Melodysheep – THE MUSIC OF SOUND (Full Album)

Proudly presenting THE MUSIC OF SOUND: a concept album exploring the musicality of life. | Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated with manipulating sound. At age 10, armed with a crappy computer mic and windows ’95, I stayed up late pitching my voice up and down, recording random shit around the house and crafting weird sonic atmospheres. It’s clear now how these early childhood experiments laid the foundation for my musical style and creative path.

My new album is a modern expression of that childhood obsession – a juicy musical blend of sounds from nature, electronics, everyday life, and pop culture, interlaced with wisdom from musicians and philosophers.

But in the end, using words to describe music is pointless. The only way to understand it is to experience it. Please have a listen for yourself.

THE MUSIC OF SOUND is available everywhere. Get it on bandcamp:

More big videos are in the works and I’ll be sharing updates soon.
Peace and love,

@melodysheep_ (instagram)


00:00 – 1: Intro
00:47 – 2: A sound from the void
03:12 – 3: Life
07:37 – 4: Wonder
12:08 – 5: Making Waves
15:00 – 6: Oh My
18:06 – 7: Little Tokyo
21:57 – 8: Chilly Wonka
25:07 – 9: Listen
26:00 – 10: Man on the Moon
29:35 – 11: Your Name
33:20 – 12: Children of planet Earth
38:00 – 13: Happily ever after

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  1. Incredible as always! Been a fan for a long time now and just so incredible to see you develop as an artist and continue to produce incredible work! That you for everything you do! 🙂

  2. I've never heard anything that connected with me so deeply as this. Recently I've been channeling all of my processing through music and it's become an all consuming thing in my head. This really just lifted my energy and creativity in a way that takes my breath away. The complexity in the layers, the play of rhythm and tone and melody and the coordination of sound to voice, all of these struck me as so meticulously placed and considered. This feels like an exercise for the creator, a play of creativity and artistic expression, and of study. What a fantastic collection of sounds! Thank you melodysheep!

  3. I just wanted to say that your videos make me speechless every single time. Whenever I see your name on the screen or that you've posted a video I just happy, just insanely happy. Thank you for putting out this stuff, it's always gorgeous!

  4. More videos about the universe please

    Specifically about evolution if you can :}
    Or anything pls about the space