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Since childhood we’d been promised that the 21st century would bring us dramatic new technologies like flying cars and utopian cities. Instead it bought us the smartphone, social media, virtual societies and online gaming. As it turns out these technologies began to transform society almost as dramatically as the moon colonies we’d been expecting.

DSKNECTD: Is Technology Changing Us? is a sobering and definitive exploration of how digital communication technology has intruded our lives, and changed society in the process. Covering subjects ranging from online pornography and sexting to social media narcissism and gaming addiction, DSKNECTD surveys the changes to the digital landscape that in just one decade have profoundly altered the way we connect to those around us.

Intelligently crafted from groundbreaking new research and the experiences of ordinary people, DSKNECTD examines how these technologies are changing the way we interact and experience each other – for the good and for the bad.

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  1. "The true value of a human being is primarily dependent by the measure and the sense in which he has achieved liberation from the self." Albert Einstein

  2. In the long run, we will overcome all attachment to "real world" communication and it will be ok unlike now.

  3. I remember taking typing classes back in the seventies and I was the only boy in that class at the time and it felt awkward!! All the girls looked at me and smiled.. I think they felt sorry for me!!But I wanted to be able to write a book someday and I pressed on!! I really sucked at it too!! I think I got up to about 50 or 60 wpm (words per minute ). These were the mechanical typewriters…you know…clank..clank..clank..ding.whizzzzzz!!! Then came the electric typewriters..a few years later and boy did that change things!!!…And then the Holy Grail….(THE WORD POSSESSOR !!!)…..I was still typing 60 to 70 wpm but now I could make mistakes and not need that darned "white out" crap!!! Lord I hated that smell..It makes me want to throw up just thinking about it to this day!!!..And that's when I was introduced to the PC ( Commodore 64. Atarri..TI 99…Apple II ) The may be dinosaurs now but in the late 70s and early 80s…they were the hotrods of hightech…greenscreen and all..color came later!!! And now forty some odd years later… we've got cellphones..Ipads..tablets..laptops.. thin as a deck of cards or thiner…And we have the INTERNET..and I still type about 40 word per minute maybe slower!!! :).But I never regretted learning to type on those old typewriters…it has taken me places I never could have imagined!!! I never get tired of learning new things!! Never get boared!!!…..And now with the advent of the "Smartphone" we cross over into a new way of living and some thind do worry me!! I don't do Facebook..twitter..or none of that!! To me that's too much information about yourself going out to the rest of the"World"…and you can't bring it back once you send it!! I still use paper correspondence when I can and yes its slow but I'm oldschool!!:)

  4. …"The difference between genius and stupidity is…Genius has it's limits"…quote A.Einstein

  5. My family is fully "infected" with this behaviour. I "cornered" my wife saying , you have to see this, the opening sequence…I was awaiting, anticipating a thoughtful comment or response. She sat quietly watching with me…up until appx. the 3:19 mark, whereupon she silently pulled out her phone…I remarked, "really?"…my 22 yr-old son who was on his laptop reading Japanese anime & half-hearted watching as well…My wife exclaimed, "What?"…my son "got it", immediately saying something to the effect…"he's showing you the effect of the technology on you at the moment"…she walked away silently…

  6. Up to the point where we are masters of technology, it empowers us and makes us happy. Then technology enslaves us and becomes our master and while we slavishly follow it, we are not really happy any more !