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    1. Another one of his videos is about people who "had one job and failed miserably" 😂😂😂

  1. Took my girlfriends daughter for a ride on the bumper cars at the fair, got slammed around big time and she loved it. A week later my gf rear-ended a minivan not hard at all and the kid screamed and cried for 45minutes. 😒

  2. Love the little boy showing the puppy the YouTube video on how to train your dog😂

  3. There's a family story about my brother when he was little. He couldn't reach something, so my father told him to stand on his toes. So my genius brother puts one foot on top of the toes on the other.

  4. (…)snorting their grandfather's ashes, thinking that was cocaine.
    Oh My …so that level of stupidity exists