James May’s Toy Stories: Model AIRPLANE across the SEA | Reel Truth Science

James May looks at the nation’s childhood love affair with the model plane and attempts the first cross-channel flight ever achieved by an engineless, homemade supersized toy.

Such an ambitious undertaking is not without its problems and James soon has issues with planning regulations, an interior designer who can’t get her Lego furniture to stay in one piece and a structural engineer who tries desperately to stop everything from coming crashing down.

James May is out to prove why traditional, old fashioned toys are still relevant today when he pushes them to the limit in spectacular, supersize challenges

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  1. Great to see that James has got so many people to collaborate on doing something so inspiring, jolly good show!

  2. You knew as a kid he played very carelully with his toys then put them into a box and put them away for his old age !

  3. i wonder how many people realise that this may well soon be illegal, if the caa and other parties have there way, the dwath of aeromodelling will soon be on us

  4. Please help save the RC aircraft hobby in America by bringing attention to what the FAA is proposing right now.

  5. Audio issues aside, I LOVE how genuinely excited James was at the first flight.

  6. Great video, regretfully this might be one of the last home built aircraft to be built and flown if the FAA has their way and puts in place the rules that there planning to restrict all home built aircraft, and where you can legally fly them. And as usual the other countries will follow the example and bye bye wonderful hobby/children's dreams and possibly future pilots/electrical and mechanical engineers.

  7. Positively Glorious. Brilliantly emotional. Wonderful. Thank you. Please do more.

  8. Despite some of the audio issues, it's a great watch and highly recommended for all RC model builders past and present…

  9. Shades of Maynard Hill and TAM-6, a model plane that crossed the Atlantic.

  10. Loved this. Such a typically British production. Brilliant people, attempting a great project with ingenuity and humor, on a landmass famous above all else for completely pissy weather.

    Would have been great to cross the Channel. Yay, France.

  11. This story would have made an awesome Benny Hill episode, who else agrees?

  12. You forgot "and they are CLIFFS". Also, that glider is about as far as you can get from "free flight" with GPS, IMU, and Nav program on board.. I believe that would normally be designated an AUTO PILOT. A fuse made of plastic or fiberglass, or better yet carbon fiber that is designed more like a high performance sailplanes would be (rounded and sectionally tapered intelligently) could have upped the performance quite a bit, probably about 1/4 to 1/3 of what that wing modification did. Lastly, a glider is not even remotely limited to L/D for distance…ever hear of thermals? If you were going to put all that tech in, you might as well have added a altimeter and a thermalling program.

  13. The weather guy on the phone must have been a classically trained actor.

    1. Also I hope they finally soldered those wires, all that equipment and they use crocodile clips lol.

  14. Where"s Mr. Clarkson, is he part of these Reel… documentary series with James and Richard?

  15. Fantastic! This was so damn cool and after the Lego house build and the great toy train race with the Germans the best video James May had done, Bravo Lads Bravo! I also loved it when he drove the Veron to top speed so sweet.

  16. Bravo! Well Done! This is by far the best video James May has done. Such a variety of emotions! Cheers….

  17. I still have some rubber band airplane's that have never been put together still new in the box. I bet those rubber bands that came with the kits are still in good condition

  18. that was brilliant could of done without the music though hats off to the students

  19. An exercise in futility… A great job on the glider, and all the avionics.
    While you altered the original design of the wings, I wonder why no one thought to alter the fuselage?
    Creating a more aerodynamically shaped fuselage, may have meant a greater distance of travel, in the time aloft…
    The only flaw was weather… In GB.
    Too bad you couldn't have taken the aircraft to a good location, just to see what sort of distance, it could get being dropped from 8,000 feet. Maybe the distance of 22 NM could have been erased with better climate and windage…

  20. I totally enjoyed this, and a brilliant achievement for James May and the team 👍

  21. True to form for the Toy Stories line, Claud Grahame-White would be proud.
    Enjoying the 2nd go 'round on the series and still use my slot cars 50 years later.
    Signed, former owner of a "Car of the people", 1973 Capri, my best friend had a Mustang.