Is It Time To Take Wind Power More Seriously? | Mindfield | Spark

Imagine if you were able to spend a few days with Edison, or Einstein or Da Vinci. What would you find out about people who lived at the frontier of discovery? Were they all consumed by the riddles of science and technology set before them? What experiences did they have that have them to them becoming leaders in their field? Mindfield will pull back the curtain to reveal the new wizards behind science and technology discoveries in Canada. We will explore many disciplines within this genre; ag-bio research, medicine, academic research, alternative energy and the frontiers of research in commercially viable inventions: Canadian innovators on the global stage.

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  1. Use piezoelectric bimetalls, make it into huge carpet, green carpet and carpet Nevada and create fake trees with it with leaves that do the same. Very few moving parts, huge electrical generating capacity. Energy crises solved. This will work. Add solar panels.

  2. Maybe I should go back to sleep as I just woke
    Fuck it …. hold up no sorry no need for wind the answer is NOTHING and I'm not Lying sealed nothing

  3. I dont know, talk about messing up weather patterns, knocking a bunch of energy out of the normal winds sound more problematic than some co2 molecules.

    1. The troposphere (where most weather patterns occur) begins at the Earth's surface and extends from 4 to 12 miles (21,120 to 63,350 feet) high. The average consumer-level wind turbine is mounted at up to 60ft AGL. So an average consumer-level turbines are operating and effecting air within, say .2 percent of the troposphere. Somehow I don't think the effect of wind turbines is in any way comparable to the effect of continuous massive CO2 release into the atmosphere. Just a thought.

    2. @Dylan Baxter I also think that the hundreds of millions of buildings that the human race has built probably has more effect on stopping the wind than a few windmills.

    3. @drmodestoesq Right?! And the worst I've seen buildings do to weather patterns is create wind corridors and funny snow drifts.

    1. Nice try. But actually office builds or house cats (experts are divided) as every number you hear is only an estimate. But the oil and gas industry kill more birds than wind turbines. But rest easy, this wind turbine company has been out of business for years.

    2. @Dex Pranodvszky I was about to answer cats also but you beat me to it.
      I live in a wilderness preserve and all the neighbors have cats (which is supposed to be prohibited) except me, which means I trap many, many cats.

  4. They make bats lungs explode. Kills them instantly.
    The 100 off shore over in Europe are beaching & killing whales.

  5. Earth!





    Go planet!

    By your powers combined. Humans are Captain's of Planet Ship Earth !

  6. Looking for Raum Energy enquiring about a wind generator, Lismore NSW Australia. Looking for web site Your in Canada

  7. Feral and domestic cats kill million of birds every year. Air pollution and road kills amount to millions of bird deaths. Stop writing writing shitty ignorant comments about things you just don't like. World is changing and you can either accept it or perish denying it… your choice.

  8. We generate 60 hz from motors spinning at a fixed rate. We use 60 hz because the low frequency counters the skin effect in our wires making them efficient. All of our appliances work on octaves of this frequency. You have to have alternating current to pump electricity through wires. All that said, think about how uneducated everyone in this video is. And we can reverse co2 emmissions in like 2 years if we wanted to

  9. Everyone now knows that VERTICAL AXIS TURBINES are far superior to the ridiculous horizontal ones now found everywhere across the planet.

  10. There is no solution to human greed and want. Trump and his supporters prove this to the Nth degree.

    1. Here's a little advise, if you don't know what you're talking about keep your fool mouth shut.

  11. No, waste of energy. Kills migrating bird too. A plague on vistas. In the future we will be laughed at for these.

    1. @Bram Moermanthey don't beat endangered species of birds to death! How do you intend to move electricity? Beams?

    2. Z Worm Cats and hise glass faced buildings kill a lot more birds. With respect to powerlines. . . I’m referring to those wonderful vistas. As for waste of energy. . . Huh?

    3. @Bram Moerman weird responses, kind of off track. But the maintenance and creation of wind turbines use more energy than they create. Look it up. Very maintenance heavy.

    4. @Bram Moerman lazy? Try true cost of wind power, Newsweek, Wind power, plenty more truths out there! What do you think? They just get put up magically and need no maintenance ever? They produce the highest costing electricity. Where do the raw materials they are made from come from? Magic beans? How is it produced, smelted? Simple fools, aren't you?

  12. Why just farms. Im tired of paying bills. Why cant we put them on houses garages etc.

    1. Wind turbines are generally deployed in areas that get consistent wind and turbines are more efficient the larger they are as the turbine blades have greater surface area. You can get them but you are probably better off getting solar unless you are in a consistently windy area.

  13. 12 people are coal miners and voted for the idiot that owns mar – a – LIE – go

  14. The powers that be will not allow this to happen, because it can not be metered. They will invent some imaginary wind tax, pass legislation to make it illegal to produce your own power.


  16. My mother's farm in Nebraska had what they called a wind charger that charged tractor batteries for electric lights and ran their radio in the thirties. This video lost me at climate change.

    1. So what is it that make someone a climate change denier? Possible reasons might be:
      Works for a fossil fuel company or has investments in them.
      Lives in an area that would be impacted by moving to sustainable fuels.
      "I've got enough problems in life without this" = worry or fear.
      Guilt. Uses lots of fuel in their job, ie, trucking, shipping or flying.
      Possibility of higher taxes and more costs to change lifestyle.
      Politics. Disrupts their view of the world.
      What have I missed?

  17. It's time for people around the world to demand for the release of all the free energy technology and devices which are available but hidden/banned/blocked from public by the strong arm tactics (including murders and accidental suicided of brave people who tried to bring to public) of the petroleum oil industry gangsters!!!! Stop being sheep's!!

  18. The most costly, destructive, environmentally damaging form of energy production outside fossil fuel production. A blight on the landscape, killer of wildlife and responsible for the reduction of property prices.

    1. @Adam Mangler

      No not said Trump. Trump says there's nothing wrong with Oil, Gas and Coal, I said wind turbine's were the next biggest polluter after those products.
      Nuclear and Solar are the way forward, Elon Musk has just invented a new form of solar panels that look just like ordinary roofing tiles that are more efficient than standard Solar panels and are more aesthetically pleasing.

  19. Problem is, the noise it makes. Really loud rotors as the propeller spins. Excellent 👍 idea. But these wind turbine fabricators need to work on the noise for those big ones. Europe has the biggest. 3 propellers of 150ft each. It's so big, its in the ocean. And a helicopter can land on it too.

  20. I would be taking things more serious if there were not such large barriers to even putting a small wind turbine on my property. There is one reason they are not found and it is zoning.

  21. No need to get upset fellas this video is from 15 years ago and has since been killed and beaten to the ground. Hope your all happy now.

  22. I took the wind generator off my sailing yacht as it killed too many birds.

  23. 3000 years ago the Persian and Chinese utilized wind better than the coming generation

  24. Great..wish I had one at home..that should take on the big players hogging everything..

  25. This video may not be wrong, but it appears to be of 1990's vintage, when oil, coal, and natural gas was expected to be gone in 20 years, and US presidents were expected to be intelligent.

  26. … Trump hates them because some are sited near his golf club in Scotland – he sued for millions but lost the action. Good use of wind versus a bag of wind :0)

    1. … If you ever visit Malta, the countryside has lots of small water pumps running all the time; and have been for centuries. There are NO rivers there. Works for them!

  27. Mechanical production is a century old. Making wind turbines creates a huge amount of carbon. PhotoVoltaic panels need less energy to be made. Turbines are from the steam age and last for about 20 years and then you throw them away.

  28. Raum energy no longer exists, and this is an old documentary, from a production quality it feels almost as if it is from the 90s, but it actually is from the 2000s (nokia was mentioned, so that's definitely before 2011 :)). Solar is solid state, can be installed on every rooftop, and requires no maintenance. Wind needs height, and has moving parts, which all make it hard to deploy on the small scale. Even with wind being the cheapest source of electricity today, small scale wind simply cannot compete with solar, with or without storage. Raum energy simply wasn't meant to be.

  29. I worked at vestas in Brighton Co.
    Why don't we use these windmills under water?

  30. I like wind turbines. I have two of them. The problem is the high cost of service, maintenance and noise. I prefer taking about solar panels and the possibility to create electricity day and night, inside or outside. Why it haven't been done yet?

  31. You folks just don't understand that Co2 is what the plants need to breathe and live. The plants and trees expel oxygen which we breathe. Eliminate Co2 and the plants die and then we die!

  32. “Published January 17, 2020”. . . but it’s pretty obvious to me that documentary was produced long, long before that. “Peak Oil” has not been a concern for many years, ever since Hydraulic Fracking became popular.

  33. I had to click and see who the hell at this stage still believes in wind energy?

    1. It's viable but we need to encourage more fundamental research on how to utilize the byproducts. Waste is a problem. We also need to keep researching sustaining a fusion reaction, even if we are generations too early. I don't think my country (USA) is capable but probably EU countries and Japan, maybe China. Then we will copy it or patriate the necessary group of scientists. The important bit is that none of the renewables or nuclear fusion/fission are a solution to finite energy sources. Demand is huge and growing. We need all of the energy we can get, we need to recognize that a transition is happening we can benefit from and we need to stop turning people who help meet long-term sustainability goals into pariahs.

  34. Wind turbines would take money away from big power companies that support the government. In which would slap a fat tax on us.