PCOS: What Are the Causes & How Can Young Women Prevent It – Sadhguru

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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  1. We are living in a glamorous world where outer look is considered healthy. But it's not.

    1. Especially looking bollywood celebrities and their outer fitness people misunderstand what it means to be truly healthy and happy!

    1. Yoga sutras are many nobody can do all of them people choose some as per their needs for example i had backache i did suryanamaskar and ustrasan, chakrasan, bhujangasan, had concentration issues i did vrikshasan. Burning fat has never been a goal for me so I can’t tell which module but i find angmardana by Isha only which has been an answer to muscle flexibility and strength and clarity of mind also (it was like magic for me). You choose wisely as per your body potential

    2. Ayo ayo ayo ayayo 🙁 makes sense to comment !
      More thinking, more confusion;
      less thinking, less confusion;
      no thinking no confusion!
      You have time to do 2 modules..this year, do it !
      Any module will enhance your life…later in coming years go for other modules…

  2. I wonder how deeply sadhguru understands all sensitive issues…love u sadhguru❤💙💜💛💚

  3. Bullshit. PCOS comes from hormone imbalance because the food is so toxic and there are many chemicals in cleaners and body products.

  4. Stop consuming carbohydrate rich food n sugar.. stop eating grains as your main food.. Fast for 16hrs often n have good quality fats n proteins.. PCOS will disappear!!

    1. Well said. With our sedentary life style, grains are not digested well. And we need to wait till we are truly hungry again after the last meal before we put anything in our mouth.

  5. It would be very beneficial if we could simply and straightforwardly call it sexual health (rather than coding it as reproductive health)

    1. One with not so good and healthy sperm and ovam(egg) can have a good sexual health but not a good reproductive health.

    2. Sexuality developed in human system(or other organisms) for reproductive purpose, right? So they are same, right…

    3. @Debayon Dhar Chowdhury some yogis have reproductive in them but not sexuality while some have sexuality in them but not reproductive. I guess it clear a lot

    4. ​@Pramod Sharma Oops, let's not debate… cause I definitely don't see an end to that…

  6. THE QURAN THIS THE REVELATION FROM YOUR GOD FOR THOSE Thou canst warn only him who followeth the admonition and feareth the Compassionate, unseen. So bear thou Unto him the glad tidings of forgiveness and a generous hire. (11) Verily We! We shall guicken the dead. And We write down that which they send before and their footsteps. And everything We have counted up in a Book luminous. (12) And propound thou Unto them the similitude of the inhabitants of a town, When there came thereto the sent ones (13) What time We sent Unto them two, then they belied the twain, wherefore We strengthened them with a third, and they said: verily we CANT Believe this you are like us a human

  7. What about along with doing efficient yoga they do involve in sexual activity without reproducing

  8. Obese mass on body or earth is lifethreatening.
    Nasa estimated that 49 men and 49 women are able to keep up humanspecies ,so there is no intellectual argument for obese humanmass.
    Sixth extinction is result of human greed/ mass.
    Love is a minimal human( population) on earth.

  9. i dont understand that all the people who are sitting there…dont have the personality of their own, their own mind, brains and own soul??

    why being a able bodied and sane person they are falling for the advises of these useless people, they are not ignorant jungle dwelling or some illiterate villagers.

  10. I feel one of the main reasons for the health issues is the modern medicine! The harmful drugs! Let's go back to our roots, our culture! Natural treatment!

  11. Can anyone tell me??….."Dhyanlinga consecration- The triangular form"…..what is it " triangular form"…..why only three people needed …why not four person or only women or only men…..can any one explain me this triangular form(in deep)?????…..please anyone….

  12. Hata yoga will prevent bodily dysfunctions for women to an extent, but what about the spiritual dysfunction of most modern young women due to intercourse with multiple partners? HATA YOGA WONT HELP IN THAT LADIES, BELIEVE THAT!

  13. Girls we r respecting u…🙏
    Ur r always a Asset to Indian Community…Pls save ur Health

  14. I was a sports person, stayed fit and yet ended up with hormonal issues causing PCOS. Cyst was there, ENGKISH allopathy Doctors were about to Operate, Last final month I started Ayurveda DASHMOOLARISTHAM and Cyst came out within one mensus cycle. My body threw out all disease. Go to basic, is the main thing

    1. Varun Gowda she needs to do 16 hours fasting (just water nothing else ) .. and 8 hours eating only .. if u have dinner at 6 pm .. next morning till 10 am she should not eating anything except water .. and eat healthy in those 8 hours .. pCOD will go in 3 months or May be less than that .. mine gone in 2 months ..

    2. @hetal Pandya Yes, you are right. INTERMITTENT FASTING! It really helps to lead a disciplined life.

    3. @hetal Pandya can u give me some more info on this? Or can u give me ur mail id?

  15. Thanks a lot for talking about this Sadhguru 🙏🏻 Have been suffering from PCOS for many years and have tried so many different kinds of treatments for it. Will take up Hata Yoga now🙏🏻

  16. How and from where can we learn Hatha yoga properly?
    I am willing to learn ,but I think there is lack of proper teaching .

    1. Hmm 😀in my opinion, in his youth it wasn’t ‘Hindi’ as Bharat’s national language…so you have to forgive him🙏 not to be fluent in Hindi..😜
      you hear his answer in rapid fire with Karan Johar about this!

  17. Gymning inside a building with iron all around you on artificial devices, actually destroyes brain cells. Many studies in California have confirmed it. Brain needs changing scenery and images with pleasing sensations to grow and stay healthy.
    Good luck.

  18. Beautifully..explained..in…very very simple words."Need of the hour"…the issue is common..and infertility…on rise…

  19. Disgusting. You know nothing of pcos. Pcos causes uncontrollable weight gain. This is not something they can control. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. There is nothing like to cure Thyroid…. It can be only balanced. If you want to get any suggestions contact on 7488587662

  20. Our Indian classical dance forms are extremely useful. Just in case an urban Indian young woman is not being able to do hath yoga, be it bharathanatiyam, kuchipudi, oddisi, mohiniattam…. just dance your way to good health. Jai Hind🙏🙏🙏

  21. Shocking! PCOS because no children when a woman is a teenager? Being schooled and knowledgeable in one area doesn't mean you are knowledgeable in other fields. Please, leave the reproductive health discussion to women and doctors. I find this this video misleading and disturbing.

    1. Apoorva Verma
      You can check my other comment that should help you how to plan..

  22. Bullshit…you're not a doctor. Don't know why I'm seeing people acting as if yoga is the cure for everything.

  23. if someone has regular menstrual cycles,but hair under her chin,what can be done for that?please reply if someone knows about this problem