Kid’s Smart Watch Phone + GPS: Comparison of Affordable Solutions that Do The Real Job… Leave a comment

children's boy's gps phone smart watch


Kid's GPS + Phone SmartWatch: 

Best Price & Value

kid's girl's gps phone smartwatch


2 Essentials Parents & Grandparents Expect (But Don't Always Get) with a kid's "gPS" + Phone Smart watch:

Essential #1 =
"Real" Kid's Watch GPS Tracking

Kid's smart watches with GPS & phone features parents & grandparents expect are not always easy to find.

Many inferior kid's smartwatches claiming to have "location tracking" DO NOT have actual GPS functionality. They utilize ONLY "Base Station" Tracking which uses WiFi and IP addresses to guess-timate location data. 

REAL GPS Tracking is essential to most of the care-givers of the younger kids I know.

This is the same GPS data your phone uses for Maps... That is what you want for your child.

BOTH these kid's smartwatches have REAL GPS.

Essential #2 =
2-Way Phone/Chat Kid's Watch

"Kid-friendly" phone smartwatch functionality.

A complete kid's phone smartwatch comes with the ability to communicate with your precious one instantly... and for them to do so back!

BOTH of these are full kid's phone smart watches, with complete 2-way phone & chat when SIM is installed.

Feature / benefit

children's boy's gps phone smart watch


kid's girl's gps phone smartwatch


Active REAL Kid's GPS Tracking SmartWatch

Track your child in Realtime with active GPS tracking.

Many other kid's smartwatches DO NOT have rEAL GPS.

2-Way Kid's Phone SmartWatch

Talk Your Love Anytime... Voice Chat Too.... You Contact Them or They Contact You

Remote Photo Function

Take Photos remotely from your photo. see what is happening anytime!

SOS - Kid's Safety

One button "sOS" call out from smartWatch

Water Resistant

Swimming, washing hands = Yes. Get it wet. 

no = hot water (like bath tub) or deep submersion

Kid's Flashlight Watch

fun & useful portable kid's flashlight

Kid-Friendly Apps

Fun & Easy to use children's smartWatch Apps: Alarm, Buddies, Phone Book, Etc.

We  are looking for kid's smart watches with GPS & Phone Support... That is their purpose!

Parents & grandparents want to know which kids' watch phone can work with a sim card because that gives the smartwatch the security features needed.

We want a full tracker for our kids!

A SIM CARD is NECESSARY to have a COMPLETE Kid's Safety SmartWatch.

The SIM Card allows connection with your cellular provider's internet + phone.

"But do you need a complete 4g kid's watch phone?"

"A kid tracker with a gps smartwatch and sim? A kid's smart gps watch? Watch for kids with gps? kids gps tracker watch? kids smart watch no sim? ... "

Wow... there are so many varieties!

"kids smart watch without sim card" <- is this possible? Not for location tracking!

Kid sim card smart watch models are necessary to connect with the internet and phone lines so your child stays within a button's touch from you at all times. If you only wish your child to have a toy, you don't need this extra function, but for safety features of kid's smartwatches, a SIM Card is essential.

... child safety GPS tracker smart watch ... 

 A  "tracker watch" is the smart device for kids we are after here.

The GPS allows precise location data to be retrieved remotely anytime. 

Peace of mind in an app...


Simple and Effective



  • REAL Precise GPS Tracking
  • 2-Way Voice Calling + Chat
  • SOS Function
  • Flashlight
  • Water Resistant

Simple, Effective , More Safety Functions



  • REAL Precise GPS Tracking
  • 2-Way Voice Calling + Chat
  • SOS Function
  • Remote Photo via Your Phone
  • Water Resistant

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