Platonic Solids Just Got Even More Perplexing | Geometry of Matter

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  1. wow , nobody likes the show? i guess its not kosher enough and banned by the israeli masters of youtube? any other reasons? anybody?

    1. They do not realise we connect without computer simply by an aware consciousness! – feel sorry for them and for Mother Earth raped by them!

  2. Electro Cymatic ! Fractalised ! Vibrating ! A universal cavitation process commonly called SOUND!
    Plasma boundaries are the boundaries of Space and they vibrate and resonate! Time to stop the LHC experiments!

  3. Not only "mystery books" – Crop Circles – !!! – for the Public. -All is Doughnut! containing the complete geometry of space!

  4. 🙏😎💫Thx DW.. Researching structured water learned it micro clusters when taken fm Nature ..drinking micro clustered H2O the molecules too large to be properly absorbed by cells & we get dehydrated ? Btw ..know someone who faithfully takes Ormus gold powder ..they’re not very enlightened or even healthy .. so much more to learn about these things .. 😇♥️💛💚Ur talks fascinating explorations

    1. PS Love ❤️ show .. never press like anywhere.. won’t bore U w why .. but .. am subscribed faithfull viewer 🙏💫♥️

  5. These guys are absolutely breaking down everything we see, think , know till now is wrong.This is our real world congratulation

  6. Thank you David or should i say Edgar Cayce, ala Ra Ta. Divine Creator's Blessings.