Know Thyself: Ancient Means for Self-Knowledge with Janani Cleary

The Vedas form the basis for Sanatana Dharma, which, outside of India, is known as Hinduism. Between their covers are found the Upanishads, which comprise the second part of the Vedas and are collectively called “Vedanta” which means “end of the Vedas.” The subject matter of Vedanta is Self-Knowledge, and these texts follow a methodology of unfolding it which is at once simple, straightforward, and above all, effective! Who we really are versus who we think we are will open the eyes of anyone who inquires into these texts. Utilizing selected verses from various Upanishads, this presentation will unfold this Self-vision.

Janani Cleary began her pursuit in Vedanta as a yoga teacher in New York City. She then completed an intensive course in India to obtain her teaching certification and has shared knowledge and insights with students for several decades. She has been engaged with various Vedic cultural centers and other venues across the country, including participation in a White House conference. She also served as an advisor to the movie Gurukulam (2016), a documentary on what it is like to be a student in an ashram. Learn more at her website:

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