Mars Surface Discoveries…What Caused These ENORMOUS Scars?

Mars is proving more enigmatic than ever at the moment. The latest images of the Martian surface taken by NASA’s orbiting Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) have revealed profoundly mysterious landforms that have left geologists scratching their heads.

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  2. Is this guy really suggesting that mars was so close to the earth that a tornado on mars could transfer material to earth? Like seriously??

    1. Watch the Thunderbolts project on youtube. You might change the way you look at the universe.

    2. Shane Keeley, should watch Thunderbolts of the Gods and Symbols of an Alien Sky on you tube. Especially Episode 2

    3. Its all nonsense. That's why the guy who came up with the electric universe was laughed out of the profession. He still lurks around selling books to idiots though. Pretty sad.

    4. EP114587
      Ok genius, tell us who was the guy who thought up the electric universe? Because Blavatsky was talking about the electric universe in the 1800’s

  3. I am not watching this video…My comment is directed only from the title and subject …If you want to understand what caused the scars and the Canyon which is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon then go to The Thunderbolts Project….Imagine an electric welder cutting through metal….And that is also how the Grand Canyon was formed in about 2 minutes !

    1. Next time watch the video instead of yapping and u would know the main subject interviewed was part of the thunderbolt project

  4. Awesome video, also the electrical activity must have neutralized Mars core causing it to swell and erupting volcanically, once the core died the magnetosphere weakened and the atmosphere left , poor mars

  5. The Thunderbolts Project – top notch

    Suspicious0bserver channel ( – top notch as well

    As the magnetic field of mars was being collapsed by a solar event – it arced and did the scarring we see today on Mars.

    The data these two outlets have from their separate plasma physics labs is in sync with eachother. It's an amazing time in science as we're learning so much about plasma dynamics!

    1. Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries need some work on free energy. Free energy for all Dr. von Braun

    2. I don't bileve the bit about mars tornado touching earth humans lived on mars we created all the things U can see on a surface and under the dirt

  6. I would say its was the suns twin passing at a close distance that wrecked Mars there is clearly an electrical discharge large enough to cause a big gouge in its surface and a volcano where its core was cooked and it flowed out

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  8. Celestial body passing next to it as it impacts the planet between Jupiter and mars now known as the asteroid belt

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  12. I already told you, what or rather who, destroyed mars.
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