter of focus i never seem to be able to completely ease my mind and let go. I will just have to keep at it. Thank you again.

  7. Order your books everyone…so exciting. Thanks Paul for the work you do too. WOW

    1. Thanks Bruce. And thank you for what you bring to us. Keep it coming. Peace 🙂

  8. Accepting is hard for some and the reaction Paul is right…they tend to back away and say they never really thought of it all….

  9. Great Video.. Thank You Very Much. Keep them coming 🙂


  10. blasphemy dont confuse fallen demonic Angels which are spiritual beings, has sentient beings made by God to experience this 3 dimensional world. we are special and made in God's image, the rest are just created lesser beings that fell out of Gods glory. May God enlighten you better. Amen. there is nothing new under the sun what has happened already has happened and it was all created by us human beings our very own ancestors which history has been lost in time or just in plane sight that we basically can not contemplate the tech they have left behind. same like explaining wifi to a villager he cant believe cause he cant see

  11. Actually the beer is a slave treat to make you get over the fact that your a slave.. Its just enough happiness in a bottle to keep you working!

    1. Thanks Diagonal Seven – Yes Mauro Biglino is a brave scholar whom I have only just discovered. It is reassuring and exciting to find others on a similar path!

  12. In fact benedict xvi has been a researcher all of his life and a revolutionary pope

  13. The word "strangers" in bible is a translation of "alien". Second father in heaven, but where is mother?

  14. Read bible again and the word "dog" and "bird" appears frequently…..

    Swords, and children and the blood of Son of man…oh Sons Of Men dont you understand you are the sheep and lamb?
    "Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head "

  15. We have great powers which have been switched off sons ago deliberately! To keep us under control and enslaved!! Watch David Ike!!!

    1. @Very Irritating really? You know about schizophrenia then? Whatever Icke is, he is not schizophrenic.

    2. David icke is a fraud. I saw him in an interview…when confronted with lack of evidence Icke threw a fit, started cussing, and left the building.

    3. @Jim Dawson that's hardly evidence for him being a fraud… anyone who seriously researches his books will find plenty of evidences… Not sure about some of it but certainly enough for real concern.

  16. So…. you are enlightened while others are in the dark? They aren’t another species ,, they are fallen angels that disobeyed God… they came here and had Children with humans and created Nephilim. They corrupted the gene pool, so God wiped them out…. that’s the truth.. anything else means you are in the dark..

  17. So…. you are enlightened while others are in the dark? They aren’t another species ,, they are fallen angels that disobeyed God… they came here and had Children with humans and created Nephilim. They corrupted the gene pool, so God wiped them out…. that’s the truth.. anything else means you are in the dark..

  18. So…. you are enlightened while others are in the dark? They aren’t another species ,, they are fallen angels that disobeyed God… they came here and had Children with humans and created Nephilim. They corrupted the gene pool, so God wiped them out…. that’s the truth.. anything else means you are in the dark..

  19. So…. you are enlightened while others are in the dark? They aren’t another species ,, they are fallen angels that disobeyed God… they came here and had Children with humans and created Nephilim. They corrupted the gene pool, so God wiped them out…. that’s the truth.. anything else means you are in the dark..

  20. So…. you are enlightened while others are in the dark? They aren’t another species ,, they are fallen angels that disobeyed God… they came here and had Children with humans and created Nephilim. They corrupted the gene pool, so God wiped them out…. that’s the truth.. anything else means you are in the dark..

  21. please watch this whole video the information coming from an active member of the church is absolutely amazing – great job getting this uploaded guys!

  22. I took the red pill, the day I first saw a UFO, all I can say is everything about me has changed since then. I like it

    1. Same here. Let me ask, How your journey has been since, in the company of other humans? Do you work 9 to 5 ? Is it easy for you to have empty talks about war, religion ?

    2. I would like to know details of your encounter with un UFO. I believe there are many things that we do not know about we human beings, the universe, about life …. So, I am interested and open to know more on all of that and the experience of other people. 🙏

    3. @Alina Elena Sturzoiu I was 19 got scared, ran and they let me go. Wish I would have stayed put. 50 now watch the sky all the time. Never seen that space ship again.😭😭😭

  23. We are we at 1% of what we used to be we once a advance race in a war and our technology in DNA was taken from me us now we are they're puppets

  24. At 6:30 his true motivation is admitted, and just like the title of his book, he is pushing pure luciferian religion disguised as ancient extraterrestrial contact

    1. Hi Desert Sand, If you check out the "explore" section of my website you'll see that you've got the wrong end of the stick here. If you get onto my book and you'll find that "luciferian religion" is the very opposite of what I am on about! I am aware that some use the Sumerian narratives as an pretext for "luciferian religion" but that is not what I'm into! I really am talking about prehistoric contact with ET's!!

    1. Ufo Bulletin – Keep doing what you're doing. It's very appreciated. Peace!

  25. If I was asked: "Would there be mass panic if ET's showed up and governments divulge the information regarding ETs?" I would say "Yes. If it was 50 or 100 years in the past from now." (well maybe not 50 years back as most people were high). But because we were dripped fed information and circulated around, it wouldn't affect us as much and we would embrace and accept aliens are here and have always been here.

    1. Apollyon6660 – I agree. I think there is drip feeding going on as you say. We are really in an era of soft disclosure.

    2. Yea hopefully we get an answer soon! As you said Paul Wallis, the pope was trying to get a head of this one. I hope they're nice! Lol

  26. Watch “the lost books of the Bible & why they were removed”….INCREDIBLE INFO😎

  27. Something I was about to say before I finished or I actually started watching reptilian royalty,is earth is EDEN,its not somewhere on earth,it is earth and we should be thankful not bitter…for what we have and enjoy…

    1. Interesting theory that Earth is Eden, though it was suppose to be located where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers run into the sea. But, I like thinking if this planet as an Eden.

  28. But the kings seeds were giving to it is that we should be thankful for…that was our freedom and birth…and our beginning.

  29. A man on a video said in the bible gods said this is the center of the universe…I thought that we were arrogant for thinking it but not if it is true,and most important if God said it…u can't have belief without faith….

    1. Hi Kellie, Thanks for engaging. I would be interested to know where the man on the video you mention got that quote. Are you able to recall? I have been studying the Bible for 37 years and I am not aware of such a verse. Happy to be corrected if it's there.

  30. I wish my father was still alive to hear this. He had Von Daniken’s book at home. I have it now and peruse it from time to time. The truth has to come out to the general public.

    1. The truth has already been given to the general public, hence the very book you mentioned, the problem is that humans have been brainwashed by pedophilic priests to live in fear.

  31. I just want to know, where are they? I am 32, by 30 i tought we would already made Alien friends. I just hope we are not all wrong about this matter. Every year i hope that there is some kind of contact. But like any other year nothing happens at all.

    1. Hi Andre, In the last decade a number of countries have declassified their UFO files. Even the USA, though it still enforces the 1947 National Security Act which classified UFO research has recently released senior officials to discuss the case of the buzzing of the USS Nimmitz. Go to YouTube and listen to Mercury and Apollo Astronauts like Gordon Cooper, Buzz Aldrin, Edgar Mitchell and Al Worden – and note what they are being allowed to say. Bearing in mind they are still bound by official secrets, what they do say becomes even more significant. If you follow up on things like that and see what government authorities are now permitting and I think you'll realise we are in a period of soft disclosure regarding current contact. That's how I see it. Not the same as a personal close encounter, but I think it adds up.

  32. Can we all at least agree that it makes no difference in what those IDIOTS in the Vatican say? I mean seriously.. a bunch of cult members have never meant a Thing to me.. kinda like the muslims.. except they’re inbred to retardation.. at least the pope and his child screwing buddies are intelligent..they’re just evil and and somewhat warped.. but NOTHING they say makes the slightest bit of sense to what we’re told is true.. so whatever they know that we don’t know is the problem. But as long as it stays that way I won’t give them the benefit of the doubt becauseI have nothing but disdain for them no matter what.. Loserville, Rome

  33. For people to not have a belief in the exsistance of extraterrestrial civilization's, I think their of a very narrow mind.
    I really did enjoy this documentary and if I had other people who would sit down and give it the time of day then I surely would be sharing it.
    Thank you so very much for the time you took to make this, it really was brilliant.

  34. If you open minded people really want to know the truth research master George king an if your ment to know it u will but if your not then you won’t

    1. Hi Tertitus, I find Dr.Steven Greer's work highly credible. It is precise. Names are named. And his credibility has enabled him to play a uniquely important role in the disclosure process. What's your reckoning, Tertius?

    2. @Paul Wallis well i am still new to all of this but yes i believe that there is something out there that needs to be addressed snd but like i said i am still new. I have always thought that what everyone sees as ets could also be our descendents who finally mastered time travel but now….

  35. Brilliant & uplifting interview 💖💖💖especially coming from a person who knows the bible so well thank you Paul Wallis. (PS: as a kid I always asked these questions & had visions, so mom tried to get me baptised at 3 different churches, I can laugh😄 now but back then anyone who questioned the bible or had a gift where called a evil person, I am happy to see things are changing)💖💖💖

    1. Thanks Tara. Glad you enjoyed it – and so glad that your appetite for truth and reality survived that bumpy start. Good on you!! 🙂

    2. Yes, times are changing, slow but sure. Some people are changing …. I am 42 years old and I can see and feel that the way we see life, the universe, the divine, is on a journey that hopefully will lead as to find the truth about as humain beings, our origin and our porpose. I am so sure that there is much more that what we see in our everyday lives, that other beings exist in this vast univers. So I am open to learn, to know including other people's experiences. Can you give details about your visions? 🙏

    3. @Paul Wallis Happy New Year, Paul! May 2020 be interesting and successfull for all mankind! To you I wish lot of happy moments, wishes come true, excellent health, inspiration and strength to continue your work! La mulți ani from România!! 🤗💗 I love your ideas! You are such a good storyteller! Looking forward to read your book! And I will keep watching your channel on youtube. You said you will do a podcast. It is on? 🙏

    1. more to come : working on a great video with Pail watch this space 🙂

    2. Hey Paul…I know this sounds crazy but when I was a kid I had actually seen Ezekiels wheel …I've been researching UFOs since the Advent of the internet ,mulling over thousands of videos trying to find what I had seen one summers afternoon…and the only thing even close was the description of Ezekiels wheel…and when I seen images it gave me chills…it was wheels within wheels but it had faces also I could make out the face of a bull…the cherub like face of a man…and then another face I couldn't clearly make out…it had been following me and my father in our Chevy van driving down a country road to my aunt's house and my dad just threw it in park and jumped out …and when I got out it was right above us….I wasn't scared but I sensed immedietely that it could read our thoughts…idk ..I'd love to chat about it if you'd like

    3. @Sam Stanley Thanks for sharing your amazing personal story. Head to my website and you can message me directly from there. Go to the "About Paul & Contact" page. I would love to talk with you further about the immediate impact and your later reflections on your close encounter.

  36. you should read the Sumerian text over any other book,because if nothing else it predates that story book the bible.

  37. Well you got so gotta think we are biological to and whatever's in our chemistry like they say cigarets will kill you not if you do not have the cancer causing area that smoking will cause I know That true Fact if you do not have those certain cells it can't happen My grandmother lived to a 102 to smoke until the day she died had A grandfather died 88 smoker Me I need 35 diabetic route toward arthritis osteoporosis I go get my lunch checks and they're like while healthy as a horse So like they said when he got hit it in Woking some in the biological structure

  38. Why would all make or even wanna be called God someone that needs to be acknowledg'd it's better to just love someone then the hat to have a statue into big knowledged all the time We all maker the always have always will

  39. Let's not be naive Paul..they liked drinking beer, so they taught us how to make it.

  40. So the most urgent of all questions then must be asked – where do we go when we die ? If we were 'created' by ET ,does he too manage our afterlife ,that is the most fundamental question if we are to accept the Alien Human creation narrative ! This will be the scary part ….. what if ET does not have the answer ,our creators are just as bewildered as we are then what ?

  41. Makes sense when you look at the incredible beauty & balance of all things of this earth. . Then there is us the most aggressive, cruel, destructive & disconnected species to ever exist! Makes sense we are introduced when the majority don’t really care to much about the suffering off all other life & living things coursed directly by us

  42. I was brought up as a Catholic and later on became a Born Again Christian with the Baptist Church. However, after having read The Bible twice, I kept getting the same message. The message that The Bible is true, it's just been narrated and comprehended by history's level of intelligence. I remember thinking the same things; thinking why do these passages give me a feeling that there's something extraterrestrial to them from Genesis and Exodus and Ezequiel and Paul being taken to the 3rd heaven and Peter's vision of a sheet where he is shown animals and Peter and the Ethiopian Eunuch in a chariot and all the angels from heaven. I was always perplexed by these stories but whenever I brought up my thoughts of these being of an exraterrestrial origin, I was looked upon as a weirdo and was told that was nonsense or that the enemy was putting those thoughts in my mind. I couldn't help but to always want answers to all those mysteries but kept beeing put down. I'm so glad to see I wasn't that off.

  43. Interesting concepts definitely sells books and views and I enjoy the conversations. My view on it is that the "sky people" were the angel's that chose to leave their original estate and form and came down to co mingle with humans. The bible's prophecy says in the last days they will attempt to re influence humans to deceive them that the one and only God that they defied doesnt exist and or is the evil side of the spiritual realm and why the battle at Armageddon occurs

  44. Where do we find, read, and/or see the documents and interviews related to that Vatican colloquium on ets?

  45. But what if there was more than one set of aliens what if there was multiple groups all over the planet it all goes back to some kind of star wars film and we are the left overs from this universel destruction?? Star wars the new bible?? What side was we on?? O ok don't tell us we won't fight clever

  46. People on this earth can't even embrace "Black people" so how on earth will they except anything else. Good luck with that!

  47. Absolutely LOVE this interview! This has me excited about the truth coming out. It's time humanity knew the truth!

  48. "Let US create them in our image"… US refers to Jehovah God, the Father, Creator speaking to his first creation, His Son Jesus Christ… I never understood how so many religions seem to intermix those two or simply just refer to Jesus Christ. Yet in the Bible, Jesus Always gives Glory to his Father…He doesn't presume to be his substitute. Jesus also states: Those who call on God's name will be saved. Therefore it's important to know that name; whereas "Lord" "God" "lord" are simply titles like Mr or Mrs etc. This mix up is the crux of the matter with the problems that are inherent within many religions.
    Apart from that, I found the rest of your presentation quite interesting. Especially the references to those in the Vatican and the new patterns of thought emerging in relation to ET's. Cheers!

  49. JESUS GOD said with your beliefe you can move the mountains…it is not your beleife it is your brain. you know that humans use only 4% of their brain . so i will not use all my brain, i can not and i am happy .so lbelieve in GOD,,i will live like Jesus Christ told me, i will live a good life not hurting someone, love my family ,love all , if after like you say there is no GOD or eternal life,, so nothing wrong with me….i have lived a good and peaceful life…

  50. but GOD words for identification he said,,, I AM in the beggening ,,, I AM

  51. ancient greeks were very clever,,, now they are in depts,,,now they are […] of europa..the past is lost in your present which is not yours the future you will live,,,,,that what jesus christ told you and me,

  52. dont be very intelligent ,,, there is GOD who gave life and love….

  53. 1 question,,,, why now we live 60-90 years ,, and before people lived 900 years???

  54. Interesting you are "explaining" only Christians,..what about Muslimans, Buddhism, Israelis, Hinduism?? This all videos is about selling your book. LOL

  55. Maybe the drilled holes we see in ancient skulls weren't operations to fix a medical problem !

  56. Right on Paul! All of what you say is right on the money. I took the red pill as well. We are so fortunate to know the truth. This all comes together. The answer to all our questions are there for all to see if one desires.

  57. All I know is that there IS a Creator and those that created us know it as well and Do as he or it has suggested to Do across The Galaxies. Also Evil will Corrupt Good Man and The vil can be believed more than Good nowadays.

  58. The Cyclops was not a one eye giant but a person with the mind's eye completely available to them and could appear to simple beings as a giant

  59. I feel like our era is cheated why did the ets stop visiting us openly like they did in the past

  60. Go to YouTube Type in Christian whistleblower and listen to this guy. A preacher for over 30 years decoding the Bible proving a lot of stuff that will blow your mind his name is Jeff Dougherty

  61. In the first chapter of Genesis there is a creation. In the second chapter of Genesis there is another creation. Explained that I already know the answer the God in the Bible is not the true creator what God would be jealous what God would destroy his own creation? I'm just saying

  62. The gospel supposed to be good news that's what it translates to Good News. But they do nothing but preach about your ass in or you're going to hell there's only one Savior and they have it. And you need to read Isaiah 43:11 because that got in the Bible says there is no savior nor shall there ever be. That'll blow your mind. I'm just saying

  63. It tells you right in the book why they're coming here the book meaning. Bible and the rest of the history writings they created us like them meaning we are gods and goddesses that's why they're coming here we should be having an IQ of over 2,000 living for hundreds and hundreds of years. Until they enslaved us with this fake Jesus who never existed saying we are sinners and we are going to go to hell if we don't bow down to Yahweh Jehovah who is not the true God you were born with the spark of divinity in you, you are gods and goddesses wake up people even the Christ which is not really a word said that do you not know that ye are God's? The Kingdom of Heaven is within. When the eye be single then you shall see the kingdom meaning the pineal gland your third eye it's all over everywhere wake up. I'm just saying

  64. How about the question of how do we feel about them having this technology a free energy anti-gravity vehicles slash UFOs space travel time travel healing beyond belief never getting sick how would we feel knowing that they had all this technology and they brought up this damn monetary system to enslave us all and prevent us from being who we truly are. I believe they're going to be chaos I believe a lot of people going to get their asses whipped I'm just saying

  65. Interesting, if your book calls to me next year I will give it a read. This book tends to lean towards those people not really aware of these things yet, could be wrong, either way; good to see some more open mindedness being produced.

  66. Anyone think the Christian Movies ad is on this video bc these videos make the church nervous?

  67. I actually came to the same exact conclusions as you!! WOW!!! I’m an abstract thinker and have done the same research as well and weeded through all the disinformation and sheep mentalities to find the same truths and that’s not me saying I don’t believe in God or a higher power that was the creator of everything but I’ve also found and felt lied to almost or at the absolute very least not told whole truths and information held back from me and everyone else for reasons given that we’re not ready or capable of understanding or being able to handle it or for the obvious reason to be controlled or lead towards whatever agendas they deem or those in power or control “masters” or false masters or controllers. As previously stated I am a very free, open, and very abstract minded and thinking person and what I was taught, read and all I had available did not make sense even when blind faith was implemented at times. So I had to just really dig in and have unfaltering faith and not accept anything but truth and not stopping until I had gone as far as the information could take me. I just am soooo very fortunate and feel very blessed to have been able to find everything I have found and want to thank so very very much all who have posted, documented, and poured over and translated the ancient text and historical documentation left,….found,.. and has been protected for those to be translated so that so very desperately needed information and ideas can be given and shared to those of us who do and have dug deeper in search of nothing but the truth as to not be misled or tricked by false prophets teachings and those teachers who teach false doctrine to deceive others for either their purpose or even their leaders purposes and agendas. I’ve been made fun of, cussed, shunned, and was even told by one religion that had an elder follower who told me after reading the palm of my hand ,.. that I would be one of the greatest evangelical leaders, preachers of gospel that had been seen for some time and would be a blessing to many. It had been written in my hand one of my destinies if I had so chose to follow it. The woman whom had never in her life nor my own known me or any of my people told me of that as well as things in my painful and solitary life things that I NEVER told anyone about and never still today told anyone. I’m an extremely shy and introverted person caused mainly by my beliefs and knowledge and being like I’ve said,.. ridiculed, picked on , made fun of, and even beaten up because of that fact. That’s all fine they’ve happened because it makes me who I am and actually helped bolster me to and with my beliefs as I am of the mind that when you’re on to and close to the truth about somethings,…important things is when you’re truly tested for it and to prove I feel,.. how strongly you believe and stand on what truths you’ve had revealed to you and have been found on your journey or pilgrimage to reach truth and purity of truth in a faith that you can be part of and it part of you. I didn’t mean for all that to come out there at the end, it just kinda did. Flowed out as water does to the sea.

  68. what if these r the falling angles? is there good or bad. and whats your thought on christ?

  69. ive always believed and tied this all in together. and also thought jesus was of a higher being. but i also believe that there is a bad group that might being confused as gods. i do believe that their is 1 god.

  70. So as a believer or past believer what do you believe now reguarding such things as heaven and hell , the afterlife ? The book of revelations , and salvation as it's taught ? I have always had all these questions but was raised in private religious school and church 4 times a week , and can honestly say am afraid to think outside the box even though I want to die my souls sake ?

  71. Very interesting doc. I will definitely get the book when it comes out in March I think.
    This is the nagging question I always have when it comes to aliens… If we can agree on the premise that aliens have been here before, what did they want from this planet and why did they leave, if they did leave? The notion that they came here for the resources seems so easy an explanation and tries to put humanity's tendency to look for resources the same need as that of the aliens. It just doesn't satisfy my curiosity. Maybe we are trying to humanize the aliens or we are emulating the aliens. Either case there has to be a better explanation.

  72. I wish they’d come and meet us already.
    I’m ready to embrace a brother or sister alien, and have been my entire life.
    Maybe knowing for certain that there is more out there, would heal my own faith in life.

  73. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I don't want to hear about your camp fire stories Wallis, I want facts. FAIL!

  74. Great video…………I hope The 5th Kind includes Jordan Maxwell as he has incredible knowledge as well

  75. Life is not bad. It's good and getting better… That's my firm view/opinion/thought. I've lived with the shadow of an Thoughtform passed on by "someone" getting it from "someone"💞🤢🕌

  76. Incredible. I have a similar background with out the career. But I never felt the bible stories or my communities faiths leaders could answer my questions with 100% honesty or clarity. It was in my bones that they weren’t telling me everything, withholding and using misinformation to shield something. What a great interview.