Newly Revealed Archaeological Sites Shows Ancient Aborigines Were Very Advanced!

This is the oldest water system in the world, truly remarkable.

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  1. 🐊 Dundee proved they are very smart like that thing he swings that you can here all over the bush

  2. The false history, we have been fed by the Illustrious Scholars of Grandiose Blather and Bs, was dull, uninspired, and implausible. The is truth WILD!

  3. Thank you for doing this video. This is up the road from us in South West Victoria Australia. Sinkholes and shelters at byaduk.

  4. Gina Rhinhart blew up the underground water ways..
    Getting to the gas near sacred sites..
    Stuff solarhart.

  5. Egypt has it's pyramids, England has Stonehenge,Lebanon has Baalbek,India has Ellora caves but Australia has water channels,weirs and dams…..I live in Australia and it seems that Australia has no megalytic structure's and the Aboriginals didn't build ANYTHING except for some old rock paintings and some aqua ducts etc, but compared to the rest of the world Australia has nothing compared to other ancient civilisations

    1. Its Me – fellow Aussie here, and I couldn’t agree more! There’s a white guy with a proven 100% English background that claims he is aboriginal (even though no tribe accepts him at all) that is pushing a book called “dark emu” that is full of fairytales about aborigines being farmers with massive grain stores and building cities that whitey tore down to make them look primitive… and our government funded ABC are promoting these lies!

  6. They have lived here for over 50,000 years and their only invention is a stick. Their musical instruments, two sticks and a stick with a hole through it. They never even invented the bow and arrow. Didn't farm plants or animals. Just hunted and gathered. Your assessment is bullshit !