Mystery Galactic Objects, Gamma Rays, Climate | S0 News Jan.16.2020

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  1. Good morning 0bservers! It's Sunny and a balmy 18 degrees Frankenstein here in Central IL (state of confusion). Have a great day everyone! 😉

  2. So, the low activity of the sun before these events is is kind of like "the calm before the storm"…….

    re: Useless Studies
    They turned our tax dollars into pretty animations.

  3. Proverbs 13:3
    He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life: but he that openeth wide his lips shall have destruction.

    1. @Suspicious0bservers Ecclesiastes 7:5 It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise Than for a man to hear the song of fools.

  4. Rain woke me up around 5am. Almost 7 now, still coming down too loudly for Darkmeat's crowing to be heard as the sun rises.

    That cray cray blazing red climate map is such ridiculously obvious statistical propaganda bullshit!

    I wish climate change wasn't political. It's that same polarization that closes minds to reality, respectfulness, and empathy. Behavior we must not allow ourselves to lower ourselves to reciprocate.

    It's clear, Aesop's grasshoppers have far more than mere winter looming over the horizon and their clueless heads turning blue from the cold.

    The red ants are prepping for god to shake up the farm.
    It looks like grasshopper's back on the menu boys!

    So it looks like an interesting week ahead, with the deflating impeachment, Burnie's campaign burning, with his violent commie campaign roach army caught out in the light of day, and Virginia's governor declaring a state of "emergency" as he gleefully urinates on our Constitution and tries to incite gun owners to violence. In vain I might add! …Antifa maybe!

    These should not be viewed with negative connotation however.
    Contrary to the twitterbubble reality of those who cheer on such seditious crimes against America and me and you?

    Their numbers are belied by the noisy twitterbubblechoes.
    There's no way the impeachment
    or Burnie and his violent far left communist followers and staff
    or Virginia's wetdream persecution of gun owners will stand.
    Not after the Senate, the electoral college, the FBI, SCOTUS, and the patriotic American voting majority, decisively reject and deal with them between now and November.

    After that America's course will correct.
    A Republican majority of Congress and Senate are virtual certainties, and Trump will be both a champion for America, and a safeguard against a reverse Cali-esque uniparty of Republican overreach.

    It's actually amusing that evil orange hitler drumph, will be the only counter to the worst fears of the left's Machiavellian tactics being used against them. Which he will counter.

    Reason and reality are poised to regain their governing influences which, we've observed diminishing steadily over the last 12-35 years.

    We'll still have residual problems arising from neo-con/neo-lib corruption, activist teachers administrators and institutions pushing socialist communism on our impressionable children.
    But crushing that is going to be one of Trumps new 2020 campaign promises which, the restrained red uniparty will have no choice but to fulfill.

    So don't be too worried about our future as a people. As long as we are vigilant and voting, with such like minded aspirations and goals?

    We have four more years of promise keeping, and a sane SCOTUS to preserve our Constitution. All supported by Houses with like minded majorities. Held in check by a populist presidential veto, and their own professional politician fears of the consequences of indelible swampstains.

    Politics and science have no business spooning… But they are. Maybe that'll change too?


  5. You said Betelgeuse going nova in our lifetimes ‘doesn’t scare’ you since it is 600 light years away- but if we see it go nova, it really happened 600 years ago and we’d have to brace for the hit, no?

    1. No. Its 600 light years away. That distance is not going to be covered by a nova.

    2. Suspicious0bservers — no issue with gamma rays or other high-energy particles?

  6. Getting back to winter again! The North American jet stream is wacky. Thanks Ben for the shot of plasma!

  7. Stupid freezing rain is gonna crusty up the snow and make roads yucky! Still Delta BC is a nice place to chill for a minute.

  8. You seriously put a lot of intellectual work in these daily uploads. Don't you ever rest ?
    Awesome. Thanking you.

  9. Oh the hysteria they try to perpetuate upon the General Public to get their greedy Paws into your wallets.

  10. The fact of the matter is it's not just Earth that's getting hot and every other planet has been seeing to spikes in temperatures they're hotter than they've ever seen them before our solar system is literally being broiled stars are brighter than ever before the Moon is the brightest that I have ever seen Venus is seen through thick fog what I think is Venus make it the only visible body in the sky and she beautiful people need full disclosure NASA is holding back

  11. Which honey NASA can find shift from 1903 but can't find anything of the lunar Landing or any of the lunar pictures or they're all lost all footage raw footage everything is lost seems to to me it's very convenient to find something from 1903 that's some f**** Mandela effect

    1. NASA didn't write that paper. Not all lost. 40+ hrs online, free to watch, same site as their photo gallery. No footage lost. Again, not NASA's paper either.

  12. Good morning all!!! Praying we get some rain out of this round. 41 this morning low 20s by tonight.
    Maybe winter has come😉😎
    Thank you Ben and family!💜

  13. Good day Observers! Sunny and a high of 24f today in chicagoland. Loving all the extra videos these days Ben, keep up the great work.

  14. I read that 1903 Solar Storm report and it is illuminating. One can’t take ones eyes off the sun for a minute or suffer the consequences!

  15. As I was reading some manmade climate change hysteria it came to me that these propagandists are giving people false hope!

  16. 200 people arrested down under for starting fires in Australia's bush, a billion animal lives lost. They all should be burned to the stake and feed to the Crocks.

    1. Agree. Also, that's far too many arsonists to be random or coincidental, that's an operation.

    2. @Rick T. I wondered the same thing. That is a massive amount of "accidents" happening at the same time.

  17. Thanks for all your hard work. The image of our star looked different than usual to me it seems more (fuzzy) for want of a better description on edges but clear on the top/bottom. Or am I seeing it wrong?

  18. I saw the fake temperature map yesterday. I believe Tony Heller already addressed this. Science may be slow to the table, but the UN is exploiting global warming for all their worth.

    1. The UN is the one that condemned climate extremists. They let solar particle forcing into the mix… sealing the fate of "human causation."

  19. Ben, Are there examples of gas giant's similar to Jupiter & Saturn which exhibit characteristics of nova in the right conditions? Could this hypothetically result in a torus shaped asteroid belt such as ours?

  20. Interesting info about 1903 because of what occurred in 1909. In 1909 the volcano taal had an historic eruption. Today, at the beginning of a grand solar Minimum taal volcano is again having an historic eruption. Coincidence.

    1. Grand solar minimum has NOT begun. Since one is high activity and the other is low, that's a double no.

    2. People will learn the difference between solar minimum & grand solar minimum soon enough when this solar cycle 25 gets rocking & rolling .. Even still I've gotta wonder if the 1909 Taal eruption happened during a solar minimum or solar maximum period not sure so I will have to look that up .. Interesting Pinatubo erupted during a solar maximum period & was way bigger than the latest Taal eruption & was a longer lasting big eruption .. Idk sometimes Volcanoes just don't seem to care how active or not active our Star is at the moment these Volcanoes decide to wake up & go boom .. Anyways have a great evening ; I know I for one am going to give it a hole shot l*l

  21. I have no idea what that add is about…"fun" ant add that assumes im an idiot gets binned..

  22. Well, this channel keeps getting me in trouble on Facebook. I'm amazed how negativly some people react when I talk about something like the solar dynamics driving things like volcanic activity. Note that I never mentioned climate, yet people keep accusing me of being a climate denier. I'll tell ya, I stand somewhere in the middle. I'm going to say one more time that going on the Glenn Beck show is NOT helping our cause here at all. It makes it look like pseudoscience. I will now be a closet Observer because I am tired of having to defend my statements. I'll still be here, I'm just not talking about it in social media anymore. I don't like a good fight. Currently 42°F in Arcata. It's still a chilly, wet coast on the West Coast. Peace. ✌ Blessings from the closet SOs!

    1. It is hard for me to comprehend that others don't 'get' this. I find it natural and sensible. When I first heard the term Electric Universe – yes Ben I understand it is Plasma, but TB got me here with EU – I was blown away at the thought. I've always lived on the fringe of thinking; but even so, I was incredulous that this was not really new, it had been explored for a long time before I came across it, and it is so wildly different from anything I'd been taught or led to believe! People want the comfort of their fairy tales so they can go shopping and sip their lattes and have their vacations and be told what to <group>think. It would require work and critical thinking to change horses midstream!
      I have not yet shared on FB as most of my friends can't/won't absorb any of this and will further push them away. But I am going to now, thanks to you Wild Alchemical Spirits, lol. I don't enjoy the fight, but I want to live honestly with my beliefs. It is ok if they fall away because living with a false front never has suited me. I don't think you have to fight or even defend your position. I won't. I respect someone's need to keep the blinders on for the sake of their sanity. However, there may be one or two that will be hungry for it. And a seed is planted for the others for perhaps a later date. Blessings to the closet!

    2. @SingularForce well, for the record, if anyone directly asks me I am not going to lie or deny anything. I'm just going to pick my battles carefully and I am going to be damn sure I don't come off like a Glenn Beck crony in doing so. I want to represent myself and these ideas without being affiliated with the Alt Right.

    3. @Wild Alchemical Spirits That is a wise approach. I express my views and let it be. My name Singular Force came from that . What follows is : I strive to be neither a leader or a follower; Rather I am a Singular Force.
      I found when younger that I was influential. I also found I was often wrong. Since that discovery I learned to be careful of my beliefs and urge others to look to themselves for answers in everything.

  23. I had to rewind several times to go over key parts – which is not unusual. It was different today, though, I reached a new level of comprehension. I have read other newbies posts of feeling overwhelmed by the huge content of information and wanting to make sense of it …I am approaching that task by letting it sink in gradually, piece by piece, in an immersion-style of learning. The mind can take in only so much at once.

    My only gripe is that since finding SO my piano practice time has suffered…

  24. We need more focus on how sparse and of poor quality the weatherstations are. You can only say something about europe and the eastern part of the USA when it comes to climate and our last 100 years. That is, after you properly correct for UHI. Most records are being broken on airports, you know those places with giant black runway's. How about the weatherstations that used to be on the edge of a small town, but are now surrounded by roads and buildings. Sure the direct surroundings might still be according to the official standards.

  25. Can someone get me a definition?
    What does Ben refer to when he uses the term "forcing"? It seems to have a specific connotation that I can't decipher. It is also used in the topic of named videos with different qualifiers (i.e. solar forcing, plasma forcing, temperature forcing, oceanic forcing, Dzjanabekov forcing…)

  26. Acts 22:3 New King James Version (NKJV)

    3 “I am indeed a Jew, born in Tarsus of Cilicia, but brought up in this city at the feet of Gamaliel, taught according to the strictness of our fathers’ law, and was zealous toward God as you all are today.

  27. Good day, and another great coverage of the important science studies and observations we are keenly interested in – thanks for great work Ben!

  28. I got some ocean front property in Arizona, if you'll buy that I'll throw a golden shower in free.

  29. And Down here in NZ, in the hottest time of the years, we are turning on the heat pumps, In the 60's when I was a kid, we cooked eegs on the foot path, now this year, its Bl**dy cold!

  30. "G Objects"? Nothing mysterious about 'em; they're flying toasters. Seen 'em on my screen saver in days of old.

  31. Wait… global warming isn't the average temperature changing? It's only the max highs and lows?
    Is that what you're saying, or did I misunderstand something.

  32. One thing the Big Bang theory accomplished, to put an end to in the cosmological space, was the one-upmanship that catastrophists were involved in(all of whom were fervently religious) – Each trying to come up with a bigger, more frightening catastrophe than the other. The theory, is of course, the same one-upmanship, though it was a beaut-creat-tastrophe of a thought. One is more moral and intelligent thus more ordained should one come with a greater catastrophe than the other.

  33. Sorry , i'm lost, solar cycle '25' started , Should start flaring up,after hybrinating,now we go to solar min again? (trying my very best to grasp from Belgium)

    1. In the peak of the last sunspot cycle in 2014 we had 13 days with no sunspots… in the deep of sunspot minimum in 2017 we had the X9 solar flares. Its a slow, wobbly process, up and down like the stock market, but when you back out the 11 year trend emerges.

    2. @Suspicious0bservers what i predicted for the Philippines, ,3 years ago, i was 'only' 4 months off.3 months ago i saw a 12 mag +.on west coast USA,that will happen at night(i know that doesn't exist ,according to 'GOV 'specialists') i just KNOW something world wide is about to happen and msn refuse to fill in the people.
      My 'predictions' have never failed.

  34. Professor Ben, What is a FRB? Also do you think James Web is going to bring some interesting dada

  35. What volcanos do we have that could send granet. The size of a human all the way to indiana .. I cant find any good maps

  36. Thanks to Zeus it stayed above freezing this morning here on the central coast-o- Cali, the calm b4 the storm :}->

  37. Sounds seems a tad muffled today. Or maybe I need to clean out some earwax. Not sure which.

  38. Its chilly here in Phx but thr real deals the spray. The spray. They seem to do it every day and then the clouds get in the way. I wonder what wed all say if all their smoke just blew away?
    …or if epstein didnt kill himself and he didnt…

  39. Hey Ben, don't comment much ..but.. Just. Got halfway through a documentary/talk. From graham Phillips about a green stone… Anyway.. He mentioned a nova event in the Cygnus constellation in the 15th or 16th century witnessed by or at least mentioned by sir Walter Raleigh.. Cygnus 3 I believe..Beginning of the science age wonder if other records exist?? Stories,,legends. All in relation to your catastrophe cycle of course, which I am loving. Hope to hear back from you.

    1. Watch the movie. We made it and the follow-up series for a reason.

  40. Now the bad YouTube channels will be on about calibration conspiracies. Tony is a GOOD YouTube channel.

  41. Like them shining bubbles – "G Ojects" – it's 8 of them I bet. Made my day, again Thank you! And… !– OM –!

    1. I did, in September when it was released. If I cant keep you up to date IMMEDIATELY I dont deserve your viewership.

    2. @Suspicious0bservers Whoops, my bad, I don't remember seeing this one featured. Do you have a list of everything you've linked to in the daily videos? Would make it easier in the future to not send you stuff you've already covered.

  42. Now, if you think about this logically,…if a solar minimum is coming, then global warming, man made or otherwise, is a good thing. It will cancel out the solar minimum or at least mitigate it to some degree.🤔👍

  43. And blobby 😹🦠✨✨✨

    Tanks , tanks a lot 😎🐱☕️☕️🇺🇸