Irish Myth, Legend, and St Patrick’s Purgatory – ROBERT SEPEHR

St Patrick’s Purgatory is an ancient pilgrimage site on Station Island in Lough Derg, County Donegal, Ireland. According to legend, the site dates from the fifth century, and in modern times a monastery sits over the portal some have called a gateway to Hell.

While casual visitors are not generally allowed on the island, yearly pilgrimage to the site continues to this day where devout worshipers come in droves to take a three-day sojourn of contemplation, fasting, and barefoot prayer, touted as “the toughest in all of Europe, perhaps even in the whole Christian world.”

One of Saint Patrick’s most famous legends recounts how this great 5th century saint banished all of the snakes from Ireland. We know the pagans of Ireland as the Druids, and their symbol was … the snake.

An old Irish legend about an ancient Egyptian princess

Robert Sepehr is an anthropologist and author




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  1. I was listening to a show the other day with these genealogists on it to claim the ten tribes which is always been my theory, is that the ten tribes from Israel spread out across Europe One Tribe went to Ireland there's signs of it in their flag another tribe are the Welsh signs and their flag the tribe of Dan in Germany another tribe or two went over to the Americas with the help of the Phoenicians and those people calling themselves Jews that are currently in Israel are not from the original tribes ,that all the rest of us from Europe in North america and eastern Europe and maybe few other places are the original Hebrews. They claim to have the DNA to back this up.

  2. Robert were can I find the video on monotonic gold and Moses and alchemy.i have looked everywhere including your website they have been taken down.

  3. Nepal and Bhutan were not colonized as well.
    Naga is still worshipped in Nepal in many ways.

  4. ιη κατλη jεωs / sοζιs κιℓℓεδ gεямαηs / ατℓαητεαηs sμςн αs ημяεмβεяgιαη
    sταηιsℓαμs нαℓℓεя (sεε jοнαηη нαℓℓεя; jοнαηη (нαηs) = οαηηεs = δαgοη)


  6. Holy Guacamole!!! Robert, if you want to get more views please have that Lady of the Well in every video!!!!!

  7. Could it be that this "Serpent people" are somehow connected to the ancient land of Ophiussa?

  8. Thanks Robert. Can't wait to hear your take on the serpent race. Those of us who know the worm are very curious

  9. Anyone that comes to kill my snakes may end up a martyr. lol
    Check out my channel for video evidence that snakes are capable of enjoying and seeking human interaction 🐍❤️

  10. ιη κατλη gℓοβαℓ sοςιαℓιsτs κιℓℓεδ gεямαηs / ατℓαητεαηs sμςн αs ημяεмβεяgιαη
    sταηιsℓαμs нαℓℓεя (sεε jοнαηη нαℓℓεя; jοнαηη (нαηs) = οαηηεs = δαgοη)

  11. Ew, did that hot blonde just say that everyone puts their feet in that well AND they drink from it?! Wtf

  12. Robert, St Patrick is no hero to me. banishment of the old serpent knowledge and the priests , was a shame, Ireland was handed to the tyrannic Vatican controllers,, Gabriel, Ireland.

  13. IF the snakes were pushed into the ocean there wouldn’t be any left on land? The snakes are said to have been brought over by the snake worshippers. Christ on the cross is the fulfillment of the old religions, that’s why he turned the water into wine, bc the last is better than the first.

    1. "Christ" story if a bag of plariagiarism of over 25 ancient myths witht he same story line.

  14. Dear Saint Patrick, you say you drove out all the snakes……..


    You missed one!

  15. Your videos are fascinating I have probably learned more from watching your videos than anyone else’s. Keep up the good work merry Christmas

  16. Robert, you should never pass a tree that is offering you it's fruit. It is a gift from God and you should accept the fruit as a gift from Mother Nature, it is a real blessing that you should never turn down.

  17. Good video. I always thought snakes were metaphorical for Pagans or any Earth based Spirituality. Snakes live close to the earth. Seems like Christians have had an issue with 0phidiophobia for a long time.

  18. This is so interesting, I never paid attention to the fact that Ireland was never conquered by the romans. Your reference to another race just intrigued me even more. Merry Christmas Mr Sepher and to all the viewers of the channel.

  19. Ethiopia was not all black from the beginning. It would have been like Egypt is or better. The plague of the gimme gimmes led to the exodus of the advanced humans.

  20. I always knew by 'serpents' the druids were inferred as being what st Patrick drove from Ireland. well done

    1. J D Jones I believe St patrick had Italian heritage but his family lived in Britain when he was captured

  21. Roman Catholics are NOT considered Christian in any way, shape or form. They ARE, however, considered apostate christians….meaning they have fallen away from the Truth and are no longer following Christ.

  22. Mr. Sepehr always so well dressed! A Fantastic gentleman with great intellect. Cheers

  23. I heard a theory the Atlantean refugees came to Ireland. Also later some Egyptian royalty, but aswell as these, I heard Aryan peoples also setted in Ireland. My family hails from Cork. The family name's lineage and meaning is also interesting. O'Keeffe and Noonan were my mothers' parents' names…. I digress )) Robert, as always, Great video.

  24. Another video that didn't show up on my subscriptions page. Great, informative video. May you and Buffy have Happy Holidays and a nice week ahead.


  26. Thank You for the Irish focus – 🍀
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a truly Blessed "New Decade"! 🎄

  27. Great job Robert, looking forward to the next part with the snakes. You are the best historian on youtube because you make such great presentations with lots of graphics.

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  29. The snakes represent the pagan druids and it wasn’t a friendly Catholic conversion. St Patrick is no saint. My relatives hail from the green Isle and I certainly do not celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

  30. I liked very much your video. Hope you talk again real soon about the druids. I come from portugal. The druids were in Portugal too. The gauls were there, if we analyze the name por-tu-gal, the suffix "gal" can have relation with "gaul", one of the ancients tribes of celts. God bless you

    1. Or did it save it? You don’t actually know what would’ve happened if it weren’t the way it is.

  31. 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🥳🎄Hi there, greetings and best wishes 🎄🥳🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️happy holydays.
    Guess the serpants represent old places of energies, old grid laylines plac es, serpants are in old cultures mostly symbols for energies🎅Ho🎅Ho🎅Ho

  32. Queen Scotia lived over in Ireland. Ireland was called Scotia. There is a place in Scotland, that indicated Egyptians must have been there too. Too bad the library of Alexandria was destroyed and it's information. We could have been on a so much different level, humanity would have been so much more evolved and advanced.

  33. Thank you for these videos. What a wonderful wishing well that houses pure healing waters. I do wish people would not throw coins or stick their feet in the water if it was meant for drinking.

  34. My father has gone to Lough Dearg, ( Loch/ pronounced Lock ), every year since he was 14 or so. He is 82 now & perhaps a little old but he's determined to go again before he dies. Barefoot they walk the island in complete silence, praying continuously from morn until night & often remaining awake in quiet prayer for at least 2 of the 3 days. He always says it is easy to stay awake because they are each allocated a Cell with no heating ( you can see the Cells in Roberts video here ). The main building you see looks just like a Prison & is a sparsely furnished place with a hard thinly mattressed bed, hard chair & small table to each Cell.

    Fasting used to be for everyone although I think today it is a little less strict because of diabetes etc but most folk still fast, drinking only water & there are a few that practice self flagellation, although this is never spoken of. We all know of a few cured alcoholics that do this & others that wear a tight chain around their torso that they tighten that cuts their skin. There is a pretty famous alcoholic, named Matt Talbot, that was saved in his words by Jesus that wore that chain & often a sack cloth covered in ashes for the rest of his life ( Mental illness that sadly many alcoholic's look up to so maybe should not laugh at that way of penance cuz if it works for them what the heck?! ). Anyhow Lough Dearg has many such folk staying there every year.

    Most Free Thinkers that have left the Catholic church in Ireland are of the opinion that sites such as Lough Dearg had been sacred places to the Druids & Pagans long before the Roman Church got such a strong foot hold & hundreds of Wells across the country are now Christian Saints' Wells & of course when a Priest bottles this water they can put a monetary value on it…ever the entrepreneur's Eh?!! The truth about hundreds of Missionary sites & buildings are coming to light now with an horrendous number of dead babies & children's skeletons being found in waste tanks, one in particular in Tuam, Co Galway, had over 700 dead babies in it!! Absolute Evil held sway in Ireland through the Priests & in that particular case in Tuam, a group of Catholic Nuns. Every sane person must ask the question, were these babies sacrificed in rituals or is this the work of simply evil Nuns having no kids of their own, that could not properly rear & look after babies?!! The babies came from poor women that got pregnant outside of marriage etc that had their babies taken from them & very often had them sold to rich folk in the US that could not have babies themselves. This is a massive scandal that is out in the public domain here in Ireland today & there is even a movie called simply " Veronica," that tells the story of a child sent to the US & who found out she had been sold like this. She traveled the US & Europe & then found her mother still alive in Ireland. Her mother had been searching all of her life for Veronica, & it would break your heart to see how cruel the Catholic church were to unmarried mothers & their children. I have typed a lot more than I ever imagined here but just let me finish by saying the Catholic Church are not a force for good anywhere in the world but particularly here in Ireland where Church & State were truly cruel & evil to our people & particularly women & children. They certainly did not remove every Snake in Ireland either & there are thousands of good people that follow the Old Ways still. Ireland's history is truly filled with blood lust & barbarity whether from our closer neighbor, England or the Church of Rome!! They could never completely catch & kill " The Morrigan " & she has only got stronger now this past 50 years or so & the Youth of Ireland are constantly waking up to see how evil the Church & State have been to their fore fathers but particularly their hatred of the Divine Feminine, our mothers. I've never witnessed such hate of the Church in particular here in Ireland & whatever the Magick they used against us, it has waned & died & hundreds of thousands of folk have come out of it's strangled hold & long may that continue.

    Great wee video as usual Robert Sepehr. I would Love to see a video done by you on the cruelty of the Catholic Church in Ireland some day. The dead babies I described above were found in Tuam, County Galway. Here is a wee link for information.

    & another here on the sexual abuse of children by the Catholic Church…

    & here a link for information on The Morrígan…

    The Morrígan or Mórrígan, also known as Morrígu, is a figure from Irish mythology. The name is Mór-Ríoghain in Modern Irish. It has been translated as "great queen" or "phantom queen".

    The Morrígan is mainly associated with war and fate, especially with foretelling doom, death or victory in battle. In this role she often appears as a crow, the badb.[1] She incites warriors to battle and can help bring about victory over their enemies. The Morrígan encourages warriors to do brave deeds, strikes fear into their enemies, and is portrayed washing the bloodstained clothes of those fated to die.[2][3] She is most frequently seen as a goddess of battle and war and has also been seen as a manifestation of the earth- and sovereignty-goddess,[4][5] chiefly representing the goddess's role as guardian of the territory and its people.

  35. I heard he was never actually a Catholic. But more of a purely Christian missionary. Those snakes still need to be destroyed. Still causing trouble.

  36. According to another video I watched the Druids became the Irish Catholic Bishops and diocese which is what differentiated them from Roman Catholicism

  37. Purgatory is a 'purge' of material attachments, a natural process following death much as Bardo which are descriptions of happenings in the astral before rising higher. Many appear to get trapped. In the Egyptian Lore, the soul can go one of 3 ways; into the jaws of the reptile to be stripped and immediately reincarnated, into the cow, to dream in the astral before reincarnation or into the lion leading straight to paradise.

    This island and lore is also reminiscent of the initiation ceremonies of the Egyptians. To note; the 'British' Isles were abundant in such natural well springs mostly now concreted over or perhaps contained within private estates. I've been to Chalice Well in Somerset where the water is considered holy and is rich in iron ore and drinkable. It is said that Joseph and perhaps Jesus visited here and blessed the land. The rivers and streams flowed with fresh drinking water in our lands before whatever invasion occurred to steadily divert, cover up or pollute them. What a beautiful example she is of white heritage. Thanks.

  38. I was under the >impression that the "snakes" were reference to the druids (there were references of druids wearing symbolic snakes on their head dresses not unlike the Kemitians)and that St Patrick casting them out of Ireland represented the killing and suppression of the druidic customs and way of life. Once the druids were suppressed sufficiently enough, they were forced to hide what survived of their way of life and risked their lives passing their teachings on upon pain of death at the hands of the Catholic church.

  39. Does anyone know what that triple goddess "artifact"? is at around 6:50 when he is talking about the snake symbolism?

  40. Winston Churchill – ''History is written by the victors''

    LIKED & SUBSCRIBED. I love finding alternative views on History seeing I firmly believe our history is a lie.
    Let the binge watching commence

    1. I did have my suspicions about the reptilian story, now understanding that it is metaphoric another race of being. Considering all other myth and legends from around the globe. Including modern symbolism

  41. Youtube recommended this video to me and then at the end of the video they show St.Patricks Well which is in the town I live. I'm very suspicious now haha Great video by the way, new sub 🙂

  42. I really enjoy waking up to your videos very very fun to listen to wonderful pictures I really appreciate all your hard work and research God-bless you sir thank you very much it in lightens a lot of the Greek mythology mixed in with how Enoch and book of jubilees spoke of all these different things thank you for that.