Major Galactic Discoveries of 2019 – 2 Hour Compilation

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Hello and welcome! I’m going to be away for a few days for holidays, so I created these long compilation videos that many of you have enjoyed in the past. The topic for this video is Galactic discoveries of 2019

The regular short videos on science/space will return in early January once I get back from visiting my family.
Happy Holidays!!!

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    1. EIE music he really is! Seems like such a genuine person with a lot of integrity

  1. How would vibrating Atoms or pushing atoms of wall or air in a pasific direction. Then use thrust Rockets. The get started moving. Also use ion engines to keep up pass

  2. My first comment too! Thanks Anton! I am an old disabled women that ALWAYS looks forward to your videos. You are helping much more than you think! Thanks

  3. I have an idea for two giant wheels made of Nan wires. Sping Catching energy and mass. . And a ship with an energy Current around it warping space as the ship gets faster. Till warps to lightspeed. And passing between those wheels fling it pass light speed in a line of accelerate time. In relation to rest of the Galaxy

  4. Addicted to your shows and learning about the universe. Thank you my friend and you are Wonderful.

    1. What's up people
      Hope you're having a good day 🙂
      Btw I make some too, if anyone is bored I got you🙂

    2. I loved space when I was in school and all we had then was the solar system. Use to get accused of believing Star Trek was real just coz I watched it. all though I was never that dumb.

    1. Erharbor John totally agreed! There has to be most definitely I don't care what anybody thinks or says.

    2. Erhabor John now I do given the fact all these galaxies and stars are all related or have a connection to a lot of stars and now your telling me we can receive particles from super massive black holes that are billions of miles away ……… yea I don’t doubt anything even that if we’re not alone

  5. Brilliant video! dark matter? is it proven and can you direct me, I didn't think it was?

    1. @ocso639 What do you know and how do you know it? Please expound on your findings.

    2. @john underwood dark matter has been proven in the sense there's something there that's dark that has mass. We don't know what it is but we know it's there and some of what it does.

  6. watched the entire thing man thank you for all these videos you womderful person Anton

  7. history of Mars canals came to my mind. Scientists can create virtually everything to keep themselves important and get great life .

  8. Remember when some scientists used to doubt that there was any life in the universe but ours? Myopic much?

    1. There is no life other than planet Earth everything's speculation theoretical they haven't discovered anything outside of planet Earth and then even if they do exist in our Solar planetary system you still can't deduce that there's life everywhere…

      Not myopic just a grand illusion…)p

  9. There are many many things I do not understand….among them is FIVE Thumbs Down for this video.

  10. I love your videos but I wish they were all at least 20 mins long or longer 💚💛❤️⭐️

  11. Anton thank you for not being afraid to say there is trillions of galaxies instead of the old repeated billions.

  12. The observation of the universe if you want to keep it in physics you have to look at all mass and matter as charged particles in motion with a trajectory then we ask ourselves why the spin and anybody that's took in a course in electronics knows that when electrons flow down a wire it spins spiraling Down The Wire just like the universe in front of us

    we live in electro-magnetic universe and I have to disagree with the gravity wave people I do believe that's the right moniker gravity a misnomer?

    All indication is everything should follow an electromagnetic property with high energy kinetics systems of mass in motion against entropy which creates the spin

    I still theorize that Galactic recycling system as something that's a proponent I can challenge The Big Bang Theory

    In fact if you look at some galactic engines you can definitely see a leading and trailing Edge of that Collective kinetic energy as a trajectory of mass charged particles against entropy creating spin create a large electromotive forces that creates The Corrs that recycles all mass back into Singularity Emissions and it's evident by some of the well Define spiral galaxies with their emissions

  13. It should be evident that all light we see outside of our planetary world is light Mass at our theoretical measurement of light speed that should set the stage of our Baseline that everything is moving beyond our comprehension faster than light that's what creates this light

    High speed trajectory the resistance of entropy create spin of mass

    The high-speed energy kinetics system as Galactic recycling model that's the galactic engine of the universe that recycles all mass back in to singularities

    Creating a cyclical process that's defined by the laws of physics

    Those Galactic cores emit singularities leading and trailing singularities and with the trajectory of kinetic movement of the galactic system is quite evident that is defined by the laws of physics dictated as collapsing universe and or ever-expanding Universe. would suffice us to the observation of a well-defined spiral galaxies with the emissions of singularities as leading and trailing SINGULARITIES predicted by our laws of physics.

    The galactic recycling system is somewhat scalable which does not violate with the laws of physics

    The galactic recycling system does not defy our perception of physics at this moment

    Only when we cross the horizon

    The Event Horizon

    which changes from elementary particle reality to something else beyond our perception other than manifesting itself as secondary observations as quantum fluctuations

    The galactic recycling system does not defy The Big Bang Theory it just creates a stage of where the big bang comes from? Galactic recycling model creates our big bang theory from the SINGULARITIES emissions as galactic leading and trailing SINGULARITIES emissions

    The question however will always be what created the first Big Bang

    And I suggest that's humbly answered as a biological species called a human being with this thought experiment

    Create something out of nothing with your thought experiment

    that's about as close as you can get to God

  14. The other Miss observation is at all these galaxies are part of our universe

    No those are independent universes we live on one Universe called the Milky Way

    The Sea of universes survives in a world of entropy at high speed trajectory kinetic motion scalable from a galactic recycling system that created all these galaxies the master Galaxy perhaps Infinity minus 1, mans interpretation of time…

    Time which does not exist in the universe time is it biological construct created by human beings to understand the reality because they have a finite time of existence time a biological construct does not exist in the universe the universe could care less about time or human beings

    1. Wonder-full( full of questions ).
      If you watch these it means that you seek the truth about the universe and how this world works.
      This makes you wonderfull whoever you are. ; )

  15. The Earth is Flat.
    Jesus Christ is returning to Earth soon. Please make sure that you have asked Him for His forgiveness for you sins.

  16. Dark matter is theoretical, most if not all NASA photos are enhanced, ie, colored.

  17. Hi Anton.
    I fell asleep and you were in my dreams woke up two hours later and you were still on .
    Do you play guitar? Bit random but you had a broken fender Mustang and we are in a kind of simulation. It was so vivid.

  18. Simple question, Anton…Do you believe in Aliens? ( not microbial; not super smart/but smart enough for example.. To use tools)? On any body in the known universe;

  19. Here's a question for you about levitation… Take a large mass, say 10% Earth mass, and give it enough energy to jump 10 feet off the earth. (For all intents and purposes please, assume similar earth shape / density / make up characteristics) Would the object fall at the same expected rate as current Newtonian physics suggest, or would the electrical properties matter more? Also, what would happen if that same large mass "jumped" on the positively charged or negativity charged parts of Mars?

    1. Sorry I didn't watch this one, I just keep trying to figure out what to do with ideas people aren't ready for. You seem open to ideas.

  20. Hello, hello, hello wonderful person. Ya it's a bunch of repeats. I still love it

  21. Hello wonderful Betelgeuse, Anton is dimming and some say he might supernova soon. I mean wait, Hello wonderful Anton, get on the Betelgeuse situation! : D

  22. Its so cool you guys,that we have this platform and this man sharing everything about space 💓

  23. You sir have powerful impact on my life. You give me more knowledge than my 20 year of high school period.

  24. what's the max observed density of dark matter? is it possible to have a black hole made from dark matter?

  25. We didn't bother to name our local void? Well then name it "No-one Cares Void."

  26. What's going on with red giant beetleguise?? Dont think I spelled the star right but that's not important.

  27. Particles traveling close to the speed of light can travel 100 million light years in 2.5 hours woah

  28. it almost crashed his pc? welp i aint clicking that my potato pc will probably explode

  29. I only recently discovered your Videos. And i'm immediatly addicted. Keep up the good Work. Happy 2020!

  30. Hello wonderful person!

    If you're wondering what's with all the super long videos – well I'm currently still away for a few more days so I had to come up with something to show you while I was gone from my studio. Ok, it's not really a studio, it's a big desk with a big microphone, but that microphone is very difficult to carry and I'm in an area of practically no internet.

    Anyway, long story short, there are a few more of these super long videos coming and then hopefully by the end of next week I'll be able to start producing regular content again. A lot of things happened in the last few weeks in science/space so I have a lot to cover.

    On that note, thank you for being patient and for staying wonderful.

    I'm trying to answer to as many comments as I can, but it's sort of hard, so if I didn't see your comment, my apologies.


    1. Thankyou very much for your long videos. I love them! Unfortunately I also fall asleep while watching them, this video I may or may not have seen 6 times by now. 😂
      ( It's because I watch them later at night). Thank you very much, you have one of the best channels out there. 🌞 From 🏡🏰🏞️🇪🇺

  31. You are probobly my favorite youtuber thank you for all of the science

  32. Hey Anton I am a huge fan of of your channel and work. I am curious to know if we have ever found evidence of binary planets or binary moons?

  33. seasons greetings to you Anton i hope you have a wonderful Russian Christmas with your family and friends.I enjoy your channel so much its like a free university education thank you so much i am fifty this year and i feel like i have learned more in the last few years about space then my whole life and that is the best to keep learning thank you again Anton you rock

  34. While watching this, when you were talking about the high energy particles I found myself wondering if information can be stored in a particle. Maybe somewhere in a distant galaxy they discovered a way of storing information in particles and built some kind of super advanced cern accelerator with a way of aiming it at targets in space. Basically like a huge particle accelerater cannon, and fire of these super advanced particles hoping to find a place where tech had advanced enough to catch and read this information.