Mystery of the Moon Eyed People – ROBERT SEPEHR

The Moon-Eyed people were said to be a race of small people that, according to Cherokee legend, were blinded by daylight, but able to see in moonlight, who only came out at night, and were described as under three feet tall, light-skinned, with big blue eyes.

The Cherokee are one of the indigenous people of the Southeastern Woodlands of the United States. Prior to the 18th century, they were concentrated in what is now southwestern North Carolina, southeastern Tennessee, edges of western South Carolina, northeastern Georgia and northeastern Alabama.

Robert Sepehr is an anthropologist and author




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  1. Mr.Sepehr…

    Edit: Have a wonderfull thanksgiving too.
    Edit 2: Mr. Sepehr im currently interested in shaman like from siberia or in jakut folks and so. Would you be so kind and make a video about shamanic stuff ?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for your dedication to discovering the truth and returning our lost history to us all.

  3. If there was no views that would mean im not currently watching? Gota love u tube

    1. Wow, you can put chocolate in tea? I have never heard of that. What a revelation. Thank you so much!

  4. I get great enjoyment from your books and videos. The Human race is indeed a species with amnesia. Have yourself a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Am watching this because I always wondered about Moor eyes, Spanish gypsies I am descended from had these moon eyes and so did Mona Lisa, what do they have in common? Came from Moor, north Africa

  6. In Hawaii, there is the legend of the Menehune that occupied the islands before the polynesian's arrival. 😉 This video was super interesting and informative, mahalo!

    1. It’s so interesting everywhere around the world there’s stories of little people. Deep in the mountains of Guerrero Mexico in my grandmas tiny village she had similar stories. She said she saw one. I was a kid but she warned me not to move these rocks around what was called a pila near the well. (Where we washed clothes & dishes) According to her they bathed there from time to time

    2. @Mom•Ovary•Acting Robert has another video about the documented legend of a race of pygmies who fought a battle against giant crane birds and were ultimately killed off. Little people legends everywhere!

  7. thankyou …i am sure there were little people.. are the fairy crosses from that same area'

  8. Hello Robert, another interesting video. Thanks for your fascinating work & not following MSM lies and subversion of our history.
    Happy Thanksgiving…
    PS; Nice tune 😉

  9. You're one of the few I watch the adverts for. Wish I had the money to donate.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Robert & Buffy!
    Happy Turkey Day everyone!
    Great video!
    I used to live in East TN. I had done a lot of hiking there and throughout Cherokee Co. I really miss the SE & am seriously considering moving back. There's definitely a different feel in those mountains, and they've certainly been calling me. <3

  11. Fascinating, thank you for your courage in sharing with us the truth of our origins.

  12. The statue at the beginning looks Asian. I am melungeon based off my ancestry, which includes Pygmy. Before knowing that, I’d always thought the short stature in family was due to Irish blood. Edit: I should note that I also have SE Asian dna, if we’re to believe the dna tests.

    1. The Irish are a pretty tall people actually. There is a city in northern Ireland known as the city of giants where the average height is like 6'7 or something

    2. The people in Cherokee are not the natives. They are extremely rude to all who are not of the Casino Tribe.
      Pitiful Deception

    3. @Robert R
      Where do ye hear of such rubbish?. The Irish are NOT wee People nor Giant's.

  13. Omg! I live in Asheville! I had no idea this was here! Just when I thought I couldn't possibly love you more! Lol I only come out at night and have big blue eyes Lol my dad is of Cherokee but my mom is Scottish- Irish very interesting stuff! Ps. My parents are very short people too!

    1. Hey Robert if you ever do any book signings – looks like Asheville has got ya covered ☺

    2. I live in Chattanooga, do you know about the Hebrew land claim found in bat cave near Knoxville?

    3. I knew of this lore when I was young. Everyone spoke of this. The woodlands of the Ohio valley. Irish and Welch ancestry.

    4. David Marshall I haven’t. Has it been swept under a rug? I live in Kentucky. Please tell us??

  14. Dr Bob! How do you have a single hair left on your head? No genetic testing? Is this a joke? Acadumbia couldn't be a more accurate name!

    It was great to see Buffy – we'd been missing her little cameos!

  15. Wonder if there is a link somehow because I truly have a stronger than normal sensitivity to the sunlight

  16. WOW Robert, you are amazing. I live just a few miles from Murphy. I have never seen this sculpture. BTW, the river there is Hiwassie pronounced "HIGH wah see". There are several legends about white people among the Cherokee. Yes, the Melunguns are as you said… a mixed race/ tri-racial group of people living in the Appalachians.
    LOL, Mary Joyce is NOT local and she is WRONG regarding origins of Cherokee. But, this is still being taught in universities, so that is where she got that idea. I tried to tell her this idea is now proven incorrect but she is stubborn. I will put a message on your private messenger about something I have discovered about Cherokee origins.
    Today, I was shopping in Cherokee and they now call Thanksgiving Day, Tsali Day, after a local Cherokee hero and martyr. Most Indiginous Americans have given up Thanksgiving now as this holiday is a symbol of conquest and genocide to them.
    Thank you for your wonderful video.

    1. I can see that many people there feel that
      We were on a road trip and only stopped in Cherokee to eat at a Subway and look at the Fall Colors all 4 of us .
      Me my husband and our kids got SO SAD from out of nowhere.
      Not even discussing the Cherokee or anything about history at all.
      I just remembered that day all the sudden when I read what you said about them.
      It lingers on the whole area.sadness

    2. Then those Native American people are uneducated about the origins of Thanksgiving. Nonetheless, they were mistreated by our government so I can understand the resentment

    3. My family too has given up "Thanksgiving" for the same reason. I have Choctaw heritage, My wife Cherokee.

    4. According to the Six Nations version of history the Cherokee are from the Great Lakes area and come from them. Remember there are always a least 2 versions of a story. At one time Canada and the U.S. were one nation but both consider themselves to be seperate and have different origins. Peace.

  17. Dear Rob I hang on your every word as well as your soundtracks are absolutely elegant!…

  18. Great episode Robert! We are only scratching the surface of the unfathomable an infinite fairy realms

    1. True science opens doors. The Global Elite and their shills close doors. 
      Why? Is it because our whole reality is a lie? (relative to who created us, owns us, and controls us)

  19. so good to see you & buffy, bringing us amazing history previously hidden from us

  20. "talk about a real fairytale"
    Modern academia is a joke!
    Culture is being hidden & erased right before our eyes!

    1. eschaton
      "For good reasons"
      Sorry cupcake, but that's bull shit!
      The name of the game is Command & Control.
      All nations play that game.
      What's good about that?

    2. Internet and digitalization is the best worst thing to ever happen for the PTP

    3. I think there is more truth in mythology than the history we study throughout our schooling years.

    4. "Modern Academia" = 100K student loan so you can get a highly employable degree like "Multiculturalism" or "Gender Studies". And learn to hate yourself, your family, and your race while learning rewritten fake history (e.g. The vikings were actually black). 
      There is a hidden hand behind all of this designed to keep us stupid and ignorant of our true history while lowering global IQ.

  21. Robert is the voice of the aware. And Happy Thanksgiving to you Robert and Buffy!

  22. Maori in New Zealand also have a legend of white-skinned little people who only come out at night called Patupaiarehe

  23. Fantastic! Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Robert. I've read your books and am hoping for a fifth one whenever you have the time and energy to write it. Cheers!

  24. Who plays the Beautiful music at the beginning of some of your videos? Is it ukulele music?

  25. Our friends the Antpeople <3 Thank you for share and wish you a happy blessed thanksgiving dear brother ! <3

  26. Forbidden to test DNA of archeological finds – that tells me all. Thank you for great work Robert!

    1. Mud flood University already tested some rocks. And triple tested them to make sure. They do have human DNA

    2. Truth Lover How is that possible. Reminds me of Jesus saying if you don’t praise me the rocks will sing out.

  27. Happy thanksgiving Robert and Family, You have done it again,another amazing video my friend! Truth Seeker!

  28. When Robert sepehr says he is thinking about fairytales…. You listen and learn.

    Even chuck Norris could not pull that off.

  29. Thanks for the great story, Robert. I've never heard of them. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  30. Robert💙Buffy💙 absolutely amazing! So interesting..I'm hoping to receive one of your books for Christmas. I've suggested them to my children.. Great to see you and Buffy..the fountain is exquisite..soo beautiful.. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving💙💙💙

  31. Our research shows that the colorful term "moon-eyed people" had to do with the blue color of their eyes that were so unusual to the native inhabitants who encountered them. Quetzalcoatl of Mexico and Viracocha and Kukulcan of South America were also said to have blue eyes that distinguished them from the native people.

    1. Many Native Americans have blue eyes. Mingo and Mohawk to name a few. So?

    2. There's Light Skin Color tribes,still in Veracruz Mexico, in the Mountains, near relatives,there,have seen them ,with Blue they speak their own dialect also..not alot of PPL know that..

    3. @madhatter glttrs No sabia eso, sabes que tribu? With a name I can search for myself.

  32. I wonder if Mr. Sepehr will take a look at Track Rock. That's not too far from Murphy, NC in GA. Thank you Mr. Sepehr for another great video!

  33. Happy Thanksgiving Sir Robert maybe we should celebrate underground this year. Cave roasted turkey with mash potatoes and cavy dark meat for me please 😊and ill take a peice of spelunkin pie while u play the stalagtites. Oh i do love the hole e days lol

    1. Dave Dalton The powers that be are trying to keep us from learning who and what we really are So that means they know We have untapped capabilities in our DNA which they suppress That’s why they put fluoride in our water It calcifies our pineal gland. The pineal gland is the key The gateway into finding out how to tap into the unused portion of our brain and DNA. We all need to restore our calcified Pineal glands Thats where we should start

    2. Same with the Vatican. That vault is filled with historical and religious objects that we’re clueless about.

  34. Hey u wouldnt happen to know any moon eyed gals would ya i need a date for my brother im lookin fo a nice moon eyed man myself….i know u gotta have a date already

  35. I reckon if Robert starting pumping iron seriously he'd be built like a brick shit-house.

  36. Similar people were said to inhabit new zealand, the maori called them patupaiarehe

  37. A tribe of the Lenni Lenape are said to have came from underground. Its why hare, groundhog,and wolf are sacred to them. The hare and groundhog were not be eaten out of fear of eating an ancestor. The wolf is sacred from when the first Lenni came upside it got hungry and a wolf killed a deer to feed him. Lenni Lenape translate to Original people or First People.

    1. @Son of Aries Hobbits of Indonesia. Vietnamese have legends about them for millenia.

    2. Kauai has a few per historic sites said to be built by little people called the Menehune who only came out at night.

    3. @Five Eyes They are everywhere, I'm a RPG (role playing games) and folklore enthusiast (started be the first), and while world building is fascinating how many native americans legends have Red Haired Giants, or in Europe than usually live intraterrenial (Gentilak, Ojancanos, Tartalos, Anjanas and more only in Spain). I don't have much knowladge Sub Saharan africa, but red heads live in North africa too.

  38. No DNA testing on ancient ruins? Did I hear that right? I love all these fascinating topics on History unknown. Including, Gardens and Fountains and Germany Oh My! Happy Thanksgiving Robert and All 💝

  39. Thank you Robert. Been waiting for this 😉 ;). If only you were noticed as the historic prophet you truly are, the world would change forever, a true advancing change. It would bring peace to us all.

  40. omg this reminds me of the Hopkinsville KY Goblins! Watch the documentary HELLIER

    1. @Patricia Skubish um watch Hellier. Its pretty obvious is you know what I'm talking about.

    2. Sorcha de Vere the hoptown “goblins” ? The “ aliens” that attacked that hillbilly family?

  41. Michelle, My Belle. Love the music, my man. Really love your content. Please know you are appreciated.

  42. The truth can't possibly stay covered forever. Thanks to people like you Robert!

  43. Awesome ❤ You're the greatest Robert! 👍🏻 I love and appreciate all your videos 🙏🏻

  44. Robert. Warm wishes. I'm glued to your work, videos and ideas. I realise most of the stuff I've been taught us just a script, a fiction. Never ever so what you are doing because it is surely needed. You are a breath of fresh air. Oh btw, love the dog!

  45. Most of the native american legends talk about the "little people" and also giants. My father told me that his father (a sportsfishing captain of much acclaim in San Diego) told him about giant skeletons that were unearthed on Catalina Island off the coast of California. People that I know who were actually adopted into native tribes who gained privy to their inner circles and the "stories we don't tell to others" confirmed these were true historic histories of the other races that were here too….

    1. That's wonderful that you have some oral history from your grandfather.
      Oral history is so important and it seems the world is losing this art.

    2. I was born on Catalina, in Avalon and yes, there were many giant bones found there completely intact. It is hidden by the ‘ casino’ and the powers that be there.

  46. Thank you sir for your amazing insights and truths. Your bravery to express the TRUTH is humbling to me and Is Honorable Beyond Measure…My best compliment I can Give to You Is That I Have My Kids Watch You As Well Because Your Words Are Worthy of Their Purity and Love…Blessings…

  47. i am thankful for having found your channels Mr Sepehr. I hope you and yours are able to spend the holiday together.

  48. are you familiar with Weston A Price? do the cultures in our food make our cultures

  49. I wonder why the DNA testing is forbidden…or am I really ?!
    I find mainstream science has no difference with religious fanatics as they both are closed minded and biased…

    1. The only problem with Religion is when Authoritarians use it to their advantage. Religion is not a vice.

  50. Dirty hands of Smithsonian and Rockefeller centre everywhere in hiding ancient history.

    1. To be honest I personally believe the truth does set us free because those who lie because of riches lose the one thing that they can't buy respect

  51. I wonder, this kind of reminds me of the Kentucky goblin…leyends of little people living in caves…

  52. Will get your books … I live not far from Murphy and I’ll say there’s more unspoken reminders of people and things that used to live in these mountains before the Cherokee arrived .

  53. I live in metro Chattanooga. Where can i find these welsh fortifications?

  54. Fascinating report of one of the lost races that used to live on earth. Maybe some do.

  55. One great-grandmother's father's side came out West from the area you talk about – going back and back eventually to MA from Nottingham England… another line goes back to the Carolinas as well – and Tennessee through another great-great-grandmother whose father goes back to those areas as well… Fun to learn about 🙂 I love to share these vids with my kiddies and husband. Happy Thanksgiving! And yes, you're so right – we do indeed live in a Matrix. Your vids are always refreshing and set me right when I'm feeling I just might go completely mad. xoxo (also, if I may say so– you look great in the jacket, Robert!)

  56. Sorry for the double post – I live not far from where the Hopi reside. My father – who was a religious man who yet questioned everything and took nothing for granted – had a circle of friends including a guy who was deeply enmeshed with the Hopi. He invited my father down for a week one time and while they didn't go into their sacred subterranean temples, etc. 😉 they certainly did have a great time asking questions and talking with many Hopi. I love seeing their culture make an appearance on your vids.

  57. You should take a cruise down the Ten Tom to Gulf. Discover that Eastern USA is actually a Island.

    1. I have brown eyes and the sun used to hurt my eyes , I had been wearing sun glasses for years, because I could afford them. I quit wearing them about 18 months ago, I Endured the discomfort for about 3 days , the sun no longer hurts ! some say the sun is protective against cancer .

    2. Me too! Always squinting on sunny days 😄People don’t believe me when I tell them that blue eyes are light sensitive.

  58. I’ve seen carvings in the same style in a Knights Hospitalier chapel in Poet-Lavalle, in the Drome region of France.

  59. There is a many history about that moon people I have hear this before too even there is some movies and animations about that in the series of Dragon Prince animation there is a moon elves the elves are more strong in the moon when the night comes.

  60. Always awesome Robert! Thank you! I have to comment and sounds like a story of white people who's land was taken by Indians…..HMMMMMMMM?

  61. Great video as always and one of the best songs ever. Cheers to Thanksgiving! 😊🙏

  62. It's been reported that LORD OF THE RINGS is based on true stories.
    Are the Hobbits related to the moon people?
    Did they all escape to Middle Earth?

  63. I had a wonderful dream where I saw little people.. But I also heard a story in France about some little people who came from the Pliaedes.. spelling?.. and they still live there in the Dordogne region.. they were apparently the very first beings on Earth.. I know someone who saw them.. she said they're very small but incredibly strong.. wirey.. and long lived..I also met someone who is in the Priore de Sion who says it is true.. France is amazing!

  64. Robert you may also want to look into the "Kentucky Goblins". There was a series I shared called "Hellier" where they found a connection between the little people, the Mothman, and the cave system that runs through the Appalachia. Seems there may be a cover up. Anyways here the link to the trailer plus the whole series is on this channel. I binged the whole thing and was really into it but was disappointed when it fizzled.

  65. Robert, this reminds me a bit of the legend of the Tommyknockers – or little people who live in mines.

    The descriptions sound almost identical.

  66. I don’t know whether anyone has ever mentioned this in reply to one of Robert’s videos, but the Myst games basically borrow from these amazing legends I see. The Myst games revolve around a fallen civilization called D’ni, who were a people living in a vast cave system deep within the inner earth. Like the moon eyed people they are described as fair skinned with very light sensitive eyes. As a civilization they were very advanced as they had “the art” which enabled them to travel through the universe by establishing quantum physical “link” portals by writing very descriptive books which then could be used travel to these places. Pretty amazing stuff.

  67. There is a canyon near the Afghan/Pakistan border that has a group of people that look like Europeans, they are descendants of Alexander the Greats soldiers and they still worship the ancient Greek gods.

  68. The ultimate truth is that we are not from Earth. We humans are not native to Earth. Our eyes are one key to that truth. How? Only humans eyes get cataracts, ie eyes that can not function in Earth's environment. Our sleep pattern is another. How? Our sleep pattern is exactly matched to a Mars day. When astronauts are in space, biological clock returns to and matches a Mars day. Humans are the only species from Earth to function that way. Human beings are the only species in Planet Earth who have DNA not found on Earth in any other species. Humans have approximately 10% of our DNA not found from any species from Earth. Humans are also the only species from Earth who use less than 10% of their DNA to survive on Earth.

  69. In Hawai’i where I grew up, you have the Menehunes (little people), that the Hawaiians say where there before they came to the islands. There is ‘evidence’ of their prior prescience through built structures left behind like fish ponds. So exciting all the info emerging about the earth's past!

  70. Fort mountain is my backyard ..I love mooneyed people docs… not a lot out there

  71. I think "It's OK to be White". And thr "Out of Africa" theory is political.

  72. Control the past control the future like agent smith in the matrix movies they'er guarding all the doors they'er holding all the keys my favorite Morpheus quote 🙂 these little people make me think of them hairy footed hobbits

  73. Besides the always interesting subject matter in your videos, a nice extra is the cool instrumental intros that you start them with. For me, for the first few notes, it's always like a little game of, "Name That Tune", in this case, Michelle, by The Beatles, performed on ukulele, an instrument loved and played by John, Paul, George, and even John's mother… A nice touch…, as always…

  74. Will we find that white people were the original inhabitants of the Americas? That they left and went to Europe? Perhaps we got it wrong?

  75. Isn't it strange that every ancient culture has "little people" depicted somewhere in it's time frame???

  76. Why can’t we do genetic testing on any remains in North America? What a hoax. I would do it anyway. Screw their lies. I’m so sick of all the deep state lies and deception. We the people must get to the truth. They can chemtrail us to death all day spray x’s above our homes to destroy our auto immune systems and kill us off yet we are not allowed to do genetic testing on remains ? Sick. That’s why I dropped out of anthropology and ethnographies of the dogon tribe. Well I was done with it before I started it. The restrictions on archaeology was absurd. And it’s all to cover up the truth. Worse is wars are used to undermine and steal artifacts , destroy history and cover up the real story. Great info on your site

  77. This is a story that centers at Fort Mountain in north Georgia , why don't you say so? they built the fort walls on the mountain .

  78. There are stories of Little People world wide with Little People ruins to back it up!
    Little People skeletons have been found in the Philippines, but of course, the site is off limits to all but; The Scientific Quack from the Awful World of Scientific Quackadamia.
    They are still out there, along with the giants!

  79. Robert has the only monotone voice that is not boring. Must be his varied and interesting subject matters.

  80. Why would someone try to force their beliefs on the population and make it impossible to verify those beliefs.Because there Bullshit beliefs.I think its petty obvious.Dont you

  81. When I was a child in the late 70s, early 80s, my cousins lived on lake ontario, oakville, just outside of Toronto. We would stay over on weekends and my 2 cousins room had a balcony off of it with a big tree u could see out of the door window. Late at night, we would hear a tapping noise and these little beings would wat h us from the tree. They were about 2.5 to 3 ft tall, stocky, and kind of squat. They weren't scary, just curious by us. There were other sightings of them 2, by my aunt and olhers

  82. no genetic testing on any ancient remains found in North American ? wtf….who makes up a law like that? …who's benefiting from the suppression of knowledge?

  83. Kauai has a few per historic sites said to be built by little people called the Menehune. The legend also says they only came out at night.

  84. Somebody has to get some DNA and send it in to Ancestry. Be the whistleblower!

  85. These moon-eyed people remind me of European Faeries – they were driven underground, will not cross water… there are similarities.

  86. Have you read "Forbidden Archeology," by Michael Cremo? I think it is free online now. Thanks for all the good work you do.

  87. Mulengons are – Native Americans that have blue eyes found when explorers were crossing the Applacian Mountains.
    This would be in the area of Tennessee and where it meets Georgia, North and Sough Carolina.
    I never heard about Mulengons having African lineage – although there are a number of mixed race – African and Native Americans.

    Apparently someone decided to group the two mixed peoples and obviously there can exist a tri-racial group – but it originally referred to these peoples whom had obviously interacted with Caucasions at some point. Many assumed it was Viking influence.

    I would look to the South – and reference the Wendover finds.

  88. Just like the Minnihunie, (spell?) in Hawaii they only came out and built beautiful stonework at night. There is a census over 100 years ago listing some 64 three foot tall Minns living on an island at that time. This isnt only ancient history being hidden. Just as bones of giants discovered in USA disappeared when handled by the Smithsonian.

  89. Perhaps anyone living subterranean were those who survived the last ice age or maybe pole shift?

  90. Robert, nice presentation thank you, you should look north to the cree, objibway dene and stony people's, they have rich oral tradition about the little people, I know their as real as the red haired giants, saw a few nor more then two feet high in the grass on a bank of a river east of regina, I thought it was the heat and mentioned it.. perspective is everything here, perceptions must make it past indoctrination and both anthropology and archeo need to learn the difference to be affective for future generations, an open mind see's what is there, a programmed mind only see's what it has been told to see value in.. the sun god's embraced diversity, made the connection between out of Africa long bones and turtle island "s" curved long bones yet..? too much is hidden in the pain of the past.

  91. Love this!! The Hopi talk of the Ant people as well. I am fair skinned and love the moontime..night owls

  92. My family lives in Murphy, NC.(Cherokee County)

    I have been to the museum and i could have spent hours looking at all the artifacts.
    Old stories say the little people tried to save the Cherokee from the removals, to no avail their tunnels were too small.

    My uncle talks about the little people &
    How they play jokes on him all the time. Hiding things and then returning them.

    Great video. Govt hides so much from us! Thanks for this video

  93. This story is almost exactly the same as homo florenses or “hobbit” people of Jakarta, a 2003 archaeological discovery that was shrouded in scandal and politics. Likely both groups are of same genealogy. Anthropology is a very corrupt industry, plagued by groupthink and lacking Genuine oversight. A business where preserving one’s tenure, funding and reputation is more important than historical truth.

  94. Hi Rob in the Apocrypha there's a book of Moses which is not in the standard KJB where he makes mention of the ant man food for thought

  95. I've studied a lot about bizarre phenomena but I've never ran across the, "The Moon Eyed People". Thank you for the information and the work you put into your research.

  96. Why would genetic testing be prohibited on any ancient remains found in North America? I understand why it would be important not to further disturb caves or dwelling systems but I fail to understand what possible risk exists in genetic testing of ancient remains…unless, of course, the testing itself would require the destruction of the entire sample. I confess, I've never heard of the moon eyed people & as a lifelong resident of the southeast I find it fascinating.

  97. What??!! We can't perform DNA tests on remains found in the U.S.?? Why? Mr. Sepehr, what can we do to right this??

  98. if you listen to cryptid stories, you hear lots of stories about little people out in the forests in N.America!

  99. The Laurentide ice sheet was once an ice comet. It gave us a 24 hour day and the four seasons. The largest of the hundreds of pieces of the comet created Prince Edward Sound, Saginaw Bay, and Hudson Bay. Along with hundreds of other impacts all over the planet. The Gaza Plateau was once the North Pole! The comet was mostly ice but also had other stuff from rocks and minerals to life forms that once lived in the oceans of a planet that was once the Earths sister planet. The last "Ice Age" wasn't what we have been led to believe, and nothing that disrupts the narrative is given any light and our history has always been controlled by the demonrats!

  100. There's a village Samoa where there were little people that lived in a cave a long time ago

  101. Another created races species by the fallen angels no doubt here we go into the subterranean Realm again.. What's really down their hard the story's true the nephilim are under the ground and these other different species of people are under the ground, makes no sense but then you look on and the military is training to do subterranean warfare underground. What is really under the Earth .

  102. Excelent work! I Am from Brazil and I have all your books. I Thank you for your Research. Regards.

  103. Scot-Irish….Appalachian….ancestors since 1740s……Virginia & Kentucky……Duffield Virginia, named for my ancestors….Both of my Great-Grandfathers, told me Tales of the Melungeons

  104. Its a sculpture, not a mummy, right? What if its s sculpture of a couple of white guys tied up and put underground to fatten them.up for din din. One escaped to become the ancestor of elizabeth warren
    Just kidding!
    What if the Cherokees are pulling the white guys leg? They do that you know….

  105. I have come to believe Atlantean Gardens to be a heavily suppressed YouTube channel. Despite being subscribed with notifications, I am not notified when new videos appear. Also, while watching your videos, nearly all recommended videos are from National Geographic or similar channels. Please share Robert’s videos!

    1. Typically, many videos from the channels I watch are recommended while watching a particular video. In this case only one appears below the video

  106. Clearly we live in a vast place filled with far greater diversity than we’ve been allowed to even contemplate. Thank you for shedding these snippets of light on this. I’ll be getting & reading your books soon.

  107. Wow I lived in Murphy in 1999 for 6 months, tbh I didn’t like it, I had dreadlocks an got many strange looks wherever I went, it’s super dumpy an full of racists, the woods though are amazing I spent most of my time there, I had a very strange experience with hearing weird howls an whispers late night in the woods near the border of Murphy an blairesville

  108. Robert sepehr.. you speak the truth i appreciate you…. yes the Out of Africa theory is a hoax… DANE CALLOWAY has debunked that Theory with evidence …..

    it is no coincidence that the Arctic the North Pole as well as other places are strictly off-limits without military access…
    The powers that be knows the truth but the truth will unveil a 2000 year lie and everything in between…

  109. And Giants too! Little people and Giants before the Europeans arrived what could be better.

  110. 5:57, "Freeman Owle, Cherokee Culture Lecturer"
    Why are there so many high ranking Freemasons of Cherokee decent living in Scotland???
    There is something fishy about "Cherokee", no other tribe has so many bizarre and unseemly connections. I think they are a "created" tribe by the PTB/Kontrollers, something someone like Albert Pike can manipulate and subvert………who would question the history of a culture they don't know?
    who would risk outing them now? only to be condemned for doubting a culture?
    there is something odd going on with many things associated with this particular tribe……..

  111. wasn't Lincoln a Mulungion(spelling) and I wonder if these small people are the same people that were in Australia before the moderns British showed up.and the people small houses that were in Britain. That means these people have died out or are in hiding, Love your videos.

  112. The moon eyed people , known as the little people , today referred to as teeny tiny people , not to be mistaken for itsy bitsy people or fairy's. These little people dont predate the dwarves and elves or the ant people that lived in caves known by the hopi Indians .
    But are usually associated with
    Them because they are so adorable. 🙂

  113. In the western part of Canada's Arctic region we have tales of little people who were mischievous. They would steal things, move things from one room to another. My grandfather and father say you could hear them running around or giggling. Still to this day people have dealings with them

  114. omg the Maori tell the exact same story about white, blond, blue eyed, little people dwelling underground, only come out at night. living in new zealand befor maori arrival!

  115. Maori have a similar legend of small forest ppl, nymph like that were very pale