Man Claims He’s a Cyborg Time Traveler, Uses Robotic Movements & Speech

Orrin claims to be a cyborg time traveler from the year 2050. He recently appeared on Dr. Phil and we at ApexTV had the privilege of doing this interview with him. We asked about the future, AI, and much more. What do you think? Is Orrin a real cyborg time traveler from 2050?

Time Travelers Show Pictures From The Future

⯅ Watch the playlist above ⯅ for all of our interviews with supposed time travelers that showed us what they claimed to be actual pictures and videos from the future in which they took on their respective time traveling missions.

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Time Traveler Reveals Food From The Year 2075

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  1. Pity none of these "time travellers" warned us about the corona virus

  2. Lol if I was one I won't say anything. He is not one if he is not showing the proff

  3. He is fake he just want to get famous with his youtube channel and make money with ads

  4. As a cyborg he took a look at his script during the interview,his music is good tho

  5. he's locked up now right ?
    or can this just keep running around like nothing happened ?
    it's bad enough there's people running around still believing in a god that's gonna save them ,
    in this day and age we should lock them all up too , so this world can finally start making something of itself
    we've been playing in the mud so long , i would love a nice warm bath , but religion keeps pissing in the water

  6. This guy is watching alot of travelers. Did the director send you. Am traveler 102. Welcome to the 21st century

  7. I feel like artificial intelligence would happen because we are dumb and think that we need them and I actually believe we would be ins-laved by them and yeah

  8. this man is probably lying because almost all the time travelers in apex tv said that they are hidden. They are afraid. while he is not afraid, he created his own channel. it's only for celebrity, believe me!


  10. Me and my friends are making a teseract (4 denominational cube) and are planning on time traveling. And yes there is no way to get back to your timeline.

  11. So he does he have a twitter like trump so its Orn "@the real Orn" nice plug on the merchandise.

  12. Funny how none of these time travellers mention about the corona virus epidemic happening in 2020 lmao

  13. Ask him about Corona virus, if he can tell us the about cure of Corona virus and many more things about it then he is telling truth. If he can't then he is liar.

  14. If everyone came from future then why the hell nobody made aware about corona virus 😪

  15. Quick question I'm starting to ponder why no time traveler has yet to mention that there would have been a global pandemic in 2020 so I'm pretty skeptical of this whole time traveling thing.

  16. He not a cyborg but its true the people of the world is going to destroy are world by virus and environmental disaster. Big corporations is destorying us little by little. SAVE ARE WORLD FOR THE FUTURE OF YOUR KIDS. IF NOT EVERYBODY DIES. SAD BUT TRUE

  17. bruh where were ur time travelers to warn us about this stupid corona virus huh?!?

  18. Tried to warn about covid but no apex only fabricates there time travelers.

    Fuck apex.

  19. I do not know if he is real or not, his claim is technically possible, but I know that the apocalypse is real. He did not say anything new but telling the truth. The problem with this message is setting a specific year into the far future. That is not how it goes. Trouble will increase like birth pangs. The apocalypse begins with severe earth movements and natural disasters not in the far future but much sooner, increasing in magnitude and frequency. Destruction can strike any minute suddenly, due to the earth's core instability and overheat. The crust will have to crack to release the pressure. It will not stop until its done. We are likely looking at decades to finish the process. The pole is slowly moving but the end of it will be an axis shift. May it begin soon or years from now, we are going towards 'the perfect storm'. The result of it is a loss of arable lands, water, land and air pollution, recession and economical collapse, loss of jobs, loss of lives, hunger, pandemic, possible nuclear reactor meltdowns or leakages, all that we already see at the neighbor's backyard and unwilling to face until trouble increases into our own.

    He is right. The American dream is not the goal right now and all this other stuff. Make it into heaven is. True, he does not have to prove himself. Jesus was crucified and risen and talked about for 2,000 plus years and his story is proved to be true in many ways, and you still do not believe? Even if this young man only figured out a 'cyber' way to get your attention, did he get your attention? He warns us to change our ways. What should we do now? What is his answer? He wants to sell t-shirts, OK. Even messengers need to have some money to continue spreading the message. Selling stuff for a cause is one way to ask for donations, but did he suggest what else to do at all? Fear of dying from the corona virus is fear-mongering. What a mess it has created for nothing! How many more people die due to the common flu every year? Nothing yet happened and the shelves are ripped off and foolishness multiplies (newest: corona beer kills the corona virus). Not fearing dying without knowing God is an extinction-level event. Billions will die in the coming decades. It will be hard to live, not hard to die. NWO also coming, it will be ugly but relatively short-lived (still can be years as many seen in dreams and visions). Pray that it would not happen. Horrible.

    What will happen to you after death is the only question to be concerned about because you will either be allowed to continue where you left off (only much better), or perish? Seek the truth and all the rest will fall in place.

    Only 1.4 billion people of the earth have redemptive value. This will change as the fire is turned on. Turn to God with a whole heart. Jesus is coming back. When you hear about Him or hear Him, believe! He will not come on a UFO, nor will be the rapture a parade. Beware of public hysteria. There is no rapture expect in the spirit. We all going to die one way or another, due to old age, or sickness, or accident, or disaster, it will come, but everything will be all right in the end for those who believe. This you can bank on. The kingdom of God is at hand.