Mercury of the Gods – ROBERT SEPEHR

Mercury is a god in Roman mythology, the equivalent of Hermes in Greek mythology, Thoth in ancient Egypt, and one of the 12 deities within the ancient Roman pantheon. Mercury is also a shiny, silvery, metal, sometimes called quicksilver, and the only metal that is a liquid at standard room temperature.

The spiritual elite of India have been using and handling alchemically purified and solidified Mercury for thousands of years, and ancient Vedic scriptures describe the use of spinning Mercury to achieve anti-gravitational propulsion for flying craft called Vimanas.

Robert Sepehr is an anthropologist and author




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  1. first thought…you are brave to walk amongst geese. can turn into a low budget jurassic park real fast…🦢🔜🦖

    1. paul macfarlane when u start looking at the Egyptian gods, Roman gods, Greek gods, Norse gods, Indian gods etc it really does make you wonder. It makes sense to me when the Bible speaks of the fallen and their offspring that it all these so called gods, I can’t prove it but I do believe the fallen built the Egyptian pyramids.

  2. Thanks for the great share robert , never knew that some good info about hermis 🙏

    1. You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Seek and you will find. I say persevere my friend, it is doubt that is heavy not truth.

  3. Mad another great well put together video and what a good time for a new relese well done mate and thanks

  4. Thank you Robert. I've never believed that mercury was poison. We used to play with it in school and at home many of us and we're still here. I've done a little research on this myself as well. Another one is lead. Lead paint would protect you from EMF's. How cunning these ass hats are!

    1. We played with it in kindergarten, the teacher brought it in and let us play with in in a wooden maze…open air too.

  5. This started to get very interesting at the end.. shoulda kept going on the German UFO stuff.

    1. Absolutely a interesting topic. With connections to Germany, Ancient vedic history, alien gods/astronauts, American black project vehicles, captured alien tech… A deep rabbithole indeed.

  6. we used to play with mercury when we were kids, my brother had a film canister full of it.

    1. @YadaYadaYada And that is why your name is yada yada yada. Go get a round of vaccines. ~Joking. ;)<333

  7. I recently read an article about mercury causing homosexual behavior in animals. Consider the residual impact of metals & minerals on our bodies yet unknown.

    1. Not Unknown by the Classical Homeopathy!! The Periodic Table explains a LOT! From Hydrogenium….. till deep into the tartaric hellisch atmosphere !! namaste

    2. Debra Johnson I’ve read about that too, Mercury is in most if not all Vaccines 💉 along with other toxins. In Astrology, Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Gemini is a duality sign of a Boy & Girl. I have heard that it is one of the signs & planet that causes Homosexuality/Bi-sexual behavior in one’s Astrological Birth Chart. There are other chemicals that cause homosexual behavior, endocrine disrupters like B.P.A., Phthalates etc.

    3. Debra Johnson Mercury is also in many tooth amalgams (Silver Fillings) which are in our mouths 24/7 for a life time if we never remove them.

  8. I got it in my hair at school from a broken thermometer in science when I was very young,middle school. I wasn't taken to hospital or anything they just rinsed it out in the sink. Good old seventies ay , we are lucky we got out alive 😸😹

  9. Hello Robert💙 Buffy💛 wonderful to see you both. Becareful around those ducks. You always walk around the most beautiful places. Extremely interesting video on mercury.. Wish it was longer I love listening to you.

  10. Sadhguru! I've never heard him speak on Rasayana before. This requires further research.😁

  11. Thank you for all your videos. I'm fascinated by all if them. Look forward to watching them. Have a great weekend.

  12. I also learned that Mercury is used in Architecture, specifically from the old world. We spent Mercury Dimes in USA. Also in our Roman past, Mercury is on a lot of coins.

  13. The term 'Mad as a Hatter' alludes to the use of mercury by Milliners in 19th century England which had a poisonous effect.

  14. Really good stuff Robert! For Mercury being such a small and insignificant planet as it is today, it baffles me to hear how popular and magnificent the god himself was.

    Never heard of the Vedic teaching of consuming mercury. I did not get what the purpose of it was for?

    So many things packed into one short video, would like very much for you to expand on this subject as presented. Thank you dear and have a great weekend yourself

  15. Robert Sepehr & Sadhguru in the same video 😍 Two of my favorite teachers!

    1. Roygbiv 444 allegedly the rosacrucians hold it in their museum in San Jose. Only “worthy” ppl have the privy to see but allegedly will be made public soon. If you’ve read the other tablets and understand it’s esoteric meaning then it won’t be anything new under the sun.

  16. Prabhupada: many yogis, they make such gold for meeting their expenditures. Yes. Still in India they know how to make gold from copper. Yes. The process is they will drink mercury at night, and in the morning they will urine on the copper coins. And then, after some hours, the copper coins taken and put into the fire, it becomes gold. And it is scientific that some molecules of mercury, if mixed with copper, it is gold. Gold is combination of mercury and copper. But the people cannot mix it. They have tried. That is called alchemist. They tried to mix it. Because they do not know the process, as soon as mercury is put into fire, it immediately goes out. You melt copper, and in hot copper, if you put mercury, it will not melt together. Immediately it will throw away. So some of the yogis, they know. They digest copper, er, mercury, and it comes in the form, urine. And then the copper is put there. There is an interaction, and then put into fire. It becomes gold.
    Gargamuni: So we should start manufacturing.
    Prabhupāda: You first of all eat mercury then. (laughter) You'll be finished.

    1. I want you see on YT drinking a mercury and posting on-line.
      Next day I will be awaiting your golden piss video.

    2. I'll believe ancient texts of people doing things for thousands of years over you ignorant people parroting things you've heard , not seen or experienced. @Knight Krawler and have you been to the north or south pole? Have you seen our planet with your own eyes? Maybe it is flat who knows? I'm sure you don't and neither do I.

    3. Metaphor. Sad just how literal the rational mind is.

      synchronistic mathematics — mysterious but also falsifiable. People have not the spiritual or cognitive development to handle the truth. 🌿🐡

      Yet they love fantasy and illusion.

    4. @Knight Krawler There are many phenomena that neither chemistry or physics can explain. One of them is water dowsing!
      Water dowsing is absolute reality but science has absolutely zero mechanism to explain it.

    5. Yup and it is about mixing people,,wich metals dont melt together they did it by mixing seeds with the daughters of men means .. you as SPIRIT will always remain confused They Mix Everybody together so tension always stays NewWorldOrder is yall God i Call them luciferians aka the fallen angels so Called giants yeah mental giants with selective amnesia

  17. You always throw in huge plot twists in last minute of your videos that some how tie everything together. love it

  18. Interesting link between all these metals, gold (Mufcut) mercury (Parad) and that they have such an incredible and unusual effect on matter and our consciousness…. My feeling is that electricity is the key. They create a kind of “Holy Marriage”…

  19. Interesting video robert, always a great part of my day when you upload. Being from New Orleans, red powder is found in most true voodoo shops and can be seen on graves. Would love a video about South Louisiana's rich history of rityals , from Catholicism, to voodoo, the EXTREMELY interesting history of the Traitors tradition. A traitor is a reputable medicine man/women in their community. Traditionally, if a female is the local traitor, she will pass on her gifts to a younger male in the family and if it's a male he will pass to his younger female predecessor and so forth. Going astray from the topis a bit, however I hope my man Rob gets to read this. Take care

    1. How about write a list of what we need to build a hanibu / nazi bell. Obviously Mercury. A polish ring/lab, a generator, victor shauburger tech, a lot of wire, a metal shop, a cnc, a metal 3d printer, imaging tech, some magnets, control boards.
      What else
      Oh yah a lot of $ and time
      I don't think we need any 115

  20. I am really happy to see u uploading a video again.
    I was worrying you know.
    "Maybe he is on a foreign country. Fullfilling his duty" were my thoughts. I mean I can imagine you were very very busy the whole last 5 days.

    I love Sadhguru! His way of speaking and voice is very calming.

    Have a great weekend too! Looking forward to see Buffy and u again.

  21. Another golden video, and again, clearly you know more than you let on.. Consider an instagram. The annointed one walked among sinners, what better way to spread the message? I know for one, I'd share your vids and tag you on there, and I bet many others will. Age of aquarius is among us my man.

  22. Noticed that Mercury has the old Flash costume with the wings on the hat and feet (apart from being naked) and Quicksilver being the Marvel equivalent… Hmmm Myth and Legend permeating Comics

  23. Wow absolutely amazing
    Υδράργυρος is mercury in Greek
    Hydro=liquid or water and argyros=siver so as you said its liquid silver and the yogi wearing the ancient Greek one sleeve white robe ….it's all aryan
    Thanks Robert🙏🙏🙏

    1. Not sure, but you'd assume it would be poisionouse to the fish it is in fact poisonous, right?

  24. After 50 years of (producing) Mercury a factory was closed.
    I worked in the cleaning up process….
    Pictures in my head wich ill never forget..

  25. Who was flying in them before the Germans as depicted in artwork around 500 years ago ? Very good report…

  26. You can use mercury to separate gold from other objects it will collect to the Mercury and you burn the Mercury off and all its left is the gold they have use this practice for years

  27. Put a highly charged capacitor in mercury and the mercury will make a Vortx around it.

  28. Mercury was fun to play with as a kid. Thermostat used to be made with viles of Mercury that moved with the temperature worked perfect long time. That's why when I finally had to replace one at my old home I kept because I think they have made it where we cannot get it anymore? If somebody wanted Mercury could they?

  29. Have heard lead paint was demonized because it blocks government peeping technology. Haha, who knows. See you guys at Bitchute

    1. Lead, mercury, and arsenic are probably just useful weapons against our alien adversaries

  30. When I started nursing every patient had their own glass thermometer at bedside. We scooped mercury up off the floor on a regular basis. Always enjoy your videos, thank you.

  31. Thank you robert for showing those german saucers.l remember a man who showed the sketches of those saucers as they were being developed.

  32. Btw Sadhguru is a Virgo and Mercury rules the sign Virgo and Gemini.
    So Sadhguru can be seen as a great manisfestation of Mercury.

  33. Sadhguru is an incredible man and everyone would be wise to seek more about him. His inner engineering course is a manual for this human body that we didn’t come with when we arrived. Check him out!

  34. In Taoist cultivation ( as opposed to the “ Taoist “ religious dualistic religion) mercury is the code / allegory for that aspect of the chaotic common mind and wild spontaneous thoughts

  35. So how do you solidify mercury at room temperature? What additive? I remember playing with Mercury when I was a kid as well…so weird.

  36. Mercury and a little Gold dust with high frequency and power (current) can create amazing abilities of the material world. Our military made mercury an omen so they could keep it out of our hands. Forget the need to use combustion as propulsion.

  37. Robert, you should investigate Hermes Trismegistrus ("Hermes Thrice The Greatest") and the stories of Hermes being the last king of Atlantis, and Hermes connection with the Emerald Tablets. The legends correlate with the stories that Sarnac of Sais' tells to Plato's master, Solan, during Solan's trip to Egypt.

    Worth a look into

  38. Our brother Freddy has named his 2. name Mercury too .

  39. By the way .mercury is just shiva . He is the red kachina ♥

  40. But what about mercury fillings? That's not an oxide form and is proven to be very poisonous.

  41. So…Mercury it gives you wing's.😆
    Sorry Robert I just couldn't help myself…lol my bad.
    (insert Benedictio Latina here)
    Interesting video. Hugs for Buffy

  42. I just clicked on your video in my Home feed Robert, and I noticed that for some reason I was unsubscribed to your channel. Very odd. I had to hit the Subscribe button. Very very odd indeed. I never unsubscribed…

  43. Another awesome vid great editing, do you practice going out of body much or as they used to call it astral travel? Or have you practiced with ayauwasca?

  44. I understand now. It is like , A Lion. It is not poison. But it will kill you.

  45. As I la here contemplating the return of Saturn, Mercury comes back into play. I’m sure there is great reason for this

  46. We had a glass baby food jar of mercury. All of us kids played with it. So far so good, that was looooong time ago.

  47. If mercury is really so dangerous why did nobody notice that until recently? Do we really think people were just that stupid??

  48. A video was just released yesterday here on YT about mercury and mercury vortex engines… It always seems to happen like this, and not a coincidence 😎

  49. GuruNath of the Nath tradition has a Mercury Shiva Lingam in his ashram. Solid Mercury due to the techniques of Yogic alchemy.

    There is probably much we do not know mercury

  50. Another good one! Hey, have you ever considered leading some anthropology vacation tours to interesting sites? I visited gobekli tepe with Robert Schoch and had a blast. Having someone who knows more than a regular your guide is fantastic. I'd take one with you in a heart beat!

  51. Please suport this giy he is the only one i have found telling the whole trurh about history and has ALWAYS BEEN SPOT ON WHEN I RECHECK HIS FACTS noone better out there. Thank you Robert please keep up the great work

  52. Thank you Robert! This is one of the best mind changers available anywhere! You are the best!

  53. Amazing Robert!
    This is also connected to a prophet in Islam called IDRIS. It is reported that the prophet Muhammad met him in the 4th heaven hence the heart chakra that is also known as a bridge between the lower and the upper/higher world/self.

  54. I was just watching videos on magnetic fields and bending/slowing light and time. I'm becoming more convinced by the possibility of the existence of Wunderwaffe and Die Glocke. It actually seems more likely than not

  55. Thank you, this was interesting. How is it possible that some people can handle Mercury?

  56. The quality of your content in all aspects is excellent. The dog is beautiful and funny hehehe. God bless you

  57. Always a great pleasure to see you Robert. Thank you truly. We would love to meet you sometime and take a walk with you and Buffy, visit one of your favorite museums and hear what you know about the artifacts there,.. Looking forward to next time. Take care friend.

  58. In Albanian, we call Mercury either "merkur" ("e merkure" is Wednesday for us) or "zhiva". We say of someone "he/she is like zhiva" to mean they are uncontrollable, unpredictable and very quick to action.

  59. Fascinating, I would not have guessed such a thing – In any case, much thanks for all you do!

  60. Oh yea droppin knowledge on they asses. Good job Robert, you're doing good 👍

  61. Did anyone notice that Mercury carries a caduceus that has an ANTI PARALLEL DOUBLE HELIX 🧬 or genes ? HCTG . Had they solved the genetic puzzle back then ?

    1. That shape isn't only associated with DNA. Read up on Viktor Schauberger. Everything may be related to it!

  62. As a kid, we played with mercury. Got it from broken tv tubes as my dad was a small appliance repairman and had tv tubes all over the place.

  63. Wow thank you so much for sharing this! As an astrologer I just loved it, because I do vedic/hindu astrology but dont know that much still about the greek and roman traditions, but there are so many similarities….I was wondering if you were going to touch on the yogic stuff and you did! I had never heard Satguru say that stuff, but I had learned similar things as well. There is a french documentary on ayurveda that was made in the 80s or 90s, and in it the yogi eats mercury in front of the cameras and is totally fine! but he explains all this stuff around it and is like this crazy ayurvedic healer. Mercury is said to be the semen of lord Shiva in ayurvedic medicine.

  64. I love Sadhguru
    But for the record
    When i first watched that video
    Where he was playing with mercury in his hand
    I remember specifically
    Beinh by The Goddess as she laughed with me, she said:
    Is not mercury is indium..
    Is really Gallium..
    Liquid silver.
    Looks and acts as mercury.
    But is Indium metal

    I can think of a few reason Sadhguruji would do this so i forgive him..
    As he meant no harm in his very realistic magic show💜
    Jai Siddhidhatriyai Namaha

  65. I’ve been infusing some old silver coins with a drop or two of it, it’s beautiful.

  66. All i know is you cant eat fish in the bay because they are full pf mercury and other heavy metals from industry of citys and military's.

  67. Oh my dear Robert. Do you ever get tired of sparking my interest and renewing my fascination with history after it had been lain waste with the ficticional doctrination and methodical brainwashing by the horror we call modern education. God bless you sir and keep these gems coming.

  68. "Not just bad things that can kill you… Good things you're not ready for can kill you too." 👍

  69. Mercury…
    his Greek name Hermes sounds
    in Slavic language „Yarema/Jeremi”
    and means „Young One” or „Eager One” or „Vital One”,
    compare to Polish word „jary” – „vigourous”.

  70. It would be extremely beneficial to us readers and followers if you did a connection of all these gods to the planets and all the different relationships with different regions and migration and how gods are interrelated…..just asking.. I understand it is a daunting task but Robert, really who else is capable, ir else is yearning to. Please. A myth is the root of a legend, which is based on a truth written down only after its understood its been corrupted by time and distance.

  71. Hey Robert, I love your work! I started going down the redhead rabbit hole for a few years now and I just stumbled onto your work a couple of weeks ago and I was wondering, are there and legends about Mercury/Hermes returning to the earth for like the end times or a new age or something like that?

  72. I have a little jar at home, just because I know it will be very valuable in the future

  73. As a child, I broke the end of an old thermometer because I was fascinated by it. I played with it until I got into trouble. I have also always been drawn to mysticism so this makes sense to me.

  74. Mercury is also found in the pyramids of Mexico near to the Queen's altars or so.

  75. Oh boy !! Mercury is good for us !!! Time to get a round of mandatory vaccines !!! Kidding…..Thank you Robert Sepehr !!! ~:)<333

  76. Do not eat or inhale mercury vapor it is a neurotoxin look it up. NASA uses a mercury ion jet engine. They borrowed the technology to build
    Hydrogen is a fundamentally easy to produce and store in real time to operate motor vehicles with minimal changes to the original combustion engine

  77. w0w … as always … the most enjoyable channel on you tube … or any where else …

  78. Mercury is also the planet with the most oblong/elliptical orbit. In it's orbit, it moves between two extremes, being very far away, or very close to the sun. Thus, it can be regarded symbolically as a messenger between the sun and the outer realms of the solar system, but also between opposite sides of the sun.

  79. One time when i was young a thermometer broke open and the Mercury came out . so i played with that stuff in my hand rolling it around all day long and i turn out fine .